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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, May 07, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-4-9
H Horse Comment
1 GIAS BOY Didn’t really have much chance from the outside post under last Friday’s windy circumstances. This is a better spot and some sort of wakeup call wouldn’t shock me. He’s long overdue to show more.
2 SOSSY’S KING KONG Sossy has been a pretty big disappointment of late. He’s also been very inconsistent. Pass.
3 OUR ART AND HEAVEN Looks to me like Bill MacKenzie just sent this guy back to Izzy Estrada? This is a move that sometimes works. And, in a race like this, somebody has to step up to the plate. Don’t be shocked with return to form.
4 MOON DOGGIE I know his last race was better than most of these, but I’ve had enough of the Doggie. Especially at a potential short price. Pilot will put him in the right spot again, but horse has to step up with just a touch more. Maybe.
5 MAYFIELD DUKE Like #1, he had no chance last week. So, let’s give him another opportunity from this better post. Can flash speed at times and this would be the spot for it. Hoping for a trip behind #4. Or maybe even in front?
6 JUST N BERLANDER Invades all the way up from Florida for Mr. Chindano. Horse has been here many times, so he knows his way around the track. Left the Sunshine State on a winning note. Maybe this is the right spot? Steps up.
7 S MCKEE Goes out for a new barn tonight, fresh off the claim. But, they do not raise the pricetag. Some of these lower claimers are simply “rent a horse,” so maybe that will be the case. Drew tough post here. Was flat last time too!
8 WALKS OF LIFE Must have gotten really sick, because he missed serious time. That comeback qualifier down at The Hold does not inspire me. I guess I want to watch one.
9 NA NA NA BAATMAN Gets his first tough post test in a while. And it’s going to hurt! Pilot will have to put him in play earlier than usual and that sometimes takes the sting out of him. Will need just the right trip.
10 HOMETOWN FAVORITE Hasn’t shown enough yet to warrant any consideration. Easy pass from post 10.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 JUSTIN CREDIBLE Of all the horses that have been claimed this year, this is perhaps the most surprising. But, you never know. Maybe new barn can turn him around. Justin had never seen any other stable. Let’s watch one.
2 RYAN RACKETEER Sports a couple of “nickle” checks here so far. So, while that’s not bad, it’s not great either. Will have to turn up the jets one more notch to get any closer. Not sure he’s got it in the tank.
3 MAJOR ASSET Raced pretty well, all things considered on that wicked windy night. That was for new barn. I like that they “protect” him a little by hiking the pricetag. That’s usually a good sign. Let’s see if Asset can handle it.
4 CHIEF ALTAWICK In a race like this, droppers are often dangerous. I think we have to take a long look at the Chief for a wakeup call. The return back to big track shouldn’t be a problem. He’s been here before. Plots for nice trip.
5 SUNNY BO Another of the many that had absolutely zero chance last week, so don’t be too hard on him. I would almost consider this his Big M debut. I can definitely make a positive case that we see a lot more with J Mac!
6 BANK SEA Trainer Lare’s record here is unblemished. One starter. One winner and it was in similar fashion with a claim like this. The Bank looked like bank, winning easily last Saturday. Goes back in for same price. One to beat. Trainer: I really like this little horse. He’s got a great attitude. He trained superb and I think he will race great Friday.
7 TJ BLAST I didn’t get the memo on this TJ last time, but Simon Allard sure did! He took complete advantage of the conditions and bottomed out the field. Will it be that easy again? No. This will be much harder for new barn.
8 JUST PLAIN LOCO No recent post love from the gods in any recent race. That stinks! It continues here, and he looks like a longshot again.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 CHIPLOSIVE One more inch last week and he gets by the mare! That was some stepup effort for Chip! But guess what, it’s another huge hike up the ladder here. At least he has the rail to navigate some sort of up-close journey.
2 STEUBEN HANOVER Steuben did most of the dirty work last week, trying to wear down Kenzie. He kept digging in gamely, which caught my eye. He should now be fully acclimated to Club Med. Offers better price tonight too!
