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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, May 14, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-1-5
H Horse Comment
1 MON AMOUR They tried him once with the hopples on last fall and that was a disaster. Shows up this season swith no hopples and one very good qualifier. I hope it’s enough to have him ready. The rail will keep him close enough.
2 CARTIER BI Finally put it all together and graduated nicely over at Pocono. But, this is a monster hike up in class and I’d be surprised if he was good enough to beat these. Back to longshot status.
3 JULA MUSCLE PACK Engblom student picked up a check in the Valley Victory final to end his season. That’s a good thing! Cruised around the oval in his second qualifier back. I guess Per felt that was enough. Packs big speed. Trainer: Very good second qualifier and trained great this week!
4 CUATRO DE JULIO Was the story of the Red Mile meet last fall! I got to see him up close, schooling every morning. He’s got major talent! French driver Baudron is a grandson of Jean Pierre Du Bois. Handled him just fine out in KY.
5 CALLE PALEMA Hate to see that miscue in first start back. That was supposed to be a prep for this and it didn’t go as planned. He was fine here in the qualifier. Hopefully, the return to big track will be better. He’s got talent too!
6 WARRAWEE WHISPER Regressed a lot last time with that early mistake. Would need a huge bounce-back to get it done at the stakes level now.
7 MAGICAL MUSCLE MAN It’s rare to see an underachiever in this barn, but I guess this is one of them. Hasn’t distinguished himself in any way and moves to a tough post to boot. Not quite my type.
8 LOCATELLI He’s probably the key to the race, especially because of this post. Yannick will have to go “forward” early and that means he’s got to deal with Cuatro. IF that fella is trotting, it will not be an easy task. Trainer: Pretty happy with how he has come back this year. He could get a little aggressive last season, but seems to have settled down since we gelded him.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 M DIDDY Filly just can’t find a way to put it all together, and that’s such a shame with her immaculate pedigree.
2 SWAN HILL He’s had a couple of starts to get those legs ready for the long stakes season. And they both weren’t bad! I see the switch to Sears tonight, so that could be final piece of the puzzle. Versatile. Drew good post. Usable.
3 RATTLE MY CAGE After the big rally in the qualifier, I just hated to see that miscue last time. He seemed poised for a big mile that night too! So, now I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll take a good, long look at him out on the track.
4 PIPER HANOVER One of several fillies in here, taking on the boys. Both of her qualifiers were fine, one on the pace, one slightly off the pace. That’s the perfect combo of preps. She looks ready and can dispatch these with smooth trip.
5 BALENCIAGA Big-money colt only tried it once last year as a freshman and clearly didn’t look ready. So they turned him out and he’s come back with one good qualifier and one flat one. Makes him pretty hard to gauge tonight.
6 RITSON Sports two strong rallies so far, in his two tries here. That’s a very good start! Also note that he left the gate last time, so we know he can do that too. Does lose his “regular” driver tonight, but that’s understandable. Still use!
7 SWEEPING RAINBOW Dave M stays loyal to the barn here, as he should. This well-bred lass improved in her second prep, and that’s very typical for this outfit. I’m not really in love with the post, but know she can leave. Puts press on #4.
8 LUCKY RASCAL Came back this year on Lasix, but seems to be behind the eight-ball for now. He will “catch up” eventually, but not just yet.
9 LINDYS DOLLYWOOD Did win one here last year, so I always take an extra look at that. Had a few good starts at the Red Mile too! I do wish he had more than one qualifier, but it is what it is. I think he’s going to need this.
10 PIVOTAL Real tough call here, mostly because of the post. Obviously, he’s coming back a much stronger 3YO, and rounded into form quite nicely at Philly. BUT, if he doesn’t fire out, how far back will he be? Maybe too far back.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 LINDYSMUSCLEMANIA Went the most impressive qualifier of the morning two weeks ago. That was like a 51 mile, under those conditions. Ake’s got two in here, and you see who’s driving this one. IF he trots, tons of talent and speed.
2 BEYOND THE HILL Barn had a lot of problems with sickness at the end of stakes season last year, so you hope it’s not starting all over again. That scratch really worries me. Let’s see if he fires back with a good one or not.
3 REALLY FAST He’s passed every test so far. Made that move with the wind last time, but did it confidently. I liked what I saw. Stepping up to the stakes level now, which is the ultimate test. Has to deal with two stakes winners in here.
