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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, May 08, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 3-2-8-7
H Horse Comment
1 FULL SEND Barn has really aimed high with this guy lately. He hasn’t been bad, but just a touch under the level. This is probably most realistic spot in a while, and he does have the rail. Hopes to stalk up front, find a seam late.
2 SOUTH BEACH STAR Simply put, this is a potential monster in the making for Pelling. He was uber-impressive in those last two. But, even I realize this will be a big test tonight, vs. the stakes-winners #3,7. Should be good battle.
3 ABUCKABETT HANOVER He’s not the biggest one out there, but he’s got major talent! I think he’s come back even stronger this year for the Alagna Armada. And don’t forget he was very good very early last year. Good, strong horse.
4 BETTER TAKE IT Tetrick put him more in play last week and that trip just didn’t work out. I don’t think we’ve seen his best just yet, but it will be tough to like him in this spot. This is a VERY good field and he needs even more.
5 DELIGHTFUL TERROR He’s now had two starts on the comeback trail. No real factor here. A longshot again.
6 TARKIO Also retains longshot status for now. He did well enough to make the final over at Pocono, but was sent off at 70-1 from the rail. That’s telling. He ships here with a lot to prove. I need to see it first.
7 EXPLOIT Last year’s Metro champ is back. And he looked strong in both qualifiers. Kept under big hold in most recent. He likes a target, so I do wonder what the plan is from this post. Plus, he battles a stablemate. T Mac opt off.
8 ENVIRONS HANOVER This might be the key to the race! Or, at least the early pace battle. After a good roll of strong speed efforts, he tossed in a clunker and then missed a few weeks. Was probably sick? Regardless, he’s going to gun.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 3-7-8-6
H Horse Comment
1 DAVIDS COMING HOME MIA for several weeks sick, so he looks like a pass to me, even from the rail.
2 CECIL CASANOVA Found that last Trackmaster field very much to his liking. It was a BIG bounce back, and T Mac drove with confidence. This is a pretty big step up the ladder tonight and he’s got to prove it all over again.
3 CLEVER CHARACTER Seems to me like the Burke Brigade has a big edge in here, with two horses having a big chance to gang up on Leeroy. This is serious class drop for this one, and a third start back. He should be ready!
4 BLACK CHEVRON N Team Tritton gave this guy a month off after last clunker. Not sure what’s wrong. Needs a big bounce back to find that stride again. Eventually he will, but maybe not tonight.
5 ROLLNTHEJOE Somebody bet this guy hard down at Freehold last time and got burned. Horse just wasn’t good again. Hey! It happens. Team B sends him up the Turnpike now. Maybe he’ll be better here? I’m not so sure.
6 BATTLE STRONG Things haven’t really been setting up well for him lately. I guess if there’s some sort of battle royale, maybe he can come charging? That’s a big maybe.
7 SAWYER’S DESIRE Whereas the other Burke horse is dropping, Sawyer is taking a slight hike back up. But, his speed is pretty strong and that will give Leeroy a few headaches. This race has mayhem written all over it. Watch out.
8 P L LEEROY If ya can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em? That’s the saying. I was firmly against Leeroy both times and you see how that worked out. But, I’m stubborn and will try again. Takes on the two Burke’s. If he wins again, congrats.
9 GINGRAS BEACH Talk about the bad post blues! It continues. He looks like a longshot again from way out here.
10 MONEYMAN HILL Had he drawn a better spot, I could build more of a case. Didn’t really belong in that one race here. Offered up an improved effort at Pocono. This is the right kind of spot, but not the right post. Needs some luck.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 NEXT LEVEL STUFF Simply put, she was awesome in her comebacker! And that was exactly what they were looking for. The good, strong finish. But, now it’s stakes time and things could be a lot different. Versatile to go either way.
2 REFINED Real nice trotting mare here for Carlo P. She’s raced in some very tough spots along the way. I don’t know if she’s good enough to trot with the likes of #1,3,6, but we’re going to find out. T Mac will have her stalking early.
