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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, May 22, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 MULLINAX Picked up some nice green up in Massachusetts last season in those sire stakes. Comes back now at three and took one shot in stakes where overmatched. Shipped here and raced well! Gets good post. Will use that speed.
2 BETTOR SUN The other 3YO stacks up okay against competition like this. Team McNair colt dug in nicely to hold on in that qualifier, so he looks ready. Might even offer a price if you think he can beat some older foes. A maybe.
3 HURRIKANEKINGJAMES Did not have a very good start on Tuesday at Yonkers when he backed up late. I’m not a big fan of the short rest. Guess he hasn’t come back sharp enough yet. Maybe the switch to big track will wake him up?
4 DRAGON ROARS AGAIN Corey took the gloves off and really sent this guy last week against a very strong field. He got run over! So, I consider this a slightly lesser bunch and we may revert back to the stalk and charge mode. I hope.
5 SEA OF LIFE Seems to like that strip down at Philly most. Even though he had post eight at Yonkers, he got into the race, but lacked that finishing punch. Back to Big M now and gets Tetrick back. That should help Still needs more.
6 THE GREEK FREAK Very powerful Burke pair in here tonight. Wasn’t sure which one Yannick was going to drive. He ended up sticking with Elver. That doesn’t mean this guy can’t win. Big-time class drop for both. They may dominate.
7 ELVER HANOVER It was good to see Elver finish that mile a lot better last week. I was beginning to worry. This is exactly the kind of class relief and confidence builder that he needs. But, as always, he must bring the A-1 effort.
8 ROCKIN THE ACES Gets stuck with another rough post. And, it hurts more than usual with the Burke pair just inside. He kind of just “went around there” last week and might have to do the same thing again. Needs a little luck.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 2-8-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 CAPTAIN EMOTION Was given some time off and came back with a disaster. Hard to like off that one. Pass.
2 PIRATE HANOVER Drew a nice post against his winning stablemate over at Pocono, but made a break. That’s never good! His race here was huge. So, I really don’t know what we’re going to get tonight Could win. Could break. Your call.
3 SPINNAKER HANOVER Finally found that “field of his friends” over at Yonkers and blew by them late. This will be totally different. Is this fella ready to pace in 50, or 51? That is the question. I am skeptical.
4 CENTURY HANNIBAL Son of a Med Pace winner, so maybe he will like the track? Sent south to the Daley barn and that’s probably good move. Already gained valuable experience down at Philly. He may be ready for this kind of test.
5 SOUTHWIND PETYR Was cross-entered today at Philly, but we’ll assume he shows up here. Stakes-quality colt last season, so the talent is there. I do wish he’d qualified here instead, but oh well! Let’s see if Mark H has him ready.
6 TORONTO Got bet off the board two weeks ago and really had no excuse. Well-rated up front and he simply could not hold on. So, he’s earned a pair of thirds here so far. Not bad, but not great. I wonder what the price will be now?
7 JIMMY CONNOR B Seems like the whole world saw him come flying home from impossible spot last week. When the whole world sees it, you never get any true value the next time. Plus, he was acting up a little. I may go against.
8 NATAMERI Very interesting invader for the Okusko’s! We rarely see them here, but when they show up, we better pay attention. They got a nice, easy confidence builder into him up at home base. Let’s see how good he is! Trainer: Raced great last week! Looking to let him stretch out his legs as he prepares for 3YO season.
9 FOREFATHER It’s always very dangerous to ignore a young, potentially talented Pelling trainee. But, doesn’t this look like a very tough spot? He won the comebacker at 2-5, but this field is 10 times better. Will have to prove it again.
10 HURRIKANE GEORGIE Hasn’t been displaying his better form over at Yonkers lately. Just like his stablemate in race one. They’re both in tougher here. And, the post gods were not kind. Pass.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 9-7-3-10
H Horse Comment
1 MAJOR ASSET A little bit suspect at the moment, coming off that scratch, and a dull effort. I guess I’d need to see a good one again before I could endorse. At least he drew a nice post, and was Dexter’s choice.