4 BEE FOREVER Let’s admit that he’s hard to watch sometimes, with that very odd gait. But, can never question how hard he tries! That makes a big difference. Vic has done wonderful job with him. Will grind his way into this one.
5 COOL TRIX Fashion Farms homebred is back at three for his debut. They tried him a bunch of times with the hopples on last summer, but he never truly came to his speed. Had one qualifier and it was okay. I want to watch another.
6 ZENITH STRIDE For a moment there last week, he looked in complete control. But he did get outhoofed very late. Still, it was solid first start back, and he will benefit from it. Can only get better from here. Would love to see speed.
7 RED REDEMPTION Barn’s “other” starter hinted at major ability a few times last year, but had trouble holding it all together. Hate to see that he broke in the comebacker at Pocono. Qualifier here was okay. Will he trot?
8 SOOT HANOVER Definitely a “project horse” so far. Team Clegg didn’t get any love from the post gods tonight. New pilot takes over and that attracts attention. Will he trot? I’ve said that about a lot of these. Very tough race.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-5-9
H Horse Comment
1 GIAS BOY He simply hasn’t distinguished himself here yet. I need to see more before I could endorse. Pass.
2 BETTOR BB The new barn took one try for the higher pricetag and it didn’t work as well. So, what do you do then? You drop back down, get a great post and appear to have a hammer-lock on this one. Very much the one to beat.
3 TOLLY-HO Fresh face to the group, but his recent form doesn’t exactly inspire. I can see the drop, and know that change of scenery sometimes helps, but I’d have a tough time betting hard-earned cash in first try here. Watch one.
4 WALKS OF LIFE I think we can give him a pass for the bad post return try. He probably needed the race anyway. This could be a lot more like it. IF you want to take a swing against the big fave, this may be your best option. Your call?
5 NA NA NA BAATMAN Here’s your other chance to beat the fave. The Baat has clearly rounded back into form. Bob M knows him now. This is the perfect post for him. Can try speed, or just wait and follow. Hard to leave out.
6 GYPSY LEATHER Also invades on the price drop, but wakeup calls are hard to predict. That’s what this ancient gelding would need. Plus, we go faster here. Can he do it? I have my doubts.
7 CLOSING BELL Just 1-17, so before you go rushing out there to bet on Dexter, take a good, long look. Both tries here were poor. And last one at Freehold looks flat. Not quite my type from an outer post.
8 SOSSY’S KING KONG Moves back outside and that probably seals Sossy’s fate. Would need a giant one.
9 DATELINE HANOVER He exited the Trackmaster level to take a swing for $10K. That didn’t work. But, he’s badly compromised by this post, since he doesn’t usually blast out. It looks like a long night, trying to grind into this one.
10 ALWAYS A FORCE Between scratches and bad posts, he’s having a rough 2021. Pass.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 AUNT IRENE Yes, she ended her freshman season on a sour note, but I expect her to grow up this year and live up to that immaculate pedigree! Both qualifiers looked good to me. She should be ready to tackle the likes of #7,8. Loses DD. Trainer: I love this filly! She has grown and matured a ton since last year. I really do think she could have a big season ahead of her.
2 SOUTHWIND RITZ Had a nice, confidence-boosting win a few weeks ago at Philly. Stepped up and found the waters a little deeper. This is even tougher than that, so she will need a lot more to have a chance. A longshot.
3 MATERIAL GIRL This will be a nice test for Mr. Wallin and his training skills. Coming off a very good season, he has inherited this filly for the 3YO season. Her qualifier was just okay. I would have preferred to see another.
4 SOUTHWIND CERSEI Obviously, her second qualifier was better than the first one over at Pocono. So, maybe that trend will continue? Will have to step it up a few notches in the stamina department. I need to see it first.
5 WET MY WHISTLE Ended her freshman season on a decent roll, getting a few checks, and a win. Yannick raced her from way off the pace in qualifier, but I liked what I saw late in the mile. Will that be the strategy again? All year?
6 HELLO I LOVE YOU She had a good 2YO campaign, banking just over $100K, and two wins. Must have really disliked the wind during morning of last qualifier. The first prep was good! Sneaky kind of price play in here? Maybe.
7 EAZY PASS It’s hard to argue with the way she’s come back so far at three. Rolled right through the series over at Pocono and appeared to do it easily. This is the natural transition back to stakes on big track. She’s strong!
