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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, May 29, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 NEXT LEVEL STUFF Man, has she come back good for JC and TT this year. Two superb efforts right off the bench, including leg one of the series three weeks ago. Lands the pole position again, trip worked out last time. Needs same.
2 KENZIESKY HANOVER Continues to race very erratically, so I have no idea what’s going on. She actually made the final of this series last year, but broke in the final. I can’t hop back on board her boat just yet.
3 GHOSTINTHESHELL S Figured to need a race here, just to acclimate and it was okay. I expect her to take a forward step tonight, and we could see big-time speed coming. In fact, I’d be shocked if we didn’t. Almost a must-use. Owner: Made a decent debut three weeks ago. Has trained well after that, but may not be ready to tackle the likes of NLS yet, but it looks wide open behind her.
4 WESLYNN QUEST As previously stated, every horse this barn has put on the track has raced great!! My Pk4 ticket would have gotten nice boost (35-1) had she won that photo. Oh well! Still sharp and very much a part of this.
5 MORAIRTIME Jack has loose-lined her on the lead in two of last three tries. Didn’t work. Maybe we go back to the closing move tonight? I just want to see her stay trotting. That’s most important. Can pick off a few late, behind #1.
6 SPOILED PRINCESS Still waiting for her to step up with a big mile. Hasn’t happened yet. Was just okay, and no match for Ab’s or Stuff here. Yonkers race was just fair. We need to see more before we can endorse. Step it up!
7 A FANCY FACE Renews her rivalry with #4, as they both ship in from Ohio for the series. This lass did miss round one, so that hurts a little. Remember, the final is in her home state of Ohio. Speed seems like main weapon. Will try to steal one for newest pilot. Scotty Z’s choice over 4. Trainer: She’s really coming into form. Trained great this week! She took the ship great. Has some gate speed, so I think Scotty will be pushing off the car. She always gives 110%!
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 5-9-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 KELLY’S CHAMP On the comeback trail and still seems to have a long way to go. Not ready for this yet. Pass.
2 SOSSY’S KING KONG I guess Sossy has a chance in here. No, he doesn’t win very often, but the right trip usually sees him close. That wasn’t good trip last time, but still roared home. A Mac got along with him well. Chose here.
3 STELLA’S PHELLA Did his usual thing last time, sitting, saving ground and shaking free with some kick. Picked up another check. That’s always the goal and from this post, Stella can probably do it again. Must avoid traffic.
4 WALKS OF LIFE Bit of a mystery horse right now. Was awful out of the pocket two back. And then bounced back nicely with his old late kick. So, I have no idea what to expect tonight. The good Walks, or the bad Walks. Good luck!
5 DEPENDLEBURY A Gets a little Trackmaster class relief here, dropping a few points. Qualifies for this race by being a non-winner in last five. He is also best as a one-move pony, so Bob will be patient again. Let him kick in at the end.
6 RIGGINS ART I guess we should take a long look here. Barn is 1-1, having crushed that one night with Grand Teton. This is only second starter, and shipping up the Turnpike for big track try. They must think he’ll like it. Maybe.
7 YS SUNSHINE Took plenty of betting action over last two starts, but they weren’t very good. I don’t know what the price will be now, but horse will have to step up his game substantially to get any closer. No underlay value, please.
8 STIRLING ENSIGN Here’s another one that just never wins. He came close a few times last month, but may have tailed off since? Will also need to overcome a tough post. Yannick will likely send him anyway. Just to give a shot.
9 TRICK CARD Gets the tepid call as morning line favorite, in this wide-open race. It’s probably not a good idea to bet favorites in races like this. Especially when they start from post nine. But, I wouldn’t talk you off either. He’s been good.
10 NA NA NA BAATMAN The Batpole gets stuck with post 10. That’s not going to work too well for him. Pass.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 2-7-4-9
H Horse Comment
1 QUALITY BUD The Bud has worked his way back down to a more reasonable class level. But, with that said, he’s meeting a VERY salty group here. #4,7,9 are better horses, in my opinion. So, Scotty Z will have to get him a trip.
2 GO WEST GO FAST He’s had no luck all year. At least for win purposes. He’s had some great tries too! After three straight horrible posts, he finally gets a little love from the God’s! Packs plenty of speed to use at will. Usable.