2 IDEAL SON Just keeps burning that betting money! Week after week. That last try was a clunker too! Usually, he’s right there in the battle. Would need a total turnaround from last effort to win this. Good luck if you think it’s coming.
3 KINGOFTHEJUNGLE He also got pounded at the windows when lowered to the Trackmaster rating race. Guess what? That didn’t work out either! It wasn’t a bad effort, but he shows up again in the tougher claimer. Won’t be easy, folks.
4 WESTERN REDHOT That was a pretty darn good try out of post 10 last week. And he was claimed. So, we get a new barn in play, a better post, and a price hike. Is he a true $12.5 claimer? I’m not so sure about that. Must prove it.
5 ASTOR Finally found the “field of his friends” down at Freehold. This is much tougher. Back to a longshot.
6 BIG SWEEP OSBORNE He hasn’t been firing big bullets lately and this is a big step up in class. I’ll just pass.
7 ROCKIN RAMBARAN One of the many possibilities in this wide-open race. The Bier barn claimed two of them past few weekends. The other one is in next race. Rockin steps up too, but has been very good for Yannick lately. Maybe. Trainer: Tough old fella! I hope we do well with him.
8 JUSTIN CREDIBLE Has suddenly become a hot commodity at the claim box! The Estrada barn even took him for the higher pricetag, so he’s got to go in for $15K. That means outside post in a handicap like this. Good luck with that.
9 SUGARTOWN Gets slammed with post nine again, so that’s a problem. I do like the way he raced last time, storming home from the back. Horse probably needed that kind of race. Tonight is totally different. Corey will be sending.
10 TJ BLAST And, the final piece of the puzzle, in this very difficult race. He’s been racing lights-out of late too! But, I guarantee this won’t be easy from post 10. That’s up to A Mac to try and get him a trip. Very difficult task.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 10-3-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 PALOMAR Moved back into the younger Sodano barn and won with a nice confidence booster up at Vernon. That was a good road trip for him and others. Not sure how to compare their Open to this class. Could be similar.
2 HEZA REAL DIAMOND Sneaks into this race on the alternate condition of non-winners of $1 last two. That’s a new one! But, he’s missed a couple weeks now and exits a rare clunker. Will he need this? Or, be totally ready? Not sure.
3 WES DELIGHT He had no chance against his more powerful stablemate last week, so he just went around there. This is totally different. Now, it’s his turn to step up and compete. I think he’s re-acclimated and ready now. Hop on!
4 BECHERS BROOK A Wasn’t exactly going great guns here for a while, so they sent him to Philly. Couple good starts as he climbed the class ladder. Brutally parked out last time, so toss that. This is back where he belongs. TT opt to #7.
5 GRAND TETON The Orange Crush put on a clinic with this classy veteran a few weeks ago. And he was claimed again that night. Back class can be a wonderful thing at times. Let’s see how the Bier Express does with him. Big step up here. Trainer: Glad to have him back in the barn. He is a nice, classy horse. Trained well this week.
6 ROLLINLIKETHUNDER Paying nice dividends for his new barn. Gets the rematch with Palomar, but at different track. You don’t see that every day. I’m going to rate him a longshot in a pretty tough race. A lot to prove here.
7 STONEDUST At this stage of his career, it seems like the Dust is a tad overmatched at an upper level like this. Moves back outside, but was Tim’s choice this week and that surprised me. Now, I don’t know what to do.
8 THE CANDYMAN CAN Barn’s got two in and they both have a shot. I would probably prefer the pole-sitter for tonight’s wagering purposes. Steps up tonight, but that was a very salty group for that level last week. Rallies?
9 GINGRAS BEACH Wasn’t quite as strong in the follow-up to his improbable shocker of two weeks ago. He also gets bumped up a notch out of same race as #8. This isn’t going to be any easier. A longshot again.