8 AVENIR Good luck guessing on what’s coming from this lass tonight. She’s a real mixed bag. Can’t argue with what we saw last Saturday morning, but I guess I want to see it at night too! A risky play, especially if odds are low. YG off.
9 DUTIFUL Not in a very good spot way out here and she hasn’t flashed any speed in a while. I’ll just pass.
10 SPRUCE CREEK Won the Lady Suffolk in an upset, given a careful, and patient drive by Danny. Unfortunately, they don’t get “rewarded” with this post or assignment. She doesn’t usually blast. Will have to get lucky again.
11 PRESTO Tough call here, coming off that break. Plus, a second tier start may not be ideal. But, she was Yannick’s choice over #8. Very interesting.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 7-3-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 ROCKIN PANDA The Panda dropped and popped to pay some dividends on the claim. Now, they try to bump him back up to the $10K tag. Tim T had a choice to make in here and opted for Panda over Preppy. That’s a big call!
2 FINAL JUSTICE He’s been hinting at a return to better form. That was a decent, steady rally from well off the pace last time. This inner post is a big plus, so he can sit a little closer. That will help. Will hope for hot pace setup too!
3 PREPPY ART I really don’t know what to tell you here, folks. Preppy just wasn’t very good last week. So, barn decides to drop him, and that is the correct move. Tetrick was re-listed, but chose #1. So, Doug M takes over. Usable.
4 BEBOP ON THE BLOCK The Bop finally gets a little relief from the post gods. It HAS to help. He can uncork a decent kick at times, or flash more speed. Either way, he’s a factor in here. Don’t be afraid to toss him onto the ticket tonight.
5 GOTTA GO B B Beat the Trackmaster’s at 1-5. Then stepped back up to regular claimers and paid a whopping 6-1! I guess he deserves another chance here. But, is the $10K tag too much? That is the question. I don’t have the answer.
6 IDEAL ONE A Did a decent job of rail-riding for Luke upon arrival. I guess he liked that effort, since he does bring him back for another try. Unfortunately, the post is different now. Needs exactly the right kind of journey to have a shot.
7 STATESMAN N Just ran out of racetrack last week. No fault there! It was a really good try, and I think we finally know his proper level. He is a $10K claimer. Not a $12.5. Not a $7500. Right here. 10K! Dex will get him closer this week.
8 BETTOR NOTBITTER A He’s deceptively sharp right now. Couple tough trips have prevented him from the winner’s circle. Tonight’s problem will be this post. Not going to be any easier from way out here. Tj will have to get him a trip.
9 DAVIDS COMING HOME Moves from pole and a slow start, to post nine and no chance start. Pass.
10 WESTERN REDHOT Somehow found a way to win one here again. Didn’t think I’d get to see that. But, give A Mac some credit for keeping him alive, despite rough trip. Guess what? It’s going to be rough again! Good luck!
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 7-9-10-3
H Horse Comment
1 BATTLE STRONG Squandered a great trip last week, in race won by improbable longshot. I don’t think I could go back to the well after seeing that. Would need to step it up several notches to get any closer.
2 PARTY BOY Coming back off another long layoff. He’s definitely going to need a race or two. Pass for now.
3 ROLLNTHEJOE Steadily working his way down the class ladder, and wakeup call time seems imminent. This could be it! It’s taken Team B a while to figure him out, but he appears to be there now. Time to show a lot more speed.
4 THUNDER SOME WHERE Just never wins, so he’s almost always a pass for me, no matter where he races.
5 THNDRFRMTHETHRON N Tough call here, because he’s been a little disappointing lately. Took a ton of action down at Freehold and turned in another flat effort with rough trip. A complete turnaround needed to upset the applecart.
6 LOTTERY WINNER Also off the layoff, and I feel the same way about him. Figures to need a few before we see best.
7 A BETTOR BEACH Not a lot of starts over past couple seasons, so that’s a concern. But, this is a pretty low level for him. I’d be surprised if he didn’t jump up and race a LOT better in second local try. Should be settled in by now. Trainer: Was American Courage’s “training partner” all winter. He’s better than he shows. Keep an eye out!
8 ARI ALLSTAR Bouncing around from track-to-track and into new barn recently. Drew a tough post and doesn’t seem to have any speed. That’s not my kind of angle.