3 JUMPING JAKE Still looking very much like a longshot to me. I haven’t seen enough from Jake lately. Pass.
4 DE LOS CIELOS DEO Yannick let him roll a few weeks ago on the big class drop and he did get tired. We all know he likes to finish too! With most of the power outside, I expect another aggressive try. Probably big chance to win.
5 TUXEDO BAY Mark drove himself last week and pretty much stayed out of the way. Must be something about the Bay that he needs to see and feel right now. Will find best stride one of these nights, but not just yet.
6 WILD COUNTRY Was surprised to see that speed in just first local start up from Florida. But, it should tighten him up and he might be a little stronger tonight. IF you wanted a usable, live longshot, go ahead and toss onto the ticket.
7 LETS ROLL I’ve never had much luck guessing on this guy, but this is prime spot for him to wake up big! Can’t remember the last time he was this low in class. I wouldn’t want very short price, but know that he can win.
8 RUSTY’S HOUDINI Rosecroft is now closed for the season, and it was nice to see his stablemate, and Big M lover, Sam’s Triple Crown win the meet finale. They’ll try Rusty here for a bit. Not sure he’s a fit against these.
9 BECHERS BROOK A Gets “lucky” to scratch into this spot and it’s not a bad one, as he continues to work way down the class ladder. We all know he’s a better horse than recent races indicate. Will still have to overcome a tough post.
10 PATRIOT NATION Had he drawn a better slot, I could probably build more of a case. Barn’s been on fire. They see fit to try him on the big track. I don’t think he’s been here before. Will need a little luck, but when you’re hot, you’re hot!
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-3-7
H Horse Comment
1 TREASURED TEE He’s picked up two checks since arriving, so that’s not a bad thing. This level is probably better for him, as he can just sit in and save ground. Plots for a nice trip tonight and should shake free with some trot.
2 CHIPLOSIVE Remains in over his head here. Still a big longshot, looking to get very lucky. Not likely.
3 JL CRUZE No vacations for the Cruze just yet. He’s right back in the box off an uninspiring trip from post nine. That wasn’t going to work out. But this drop, and post relief will! Expect Dexter to go back to the aggressive stance.
4 SKYWAY KON MAN That was some flying finish for Dougie last time. I mean he really charged home to catch Memo easily. Takes yet another step up the class ladder and this is where the waters usually get too deep for him. Maybe.
5 BOURBON EXPRESS Team Okusko took one shot with him in the Graduate and he just wasn’t good. So, they left him here with Jim King, Jr. This is huge class relief and switches to Tim. Supposed to step up with more vs. this group.
6 PIKACHU HANOVER He raced well last week, even though outkicked from behind by Moni. Been delivering mostly steady efforts, but hasn’t found way to win lately. A little bit of an issue. I’ll go ahead and use underneath again.
7 MEMO That was a pretty tough beat if you had him last week. Only a flying finisher denied him the win. Yannick had choice of three of the FOUR Burke horses in here. He ended up taking Hockey. I guess that tells us something.
8 GRANDMA HEIDI Also coming out of a pretty good try two weeks ago. But, of the Burke Brigade foursome, she might have the lesser chance. I hate the post. They can’t all leave! One of them will have to take back. Tough call.
9 HOCKEY HANOVER And what do we do with this guy on the big drop? Also got an extra week off after blasting for third straight time. YG did opt for this one over Memo. Very interesting angles here, based on that choice.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-8-2
H Horse Comment
1 SUCCESSION He’s on the comeback trail for Erv, who owns this guy. So, no rush, right? That second qualifier was a lot better than the first. And Dave knows him now. Erv can have one ready to roll off a layoff. Don’t be shocked.
2 AS ALWAYS He’s been stuck in some tough company races lately, so let’s not be too hard on him. I will excuse the miscue over at Pocono and concentrate on his efforts here. Ran into South Beach Star twice. No killers like that here.
3 JIMMY CONNOR B As I suspected, he was monstrously overbet last week. And, as I suspected, he acted up again, was hard to steer and simply burned everybody’s money. What will the price be tonight? Any equipment changes?
4 SOUTHWIND PETYR This is a pretty nice horse too! That was a fine comebacker here last week, doing a lot of the dirty work. He did draw clear briefly, then got a touch tired. Understandable. Will be stronger here. One to fear?
5 SONIC FLARE Bouncing around all the class levels here, but still responding well. I like the way he’s going. Sneaks into this field based on not earning $22,500 so far. He fits! Only needs the right cover trip to fire a big shot late.