3 EL IDEAL Team Svanstedt on the comeback trail with all their good trotters. This is one of them. Sara raced this guy strictly from way off the pace in that lone qualifier. That was probably by design. Will he need another? Good ??
4 GOTWUTEVERITTAKES He’s just SO hard to get a handle on. He was jumping up and down a quarter mile before the start last week. You just never know what you’re going to get. Good luck if you try betting him here.
5 CHIN CHIN HALL For most of the turn and stretch last week, Chin looked home free. He grinded up strongly, just like he did the week before. But, he got a touch tired in final yards. Okay. I won’t hold it against him. Can he catch #8?
6 REIGN OF HONOR No, I don’t know why he keeps making breaks. That’s not good! But, I do trust the hands he’s in to eventually figure it out. He’s just too good a horse to be doing stupid things like this. Loses Dave M tonight.
7 SMART AS HILL Had his “race over the track” a few weeks ago and it was sneaky good too! But, this is horrible transition in class levels. These might be a tad too tough tonight. I guess we’re going to find out.
8 BEADS I think we all know the story with him. He’s either going to win by 10 length or break, so take your pick! I have no idea why he broke in latest qualifier. Just jumped it off for some reason. Looked super in qua before that.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-10-8
H Horse Comment
1 SHARE THE WEALTH I guess I’m wondering if he’s a mile track horse or not? Ray has specifically kept him on smaller ovals up to this point. He’s got the pedigree for it. But no, I don’t like the look of the miscue in the Dexter. Let’s watch.
2 CAPITAL T STORM Didn’t show me much in that debut here. Still looking like a big longshot for now.
3 CARUSO He was a real handful for Team Holloway last season. Yes, those “growing pains!” But, I will say this, the talent is there! IF he grows up and matures even a little, he will be heard from. Tons of speed when right.
4 ZENITH STRIDE Note they’ve taken the hopples off for his sophomore season and that’s a VERY good sign. He also sports two VERY good qualifiers, in typical Sears fashion. Both strong finishes. Trust me, he’s ready!
5 WARRAWEE WHISPER That wasn’t a bad Big M debut. Kind of an even effort. So, it wouldn’t shock if showed up with more tonight. This barn’s numbers here are outstanding. Drew perfect post. Might even get to follow #4.
6 BEYOND THE HILL He’s now had two starts to get used to the place. They were both just okay. Needs lot more.
7 TAKE THIS SOCIETY Showed spotty talent last year. Probably just wasn’t mature enough, so they put him away. Clearly needed that comeback qualifier and I thought we’d get another one. So, I’ll be watching him from the back.
8 MYCROWNMYKINGDOM Couldn’t possibly have been more impressive in that win two weeks ago. He finished with something left too! But, I promise he’ll be deeply tested with this post against more seasoned stakes foes. Tuf spot.
9 TANGLED LOVE I sure wish he’d drawn a better post. The Ohio qualifier looks good on paper. The qualifier here was solid. But, IF he gets away last, that will be too far to come. Has talent, and we’ll see it soon.
10 TART TONGUE That was some cruise around the oval over at Pocono. Almost a shame that he didn’t make the final. Would have made for a great race, that was eventually won by big longshot. Loses Sears, but will still blast out.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 JK ALWAYSBALADY A head away from a Breeders Crown title. Many, many good efforts down the long stretch here. Can’t wait to see how she comes back at three. This is fine spot to test her mettle. Will have to deal with #7. Trainer: Probably the laziest horse I’ve ever trained. She likes a target and follows in whatever speed the horses go in.
2 SOCIETY HILL Barn opted to qualify her over at Philly. I’m not a huge fan of that, but oh well. This looks like a prep spot for something on down the road, so I will rate her a longshot for now.
3 ALWAYSABEACHDAY Yes, she finally gets some post relief, but I still need to see a lot more first. I will pass.
4 SHEZAFREAKLIKEME Barn’s got a pair in here and they both return from Pocono. This gal took a shot at that series and probably found it one notch too tough. Now, she’s in against the likes of #1,7. That’s not gonna be any easier.