9 ARCHANGEL THREE Was in that accident-marred race last Sunday at Philly. Seemed over his head in the prior try, so this definitely looks like a better spot. Barn is starting to heat up. I wouldn’t be surprised by good effort here either.
10 MAJOR ASSET Just toss the race for the $15K tag. Prior to that, he was ramping things up and getting better. No, I don’t like the post, but somebody has to step up and be good in here. It could easily be this one with Dexter.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 3-8-11-4
H Horse Comment
1 BELTASSIMA After making a break on the lead in first qualifier, they switched it up to an off-the-pace strategy and it worked to perfection! She charged home INTO the wind. That was rare. She’s got some talent and will show it soon.
2 LIMOGES So far, so good on this daughter of Trixton. After that initial mistake, she qualified much better the second time, and then raced well from tough spot at Pocono. That’s heading in the right direction! In good hands too!
3 HOT AS HILL Picked a pretty bad time to make that mistake, in a Grand Circuit stakes race. She was 2-5 too! Oh well. Her efforts here last year were pretty good. I fully expect her to bounce back stronger with move back to Club Med.
4 QUEEN TILE NO They aimed pretty high with her last year and she probably wasn’t ready for it. I like the way she’s come back this year at three for Team Svanstedt. Good qualifier. Even better confidence-builder. Maybe ready now?
5 CHABLIS Qualified okay, but I need to see more from her before I can make a real assessment. Not just yet.
6 ONE TRIX PONY This is definitely aiming a bit high for this lass. She hasn’t proven herself vs. this type yet.
7 SWEET BOUQUETS Definitely another “project horse” for Team Engblom. And, she’s come along pretty nicely! Each start an improved one, and Kasper gets along with her well. Let’s hope for continued improvement. Maybe. Trainer: Nice, but very green filly. Nice last quarter last week, but will tag along from here to see what happens.
8 IMHATRA AM S Was super the night when she won, given that patient handling. They switched her over to Pocono for second try and she got same trip, going a little faster. All systems seem good. The only knock is the post.
9 BEAUTIFUL GAME She’s had a few excuses, that’s for sure. Tonight’s could be the post. But, I do hate to see that mistake behind the gate. That means Dexter will try to be very careful with her tonight. Must get a flat line in.
10 THE QUEEN B She also miscued, like her stablemate down at Freehold. That was a tough day for them. Pass.
11 AWESOME TRIX She’s traveled a lot of miles over past year, huh? Invades from Ohio for a very top horseman, off a VERY good prep. Aaron M owns a piece of her too! Very intriguing prospect here for the sires stakes.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 TEAM KIWI N She’s cranked out some checks, but just never finds a way to win. The pole is a plus for her, because she does have good early speed. Can establish position, then sit and stalk. Likely to get a check again.
2 SO NICE HANOVER Pretty much the same boat as #1. Owns only one win this year. They’ve specifically raced her from off the pace every time. Might need some additional class relief before she packs big chance again.
3 LOVELY DONNA Took advantage of a very soft spot last week and made it look easy, despite missing time. Guess what? She should be even stronger tonight. I think she can handle the class jump. Barn starting to heat up too!
4 JUXTA COWGIRL She’s always hard to handicap, because the consistency isn’t there. She likes it on, or near the lead. But, even more question marks prevail coming off the scratch. So, I will simply wish you luck guessing what’s coming.
5 RUBY ON RAILS She was very quietly very good last week, from an impossible spot. Not sure what happened with that one bad night. Maybe we just forget about it? IF the price is fair, I will toss her onto the ticket. Perfect post too!
6 IDEATION HANOVER The Cullipher Crew makes a living at class drops like this, so I wouldn’t dream of talking you off her in this spot. It won’t be a cakewalk, though! Both #3,7 exit strong miles. Demand fair value if you fancy.
7 LARJON LEAH All things considered, that was a pretty good effort in first try here, off missed time. She had a tough trip, and she didn’t quit. Should be better tonight. I’m still not in love with the post, but know that she can win.
8 SWIFT ALLY Dougie sure gave her every chance last week! Prior start was sneaky-good. She’ll be in play again, but must overcome the starting slot. Here’s hoping the price will still be right.
9 BE BEST I kind of feel bad if you backed her last week. That was top-notch effort and she just got collared late. The price was right too! But, she now moves outside, against a very solid bunch. Needs very best again to try and win.