3 WHEN DOVESCRY The Oaks champ is back at age six. Pelling said she would get better with age, and he’s always right. Her qualifiers were fine, and she usually fires fresh. No reason not to like, even in first start back.
4 SPOILED PRINCESS She’s pretty good too! Banked over $130K last year, doing a lot of chasing at the top stakes level. Still, that’s not bad!I thought she was just okay in her first few back at four. She will need a little more than that.
5 FELICITYSHAGWELL S Made a decent impact last year in first full season in the US. Good experience. Her best weapon is that blazing speed off the car. It was good stretch battle with #6 in qualifier two weeks ago. Seems ready. Owner: She’s trained really well since her qualifier, and Ake thinks she is sounder than last year. I think she will have a good season! Gets thrown in the deep end with the tougher of two divisions. It’s a very competitive field.
6 HYPNOTIC AM Earned just shy of $700K during her sophomore campaign. Five wins. Hated to see her end the year on a sick note, but Melander told us his whole barn was sick at that time. Super in the qualifier. She’s definitely ready.
7 MORAIRTIME Sometimes, life isn’t fair, and this lass getting stuck with outside post is that. She stayed trotting last time, which was a good thing. But I don’t know if she can compete with these right now. Must step it up big-time!
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-9-1
H Horse Comment
1 THROWING COPPER Still seeking the right spot here in New Jersey. Maybe this is it, since there’s no South Beach Star in here tonight? The price should still be okay, IF you think he’s ready to unleash a big one. Potent tr/drv pair.
2 CAVIART LOTUS Homebred did not get his picture taken last season, so that stinks. He had a couple of nice efforts too! Seems like they’re taking time with him and that’s okay. It won’t be long until he gets home on top.
3 TORONTO He’s been stuck in some pretty tough races too! Those were stakes-quality fields he was up against, and he did not disgrace himself. Love to see the versatility. He’s probably the one to beat in here with Sears still aboard.
4 MAGNUM MOON Team McNair has a pair! That has a nice ring to it. But, both colts look like medium longshots to me in this spot. The Moon did improve in second qualifier, but I don’t think he’s quite primed and ready yet.
5 JIMMY CONNOR B McNair paid $50K for this fella out of the London sale, and did get him to the races at two for some experience. Seems to have come back better at three. Then the shutdown came. So, I don’t know what to expect.
6 PIRATE HANOVER The Alagna Armada have two in both divisions of these races tonight. That’s not always ideal, but these two came back and qualified well. Neither one would surprise me. This one held well against Perfect Sting!
7 SOUTHBEACH HANOVER His first go here was just okay. I’m sure he needed it. Might need this one too!
8 PREMIER NACHO He’s had three starts now at three and none of them look overly great. Stuck outside. Longshot.
9 ROCKYROAD HANOVER Son of the Captain comes back with two good-looking qualifiers. Chased his more heralded stablemate last week, but did it willingly. I liked that. Tonight’s problem is the post. Has to fire out of there.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-4-5
H Horse Comment
1 ROSE RUN VANTAGE Bouncing up and down the class ladder, but she seems to be rounding into better form. Lot of good horses in Camp Cullipher. I’m not saying she can beat #6, but will be close enough from the rail. Usable.
2 IDEATION HANOVER The “other” Cullipher Crew entrant has seemed just a touch overmatched lately. She’s picking up checks, so that’s a good thing. But, it will be very hard to beat a field like this. They’re too good for her.
3 DARKRSHADEOFPALE N I’m really on the fence with this mare tonight. It’s another bump up in class, but she IS very good right now! She’s got enough back class to warrant that extra look. I just don’t know if she can beat #5,6?
4 SUNDAY AFTERNOON Also taking the bump up the ladder tonight. That was excellent try against Stephanie last week, where she did all the dirty work setting things up. This is tougher bunch, however. Will need very best again.
