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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, May 15, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-9-2
H Horse Comment
1 FULL SEND Been bouncing up and down these non-winners classes, but has yet to find a home. Picking up checks, but really not close to winning. That continues here. Still a longshot, even from the rail again.
2 CAPTAIN VICTORIOUS Had a much better second qualifier and I always like to see that from the Burke Brigade returnees. I also love that he ended his season on a winning note. Comes out of key qualifier. Should be ready.
3 GARDYS LEGACY A Very intriguing prospect here for a barn that’s heating up. Had that needed race over the track to get used to the place. It was a very key race won by stakes start No Lou Zing. This should be decidedly easier.
4 BETTORBUCKLEUP Mixed feeling about this guy off the bench. Sent south to the Blackler barn and Scotty’s having a good meet here. Shows only the one qualifier, but it was a very fast one and he kept up. Was in tough class up there.
5 DRAGON ROARS AGAIN I really like the way this horse has transitioned to Big M style racing. And the Captain keeps putting him in play. He’s just had misfortune of running into some serious bearcats. Overdue to get a win? Maybe.
6 MAYHEM HANOVER Everybody knows I love the word “mayhem,” so maybe I should pick just as a hunch play. Team McNair student. Also faced some tough bunches up north. Left on a winning note. Is he ready after two qualifiers?
7 MY PAL JOE I’ve always been a fan of this guy too! Recently added Lasix is definitely helping. He seems to like those up-close trips nowadays. This post will make that a lot tougher. Not sure what to do tonight. Only at good price.
8 RHYTHM IN MOTION In a race like this, it’s tough to like them all. Looked a wee bit short in qualifiers. I’ll wait.
9 ROCKIN THE ACES Had a good form spree earlier in the year and then things went a little south. Sometimes, when you move into a rut, things just go wrong. Will have to bounce back huge to beat this bunch out of post nine.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-9-6
H Horse Comment
1 CAVIART LOTUS That was a better-than-expected try in the comebacker here last week. At least in my opinion. Shows me that this homebred might have grown up a little and matured. He is now the one to beat from good post.
2 THROWING COPPER I’ll keep Copper on the longshot list for now. He’s had a few chances. Hasn’t shown enough. But, I will admit he never really had racing room last time. Here’s your chance at a price.
3 ICANGOGO Two fresh faces from the PK Barn, both owned by Wanda P. Of the two, I prefer #4 for betting purposes tonight. This guy did go a touch faster in second qualifier, but I do think he will need another start or two.
4 SURREALIN Suddenly, So Surreal has become an intriguing sire. He’s thrown some good horses. This fella isn’t a good one yet, but he gained valuable experience in NY last year. That second qualifier was a LOT better. Usable.
5 HIGH BALLER Stamina seems to be the key ingredient missing from this guy so far. Got run over in latest qualifier, so I don’t think we’ll see him anywhere near the lead tonight. Have to get him to learn to finish well again.
6 P L OZZY The gaps between races become a concern in situations like this. Trainer Amanda owns this one herself. That was no easy trip in first go here a few weeks ago. Why no race since? That is my question. Zeron’s choice.
7 JIMMY CONNOR B So far, most of the McNair horses have shown they need a race here. That would be the case for Jimmy. And, he was a little better than you think. Tonight’s problem is the post. Has to get into it a bit earlier.
8 PREMIER NACHO Maintains his longshot status, especially from a bad post like this. Not likely to reach.
9 MULLINAX Probably one of the keys to the race. They aimed pretty high for his comebacker and that didn’t work out. This is the proper spot, but not the best post. Was very well-managed last year, and a stakes winner. But, Z opt off.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 6-1-4-9
H Horse Comment
1 JOESSTAR OF MIA A Been steadily working his way down the class ladder. Even went off favored in last Pocono try. I do see a barn change involved here and Team Cano has been successful in that category. One to fear from pole.
2 KWIK TALKIN Need to watch one tonight, after seeing that one and only qualifier. Not quite ready yet.
3 JUMPING JAKE No, I don’t know how he won last time. Just got lucky at the right time and benefited from a patient drive by Scotty Z. Was also third start back off layoff, which is often best. Will he repeat? I see that as unlikely.
4 CLEVER CHARACTER Somehow got gunned down by the flying #5 last week, in a race that still puzzles me. Then again, many races here puzzle me! They’re both forced up a notch in class, while the Kid is dropping. Use under?
