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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, May 21, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 7-3-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 DATELINE HANOVER Got stuck in a little shuffle last time and it probably cost him all chance. That was first start for another new barn and he now gets post relief at the proper level. Don’t be shocked if he shows a little more tonight.
2 WALKS OF LIFE Stevie put him in the perfect spot last week and the veteran just backed up late. Not good. Pass.
3 ROCKIN PANDA They took one shot for the $10K tag and that didn’t work out. Drops back to the proper pricetag and this could be a lot different. Lots of question marks in here, but he could step up with any smooth journey.
4 MISTER HAT A fresh face to the group! And all the way from Sacramento, Ca. Very often, these long shippers need a race just to acclimate to the surface. I will be watching closely for future evaluation.
5 TOLLY-HO Didn’t see that coming here last week. Team Foster somehow had this fella ready for a monster big track move and he just roared home at 34-1. But, as I always say, if you didn’t have him that night, why try now at low odds?
6 NA NA NA BAATMAN Fresh claim here and lots of up-close finishes, but he just doesn’t seem to win too often. With that said, he’s bound to take money in here and I will try to beat him, like I usually do. Use underneath only.
7 GYPSY LEATHER That really wasn’t a bad try, first crack at Club Med. I like those kinds of speed tighteners. He definitely showed he could handle the big track. The price drop helped. I wouldn’t talk you off in this spot now.
8 STIRLING ENSIGN Suffering a very bad case of the post position blues. It hurts, folks! Plus, there is a chance he’s tailing off a touch now? After a few good tries a while back. Demand fair price if you fancy him from post eight.
9 CLOSING BELL The sick scratch definitely makes him a question mark tonight. So does post nine! Early speed doesn’t appear to be in the arsenal, so he will need a little luck to close it out and rally.
10 GIAS BOY Maintains large longshot status, especially from post 10. Would be a shocker.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 3-6-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 BEE FOREVER That was a pretty good start to his stakes season last week. That good, steady rally is his hallmark! The pole position could be slightly tricky post for him, since he shows no speed. Will stalk midpack, try to kick in late.
2 LOCATELLI Yannick took a shot and put this guy in a great spot leg one. Ended up in the pocket behind well-rated Cuatro, but could not trot with him late stages. Maybe he needed that? Could be a little stronger tonight. Needs it.
3 CRICKET FASHION Should also benefit from his first trip back over the track. Had some trot, but not enough to get close. Most horses out of this barn get better with starts. I expect that to happen. Will give #1,2 a good tussle.
4 JULA PRO HANOVER Barn’s got a pair in here and they’re both medium longshots. This fella loses Yannick, as expected and will have to step up his game a little to remain competitive. No wins yet. That’s an issue.
5 MEDIA MOGUL Also looked a little bit short in the comebacker. Hey, that happens! The post wasn’t very good either. So, this is a slight move inside and a better chance. Did show some talent last fall in Lexington.
6 SONOFAMISTERY I liked his chances last week and it didn’t work out. I hated to see that break, though. Slated to get Sears in the bike tonight, so that may attract a little tote support. Should we give him another chance? Absolutely.
7 CALLE PALEMA All in all, that wasn’t a bad start last week. Nobody was catching Cuatro with that well-rated pace. Moves out a few slots, but we’ve seen him leave before. IF you were searching for a price-use, this could be it.
8 SOOT HANOVER Picked up the final check last week, but he was a long way back. Gets slammed with a bad post again and that’s almost not fair! I don’t envision him blasting, so it will be a long road to haul again.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-8-5
H Horse Comment
1 SOUTHWIND CERSEI Didn’t make it to the gate in her return. Not good. Have to pass tonight off that.
2 HOT AS HILL Very impressive move she made to wrest command and stay safely clear late. Plus, it was a big mile in 53! With that said, she’s clearly a LOT better here on the big track. Drew nice post. Good battle with #3 coming.