5 KEEP ROCKIN A Raced well with solid speed in the series over at Yonkers. I see that she’s been transferred to new barn tonight. Don’t have the info on that. Will she be a fit here on the big track? That is the question. Maybe.
6 BEYOND WORDS N Did you watch her finish the mile last week? If you did, there’s NO way you could bet against her tonight. It was simply the post that got in her way. She will benefit from that start. Will be tough to overhaul now.
7 SWIFT ALLY I’ve got a very good note on this lass from last week too! I just wish she’d drawn a better post, or a softer field. I didn’t get either! So, I will be patient and wait. IF she upsets this bunch, I will not be a happy camper.
8 KICKUPYAHEELS N Maintains longshot status after a non-descript Big M debut. Moves to tougher post too!
9 SWEET HEAVEN This is no cakewalk for her Big M debut either. Had no shot chasing Marloe down at Philly. We know she can handle the big-size track. Will she need one to acclimate here? I’m leaning that way.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 MY PAL JOE Joe just keeps getting better and better! He’s a real “overachiever” in my opinion. Alek even felt good enough to pull him two weeks ago, but that move wasn’t going to work Drew rail here. What’s the strategy?
2 SERIOUSLY HANOVER He figured to win that race last week and did it in flashy style. I don’t think we really know how good of a horse he is yet, but the tests will keep getting tougher. Must deal with pair of stakes-quality foes now.
3 FORTIFY Was one of the top colts on the big-time stakes trail last year. Banged out almost $300K too! I actually thought his first qualifier was better than his second. I guess we’ll find out tonight. He should be primed and ready.
4 GARDYS LEGACY A Here’s the wild card in here! Makes North American debut at age five, so has a slight edge on the 4YO’s. I do wish they qualified him here, so we could see it. This is no easy spot. Is he this good? In good barn.
5 ISLAND OF THE SEA He’s been slammed with tough posts in some very good fields. That adds up to racing from the back. One night soon, the gloves will come off and we’ll see how good he is. Maybe even tonight?
6 CAPTAIN VIDEO Enters off a break, and a scratch, so that’s not good. Need to see a good one again first.
7 NO LOU ZING What a job Team Takter did with this energetic fella! Rose all the way from a NW2 to the top stakes level! That’s not easy to accomplish. So, the gelding with the Shady Daisy shadow roll is back at four! Dex’s choice.
8 FATHER NUNO I was hoping they would send him from the outside post last week. They did not. Is he really just going to take back again? I don’t have that answer, but if he does take back again, won’t get much this time either.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-8-2
H Horse Comment
1 DE LOS CIELOS DEO That was a horror trip last time, so don’t hold that against him. I know he has some fans out there, so go ahead and take another shot. The Burke Brigade might have a hammer-lock on this race too!
2 HEZA REAL DIAMOND He’s cost me big-time a couple times this meet, but I do have respect for this horse. When they have him right, he is very good! Really had no shot in that winner’s over. This will be a bit easier. Usable.
3 IM SIR BLAKE A Shows one fair qualifier down at Philly and then a scratch. That’s not usually a good sign for a down under import. He almost HAS to need this. I do see that he likes to win. I’m hoping for a better spot next time. Adds L.
4 COVERED BRIDGE After burning everybody a couple times, he finally got the job done with the added Lasix. He’s just too good a horse to have raced that bad. So, we now begin the ascent back up the class ladder. He can handle it.
5 HP NAPOLEON I’ve got a very good note on this guy from his Big M debut, so I’m just going to take a swing here. Let’s hope for the big price again, but you never know. I’m sure I’m not the only one that saw him finish well.
6 LYONS KING Boy did he race his eyeballs out last week! That was huge try. I feel bad if you bet him, because he was so well-meant. But, the bottom line is that #4 is just a better horse. They both step up. Wil Joe B send him again?