6 PIRATE HANOVER Yes, he did pace home in 25 and change, in that paceless race last week, won on the lead. So, don’t hold that against him. He also stayed pacing, so step in the right direction. Outer post now. That won’t help.
7 BOURBONS COURAGE Just not showing enough to make me want to bet right now. I’ll pass from out here.
8 TORONTO Been racing well, but not much luck lately. Took it to the pacesetting Natameri and couldn’t get by in that wild sprint home. Gets stuck with much tougher post here, so be careful if those odds end up lower. Won’t be 11-1.
9 SOCIALPROB HANOVER Barn brought a couple up from Maryland tonight. They’re both in pretty tough spots!
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-8-6
H Horse Comment
1 PLAY TRIX ON ME Last year’s NJSS champ is on the steady comeback trail for Team Toscano. Been stuck in some real tough spots so far, so don’t be too hard on him. We haven’t seen best gears just yet, but maybe tonight? Pole helps.
2 CHAPTIAMA I didn’t get the memo on this fella last time, but we should have known once Trond put Dexter up. That was an absolute steamroll, dominating effort. A real eye-catcher. Got a week off. Fires back against same class.
3 ONEY HALL I must admit, I’m getting a little tired of chasing this guy. Really liked his chances last week and he did launch move, only to flatten out. I guess I’m off the bandwagon now, so he’ll probably beat me. Oh well.
4 PATRIARCH HANOVER I really never know what to do with this guy here on the big track. They don’t race him here too much, and there has to be a reason for that. Yannick usually puts him in good spots. That speed helps a lot.
5 GET LEGS Broke for the second straight time last week, so that’s a problem. He definitely needs this class relief. Fact that he’s in the box is a good sign, so they don’t think anything’s wrong with him. Let’s see the bounce back please.
6 DELTASUN A I’m still hurting from that $22 payoff a few weeks ago. Really missed the boat there. Then got stuck in over his head in the Preferred. So, back to where he belongs. Might be ignored by the bettors again. Could be mistake.
7 NORTHERN EXPRESS They gave him a week off after a flying finish in traffic a few weeks ago. Kind of proved that the win was no fluke. Jordan keeps the drive now and will have options. Horse can leave, IF he wants. Interesting.
8 MISSISSIPPI STORM Raced his eyeballs out last week at Yonkers to hold on in gutsy fashion. He’s just a very good horse, and always has been. His effort here was monstrous. YR is closed this week, so that’s why he’s here. Tough post.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 SUNDOWN KID He was “supposed” to win that race two weeks ago and did so willingly. Joesstar really took it to him late, and then came back to win, so very key race. Begins the ascent back UP the class ladder now. Good speed on rail.
2 WES DELIGHT Was pounded down to 3/5 last week. That was a little excessive. And he raced well, but couldn’t outkick the perfect trip-sitter. Still, he’s adapted nicely back to the big track, and NJ weather. Also hikes up here.
3 DEALER’S TABLE They tried him for a while down at Philly and that worked out just fair. Back on the truck heading north and he’s in a pretty tough spot. It’s technically a slight drop, but this is amazing field for this class. Good luck.
4 INCREDIBLE SHARK Barn’s got two in here and they’re both longshots. At least they got decent posts, to try and work out a lucky trip. Sometimes that can happen too! Tetrick gets along with him, yet opted to #6. Interesting.
5 BEST IN SHOW Returns to the scene of his greatest triumph, the Med Pace! And, according to owner Richard Young on Facebook, he’s for sale! Won’t come cheap, but call him and make an offer! Should be speed-tightened by now.
6 IDEAL FEELING Hit the ticket from a long way back in first start back here. Not bad! Especially when you’re 20-1. Horse is versatile too, so that gives pilot options. Will hope to be a little closer this week. A maybe. Tim’s choice.
7 YACHT SEELSTER I now have NO doubt that he’s completely tailed off. I’ll leave it at that and just take a pass.
8 JOESSTAR OF MIA A How good is he right now? Super, super try in first start for new barn. And then a monster steamroll win over weaker. This is a big step up, but ignoring sharp horses is very dangerous. Even from this post.