3 EAZY PASS Yes, I know she lost the photo last week, but it was also a big trip and no disgrace at all. She’s really come around this year for Team Nifty. The versatility is extra plus. Would be impossible to leave off the ticket.
4 CHABLIS Didn’t show us a whole lot in her first start back. Okay. Maybe she will race herself back into shape? The slow starts never help. I would have a tough time building a strong case tonight.
5 MATERIAL GIRL Barn off to super start in 2021, and that momentum usually carries. Plus, Wallin now has the drive on Cuatro De Julio! That ain’t bad! This lass showed us plenty of talent last year. Let’s hope she matures, grows up.
6 PRESTO You just never know what you’re going to get from her. Moments of brilliance, surrounded by immature mistakes. Oh well! That’s trotter for you! Ake back in the seat tonight, since he only has one in here. Needs more.
7 LIMOGES Scotty Z was uber-aggressive with this lass, considering it was just her second lifetime try. She did get a little tired, but that’s understandable. I think the tactics will be slightly different from an outside post.
8 HELLO I LOVE YOU Could be the key to the race! Or, at least the early pace battle. From another outer post, she has to leave a little. Kept up nicely last week after flashing that speed. Should be stalking the two inside favorites.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 3-10-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 KAITLYN N Yannick took an even bigger shot with her last week and mare got a bit tired. That was from second straight outside post, so she finally gets a break. Raced very well from this slot three back. Expect patient trip now.
2 ALWAYS Z TAM That really wasn’t a bad first start back. This is a pretty consistent horse that shows up and gives a lot every time. Should be set up nicely in the Stallworth barn by now. I wouldn’t talk you off tonight.
3 NORTHERN STORM This does seem like an odd spot for a 3YO filly, but in reality, it’s an easy spot! That second qualifier against Fire Start Hanover was superb! That is the blueprint for victory here. But, she must stay pacing.
4 KELLY’S CHAMP It’s tough to make a strong case for success here. Definitely a “work in progress.” I’ll pass.
5 MAJOR BATTLE It’s tough to get a real read on her current form out of town. Jenny M opts to bring her here for a big track try, and I do like the midpack post for her style. IF the pace falls apart, or #3 miscues, watch out late.
6 ALWAYSABEACHDAY It took a while, but she seems to be rounding into better form. Finished up last mile nicely and that’s what you’re looking for. In the same boat as #5. They don’t leave, so totally at mercy of pace and trip tonight.
7 RAPUNZEL BLUE CHIP I hate to be a naysayer, but look at all the betting money she burned over past two starts. Do those people not see that she hasn’t won a race in two years? Oh well. Go ahead. Try again. Can hit ticket, but not win.
8 MANHATTAN PLAY Another “non-winner” type, but she is banging out the checks. So, I guess that’s a good thing? Stuck with another outside post, so that’s a problem too! Will need a little Tetrick magic to earn.
9 KAY’S DELIGHT Back from Pocono, and on a class hike. Moves to brutal post. She’s definitely a longshot.
10 GOTTALOVEMYSHADOW I don’t think I can remember a horse drawing post 10 for THREE straight races. Wow! TJ left with her two and got a check. I “suspected” he wouldn’t leave last time. Tonight, 100% blast out! Go for it!
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 SOUKUP BLUE CHIP That was a very nice qualifier here last week. I mean really good! Barn seems to be hitting on all cylinders right now, so she’s hard to ignore from the pole position. We’re going to see big time speed again.
2 CARUSO The jury’s still out on this guy. That was an okay comebacker two weeks ago. Got extra week off. He is facing a bunch of fillies in here, so maybe he can step up his game a bit more? Barn’s horses tend to do that.
3 SEVENSHADESOFGREY Got lots of experience last year, but didn’t manage to win a race. Already topped that with that last maiden-breaker down at Philly. She was 2-5, so she was “supposed” to win. This will be tougher.
4 TANGLED LOVE I can easily make a case for this colt tonight. Like #2, he will benefit from that first start back, and he was motoring late. I suspect Tim T will have him a lot closer from this better post. I do wonder what price will be?