7 HUNDIE N I was willing to use him the night he scratched. Showed up at Philly after that and ran into a raging Blood Line. So, that effort is probably better than it looks on paper. Can Georgie get him into the game from out here?
8 AMERICAN HISTORY Burned a few bucks last week, when pounded down to 2-5. That’s what we call an underlay. Oh well! But, he’s now had a few solid starts to get back into shape. I’m not in love with the post, but he can leave!
9 MAJOR CUSTARD Ordinarily, this might be an okay spot on the class drop, but I just don’t see it from way out here.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 RESPECT OUR FLAG Enjoyed a “needed” comebacker last week against the tougher field from the bad post. So, this is both post and class relief tonight. I just have a feeling the ‘ol Flag will bounce back huge in this spot. Must use.
2 SUNDOWN KID I’ve got a pretty good note on the Kid from last week too! Let’s just say he had a few traffic issues late. It’s a dropdown for him too, so I’m torn with the inside pair. Maybe I should just box ‘em up? I will do that.
3 POKERFACE BLUECHIP Has found the transition out of claimers just a bit too tough lately. Needs a drop.
4 HARAMBE DEO Boy, has he been burning money lately! Got a week off too! Yes, it’s a drop tonight and that makes him even more dangerous. I’m taking my shot with the inside pair, but know that a “good” Deo can beat me.
5 FOREVERNALWAYS A very interesting claim a few weeks ago. Maybe a “project” horse they think they can improve? I’ll go with that, and watch one tonight for future evaluation. Not ready to play just yet.
6 DULL ROAR They took a shot taking him out of claimers and you see how that worked out. While this is technically a slight drop, I think these are still too tough for him. If he beats me, he beats me. So be it.
7 LIKE CLOCKWORK Hasn’t quite been the same since that blowout, down-the-road win. This might not be the spot either. He’s got speed to inside, and outside. Might have to wait for that eventual drop again.
8 STONEDUST That was best I’ve seen Dust look in a long time! Tetrick motivated him a lot and he sped off like a “good horse!” Do we buy into that and play him on the class hike? That’s a very good question. I’m not sure.
9 GO WEST GO FAST Gets stuck with another bad post and that stinks. On-air last week, I hinted that Doug might take a shot and blast. That’s exactly what he did and it worked out nicely. Will he try again? I sure wish I knew.
10 BIG STRETCH MARK This isn’t the right spot for Stretch tonight. He looks like a pass from dreaded post 10.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-8-9-4
H Horse Comment
1 ANGERS BAYAMA I’m a little bit on the fence with him tonight. Both qualifiers were quick, but not great. He meets the toughest field imaginable for first start in six months. What should we expect? At least he drew inside post.
2 IMA REAL LADYS MAN That really was a supreme effort on his part to fight off the 2-5 American History last week! Obviously, the Cullipher Crew has him razor sharp again. But, can we really put him in same league with #7,8,9?
3 CHASER HANOVER Still overachieving, isn’t he? Mark Mac put him in a great spot last week and he kept up very well at huge odds. Will still offer the same big price, but I’m not sure that same trip is attainable. Your call, folks?
4 POINTS NORTH Took plenty of betting action right into Nick last week and raced well. He’s had a few starts to get used to Club Med again. Probably about due for best and even that may not be enough. Midpack post again.
5 WHEELS ON FIRE He was good last week too! But, something has to give. They can’t all be good in a race like this. One thing’s for sure, his speed is always sterling. Yannick will blast him again and see what happens. Tough call.
6 TATTOO ARTIST They threw him in the Graduate for first start back and he kept up well enough to earn a check. Not bad! Transitions right over to the top class tonight and I guess I have to keep him on the longshot list. No easy spot.
7 COLOSSAL STRIDE A The Stride fired back another big shot after getting that week off. He had earned it. This is very interesting spot for him. What’s the plan? Drew outside some speeds like #1,5. But, inside Nick. Will he float out?