10 GOTTALOVEMYSHADOW Gotta give TJ some credit for taking a shot from this post last week. At least it got them a check, after the shuffle. Will he do it again? This time, I’m guessing no. Too much other speed in here.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 TAKE THIS SOCIETY It’s not often you get 8-1 on Dexter and Nancy on a stakes-quality trotter. But, that’s what happened! So, now we move onto tougher stakes company and he should be good again. Charged home last week. Trainer: Recovered from sickness in qualifier and bounced back nicely in first start of year. Well-bred, and I expect him to do well this year.
2 SONOFAMISTERY That break in first qualifier kind of surprised me. Was happy to see him bounce back much better in that FAST qualifier last week. Add a few points if Lindysmusclemania won earlier. That was key qualifier.
3 NARZARIO Homebred for Team Svanstedt got some experience last year at two, and showed some ability with no mistakes. He had only one qualifier, and I would have preferred to see another. Let’s see how he goes tonight.
4 JULA PRO HANOVER Barn’s other starter also had only the one qualifier and he looked short. I’ll pass for now.
5 CRICKET FASHION Also coming out of a strong qualifier, and he kept up well. That was much better second prep and this barn can have one ready off the layoff. I’ve seen it way too many times. But, Dexter is regular pilot, opt to #1.
6 KILDARE KING Team Beaver brought two in to race tonight in sires stakes. Looks like they finally figured this guy out, with the hopples on. Picks up Dave Miller too! But, is he a stakes-player? That is the question. Will take a long look.
7 MUSCLE DYNASTY Still very much a “project horse” for Team Wellwood. I’ll watch another to see if stays trotting.
8 MEDIA MOGUL Had one good day at Lexington last fall and produced a strong mile. Other than that, he had issues. Second qualifier was better. Let’s see how he comes back at three. This is tough post.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 LUCK N ROLL K Elected to scratch out of his Tuesday spot over at Yonkers to race here instead. Comes off the big blowout win against the weaker Trackmaster class. This doesn’t look that much tougher. I think he can handle it.
2 P L LEEROY Yes, that was a nightmare trip last time, so just forget about it. The prior blowouts were a little hard to believe, but he did do it twice. He’s sandwiched between the two top contenders, so trip potential is there.
3 SONIC FLARE Had he not drawn post 10 last week, I probably would have made him a best bet. So, I didn’t have the guts! Oh well. He jogged. Like #1, he takes a perceived step up. But, he can probably handle it. No big price again. Trainer: Honest horse getting better each week since arriving. Expect an even better effort Friday.
4 ALWAYS’SYOURWAY Barn’s got two in, and they’re both medium longshots. I kind of liked that debut here. It often takes a race to acclimate. Could be better here, but demand fair value if you fancy. This is no cakewalk either.
5 RUFO Still looking at longshot status here. I like the post for his closing style, but will have to step it up a lot.
6 JUST WAVE GOODBYE Hot property at the claim box lately, that’s for sure. “Sneaks” into this race via his Trackmaster rating, and as a non-winner in last three. That’s often a good angle! He should be nice price too!
7 GAIUS CRASTINUS Drew post 10 last time to have no chance and this one might work out the same. I don’t see him blasting, and I don’t see him rallying enough. Still a longshot.
8 KINGOFTHEJUNGLE 10YO is pretty good right now. Even from all these outside posts. James is going to have to send him again and hope for some sort of trip. Will probably work out for a share again.
9 BIG SWEEP OSBORNE He’s been a real mixed bag of efforts lately. Not much love from the post gods lately, and it hurts! Almost every time. There’s plenty of other speed in here. Not likely to enjoy a smooth trip from this slot.
10 MR MCDREAMY Another one suffering from the post position blues. It doesn’t get any worse than this.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 RAPUNZLE BLUE CHIP Sneaks into the race via her Trackmaster rating. But, I just can’t get past that no wins scenario over past two seasons. Gets the rail again and should be stalking up close. Can she come up with a bigger kick?
2 BREAK THE DEAL Did a very good job of chasing a heavily-favored, well-meant winner. That should serve as the perfect acclimating mile. Dougie knows her now too! I like this spot for her. Just don’t expect to get rich at price.
3 ALWAYSABEACHDAY Been buried way over her head in some very tough spots, so I won’t hold that against her. IF you can envision some sort of wakeup call, go ahead and use. Owned by Mr. Somebeachsomewhere, Macgrath!