5 DOUBLEOFFTHEWALL Of the Fanning barn’s duo, this one looks more well-meant for tonight. Corey ends up here, so that’s telling too! I like the confidence builder. I like the post. She will have to step up her game a notch, though.
6 NIGHTLIFE SEELSTER Simply got outsprinted home in the qualifiers. Last week’s was extremely windy, so don’t be too hard on her. I just have a feeling we’ll see slight change of tactics tonight. Give a little look underneath.
7 STAYCATION HANOVER I almost find it hard to believe she got beat last week, but it was her first time on the lead. So far, she’s very much preferred a target. Now, she must deal with the super #1. This should be great matchup!
8 BEACH CRAZY She’s got some ability too, but appears in way too tough of a spot tonight. Wasn’t Corey’s choice, as expected. Likely to get away at the back. I will be patient and wait for a softer situation.
9 UPTOWN HANOVER Could be one of the “keys” to the race. I highly doubt pilot will just grab up and take back to last. Loses Yannick of course, but has the steam to get into the game. Will need to get lucky after that.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 6-1-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 MUSCLE DYNASTY That was a pretty nice bounce back after that miscue qualifier. And remember, it was very hard to make up ground into that wind last week. So, with that acclimating mile under belt, watch out! More coming.
2 NYLANDER Transitions to a more proper level here. If anything, that test a few weeks ago was way over his head. A very intriguing proposition in a wide-open race. Should still offer a square price if you want to take a chance.
3 SCIROCCO PATRICK Finds his way back from Pennsy and this should be better spot for him. Remember, he clearly liked this track before. I like the post for his stalking style. He’s not out of this by any means. Maybe a price too?
4 SHESWILDNFREE Shipped in and showed up ready for Team Baillargeon. That was nicely rated mile by Doug, and he took advantage of those conditions. This will be bigger test for the mare, but she might pass with flying colors. Trainer: This mare loves the front end and with an inside post it should be easier to get there. She’s no worse for wear, and having settled into the Jersey lifestyle, I expect another solid performance.
5 BEYOND ORDINARY Chased #4 around the track last week and will hope to do the same here. Add in the hope for a bigger stretch kick too! Gets the same midpack post to fire on out of there. Might set up the same way. Your call?
6 TRICKY SISTER Hard to believe she won only one time all of last year. But, overall she’s been a nice earner for the late Mr. Key. Andrew Harris has brought her back in fine form and found a very nice spot at Philly. This is tougher. Trainer: She’s a nice filly! Always races great, like last week. Expect the same effort again.
7 LIGHT BLUE MOVERS At least he trotted the whole way last week. That’s a step in right direction. Needs more.
8 SERMON Just shy of a hundred grand last year. Not bad! Per seems to have brought her back well too! That second prep is exactly what you’re looking for. A good strong finish. Tonight’s problem is post. Too far back early, maybe?
9 LOVE MUFFIN Andy two-moved her into the wind last week and she did get a touch tired late. That was in direct contrast to first qualifier where she finished up strongly. Figures to fire out, so that makes things very interesting.
10 MOON BRIDGE Seems pretty consistent, but let’s see what he can offer from post 10? I’m skeptical.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 WHATSTROUBLNUROCKY Took his show down to Freehold last time and got a little tired on the lead. Lately, speed has been his game, but stamina not always the case. I would be willing to use underneath here, but not on top.
2 PREPPY ART That just wasn’t Preppy’s kind of race last week. So, that makes two legitimate excuses in a row. Will we actually get a fair price on him tonight? I hope so. I will take another shot with him vs. these. I like the post again.
3 PANTHEON HANOVER Didn’t show a whole lot in first start for his new barn off the private purchase. But, that race didn’t set up his way anyway. Let’s look for a touch more here tonight in similar post. Don’t be shocked by it. Trainer: Had a few issues that I didn’t quite figure out at first. Took care of them. Just hope that he’s got it in him to be good.
4 SUGARTOWN Ah, that scratch worries me. He had already missed a bit of time off the claim, and you know they wanted to race him. Barn has been doing good work over at Yonkers. Will that translate here? We’ll find out.