9 PAT STANLEY N Really don’t know a whole lot about this guy. Recently moved into new barn. Broke at Philly when pounded down to even money. Joe B will take over now, but it’s a rough post. I’m very much on the fence here.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 KICKUPYAHEELS N Raced her eyeballs out in two straight against lesser. So, she gets forced up the class ladder and she’s facing some serious distaffers. It’s dangerous to ignore sharp horses, but I have to take chance. At least has rail.
2 ROSE RUN VICTORIA Gets a little rematch with Frown after their battle at Pocono. This lass set the pace and got collared late. No worries. She’s shown ability on a big track too! May be usable at a decent price.
3 BETTORS HEART N Barn’s got two in, and Dexter took the other one. Sometimes that makes the handicapping a bit simpler, but maybe not in this case. They both have great chances. This mare finally gets some class relief. Interesting.
4 STONEBRIDGE SOUL Still amazing to me that she won only once all of last year. Was in against the best week after week. That’s why it’s SO tough to make the transition from three to four. Qualified well. She looks ready to me!
5 BESTSELLER HANOVER Somebody in here has to be a longshot, so this is it. No Bestseller’s tonight for me.
6 PEAKY SNEAKY Peaky looked a wee bit short in the first go off the layoff. Then got shuffled off to Buffalo in the follow-up. That’s it. No more excuses. It’s time to flaunt her class against these. Yannick will have her in right spot now.
7 BEYOND WORDS N I guess if anybody can knock off Peaky, it could be this lass. She’s sharp now. Took her game to Philly and cranked out another good-looking win. Back to Club Med and Dexter’s choice. That tells me a lot.
8 TURNTHEFROWNAROUND There’s no reason to knock this mare either! She just goes out and delivers a quality effort every time! But, from this post, in a VERY strong field, I may have to go against. It’s not an easy call. Loses YG.
9 APRIL AVA Speaking of the bad post blues, how bout Ava? Drew third straight horror-show post. She did overcome it somewhat last time, but this looks like herculean task. I just don’t see it happening.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-9-10
H Horse Comment
1 ANGERS BAYAMA I’m sure he’s happy he doesn’t see Wheels On Fire out there! With two starts under his belt, he’s sufficiently speed-tightened by now. Drew the pole post, and A Mac will be putting in play quickly from the rail.
2 LETS HAVE ANOTHER Because Yonkers is on their holiday break, we get some new shooters tonight. This is one of them. Sent north to Peter Tritton once Dover closed. Probably has issues at Harrington. Been racing well. Big track now.
3 HESA KINGSLAYER N This is an extremely good horse too! And trust me, he can handle the big track too! I saw the race at Pocono and he made Western Joe work hard to win. Has stablemate in here, but Dave opted to the King.
4 BEAUMOND HANOVER Aimed a little high in the Graduate and picked up only one check. But, in my opinion, he’s not really getting that much relief here. This is a very salty group for this level. Will need to find more to upset.
5 HEZA REAL DIAMOND This horse just keeps beating me. Eventually, I will just surrender. Could be greatest pocket-rocket trip horse I’ve ever seen. Will he get that kind of trip again? I sure wish I knew. Big step back up the ladder.
6 PRAIRIE PANTHER His last two were sharp, but I do believe his stablemate is better. I’ll take a pass here.
7 CHASER HANOVER Continues to race well. Even at these upper levels. The only knock tonight is the move to outer post. That’s going to complicate things. Not sure what Mark Mac will have planned. Paced in 47.3 last time. Wow!
8 LYONS STEEL I used him a little in that spot last week and he failed to launch his patented kick. Oh well. Tuf post.
9 OCEAN ROCK Couldn’t possibly have looked any better in the qualifier. And I’ve seen this guy up close and personal out in Ohio. Not sure what went wrong in Graduate, but he wasn’t right. Let’s expect a full bounce-back effort here.
10 COVERED BRIDGE Marching right up the class ladder at moment! That was monster try vs. American two weeks ago. For that huge effort, he’s not exactly “rewarded” with this post. Will have to send to have any chance. YG’s choice ov 9.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-6-3
H Horse Comment
1 SORELLA The Oaks champ took a very aggressive stance into the well-rated Beads last week and it didn’t work out. Now, she’s back in against the gals and gets the cozy pole post. Yannick will have to protect here vs. #5,6. Good race!