5 GINGRAS BEACH No, I don’t know where that effort came from either. Just stormed by the field after a very slow start. Some things are hard to explain and that effort is one of them. Doesn’t even get to keep Georgie! Your call?
6 SUNDOWN KID He was super well-meant against a field 10 times better last week and turned in monster try. Fact that he gets to drop probably makes him a cinch, as long as he fires same type effort. Will be very hard to beat.
7 UNLOADED N Still can’t find a way to win and now moves back outside with his antics. Not my type.
8 THE CANDYMAN CAN Sodano did a wise thing, getting this guy out of here for a while to gain some confidence. It worked! So, back on the truck and back to NJ. Hikes up and finds himself in very tough spot. Needs even more. Trainer: Finally got the kinks worked out. Impressed by last start at Pocono. Needs to leave and get involved.
9 FULL VIEW Seems like a slow starter, and comes off the equipment disaster where Mark Mac just had to pull him up. I really hate this post for him. Will need a lot more things to go his way to have a chance.
10 POKERFACE BLUECHIP It’s tough to build a strong face for him tonight out of post 10. Might need some additional class relief too! I’m patient, and willing to wait.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 7-5-8-4
H Horse Comment
1 MORAIRTIME Jack took a good shot with her in the Miss Versatility when she was on the gate and blasting. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to handle the pressure. This is a big drop, but she will still have to find more than that.
2 DOUBLE ACCOUNT Also gets to drop a tick from the winner’s over to non-winners. He’s been no threat to those better horses, but he could be a threat here. Not sure what the price will be, but I see Tetrick still aboard.
3 GRANDMA HEIDI She’s had a couple chances here now and tired in both. That’s just not good enough. I don’t really see this field as being that much easier, so I’ll shift her to longshot status for now. Maybe it’s time to rally? YG off now.
4 BUCK DANCER He’s a tough one to get a real read on too! Some good efforts. Some clunkers. Demand fair value if you think tonight’s a wakeup call night.
5 ONLY FOR JUSTICE Fresh face to the group, but the Harris barn is starting to roll of late. Looked pretty solid at Philly before the miscue over at Yonkers. I guess they feel he needs the big track? We’re going to find out.
6 KENZIESKY HANOVER The Captain raced her a little differently last week and she actually finished better than she had in weeks. So, I wonder what the plan will be tonight? She’s been very hard to gauge this year. Good luck guessing.
7 PIKACHU HANOVER I guess the whole world, including ME got the memo on him last week and you see how that worked out! Sent off at a ridiculous price, and I guess we got what we deserved. This week, he’ll probably win.
8 CHAPTIAMA Finds his way back to the big track for Team Trond. So far, it looks like he’s come back strong too! Recently added Lasix. I guess my knock here is the post, but his speed is better this year. Very interesting spot. JB on!
9 HOCKEY HANOVER Proved the easy win was no fluke, by double-jumping in class and racing well again. Yannick did not choose him that night, so it was bit of a wrong choice. Gets stuck with tough post again. Not easy spot.
10 EMMA TOWN BUD I really don’t know what to tell you here. After the strong efforts, we see that sick scratch. That really worries me. So does the post. Might be time to give him one from the back, to get tight again.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 CHASER HANOVER How good has he been for the Chiodo barn? Missed one check in recent memory. Continues to perform at this level high level and the inner post is key. Mark Mac can leave, protect, sit and stalk. Keeps up late?
2 GODS SPIRIT N Things just don’t seem to be going in the right direction for this guy, but it was good to see Mrs. Tritton back in the sulky seat last week, just two months after having a baby! She’s tough, folks!
3 AMERICAN HISTORY I guess it just took a while to race himself back into shape, but that was SOME display here last week. Andy Mac just let him roll and stretch his legs. He sure did! So much back class, the bump up won’t matter.
4 STONE HANOVER Took his act over to Pocono last week to change things up and he won again! Remains razor sharp right now and it looks like his regular trainer is back in town. Will he send, hope for seat behind #3?
5 COVERED BRIDGE Nobody was coming close to #3 last week, and that included this one. I imagine he will offer some better odds now, if you think he can turn the tables. I’m not so sure about that, even from this great post.
6 WES DELIGHT The Alagna Armada have three in here, which is never ideal situation, and the one to beat drew the inner post. That probably doesn’t bode well for the other two. Will need a little luck to get involved.