5 AHUNDREDDOLLARBILL Love, love, loved both of his qualifiers. The Alagna Armada found some nice, cozy soft spots with a few tonight, and this is one of them. He’s got enough speed to deal with #1 early. Holds them off late?
6 WARRAWEE WHISPER I think I’ll keep this one on the longshot list for now. I need to see a lot more first.
7 GOODASHIM Trying a new barn this season. Also exits two pretty-good qualifiers. I’m not in love with this post or potential pace scenario for him. Will need a little luck to get home on top. But, Yannick’s choice over #3. Interesting.
8 DEE’S RED DELICIOUS Loved watching him win in gutsy fashion in the Kindergarten final last year. Talking to Bruce S in winner’s circle was a delight! Have to root for horses and owners like this. Not sure he’s 100% ready yet tonight.
9 ILLUMINATA Ake’s finally was a giant upset winner in the Matron last fall. Then she came here and broke. Disappointed down at Freehold. I really don’t know what to expect tonight. Hopes to bounce back with no mistakes.
10 ROYSON’S PUNCH Can’t really make a strong case for him out of this post. Z likely to be careful, coming off break.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 KILDARE KING That was a very tough beat if you had him last week. I feel bad! A superb speed try, clearly proving he belongs here on the big track. If anything, Beaver trainee should be stronger tonight. Imposing presence on rail.
2 MUSCLE DYNASTY Just hated to see that mistake last week. Retains longshot status after that. I’ll watch.
3 JULA MUSCLE PACK Took a serious shot at Cuatro last week and was completely rebuffed before the mistake. I give credit for taking a shot. How will colt bounce back from that? He definitely got his “feelings” hurt. Tough call now.
4 MAGICAL MUSCLE MAN He’s picked up checks in both starts so far. That’s not bad. But, he hasn’t really been a serious threat. Will have to step up his game a little to get any closer.
5 MON AMOUR That was a very nice kick home he unleashed last week. Behind the uncatchable winner. But, I liked what I saw! He’s definitely been a “work in progress” for Team Svanstedt. But, he’s heading in the right direction.
6 RED REDEMPTION Barn’s other starter. Ake will have to drive this one, so we get new pilot on Amour. Speed seems to be his best weapon, and he did draw one slot inside of Cuatro. This should be interesting sprint into first turn.
7 CUATRO DE JULIO Passed his first Big M test with flying colors! And real nice steer by Lucas too! He gets another chance in the seat behind monstrously-talented trotter. Will be tested a little more from this post. How good is he?
8 ZENITH STRIDE He doesn’t make breaks! What happened last week? Let’s hope that was an anomaly and he bounces back with no mistakes. He’s just too good a horse. Tonight’s other problem: the post! This post stinks.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-9-5-7
H Horse Comment
1 P L OLIVIA RM3 brought two down to race tonight. This filly was very good over at Pocono, WHEN she decided to stay trotting. That’s the big question. Takes on the boys here, but does have the rail. Should be stalking up close.
2 ETHICS Really don’t know what to do here, because his last qualifier just wasn’t that great. With that said, I have a feeling he will be raced from off the pace again. Just seems to do that better. The inner post will help keep him close.
3 BALENCIAGA Passed a few of the tired ones in pari-mutuel debut a week ago. Not bad. But, he will need to find a lot more than that to get home on top. I just don’t think we’ve seen his best yet. It will take a little while to come.
4 RITSON Really hasn’t had a lot of luck here yet, but the efforts have been solid. Maybe it’s finally his turn to shine? Barn listed Dave again, out of courtesy, but loses him again. I rate this field as slightly softer than last one. One to fear?
5 JULA SHINES ON Sarah outraced her odds to hit the board in the Lady Suffolk down at Freehold. Nice effort there. Ake takes over in the seat now. Filly seems to be over those freshman breaking problems. Let’s see how good she is.