2 FELICITYSHAGWELL S We all know her game and it sure didn’t look good in the Cutler. That was ambitious spot, but hey, you have to take a chance every now and then. Back to where she belongs. Can she step around #1? Maybe. Owner: Was extremely fresh two weeks ago and wasted precious oxygen in the post parade. She performs best after a two, three-week break. Not sure which Felicity will show up, and she is in the tougher of two divisions.
3 MISS MCKEE I really love the body of work she’s done so far this year. So, they take another shot at the best mares in training. Cranked out a willing third in round one. That would be the goal again. She’s a longshot, but not by much.
4 P L NOTSONICE For a while last week, I really thought RM3 had stolen one. But, the boy got past the girl late and she just missed second. It was quality effort, but probably not enough to threaten these. Will just have to find more.
5 AB’SATTITUDEXPRESS They took a shot throwing her to the wolves in the Graduate and that trip just didn’t work out. Her win vs. these in round one was strong! Tim will be aggressive again, to make sure #1 doesn’t get too far away.
6 WHEN DOVESCRY It took a monster rally by NLStuff to nail her in the comebacker. Brett P gave her week off, and then strong maintenance qualifier. She is ready! But, she will need A-1 best again to best Sorella and Ab’s. Good race!
7 NO MAS DRAMA Bounced back from her flat effort here with a monster mile at Pocono. So, we know she’s sharp, but is she classy enough to turn the tables now? From post seven? I have to lean towards no. Trainer: Threw in a clunker last time here. This is a good mare that has every right to compete at this level.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 8-1-2-5
H Horse Comment
1 FATHER NUNO I used him a little at that big price last week and he just rode the pylons keeping up in a 48 mile. It’s hard to make up any ground when they’re going that fast. No Warrawee Vital in here, but Jug-winning Captain. Not ez
2 SERIOUSLY HANOVER That was a huge try last week! A monster bounce-back kind of mile. Almost got by a top-flight horse. So, he’s come a long way this season for Nifty and co. Keeps Dexter and gets a better post. Interesting.
3 ISLAND OF THE SEA This upper class level has just been beating him up. Needs to get a little luckier.
4 SWEET TRUTH Over from Yonkers during their off week and he is simply buried in here. Not as good as these.
5 ALLYWAG HANOVER Dave Miller put him in a perfect spot last week. They “snuck through” up the pylons, but were clearly outmuscled and outgamed to the line. Sound familiar? Just hasn’t found a way to get home on top lately.
6 BETTER TAKE IT Got real good all of a sudden for the Cullipher Crew out of town. But, I do believe this is a brand new ballgame against a field like this. A lot more to prove and I need to see it first.
7 SEA OF LIFE Barn’s other starter is also a bit of a longshot. Didn’t show me enough in the first go here. I’ll pass.
8 CAPTAIN BARBOSSA The Jug champ finds a cozier soft spot tonight, because he hasn’t won a total of seven races yet. So, he’d better take advantage. Seems to race best with a target to catch, so this is interesting post for Joe B. He can’t just come from last, so he has to float out a little.
9 GRAY DRAGON How good is the Dragon right now! Sailed right by the Pace winner TWICE at Pocono. Extremely strong steers from Mark Mac. This will test them both a lot more. Back to the bad post blues.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 4-6-9-5
H Horse Comment
1 JUST WAVE GOODBYE Yes, that was a field begging to be beaten, but I still couldn’t come up with him. Exits that easier Trackmaster class, back into the claimers and I would be surprised if he repeated. Maybe Tim can get a trip.
2 DATELINE HANOVER Really odd spot for this one. If you can’t win for $7,500, how can you expect to beat a $12.5/17K handicap bunch? I just don’t see it.
3 IDEAL SON I haven’t really been a fan of this guy lately. Especially at all those low prices. Why do people keep firing on him? Sometimes, I have no answers.
4 BETTOR NOTBITTER A Tyler put a nice trip on him to beat the 10’s a few weeks ago. They took their show on the road to Philly against better and that trip didn’t work out as well. Back to where he belongs. Very live price play.
5 SUNNY BO I took another shot trying him in that field last week and he just had a little too far to come. The Wave got the jump on him. They’re both stepping up here and it’s probably too much for both. I’ll use underneath now.
6 TJ BLAST TJ actually raced better than you think last week. He had NO shot, from that post, with that trip, into the “International Good Thing” that wired the field. Other than that, nothing but quality efforts. Rare for a lower claimer.