10 GODS SPIRIT N Easily the key to the race tonight. They’ve had some issues with this talented fella, but this is prime wakeup call opportunity. Second time Lasix. Huge class drop. Plenty of speed if Dexter wants. If ready, he wins.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 BOURBON EXPRESS Here’s the other Okusko horse on the card tonight. Put it all together last week up at home base and they see fit to take a shot in stakes-race here. Why not? They listed Tetrick, but didn’t get him. Good enuf? Trainer: Raced great last week! Excited to see how he will do competing with this talented group of trotters.
2 AB’SATTITUDEXPRESS After picking up a cool $40K in those two-horse races, she stepped up to the plate and delivered a super mile in the Versatility! That’s great management! Moves right over to tackle the boys now. Trainer: Very nice mare that has been super so far this year. Had two weeks between last race and this one. Think that will only be good for her. Tough race, but I think she will be with them. No changes.
3 SERMON That was an excellent try here two weeks ago to get him ready for this. But, it’s a monster step up in class and I have to rate him a longshot until he proves it. This will be much tougher.
4 IT’S ACADEMIC Couldn’t possibly have been more impressive, both here and in Ohio. Yes, he stole the Scioto race, but he was still very good that night. Earned a couple weeks off. Trust me, he will be ready for this. Tackles the mares.
5 HYPNOTIC AM They raced her pretty easily in the comebacker and she finished up strong. Sometimes, that’s what you need to get those legs ready for a long stakes season. This could be different. Will have to stay close to have shot.
6 HILLEXOTIC Another one coming off a good prep, but taking monster hike up to stakes level. Yes, he was a minor stakes player last year. But, always a lot to prove when you come back at four. I need to see it first.
7 EL IDEAL No, I don’t know what happened in his comebacker, but it wasn’t good. Would need a total bounce-back and turnaround to threaten a field like this. He used to be able to do it. I want to watch one tonight.
8 SHINKANSEN Was very good when he won here last month, but against much lesser company. This is asking a lot, and the post gods were not kind. At least he gets Dexter back. In too tough?
9 PLAY TRIX ON ME He was 70-1 in the Cutler, and after a slow start, really had no chance. It was a solid reduction in mile time, so he’s racing himself back into top shape. Not sure if I’m ready to pull the trigger just yet. Tough post.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 10-8-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 WESLYNN QUEST The first two horses sent east by the Beaver barn both raced well! Let’s expect the same from this lass. She’s been here before, I believe. She can handle the bigger-size track. Has some post edge, and Scotty Z!
2 TREASURED TEE He hasn’t had a lot of luck here yet. That was pretty tough trip grinding after Cruze. Longshot.
3 CHIPLOSIVE He actually got good there for a while against lesser company. This is probably too high now. Pass.
4 MORAIRTIME It was nice to see her come charging home to pick up a check last week! That’ll pay some of those NJ Turnpike tolls! She’s forced up a notch, but has the class to handle it. Just stay trotting, please! Grinds into it. Back on L.
5 KENZIESKY HANOVER I still don’t know what’s up with her. Very inconsistent of late. Corey had her in another good spot last time and she just failed to fire. I’m getting very frustrated with her. I’ll wish you luck if you bet.
6 PIKACHU HANOVER Raced great again last week, but just ran into a well-meant buzzsaw. Can’t hold that against him. I loved to see the early brush, Dougie gave him every chance. Will try to do the same thing again. Maybe.
7 GOTWUTEVERITTAKES He’s a little hard to take at times, with his totally different efforts. One more step and he would have beaten Chin Chin two weeks ago. What are we going to get tonight? Good luck guessing on that.
8 ONEY HALL Never really got involved in the Cutler and like Ken Warkentin, I thought he had a shot in there. Strange effort. So, it’s back down in class, but first bad post in a long time. Not sure how he’s going to handle that.