6 THE ICE COUNTESS One of several fillies in here. Obviously, her second qualifier was better than the first, but I just don’t think she’s completely primed and ready yet. A rare chance to get Dexter at a price, if you like.
7 COLLEGE TUITION Was going very well down at Philly and they took a shot with her at the Meadows. Not bad, but not great either. Still picked up a check, and she did trot fast. Let’s see if she likes the big track? Must go even faster.
8 THE QUEEN B Hasn’t distinguished herself yet. Stuck outside. I want to watch another one here.
9 SWEEPING RAINBOW I didn’t think Dave would blast her out of the gate in first start back, and I was wrong. Filly actually raced great! If anything, she should be even better here. But, the post will cause a few issues. May send again.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 7-9-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 HOT WHEELZ Trainer Kelley had a BIG day up at the Spa this week. Sometimes those things run in streaks. She opts to bring this gelding here off a big win, hopples on! Maybe that made the difference? She listed Dexter too, but got Sears. Trainer: He’s a new addition that took a couple of starts to figure out Saratoga. His last was super and he is getting sharper. I think he will put in a really good effort back on the big track.
2 SKYWAY KON MAN Maybe just a hair disappointing last week, but he was never going to catch that perfect-trip winner. Tonight’s problem is the boost back up in class. Several other droppers in here. And Tim T did pick #7.
3 ZLATAN I didn’t think he would be that good last time, but he was. It was that windy night when you couldn’t make up ground, but he did. Also gets forced up the ladder here, but he does keep Dexter. That helps.
4 OMAHA OMAHA Every once in a while, this barn will shock us! That would be the case if Omaha wins this. Yes, it’s technically a slight class drop. He has won here before. But, he does seem to have tailed off. Mixed feelings.
5 WINGS OF SPEED Totally different horse last week, as opposed to the comebacker here. I will give a pass for 4/30, because that was the very windy night. TJ took a shot and sent him two weeks ago. Almost shocked us at 20-1.
6 MEMO I was decidedly against him last week and Yannick ended up putting perfect trip on him. Hey, we can’t be right all the time! So, the Memo takes a steep hike up the ladder tonight, but you know he’s going to go. Trip again?
7 DOUBLE ACCOUNT Has just been buried above his head lately, and this is the return to reality. Tetrick’s choice of the stablemates was the final piece of puzzle. He should just “outclass’ these, even from this post. Hard to ignore.
8 IT AINT THE WHISKY This guy has surprised us with a few solid efforts at times. Just toss last one. Tonight’s problem is the post. Todd will have to get him into it and it might be from a long way back. That rarely works.
9 FASHION CREDITOR He’s the key to the race! For this classy trotter, this is big-time class relief. Yes, he will have to do it from the bad post, but he’s done that before. It’s time to snap that 0-10 skid this year. Takes it to #7.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 5-9-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 IRON MISTRESS That wasn’t a very good first experience here last week. Very slow start and never picked up the bit. This is a slight drop, but I don’t think it’s enough for the total turnaround. If you do, demand fair price.
2 BE BEST Have to just toss her last, from the bad post. Moves all the way back inside at a medium class level. She likes to hit the ticket, so maybe we use her underneath? I’ll go with that. I don’t want short price, however.
3 J ROCKIN B Didn’t get the memo on this lass and her big wakeup call for the dead-heat win last week. It’s rare to see a horse get beat 62 lengths and then win next start. Oh well! This looks like a step up to me. Let’s see same effort.
4 THANEEYA Bouncing back and forth around the area tracks. Her only bad recent start was here. So, what do we do tonight? I don’t really have the answer to that one. We just have to guess.
5 MAJESTIC VIRGIN Gets the tepid call as morning line favorite, in what looks like a wide-open race. She got real good at a lower level there for a while. That was too high for her last time. This is back where she belongs.
6 ROSE RUN VANTAGE The Cullipher Crew have a pair in here, and I guess they both have chances. Rose doesn’t win all that often, but Dave seems to get along with her. They will need a trip, but that’s not out of the question.