7 FRANCO TOTEM N Maybe he’s the “mystery” horse in here? Took his act to Philly for a start and endured a pretty rough trip from outside post. It doesn’t get any easier here, especially after a week off. Not sure what to expect.
8 NANDOLO N The “other” Tritton horse was huge in the qualifier. Beat a millionaire too! But, this is no cakewalk for his North American debut. Will he really have to go in 48 to end up close? That is the question. Is he ready for it? Trainer: Very, very nice horse, but very tough spot this week. We won’t be doing anything crazy first run state side.
9 SHAKE THAT HOUSE Not that many starts last year, so he probably had a few issues. They all do. I was encouraged by his comeback qualifiers, and now on Lasix too! I will wait for a softer spot, however.
10 SAN DOMINO A Finally cranked out a win after being sent back to the Harris barn. Yes, that will serve as a good confidence booster, but this looks like an impossible spot against the inside favorites. Not tonight.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-4-7
H Horse Comment
1 KEEP ROCKIN A Really nice mare here that did more than her share of work in the Yonkers series. Then she showed up here, despite missing a few weeks and came flying up the pylons to post a huge upset! Cat’s out of the bag now!
2 ROCKNIFICENT Both of her qualifiers were superb! She geared up on that last one with the best charge I’ve seen her provide. She’s four now, so matured and ready to tackle the Distaff pacing wars. She’s ready for it! Watch out.
3 SNOBBYTOWN How can you fault any of her recent efforts? You can’t! She’s just good, and it doesn’t matter the size of the track. Yannick takes over here and speed looks like her game. Will have to send inside of the King pair.
4 LYONS SENTINEL Began her 4YO season with a conservative, rail-type effort and she was good! The champion mare fits these perfectly and will probably love not having to chase Party Girl Hill. Now, she must chase her stablemate.
5 SOHO BURNING LOVE A She’s been a top mare for a long time. That last brush and crush down at Philly was awesome, so this left Tetrick with a very difficult choice. He opted for the elder lass tonight. Tells us something?
6 RACINE BELL How good is she? I don’t think we know just yet. That slugfest with Snobby last time at Yonkers was epic, but she did get by, and Snobby came back to win. She has raced on big tracks before. Lures JB over to Med again.
7 SWEET LUCY LOU Another possibility in this impossible race! Went right back to her usual closing strategy last time and finished strongly with NO chance to catch the winner. Against the bias. What’s coming now? Leave, or wait?
8 TREACHEROUS REIGN Her second qualifier back wasn’t quite as good as her first, so let’s give her one from the outside post tonight.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 AMIGO VOLO What a season he had last year! Nine wins, including the season-ending Breeders Crown and Matron. That’s how you go out a winner. So, now the gelding is four and it’s never easy to transition to the very top level. His qualifiers were just fine. Not sure I like the rail for him right away, but he will be ready.
2 GET LEGS He’s been awesome so far! But, tonight will finally be the acid test for class as he faces tougher horses than he ever has. Andy will try to keep him close and let him grind into it. Let’s see if he’s good enough to beat these.
3 YALL BENEATH ME Yes, he’s lost only once! Son of Googoo Gaagaa, homebred for Mr. Hans. I don’t think he’s ever been tested yet either. He will be tonight. He even listed Dexter, but wasn’t going to get him. Big-time speed!
4 LOVEDBYTHEMASSES That trip just wasn’t good last week, so let’s not read too much into that. He actually made up nice ground from impossible spot. Tetrick opted to stick with Rob, as expected, so we get another new driver.
5 RICH AND MISERABLE I had a feeling he was just taking back and “going around there” last week and he did. Mark Mac gets the return call with Tyler not able to be here. This could be totally different situation. Better post helps a lot.
6 DELTASUN A We’re all still shaking our heads how he could have paid 10-1 last week, but he did! Andy Mac totally controlled the race too! It will probably be a lot different now, and he isn’t likely to be 10-1 again. Tough call.
7 SCIROCCO ROB Rob earned himself a couple weeks off, after an amazing run of good efforts. Tim sticks. The post won’t help, but if he benefits from the brief “vacation” he will be tough to beat again. More speed coming now?
8 CHIN CHIN HALL The Chin just held on last week, over a fast-closing foe. He’s taking the big step up to top level now and this post will further complicate matters. This might be the week I take a swing against. Your call, folks?