5 ROCKIN RAMBARAN I have to admit, he’s pretty good right now. Yannick simply stole another one last week, utilizing the perfect headwinds to his advantage. So, they raise the pricetag, and why not? He’s good right now.
6 IDEAL SON I can’t argue with consistency, folks! Raced very well again for his new barn. Just wasn’t able to catch that horse that bottomed out the field. I wouldn’t dream of putting on top, but don’t leave off the ticket completely.
7 KINGOFTHEJUNGLE Sports a mixed bag of efforts here. He’s got a nice turn of speed, but another outer post. That always makes things tougher. Will have to deal with a few early, and then find something more late. Maybe. Maybe not.
8 GRAND TETON I give Mr. Slotoroff credit for having some serious guts. That’s taking a real chance to step in and claim one off a lame scratch. But he did, and horse didn’t race too badly under those conditions. Steps up with more?
9 READY TO RUMBLE N Not in a very good spot out here, so I’ll just take a pass for now.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 5-10-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 TRIXIE DUST Alek C brought both of his trotters back to Club Med tonight and they both end up in same race. That’s not exactly ideal, but oh well. He will drive the mare. He got lucky to land Dexter on #4. I prefer that one.
2 STENHOUSE HANOVER Sten actually turned in a slightly better effort last time. Now he’s up in class? Why?
3 RESITA Barn definitely has a better chance with this one out of their duo. But, this guy turned in bit of a clunker two weeks ago against his winning stablemate. I don’t know how to read into that. Will need a softer trip to have a shot.
4 HALLIAMA I guess he’s just having too many issues trying to get around those turns up at home base. So, it’s on the truck we go and ship south to the Big M. He has gone some pretty big trips here before. Switches to Dave M too!
5 NO DRAMA PLEASE Mr. Fanning gave him a few months off to freshen up. Came back with a nice, easy qualifier down at Philly, so I’m really surprised to see him show up here. It is a soft spot, though. He should be ready for this.
6 MARVELOUSTRIX We all know her game, but I don’t like to try her when hiked up in class like this. I will just pass.
7 CYCLONE MAXIMUS Have to keep him on the longshot list for now. Enters off two straight breaks. Not for me.
8 WINGS OF SPEED Had absolute zero chance under the conditions and the way the race went. Nobody was catching Hockey on the lead. But, will it be any different here? I guess that’s up to TJ. He may have to leave a little tonight.
9 MY BOY CHRISTIAN Did not handle the class hike too well last week. Or maybe it was just the wind? Either way, this is no relief here and they’ll probably just try to get him around there with a clean mile. Pass for now.
10 MEMO He’s the “key” to the race and I wish I got the memo! Last week’s race will serve as the perfect re-acclimating mile and the class drop is huge. He will be tough to catch in here if he makes the top easily. No price, though.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 EYE POPPING Won her comebacker nicely over at Yonkers and then got tortured when parked out. Oh well! So, we have to figure if this is the right spot for another Bucci shipper. Some have been good. Some have not. Tough call.
2 WESTERN STEPP Pretty well-traveled over the last two months for Maine-based connections. That one try here wasn’t bad, considering post 10. This does look a little tougher, however. She will have to prove herself again.
3 BE BEST Just hasn’t gotten lucky lately. Sometimes it’s as simple as that. She is good, however! Hit the ticket last week at 70-1, despite racing against the bias, on a big class hike. This could be a very good spot for her. I will use.
4 BUZINGA A Took a lot of air in her Big M debut last week. And it was windy air! I don’t think she was going to beat Stephanie that night anyway, but it was a positive experience. She fits well here and gets another new driver.
5 POPPY DRAYTON N Barn’s “other” starter “sneaks” into the race via her Trackmaster rating. That’s an angle that works a lot. She’s bounced up and down the class ladder on the half. Will she be a fit for the mile? Good question.