9 JL CRUZE That was a tough beat if you had the King two weeks ago. Got nailed in the last stride by the pocket-sitting longshot. So, it’s back to the wars again and this field looks rough. Dexter will have to be “creative” to get him a trip.
10 READY FOR MONI He’s the key to the race, because he’s another horse that will drive you nuts! Chased a runaway in a very fast qualifier, but he was good. Is that enough to have him ready out of post 10? Manchego was ready!
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 ALLYWAG HANOVER Dave Miller sure put him in play leg one, first-time Lasix. But, he was no match for Ruthless. Still, a positive effort. And we know he can move early at times. Drew pole position again. Tricky post, but drops.
2 FATHER NUNO That was some tough trip he endured two weeks ago, but he did live to tell about it. Did not quit. Those type efforts always catch my eye. He’s still on the comeback trail, but I wouldn’t leave him off ticket at a price.
3 ISLAND OF THE SEA He’s found this particular class level a bit tough lately. Back to longshot status for me.
4 WARRWEE VITAL Also raced his eyeballs out in first leg of Graduate. It was a brutal beat if you backed him, but at an underlay price. He might even be lower price here. Just has to come up with same effort to get first win of year.
5 SERIOUSLY HANOVER Aimed pretty high tackling the Graduate pacers, but came out of it with a check. Not bad. He’s got some ability, but doesn’t always bring it every week. Ideal midpack post. Hoping to soften up #4.
6 MAYHEM HANOVER Probably needed that first start here. Had been off a long time. I always look for improvement in a second start back. If he catches the right flow, AND the pace is contested, he’s got a chance to shock.
7 CAPTAIN VICTORIOUS Another one with a sneaky longshot chance in here. His comebacker was quietly good. Tonight’s problem will be the post. IF Yannick feels good about, he might take a shot and send. No easy trip coming.
8 BETTORBUCKLEUP Outraced his odds by a lot in Big M debut. Wow, at 63-1. Out of the same classes up north as #6, and they were both racing well last year. How does he get into the race tonight? That, I don’t know.
9 MY PAL JOE Put heavy pressure on the leaders last week and fought valiantly right to the wire. I do see they listed Dexter, but didn’t get him. Very interesting. He can leave, IF pilot wants. He won’t be winning from last.
10 SAVE ME A DANCE Another one coming out of a shockingly good effort. He almost got by Ruthless Hanover! For that, he’s not exactly “rewarded” with this post. It looks like a killer to me.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 7-6-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 MACHNHOPE How good is she right now? Very, very good! And she was stung hard to get to the lead last week. I wonder what the plan will be from rail post now, in big and bulky field. Has to leave enough to protect. One to beat?
2 SNOBBYTOWN I do wonder if we can classify Snobby as a “small-track specialist?” Will be longshot again.
3 ALEXA SKYE She’s baaaaack!!! Did good work out in Indiana and shows up in timely fashion for this mini-series. We all remember some of her stellar efforts here over the winter. Anxious to see what she brings to the table tonight.
4 ROCKNIFICENT We all picked her last week. And she went a decidedly dull mile. Very unlike her not to finish well, but that’s what happened. I hope she needed that race. Will have to find that old finishing kick again to threaten.
5 TREACHEROUS REIGN We can safely give her a pass for the post eight comebacker. We’ve seen her dazzle us at times in the past. This is nice midpack post, and she will be “readier” tonight. Will that be enough? Not sure.
6 JK FIRST LADY Couldn’t possibly have gone a bigger trip in her first start as a 4YO. Took it to Mach and fought hard all the way. Love that! Most times, a second start back is even better. Seeking revenge tonight and just might get it.
7 KEEP ROCKIN A IF you were watching the stretch drive last week, you saw how loaded she was! I really thought her last quarter would be 24.4. Oh well. They gave her a 25. She does lose A Mac here, and drew tougher post. Price play?