9 NORTHERN EXPRESS Sometimes you take a shot and just get lucky! Dave M did that with the Delaware invader and it worked to perfect. Now, he loses Dave, and gets slammed with worst post. That’s not exactly a “reward.”
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 NO LOU ZING How good was he in his comebacker? VERY good! Nancy T wrote that he only wore a shadow roll, not the Shady Daisy contraption. Maybe Lou is growing up and maturing? If so, that’s bad news for many of these.
2 OCEAN ROCK First of all, the Rock is an extremely good horse! Developed by Dan and Christi Noble out in Ohio and he dominated out there. Had a disastrous Dayton Derby and they turned him out. Back now at four, trying to make the difficult transition from stakes sophomore to top Free-For=Aller. It ain’t easy! Qualifier was very good, however.
3 POSEIDON SEELSTER It took a monster mile from the Cap to blow by him late in leg one, so no disgrace there. Now, he’s got to deal with Lou and Vital too! Makes things that much tougher. I love the way he’s performed here.
4 THE GREEK FREAK In a vicious race like this, somebody has to be a longshot. The Freak is it for now. Pass.
5 WARRAWEE VITAL Absolutely nothing wrong with his stellar sophomore season, or his leg one comebacker. Like #1,2, the transition at four isn’t easy. This looks to me like the horse that can do it. Gave Ruthless all he wanted.
6 CAPTAIN BARBOSSA In mind’s eye, I can still see him level off about midlane two weeks ago and just explode. Once Dexter started him up, it was over and he was measuring. I’m sure he HATES to lose the drive for now. Joe B gets back!
7 BEAUMOND HANOVER Nice horse here too! But, he wasn’t able to sustain, doing the dirty work in leg one. Tonight’s problem is going to be the post. How does he get into it from out here? I don’t have answer for that.
8 TATTOO ARTIST Took plenty of tote action last week and still didn’t have enough with a rail ride. What’s going to happen from out here? He did blast in leg one. But, that may not work this time.
9 SPLASH BROTHER Nothing ruins things faster than a move from pole position to post nine. I’m not sure what Mark Mac will have planned, but they are clearly up against it from way out here. Time to race him from behind.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 10-7-3-2
H Horse Comment
1 REIGN OF HONOR Races for his new connections tonight after a private sale. He’s been a bit of an enigma so far this year, but went better with the hopples on. Still a longshot against a field like this, even from the rail.
2 ONEY HALL He’s had a couple of starts here to get used to the place. Aiming pretty high now with this spot in the Cutler. I put total trust in Pelling most times. Let’s see if he’s got the horsepower here. Very tough call.
3 GUARDIAN ANGEL AS I don’t have a very good history of guessing on this millionaire, but he has my respect! Back for another go at age seven. Had NO chance in the Hill the way that race went. Will be much more “in play” tonight.
4 PLAY TRIX ON ME Scotty Z did choose this one over #1, but this guy has to be considered a longshot too! Not sure how much he got out of those two-horse races. This is a skip to the elite level. He’s got something to prove here.
5 MAJESTIC PLAYER A The Midwest’s top trotter has ventured east before, but with very mixed results. He also was victimized by no pace in the Hill. He even pulled just as they accelerated. I like the post. Yannick must get him a trip.
6 CRYSTAL FASHION Should benefit from his first start back. Jordan raced him conservatively, as expected. You just never know when he’s going to pull the trigger and blast out. Horse is more than capable. It worked in Bree Crown.
7 LINDY THE GREAT After watching his first two starts back, I’m pretty convinced he likes a target, and not being on the lead. Still, he showed that guts to hold on a two weeks ago. He’s at top of his game and he IS the one to beat.
8 FELICITYSHAGWELL S She raced okay if her comebacker, but she always seems one notch below these “elite” trotters. Gets slammed with another bad post and it always hurts. She may blast, but can she stick around?
9 MANCHEGO Easily the big question mark in the race, because of her sluggish second qualifier. But, Nancy explains it in her trainer comment. This is not exactly ideal, with post nine. Got nailed in Cutler thriller last year by Atlanta. Trainer: Spiked a fever after that qualifier and wasn’t able to get her healthy for the Ms. Versatility. She probably could have used that race before this task. She has trained back super, but the question is if she’s tight enough?