8 NICHOLAS BEACH Nick handled the hike pretty well with another down-the-road speed display. Yes, he did get to rate a little, so that helped. This is now the toughest field he’s faced and must do it from outer post. How good is he?
9 SINTRA He’s such a good ‘ol classy horse, but I knew the minute he left the gate last week, it wasn’t going to be the same. In his later years, he just wants to finish. So, I have no idea what’s coming with all the speed in here. Your call?
10 LYONS STEEL Looks like he squandered a good situation Monday over at Yonkers. This is impossible spot.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 ONEY HALL Had a very useful first trip over the track last week. Wasn’t going to catch the well-rated Lindy, but I noted he didn’t pack it in. Could be smoother journey coming tonight? Or simply more speed? I like either way.
2 TREASURED TEE When you pick up a check at 45-1, that’s a good thing! Hoping for same tonight.
3 ZIG ZAG Here’s the wild card in here. Should also benefit from the first go over the surface. Gets a better post and no Lindy in here. I figure he’ll be a lot more live tonight and I wouldn’t be afraid to bet him at right price.
4 LOVEDBYTHEMASSES It took a while, but the Cullipher Crew have him rolling now! That was perfect trip and drive from Dex and he just exploded home when asked. This field looks slightly tougher, but he’s razor sharp. Switch to TT.
5 JL CRUZE I must admit, I’m kind of surprised to see the King back in the box here. His last start was pretty disappointing. I figured at least a week off, if not more. It’s time to start betting against him now. Dex stays loyal.
6 NORTHERN EXPOSURE Hasn’t really been much of a factor here yet. I guess he can’t get around Harrington? So, they wheel him back up one more time. Still a longshot to me.
7 BUCK DANCER The Buck will drive you a little crazy as a handicapper. Was good again two back. Just fair last week. Drew poorly tonight, so that’s a big problem. I don’t see how he can overcome this outer post.
8 RICH AND MISERABLE It’s taken a while to get him back to top form, but I think he has! Has very good history over this oval too. The test will come from the post, but he’s got pure speed if Mark Mac wants to use it. He has to send.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 SUPERIOR RAVEN This guy got bet off the board last time, despite the ship and despite three weeks off. He got cooked in a hot pace battle. Had time to recover and Dexter sticks around. Maybe a better effort coming?
2 DEPENDLEBURY A Outraced his odds in return to East Rutherford. Must have remembered his last time here. Gets another inner post. Will probably just sit and stalk again. Jimmy 4 really gets along with him well. Trainer: He’s always been one of my most consistent performers. He’s been training very well. He is rounding back into shape and should give a solid performance on Saturday.
3 CASHNCAM Tough to get a real read on his form. It’s all over the place and inconsistent. Basically, you just have to guess and I hate that! Dave Miller will try to get a little more out of him tonight. Maybe.
4 ROCKINWITHTHEBEST Yannick really took a shot with him from the bad post and it worked out great. From this starting slot, he will have a few more options. The two favorites are dead closers, so he might think speed again.
5 MASTER CONRAD He was at huge disadvantage on Friday of last week with the wind, and speed-favoring conditions. All things considered, he still raced well. This is always ideal post for him. Only needs the right kind of flow.
6 JUMPING JAKE Did manage to pick up a check last time, but was outfinished in the end. Not good enough.
7 RUFO Just doesn’t seem to be as effective here as at Freehold. Takes another swing, but Yannick opted to #4.
8 ALWAYS’SYOURWAY Fresh face to the place. So far, many of the Auciello newcomers have done okay. I think this is the right spot for this one, but I’m not in love with the post. Doug needs to invent a little speed, just to get into it.
9 BIG SWEEP OSBORNE Not getting a lot of love from the post gods lately and it hurts. Exits another superb try a few weeks ago, despite a pretty grueling trip. Probably in line for another out of this slot. Needs to get luckier.