8 PEAKY SNEAKY All things considered, Peaky raced okay too, in her comebacker. Gunned early, sat after and was keeping up. This task looks a whole lot tougher from this post in big field. Not sure how she can make it work.
9 RACINE BELL Another mare that raced her eyeballs out in Big M debut. That was some trip, and some drive from JB. They’re back to try it again, but in vicious spot. They can’t all blast out. Something has to give. Needs to get lucky.
10 LYONS SENTINEL As much love as I have for this champion, where’s she going from post 10? My guess: not very far.
11 SWEET LUCY LOU Intriguing prospect from second tier. She will be sitting and watching what could be hot pace. IF she shakes free, watch out. Owns that one powerful burst of speed.
12 BETTORS HEART N No wins yet this year. And, in a race like this, that just won’t cut it. A longshot.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 9-5-1-4
H Horse Comment
1 TIN ROOF RAIDER A Barn’s been on fire everywhere lately and they see fit to bring this fella back to Club Med. Technically, this is both post and class relief a bit. Either could wake up his form. Need to see that speed again.
2 NUTCRACKER SWEET In a race with several droppers, it’s tough to take the class hiker. Sweet is it. I’ll pass.
3 ON THE CARDS N Really don’t know what to make of this one yet. After a fair qualifier here, he passed his first test at Philly with flying colors. With that said, this field is a LOT tougher than that one. He’s got to prove it all over again.
4 YACHT SEELSTER He was SO good there for a while couple months ago. But, he has tailed off a bit since. Yes, I’m sure the class relief will help, but this is a pretty salty group for the level. Nothing less than best will get it done.
5 LYONS KING This guy continues to impress me. He’s worked his way right up the ladder with several straight strong starts. I believe he can handle this hike too! We’re going to see that crisp speed again. Tries to fight off #9.
6 IDEAL FEELING A rare appearance for this barn. First few up from Florida weren’t all that great. I’ll watch one here.
7 FRANCO TOTEM N Dexter had an option and chose to stick with this guy over #10. Surprised me just a touch. Totem’s recent races have been okay, but not great. It’s slight class relief, but a very tough field. Your call, folks?
8 SHAKE THAT HOUSE The House clearly needed his comebacker and he might need one more. I hope I’m right.
9 NANDOLO N I think the whole world saw his express train finish is Big M debut. So, you know there will be NO price tonight. Horse even gets to drop a tick in class. But, how far back will he be? Might need another 25 finish to reach.
10 IM SIR BLAKE A Can’t really fault this guy. That was a professional-looking measured win last week. Beat a good horse in Respect too! But, he hikes up a big and was NOT Dexter’s choice. That’s not exactly a sign of confidence.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 AMIGO VOLO No, I don’t know what happened last week, but it was probably the worst race he’s ever gone, without making a break. Since he’s right back in the box, I will assume whatever was wrong got fixed. No more clunkers, please.
2 MOON BRIDGE Aiming a little high here. Plus, he does not have the benefit of a prep start under belt. I’m guessing Team Bongiorno just wants to see what they have here with new acquisition. Let’s see if he belongs.
3 GANGSTER HANOVER He’s a very hard horse to gauge at times. When right, he’s as fast as anything out there. But, it sometimes takes Ake some time to get him right. For first start out of box, I want to watch one first.
4 LOVEDBYTHEMASSES Like #3, it took the Cullipher Crew a while to race him back into shape, but he’s there now! Awesome front-running win last week. This is big step up back to stakes level and Tetrick is back in bike. Interesting.
5 SORELLA Yannick stays loyal to his Oaks winner here and that’s totally understandable. Her first start back was great, barely outfought by Abs. Both mares raced great in there. She should be a bit stronger tonight. The one to beat?
6 BEADS Here’s another horse that will simply drive you crazy. They put the hopples back on for last week’s qualifier and he looked like a monster again. He is the champion of qualifiers. Yannick stuck with #5. Dave M takes turn now.