10 FORBIDDEN TRADE I can’t even explain how much better his second qualifier was! Was like night and day. Was it purely the hopples going back on? I don’t know. But, if he brings that effort, he can be right there, despite post 10.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 8-3-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 ALLYWAG HANOVER Was just fair in his leg-one comebacker two weeks ago. Shows up tonight with Lasix, so that could always help. This is no class relief, and the rail can be very tricky post for him. Not sure what to expect.
2 SANDBETWEENMYTOES He figured to take the easy route in first start back, especially from that bad post. Really had no chance, but did motor home nicely. This is post relief, but he loses his regular driver. That worries me.
3 FORTIFY Gave his stablemate ALL he could handle in a beautiful first start back. Can only improve off that and gets slotted between the top contenders. You don’t want to be too far behind Ruthless, who is an absolute killer.
4 SERIOUSLY HANOVER The slowish start kind of cost him last week, but he didn’t have his best stuff anyway. That was after a few really good efforts. They’re taking a swing trying him here in leg two. Loses Dave Miller. Tough call.
5 SAVE ME A DANCE Proved no match and no threat in the first round two weeks ago. Harris got a confidence builder into him down at Philly, so that helps. Will have to step up to the plate with a lot more to stay competitive.
6 CHIEF MATE I have a very good note on his finish from two weeks ago. So much so, that he lures Scotty Z OFF the Breeders Crown upsetter. That’s a big call! He’ll have to be a lot more aggressive tonight. Maybe he can get it done?
7 ELVER HANOVER I was so disappointed to see Elver just stop two weeks ago. He’s a much better horse than that. His qualifiers were awesome. I’ve always liked this guy, so selfishly hoping he bounces back better. Let’s hope!
8 RUTHLESS HANOVER We told everybody he was a killer and he went out and raced like one in round one. Was able to overcome an outer post that night and now gets the worst post. It won’t be easy, but I can’t go against.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 6-10-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 SWEETER LULU She has tailed off a touch, but that’s because she’s been facing some very tough company. One more start and we can take a further class drop. I will wait for that spot.
2 ROSE RUN VANTAGE She got cooked in a pretty hot pace battle last week, so let’s not be too hard on her. She has proven she can compete at this level, so don’t be too quick to toss her. Only needs a better journey.
3 IRON MISTRESS Fresh face to the group. Was in-to-go last night at YR, so let’s assume she will race here instead. It could be perceived as a slightly softer spot. But, the Mistress still must prove she can hack it on the big track.
4 MAJESTIC VIRGIN Certainly proved that lower level win was no fluke! Came right back and scored again against a better bunch. So she gets forced up the ladder one more time. Is this finally too much? I’m leaning towards yes.
5 HELLO LOVE The biggest question mark in here, right? After the eye-catching, blowout win in debut here, she shows a scratch lame. She sure wasn’t lame the night she won! So, I really don’t know what to expect. Will be tested by #6.
6 BEYOND WORDS N Seemed like the “Lock of the Night” last week, but got outhoofed by her pylon-skimming stablemate. I guess we should have just boxed em up? Plots to be a very short price again. Will have to track down #5.
7 SO RUDE Another newcomer here, and into a new barn too! That qualifier was a little better than you think. But, is she primed and ready to tackle the likes of #5,6? I don’t have the answer to that. Barn can always have one ready.
8 DEMETER N Not in a good spot, moving to outside post here. She loses her driver to #10, but I expected that. I just don’t see how she gets into the game without total mayhem up front.
9 KICKUPYAHEELS N Let’s keep her on the longshot list for now. Second straight brutal post. Not my type.
10 HOT MESS EXPRESS What do we do with this impressive lass? Her qualifiers were nothing short of awesome. But, it’s a post 10 start. She doesn’t usually leave. She’s a 3YO tackling older, with more important races coming up. Your call?
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 9-1-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 LEXUS WITHA VIEW A Last time he raced at similar level, he won. Can’t ignore that. Kelvin ships him north again, instead of Philly. Gets post and class relief. There are some reasons to like, and price might be right too!
2 RESPECT OUR FLAG Loved him last week, and he did come through, albeit with very difficult trip. Just showed plenty of guts! I can always respect that. So, he takes a step up the ladder now, but maybe he can handle. Want better trip!
3 STONEDUST The Dust just found his top gear a tad too late last week. Finished up strongly again. It is clear that Tetrick seems to get along with him best. Drew better post. Would be very hard to leave off the ticket, even on hike.