7 INDEPENDENT ONE Would sure love to know the backstory on this poor horse right now. He will need this one.
8 JUSTIN CREDIBLE He ended up the slight favorite against Kingofthejungle last week and endured an impossible trip. It’s probably not going to get any easier from this post. He’s got NO speed. That never helps. Your call, folks?
9 SUGARTOWN I understand trying to “protect” your horse with whatever pricetag you want, but to put in for $17K here, knowing you get stuck with the worst post doesn’t make sense. It’s SO hard to win from out here. Good luck!
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 9-3-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 POKERFACE BLUECHIP Suddenly got bet off the board on the class drop last week and it still didn’t work out well enough. It was a better effort, though! I liked that speed. But, I do see he’s running into a few other droppers now.
2 SPIRIT OF TRUTH It’s been a long time since we saw Spirit here. He’s now a 9YO! Picking up lots of checks down at home base lately, but he’s going to need a lot more than that to get one here. Your call?
3 LEXUS WITHA VIEW A I hated that he had post 10 last week and you can see that it clearly cost him. Did make up nice ground from an impossible spot. Post relief. Class relief. Will have to duke it out with #9 at some point.
4 ROLLNTHEJOE Woke up a little with that nice rally last week at better than 46-1, so don’t expect to get rich now. But, the reality is that he hasn’t won in a long time. Demand at least fair value if you think tonight’s the night.
5 UNLOADED N He’s just so hard to bet on. Always a bad actor. Sometimes refuses the gate. I’ll just pass again.
6 EFFRONTE A I once thought he was an Open-type horse. I guess I got that one wrong. Working his way back into shape off yet another short layoff. At least he went forward in last Philly try. Returns to big track. Needs even more.
7 FOREVERNALWAYS Tough to hop on board his boat right now. Still in need of compete turnaround. Not for me.
8 MISTER DONALD A This was T Mac’s choice over #5 and I can’t blame him for that. After flashing good speed, he got stuck in a bit of a shuffle. Not saying he’s as good as #3,9, but he does have chance. Must overcome the post.
9 ROCKIN THE ACES Admittedly, he hasn’t had a lot of luck lately. But, with a monster class drop like this, that can all change in an instant. It’s just a matter of Dexter getting him into the race from a bad post. Needs a little speed.
10 HAPPY TRIO Looking like a “work in progress” for the new barn. Eventually, they will get him right, but not tonight.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-8-1
H Horse Comment
1 WESTERN REDHOT New barn took one shot for the higher pricetag and that didn’t work out. So, it’s right back to where he belongs in for $10K. Can he win? Absolutely. Is he a lock? Absolutely not. Low price. May swing against.
2 TOLLY-HO He’s had two good starts here for the lower pricetag. Quevedo barn haltered him after the upset win. I guess it wasn’t a fluke? Can he handle the 10’s? That’s a very good question! I don’t have the answer just yet.
3 FINAL JUSTICE Maintains his usual longshot status with just one win this year, and only one win last year. Pass.
4 GYPSY LEATHER I kind of liked him in that spot last week, until we ran out of available drivers. So, just put a line through that. Not too many 12YO’s get claimed, but he did. Like #2, he’s got to prove he can stay with the 10’s.
5 WAR DADDY Finds his way back into the barn after a private purchase to get him back. First qualifier for them wasn’t bad. I won’t pick, but I will be watching closely for future evaluation. Should be big price for now. Trainer: I got him back a few weeks ago and he’s a different horse now. Been struggling to get him in-to-go, so I qualified him Tuesday at Philly and was thrilled with his effort. Definitely going to need a start to be top form, but I like him Saturday night.
6 BIG SWEEP OSBORNE Even though he drops a notch in price, I’m not ready to hop back on board his boat just yet.
7 BETTOR BB Gets to “scratch” into this spot, but he’s been flat in last few. Why the bump up in price? I’ll pass.
8 BUGGER BRUISER Very intrigued by this fresh face. So far this year, the angle of moving into the Cano barn has been a good one! They listed Dave Miller and he chose over #10. I see useful speed. Dave will put him in play. A maybe.
9 MISTER HAT No, I don’t know how he shipped 3,000 miles, missed nearly a month, and still found a way to win here. Sometimes, things defy explanation. I guess we’ll find out if it was a fluke or not. I’m voting towards fluke. Bad post.
10 BEBOP ON THE BLOCK The Bop has tailed off and looks like an impossible play from the worst post. Not for me.