10 GAIUS CRASTINUS Definitely looking like another big longshot from the dreaded post 10. Hard to overcome.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 6-7-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 GHOSTISTHESHELL S Swedish invader into the Team Svanstedt barn kind of just “went around there” in her one and only qualifier. I really would have preferred to see a second. This is no easy spot to make North American debut. Owner: Don’t get too hung up on the last quarter of qualifier. She coughed afterwards and was given medicine for five days. She has reacted really well and Ake really likes her. Will probably add blinkers/closed bridle, will make big difference.
2 P L NOTSONICE RM3 has himself a nice mare here! That was big mile to open up the Tioga meet, and she deserves a chance like this. Still has to prove herself on the big track, but you never know. Seven starts this year. More than most. Trainer: Super grateful to own a mare like her! She loved the Big M back in February. Hopefully, she loves it again.
3 MISS MCKEE The Miss continues to impress me. I didn’t see that she was in over at Pocono, but I guess it was an easy spot? This will be significantly tougher, but she’s facing only females tonight. Likes this track too!. Let’s see.
4 SORELLA Oaks champ of last summer won eight times and banked over $700K! Not bad. Nancy got two qualifiers into her and they were okay. Maybe not great. But, I do think she’ll be ready for this. We know she loves the track here!
5 A FANCY FACE I really don’t know what to do with her here. The Luther camp had a good start with Chief Mate last week. She should be tight after three Ohio qualifiers. That one try vs. Pure Chance is intriguing. May fit here.
6 AB’SATTITUDEXPRESS Got a pair of highly-paid “tuneups,” thanks to New Jersey breeding. And that was no slouch that she beat. Did it in style. Should set her up perfectly for this. The one to beat tonight, in my opinion.
7 NO MAS DRAMA The Russo barn has her rolling strongly at the moment. This will be the ultimate test for class, at the stakes level. But, that’s no slouch that she crushed in Deltasun. Has overcome tough posts before. Beware! Trainer: This mare was brought along perfectly as a youngster. Now maturing into a very nice racehorse. Big test tonight!
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-2-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 IDEAL ONE A Nice to see Luke J bringing up one of his own tonight! He’s got a couple of seconds under his belt in the driver’s column. This is veteran war horse making 113th lifetime start. He knows his way around. Stepping up.
2 DATELINE HANOVER Had a much tougher trip into the wind last Friday. I am giving everybody a pass for the conditions that night. Overall, barn has him heading in right direction and Doug M knows him now. Drew good post.
3 NORTHERN SPORTSMAN Last Friday was not the night to try and make up ground late. It just didn’t work. But, it should serve as decent acclimating mile. A bit more from him tonight wouldn’t shock me.
4 FINAL JUSTICE The bad post and slowish start basically sealed his fate last week. This is back to better post, and note that Scotty Z sent him before that. Looking at the inside few, I’d take a shot and send again. Only needs smooth trip.
5 BETTOR BB Tough to get a full handle on his form. Tossed in that one “clunker” but that’s sandwiched between a pair of blowout wins. Which BB shows up tonight? That’s a very good question. T Mac sticks with him, though.
6 BEBOP ON THE BLOCK Hot property at the claim box. Just toss his last from post 10. The “reclaim” angle is always a strong one, so consider that. He’s got speed and also note that Dave won with him. Gets along well.
7 STATESMAN N The 14YO warhorse is back for another big track try. Dexter takes the call, so that will attract more attention. Horse loves a target and he should have a few to aim at. Just don’t expect to get rich if he wins.
8 PAR INTENDED Loses the benefit of those inside posts and I think it’s going to hurt. A lot! Needs some luck now.
9 WESTERN REDHOT He doesn’t have much speed, so that’s a real issue when you start from the nine-box. Sometimes he kicks in. Sometimes he does not. We just have to guess. Good luck with that.
10 DEERFIELD BEACH Another that moves to horrible post and it makes for a very long night. Hard to like out here.