4 LIKE CLOCKWORK Somehow the Clock gets forced up the ladder here. That’s probably not going to work out.
5 QUALITY BUD The Bud was racing well here, so why take him over to Yonkers. That clearly didn’t work. Finds his way back to NJ, but this is no cakewalk! He would need giant effort to get close again. We just have to guess.
6 HP NAPOLEON Like Pikachu Hanover, this was the other “International Release” last week, and he didn’t win either! They don’t ALL win, you know. Ran into super sharp Amer History, so I won’t be too hard on him. Bounces back better?
7 MACH IMPACT No real factor in the debut here from very same post. I would need to see a lot more now.
8 DE LOS CIELOS DEO It’s taking him a little time to get back to top form. But, trust me, we’ll only get ONE chance to guess right. I’m not shooting from this post, so hoping we can get softer spot, post relief soon.
9 IM SIR BLAKE A Also coming out of that American History race, where many weren’t keeping up. This guy wasn’t one of them! He actually finished well. Should set him up perfectly, second-time Lasix for barn that’s heating up. 1 to beat.
10 CLIFFHANGER Missed time sick. Slammed with another horrible post. Looks like it’ll be a long night for Cliff.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 LYONS STEEL At least he gets some post relief, right? He has shocked us on occasion before, but I would have a tough time making a strong case. Will try to sit in, save ground and get lucky late. Not likely.
2 FILIBUSTER HANOVER The Buster is back! Closing in on the $2 million earnings plateau at age seven. He’s just been a great horse for a long time. I hated to see that scratch, but he came back with okay qualifier. BUT, YG opted to #6.
3 ANA AFREET N It’s probably time to put Ana on the chooch again. Seems to do his best work that way. It will not be easy to try and control this, with several speedballs in here. But, that’s Tim’s job, not mine. Good luck!
4 WESTERN JOE I watched that race at Pocono and he just flaunted his class despite being used very hard to get to the top. But tonight, something’s got to give. He’s got Ana to inside, and Wheels to outside. Will he get lead? No.
5 ANGERS BAYAMA He’s probably the key to the race, because of his potential speed too! I thought he was just fine in his comebacker last week. Should set him up for a much stronger go here. IF price is fair, I suggest don’t leave out.
6 WHEELS ON FIRE Every once in a while, Yannick will just astound you! That was picture-perfect steer on Wheels last week to get past a stubborn Nicholas. No Nicholas tonight, but an Ana, and a Joe! No more price either.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-7-6-9
H Horse Comment
1 TJ BLAST Enters with that unimpressive 1-16 slate this year. Squandered a wonderful opportunity last week, given a perfect trip by Yannick. Horse just hung late. Now, Yannick opts off and that doesn’t surprise me. Use under only.
2 INDEPENDENT ONE Not sure what’s happened to this guy over past month or so. He was just getting good again. I think I’ll have to take a pass until we see some sort of return to form. I’ve got to see it first.
3 NORTHERN ROCK The Rock is just having a little trouble negotiating this higher pricetag. It might take a drop back down before we see him get closer and pay some dividends for latest new barn.
4 ACTING OUT Another one that arrives with just one win from 16 starts this year. He’s been racing kind of “evenly” whether here, or at Freehold. Dave Miller takes the call tonight, so maybe he can motivate more out of Out.
5 RYAN RACKETEER Hasn’t made that much of an impression here yet. So, maybe he needs a price drop too?
6 SUNNY BO Did race a little better in the second go over Club Med. Could very well just be racing himself back into shape. Looked like a fit when he got here. Maybe we toss him onto the ticket as a live price play?
7 MASTER CONRAD Didn’t really do anything wrong last week. Just outkicked home by a flying longshot. We know he’s got no early speed, so always at mercy of pace and trip. And, lately the price has been short. Vulnerable?
8 JUSTIN CREDIBLE No, I can’t possibly explain the sudden turnaround, but Justin spent his whole life in one barn. Maybe the change of scenery provided a wakeup call? Congrats if you had him at 41-1. Will be more like 4-1 now.
9 ROCKIN RAMBARAN This was Yannick’s choice and we can’t blame him for that. Lately, the speed has been working a lot better, and he just ran into a buzzsaw, back-class master last time. IF he makes the top, will be tough to catch.
10 SUGARTOWN Had to need that last one, after missing some time. But, now it’s post 10. Good luck with that.