6 SKATS OUT THE BAG Gave a real scare into that odds-on, well-meant winner a few weeks ago. But, is this a tougher spot? I’m leaning towards yet. That, plus the price is gone. Will need very best again to be competitive.
7 LARJON LEAH The fresh face to the group and now into the Burke Brigade. That’s a pretty tough series she comes out of, so this looks like a perfect fit. They usually have them ready. Yannick on, as expected. The one to beat?
8 MAJESTIC VIRGIN James Mac took advantage of the bias in last Friday’s opener, and he didn’t even know it at the time. Right down the road vs. a much lesser bunch. I guarantee it won’t be that easy tonight. Tough post again too!
9 PIRAEUS I know she won her last, but she looks like pretty big longshot from this slot. Against stronger field.
10 GOTTALOVEMYSHADOW No, I don’t know what happened last week. Maybe it was the wind? It was her first bad effort in a long time. She’s right back in the box, so we can assume she’s okay. This post isn’t.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-8-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 IT AINT THE WHISKY I have to admit, this horse is better than I thought. Another strong finish last week, just running out of racetrack. And, you couldn’t close much last Friday. Gets new driver with T Mac not here. Sits, waits.
2 PIKACHU HANOVER He also raced MUCH better last week, on Lasix. I’m going to take a real swing with a price play here, because he will need exactly the right kind of trip. But, maybe we can get lucky. Doug knows him now too!
3 KENZIESKY HANOVER She’s beginning to drive me crazy, that’s for sure. But, Corey also took full advantage of the bias last week and she barely held on. For that reason, she’s a bet-against for me tonight. She’ll probably win anyway.
4 QUIKSILVR BLUECHIP Somebody in here has to be the longshot, so it looks like Vic is it. I’m kind of surprised he brought him back here. Showed he could get around Harrington. That’s not easy!
5 HOCKEY HANOVER Once he hit the front last week, I looked over at Little and said: “race over!” And it was. Flaunted some back class, and prior experience here to win with the bias. Tonight, he steps up and wasn’t Yannick’s choice.
6 DOUBLE ACCOUNT He’s been stuck in some real tough spots, so don’t be too hard on him. This is probably still too high, so let’s keep him on the longshot list.
7 GRANDMA HEIDI This was Yannick’s choice and that surprised me just a wee bit. That was solid pace she set up front against a very good field last week and she got run over. I guess Yannick thinks this spot is that much easier?
8 DELTASUN A Continues to go out and race well each and every start. His last go here was a win! Yes, this is tougher, but he’s got plenty of back class to handle it. The only question is the post. Hasn’t been stuck outside in long time.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-3-10
H Horse Comment
1 SAINT ALBRAY Last time we saw her here, I thought we’d never see her again. Thankfully, Team Miller got her right again, and she kicked home nicely at Philly. It’s the ‘ol sit-in, save ground and try to get lucky trip coming up.
2 MANHATTAN PLAY Admittedly, she is getting a little closer, and Tetrick sticks around tonight. This is a pretty wide-open race, and I won’t put her on top. Interesting transition for many of them over to a Trackmaster race.
3 P L NOTORIOUS Barn got her rolling up at Vernon, so why not take a shot here? McClure with a nice pickup here and he should fit her. Owns one solid turn of speed, so timing and trip are usually critical. Could get lucky.
4 BREAK THE DEAL I know she’s got only one win this year, but this looks like major opportunity to shine. This HAS to be considered a drop. Gets needed post relief. Has won here this year. Very interesting with McNair on now.
5 LOVELY DONNA Here’s the other invader looking to pop and she just might. Andrew Harris very good with newcomers to his barn. He’s “cherry-picked” a good spot here. Second start off long layoff. I hope she’s ready! Trainer: Has big speed. Fits cheap. Should be great in there.
6 FEAR MY SHADOW Over from Yonkers off a slightly improved effort, but I want to watch one here first.
7 LOTUS SEELSTER Has picked up four straight checks, including that one shocking win. That ain’t bad! Week off. Moves out a few slots to complicate matters, but maybe she can handle it. I say maybe.