7 GET LEGS After a good long run of sterling efforts, we finally saw a chink in the armor last week. Andy tried to grind him into the race and he never really looked comfortable at any point. Then drifted and broke. Needs big bounce back.
8 EMMA TOWN BUD Hated to see him make that break too! I don’t know what happened between 4/23 and now, but it’s probably not good. Have to pass from outer post again.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-7-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 J M MANDAMIN Team Bongiorno have two in, and the other one is the stable star! Longshot on pole position.
2 LYONS STEEL Actually picked up a check as the longest shot in the field last week, so that’s a good thing! Hoping for the same here and he always packs a nice late punch in his bag. Will pick off any tired ones.
3 TYGA HANOVER Finds his way to the big track and we know he can handle it from his Canadian form. He’s been competing against some very tough fields, and this is another. I guess I want to watch one here first.
4 THIS IS THE PLAN The entire Burke Brigade must still be smiling after Jaws’ incredible upset win in the Borgata/Levy final. That was one of Yannick’s best career drives! Horse even got a month off (deserved!). He will probably need this.
5 AMERICAN HISTORY The current speed star of the sport! I would have lost a bet that he got this week off, but Tony must feel he’s still so sharp, doesn’t need a week off! This is going to be some kind of war when he hooks up w/Nick.
6 ANA AFREET N Seems like he’s tailed off just a bit. Back to longshot status vs. a field like this. Would be a surprise.
7 NICHOLAS BEACH He got week off, also well-deserved. Been racing his eyeballs out lately. Vicious speed. We haven’t gotten to bottom of tank here yet and it creates an incredible matchup with #5. Can’t wait for this one!
8 BACKSTREET SHADOW Veteran is still closing in on millionaire status. He’ll get there eventually, but I’m not so sure about this one tonight. He’s also been off a month and drew a rough post. Time to race him from the back.
9 SINTRA Tossed in a “rare” clunker a few weeks ago. And he was dead on the tote board that night. Strange. So, he shows up tonight, from a horrible post, in the fastest field ever. It was hard to put 8-1 next to his name. Believe me.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-6-9
H Horse Comment
1 CECIL CASANOVA Team Silva have a pair in here, and they’re both big longshots. Cecil needs a drop, not a hike.
2 TUXEDO BAY MIA for a month, and Mark put himself down to drive. That doesn’t spell confidence in my book. Pass.
3 QUALITY BUD He worked his way too high in class for a while. So, we finally begin the descent down the ladder. Could it be wakeup call time? Absolutely. This is a wide-open race, and most of power is stuck outside. Very usable.
4 WILD COUNTRY All the way up from Florida and into the Chiodo barn. Got absolutely cooked in a ridiculous pace battle in that Isle Mile race. It will probably take him a month to recover from that. Let’s watch one.
5 JOESSTAR OF MIA A Raced his eyeballs out last week, trying to overhaul a dropdown special. Nobody was going to beat the Kid in that race and this guy came close. Full credit for that. Tonight, he meets another dropdown in #10.
6 SONIC FLARE I’ve loved this guy over the past two weeks and finally was right about something! So, should I reach in and try for the third? Good question. He’s hiking way up here and running into much stronger foes. Mixed feelings.
7 JUMPING JAKE After the improbable upset win two back, he reverted back to old self last week. I guess that win was a fluke? I’ll go with that until proven otherwise.
8 CLIFFHANGER Also looking like a huge price in here. Form has been dull. Can’t predict total turnarounds. Pass.
9 GO WEST GO FAST Gets third straight horrible post draw. That stinks! With that said, he raced great both times! Dougie seems to get along with him very well. Guaranteed speed coming again. I wouldn’t talk you off tonight.