7 RUBY ON RAILS Passed only a few tired ones last week. Not her usual big kick. I would like to have seen more. Moves out a few slots, which only complicates matters. Would need a hot pace and one bigger sweep to upset.
8 SLY ELEANOR N Her lone recent try here wasn’t all that great. Found some cozy soft spots after that. Then hiked up a little and drew post eight, so we can’t fault her for that. Is THIS the right spot for her here? I don’t know.
9 SO DELIGHTFUL We haven’t seen her here in a while. Last time she broke. Tim T does seem to get along her best. I hate the post, so very mixed feelings tonight. If the price ends up low, I may swing against. Your call, folks?
10 SWIFT ALLY Dropped to this level last time and was WAY overbet. But, she didn’t really have much chance the way that race went. Dougie will have to leave with her tonight, to have any better chance. What will price be now?
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 9-3-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 IMHATRA AM S Gets some much-needed post relief tonight, so she may not need to be used hard early. That will make a big difference. Filly definitely has major ability, and she’s gaining valuable experience. Trots fast!
2 SPRUCE CREEK Really tough call here! Won the Lady Suffolk in an upset. Came here and drew post 10, so just put a line through that. But, she still needs to prove she can trot fast enough on big-size track. I have to see it first.
3 BELTASSIMA Had a great qualifier, and then a tough trip in first go of the year. Won’t hold that against her. Plus, she held relatively well. A Mac sticks with her over #5, but I expected that. May only need easier journey to score.
4 BEAUTIFUL GAME Also getting much-needed post help. I’m a bit on the fence with her right now, especially after that miscue two back. I would probably need to see a good one, before I could endorse again.
5 AUNT IRENE We know Nancy T loves this filly. She did some of the dirty work last week, setting things up for others. A Mac chose #3, so Yannick takes over. Maybe we’ll see the early speed again? It worked pretty well in qualifier.
6 AUTUMN DEO Asking a lot here, stepping up to stakes level is just third lifetime start. I did like her qualifier here a while back. She might end up being a good big-track horse. Tetrick has already won with her. Very interesting.
7 DUTIFUL Not exactly getting much love from the post gods lately. I can easily give her a pass for the comebacker, from the slow start. But, what’s going to happen differently tonight? I’m not so sure about that.
8 AVENIR Regressed into a big miscue last time. Not good! Gets slammed with another tough post and I imagine new pilot will just be careful with her. Another break would not be ideal.
9 AWESOME TRIX Both Beaver-trained horses raced great last week! That’s showing up ready. Will be severely tested from another rough post. She can leave, however and I fully expect Bob M to send her at least a little. Nice filly here!
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-5-7
H Horse Comment
1 DEO They gave this gelding a little time off over the winter. He’s back. With a couple of starts under his belt down at Philly. The switch to big track is intriguing, but I don’t really like the look of that last one. Must bounce back better.
2 INNISFALLEN Gets the tab as favorite, in a pretty wide-open race. For a while there last week, it looked like he might steal one. Then Memo came pouncing out of the pocket. Still a good effort. No Memo in here. Good post. One to beat?
3 MY BOY CHRISTIAN He’s regressed a bit recently. I would now need to see a good one before I could endorse.
4 SOUTHWIND FROST It’s been a while since we saw him here. Seems like he’s been enjoying the Club races down at The Hold. This is probably a good spot for him back in a real race. Dave M takes the call. I wouldn’t talk you off.
5 RESITA That really wasn’t a bad try a few weeks ago. There was a time not too long ago when he would just crush these. But, I would like to see him a lot closer to the action. There doesn’t appear to be too much pace in here.
6 OBERTO Up from Florida for Team Dupont. He’s got a few good races here in the past. Hate to see that he left the Sunshine State on a sour note. I will take a good, long look at him out on the track. Then make up my mind.
7 TEQUILA N ROSES That 0-13 record this year sticks out. Not in a good way. But I see who’s taking the call tonight and that’s a big one. Love Tetrick first time on a horse like this. Will put the mare in play. Not without a chance.