8 KAITLYN N She actually did race a lot better last week on the class plunge. And remember, it was difficult to make up ground late, but she did. I guess tonight’s problem is the switch to an outer post. And, A Mac chose #5. Understood.
9 LITTLE HONEYBADGER Moves from pole at Freehold to post nine here. That’s not going to work out too well.
10 RED DIRT STAR She’s now had two tries here to get used to the place. Tough trip in that last one. Should now be acclimated to her new barn. Dave Miller did choose her over #6. I probably would have done same. Tough call out here.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 2-7-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 PEAKY SNEAKY Ended her sophomore season on a very high note! Won the Crown at 7-1 in the only race Party Girl ever lost! Two morning preps and both were good. She looks ready to me, but this sure is tough spot to come back. Trainer: Trained down great this winter. She’s not really “race fit” yet, like many of us that packed on few extra pounds.
2 LYONS SENTINEL Did her fair share of “chasing” Party Girl all year. Looks like she qualified in fine fettle down at Philly. I always wish those qualifiers were here, but I understand. She should be primed and ready too!
3 MAJOR OCCASION A I guess you could say her stock has fallen a few points over last few starts. Squandered good opportunity last week, and even Dexter bails now. That is not a good sign. I have to make her a longshot now.
4 JK FIRST LADY Fits the same pattern as her stablemate. Hit the board in 12 of 14 starts last year, so it’s hard to do any better than that. Got nailed late in both qualifiers, she was good. It was a revved up Rocknificent that caught her. Trainer: Really happy with her qualifiers and think she’s got a big season in her. She has really settled down this year which should help her.
5 SHE’S NUN BETTOR N Looked to me like Yannick just stole another one with Nun! So, tonight she gets hiked up to the very top level and this is no cakewalk! Top quality field and she won’t cruise along like that again. Your call?
6 GIA’S SURREAL One of these weeks, Gia is going to get a good trip, not a tough one. It will be VERY hard to overcome any rough journey against a field of this quality. And, she moves back outside. Very tough call.
7 MACHNHOPE Drivers often have to make snap decisions behind the gate, and full credit to Andy on this steer last week. Mare IS that good, but it helps when you get right setup. She gets “assigned” this post now. It will be tougher.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 10-4-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 MAY I CRUISE WEST Look who’s driving tonight? Maybe I should have made lower than 10-1 on morning line. Gets the rail, which is horse’s favorite post. Dex will be patient and let him make one run. Could finally get lucky.
2 NOTORIOUS Got lost chasing a standout last time, so maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on him. Still a longshot.
3 SIR JAKE’S Z TAM Picked up the pieces with an improved effort last week. Remember, it was tough to make up ground last week, even at the end of the night. Will try the same thing again. Try keep up early and rally.
4 MAKE IT BIG Moving to new barn here? Mr. Spicer has worked some wonders with reclamation projects like this before. He listed Tetrick and GOT him, which is big sign of positive intent. Let’s see if he stays pacing.
5 POWER DREAMING N Wasn’t Tetrick’s choice, so let’s put the Power on the longshot list again. Needs lot more.
6 TRICK CARD Won here, given a nice, patient drive from Mark Mac that night. Raced okay over at Pocono. Gets the other Mac in the sulky seat tonight. I figure he’ll be aggressive and send him a little more. I want some speed!
7 YS SUNSHINE Goes out for new home this week. He’d been racing sluggishly, so why not try a change? Total wakeup calls are very hard to predict, but that’s what this guy needs to get any closer.
8 PIRATES ALLEY Yannick had a couple longshots in here and chose this one over #9. Probably could have gone either way. Moves back out to rough post, so that hurts too! Hard to get excited about his chances from way out here.
9 MEETYOUATMIDNIGHT Over from Yonkers on a perceived drop. But, he’d been racing so sluggishly, I can’t really endorse. Where’s he going from this post? My guess is not very far.
10 SONIC FLARE He’s the key to the race! Why? I don’t know how, but Bob M has to coax a bit more speed out of him. He had absolutely NO chance with that setup last week. Another bad post. That prevents him from being a cinch.