10 LEXUS WITHA VIEW A Did ALL the dirty work last week, setting things up for the trip-sitter. Note how well he held after battling. Gets additional class relief, but not the post they wanted. Not sure what the price will be. Very tough call.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-5-8-4
H Horse Comment
1 STELLENBOSCH The Stell has been racing her eyeballs out for months now, but the bottom line is that she’s got only one win! All those short prices, etc. Probably needed last at Pocono. This might be a notch too high for her.
2 WINGDING HANOVER Well-traveled of late, that’s for sure. Visits her third track in last three starts. Back to Club Med. Been all over the place, class-wise. I’m not sure she’s a fit in here either. Looks like a longshot to me.
3 HELLO LOVE Did not look like the same horse that blazed around here on 4/23. So, I have no idea what’s coming tonight. She will need either a lot more speed, or a much bigger kick to get back in the winner’s circle. Tim T sticks.
4 KICKUPYAHEELS N She’s been outracing her odds lately. James had an option here and stuck with her over #7, so that’s a sign of confidence. But, she also gets bumped up the ladder again. Eventually, it will be too much.
5 LOVELY DONNA Couldn’t possibly be any sharper. Those last two, on Lasix were superb! But, tonight, she takes a three-level class hike and runs into a returning stakes star and Dan Patch champion. Is she as good as that? Prove it.
6 FIRE START HANOVER Earned the title of Dan Patch 2YO filly pacing champion with a sterling season of wins for Nifty and Dexter. Her win in the Crown was epic! Starts back with only one qualifier, but it was strong. She’s ready!
7 BESTSELLER HANOVER Got a couple months off. No problem. Came back with very strong qualifier, but if James drove that morning and opted off now, doesn’t that tell us something? Maybe we wait for softer spot?
8 MAJOR OCCASION A She’s been in a little tough since returning from Canada. But, the clincher for tonight is that Dexter had to opt off. He likes to drive this mare. She needs the drop. And second-time Lasix. Tough post, though.
9 APRIL AVA Dropped and popped nicely down at Philly. Good, strong steer from Montrell too! But, it’s back to the Big M wars and she couldn’t have found a tougher spot, or post. Good luck with that.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-5-7
H Horse Comment
1 LOTTERY WINNER His comebacker was just fair. I have a feeling he might need another race or two. Pass.
2 ARCHANGEL THREE A Mac had a choice and opted here over #7. I expected that. The barn is absolutely on fire right now. So, after a very good, acclimating mile, The Angel will be tough to beat here with the post relief. Sharp!
3 THUNDER SOME WHERE Vic K got him a nice trip last week and they cranked out an on-the-board finish at 27-1. Vic’s not here tonight, so we get another new pilot. Hoping for same care-free trip and good late kick.
4 A BETTOR BEACH Took a ton of money upon arrival and didn’t have the easiest of trips last week. Dexter takes the re-ride, so that’s a good sign. The price should be better. Not an easy spot, but I’ll be expecting more. Your call?
5 PARTY BOY Had a decent first start back with Mike K doing the driving himself. He listed Dexter, but didn’t get him. Still, that’s a sign of positive intent. So, Scotty Z inherits the assignment. Should be “readier.” Can be used tonight.
6 ROLLNTHEJOE A rare underachiever out of this barn. I need to see a lot more before I could endorse.
7 POKERFACE BLUECHIP Gets some much-needed class relief. Seems like it’s been a long year for him with 20 starts, and only two wins. Loses his regular drive. I’ve got very mixed feelings from another outer post. Must step it up.
8 SOMETIMESAWINNER I wonder who did all the betting at Freehold last time. Even money? Really? Pass here.
9 FOREVERNALWAYS Almost the same story as #8. Pounded at the windows down at Freehold and he broke. Ouch! Back to where he belongs on the big track and further class relief. Wakeup call potential, IF he stays pacing.
10 MISTER DONALD A If you sense a theme here, it’s the beaten favorite race. Was 1-5 down at Philly on the big class drop and he STILL couldn’t get it done. Drops one more time, but it’s still post 10. Good luck if you fancy.