8 MARVELOUSTRIX We all know her story, and in this race, with this pace scenario, I just don’t see it. Pass.
9 STENHOUSE HANOVER Sten still not getting it done. He looks like an easy pass from this post.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 MAGIC CAPE Nice couple of qualifiers from driver Niko Karna. He was listed on the sheet, but he’s still a “P” driver, so A Mac will get the call. This is a step up, but she does have stakes experience from last year. A maybe in this spot.
2 SEVEN NATION ARMY Had a tough trip here and tired. They went to Pocono and broke. Not good. Longshot.
3 NYLANDER Was bet like the International Good Thing two weeks ago and had a tough trip too! Did hold well, so I give credit for that. The price should be a tad better tonight, but the trip will have to be too! Your call, folks?
4 KASHA V Picked up nice green in those NJ Maturity races, just by showing up! Outraced his odds at Freehold in the Preferred. I see who gets the call tonight. My question is whether he’s quick enough for these. Good question.
5 LOOK IN MY EYES Having a little trouble over at Yonkers, so he finds his way back here. Keep in mind he’s won here this year. Wasn’t Yannick’s choice, but still has a chance, IF he wants to trot. Demand fair price if you fancy.
6 BEYOND ORDINARY I guess this is the horse to beat. YG’s pick. Exits a gutsy, hard-fought win. I’m not sure how much tougher this race is than last. Has speed. You know Yannick would love to control this one. Maybe he can.
7 P L NOTSONICE RM3 aimed a touch high with her in the stakes and she didn’t race badly. Just a hair outclassed. This seems a lot more like it. The problem here is the post, since she doesn’t usually gun out of there. Grinds into it?
8 MOVEOUTOFMYWAY K Kasper was doing such a fine job with this testy trotter. Finally ended up making a break. So, what do we do tonight? Expect horse to bounce back, or regress further? I have no answer for that one.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-8-9-3
H Horse Comment
1 DAVIDS COMING HOME Yannick had a choice in here and opted for David over Rockin. That surprised me a little. I don’t really see this as much of a drop and horse hasn’t exactly been setting world on fire. Very tough call.
2 REVOLVER N Hasn’t made much of an impact here yet, so let’s keep him on the longshot list for now. Pass.
3 JUST WAVE GOODBYE Tetrick chose here over #6. Interesting. I wasn’t exactly enthralled with horse’s first start off the claim. Will have to find a much bigger kick than that to pay dividends. But, we’ve see TT do it before.
4 DEPENDLEBURY A After a good first start here, after the cross-country trek, not sure what happened two weeks ago. Got trapped in and backed up. So, we keep him as a longshot tonight. Will need to bounce back big.
5 ALWAYS’SYOURWAY He’s had a few starts to get used to the place. One minor check, but no big moves. I guess it’s going to take a while before he gets back to top shape? Good luck guessing when that’s coming.
6 ALWAYS A FORCE Not exactly enjoying a lot of luck lately, between the scratches and bad posts. Fact that Tetrick drove last week and opted off tonight is NOT a good sign. You may evaluate that any way you wish.
7 SUNNY BO Barn’s other starter does get some class relief and it has to help. Also second-time Lasix. So, I was kind of surprised to see James M take #5. I prefer this one. He only needs a better trip to have a chance. Price play?
8 ROCKINWITHTHEBEST He just went a little too fast last week and crawled the final furlong. Prior to that he’d been racing well. So, we get a new pilot tonight and I think he’s still got a big chance. I just don’t want him on the lead.
9 PREPPY ART Another one that just hasn’t had a lot of luck lately. Adapting to new barn. They get him out of claimers tonight, and into a seemingly easier Trackmaster race. But, they get a tough post too! That won’t make it easy.
10 P L LEEROY Dave M gave him every chance last week and they ran out of steam late. Simon was listed, but not here tonight, so Dave gets the re-ride. Post 10. Good luck with that. Would need huge effort to overcome and win.