4 ALWAYS A Z TAM Found a nice, cozy soft spot down at Philly to pay some dividends for new barn. This is a big step up, and a switch to the big track. That might be asking a lot, but I’ve seen stranger things happen. Dave Miller on now.
5 JENNA WATCH Keep in mind this is only her fourth lifetime start. I don’t know what happened here last time. Maybe she didn’t like the wind that night? I will be watching closely for future evaluation.
6 J ROCKIN B Another one that sneaks in via Trackmaster rating. Basically refused to race on that hurricane night, so they made her qualify again. Went okay down at Freehold. Back to the wolves here. Is she good enough? Not sure.
7 MANHATTAN PLAY No, I’m never putting her on top. But, Tetrick seems to get along with her and gets something out of her. Moves out to tougher post, which won’t help. She has blasted before. Why not take a shot?
8 KAITLYN N Her last two really weren’t bad. Sat right behind the winner, and #2 last week and kept up. Drew same tough post, so Yannick might have to leave again. Why not? She won’t get much coming from the back.
9 P L NOTORIOUS Hated to see that miscue last week. I really thought that was a nice comeback spot for her here at Club Med. But, I don’t know what happened. I know I can’t play her from this post. Good luck if you do.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 10-9-5-8
H Horse Comment
1 SOMEWHEREINAMERICA Hasn’t hit the board yet in his career, so he’s a tough play upon return. I will pass.
2 DEERFIELD BEACH He’s another one that just never wins. Usable underneath in some gimmicks, maybe, but that’s about it. Best asset here is the move back to inside post. Still needs to get very lucky.
3 SIR JAKE’S Z TAM Hasn’t exactly been making waves here in this class. Needs some sort of repeat of that effort two back on the windy night. Those are hard to predict.
4 STELLA’S PHELLA Stella threw in a little bit of a clunker last time. I don’t think he’s ever paced home in 31.4, so something was obviously wrong. That was the windy night. Maybe that had something to do with it. Bounces back?
5 ART SCAPING They did get a win out of him down at Philly. This is only sixth lifetime start. Doug McNair will take a turn in sulky seat tonight, and let’s hope all his equipment stays in place. Maybe a chance at a share?
6 MAKE IT BIG New barn hasn’t figured him out yet. Let’s watch for any additional equipment tinkering and see if he improves? I will be watching for more.
7 YS SUNSHINE Added Lasix last time, but it doesn’t look like he improved all that much. Tough to like a lot in here.
8 MAY I CRUISE WEST Can you believe he actually went off at 9/2 because Dexter was driving? He put him in the race too! But, this move outside looks like a killer. Will hope for some sort of hot pace, or mayhem to set up a rally.
9 STIRLING ENSIGN With all the power on the outside in here, it makes handicapping that more complicated. That last break concerns me. I hate this post. Will have to send again, provided he IS pacing early. Very tough call.
10 TRICK CARD Had the unfortunate DQ for going inside the cones last week. Overall, the effort wasn’t bad. But, can he do that again from post 10? AND save something more for late? That is a very good question.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-10-4-6
H Horse Comment
1 SKYWAY KON MAN IF there was ever a spot to find winner’s circle again, this is IT! He was ridiculously overbet two weeks ago on the windy night and clearly raced against the bias. No excuses from the pole position tonight.
2 SPLITSVILLE 12YO warhorse finds his way over from Pocono off a break. At least he drew a good post. Should be able to sit somewhere close and try to launch a move. That’s a big maybe against the likes of #1.
3 MY BOY CHRISTIAN I really don’t know where they’re at with this guy. Every start has been a little different. And lately, more bad ones than good ones. Sears chose not to “stick around,” and that’s a very bad sign. Tough call.
4 INNISFALLEN I guess if anybody has a chance to beat #1, maybe it’s this one? It’s a big drop for him and he tends to “wake up” on drops like this. I will use underneath, but probably not on top. Will try to grind into this one.
5 MEMO Memo drops for the fourth straight time, so one of these nights, he’s got to get it done. He did kind of pack it in last week, which worries me. Stamina the key ingredient on the mile track. I’d be surprised if he held off #1.
6 DOC’S SWAN SONG Luke recently took over on Doc here and he did have a nice qualifier to start. I’ll assume he was buried in that “Open” type Rosecroft race. This should be a lot more like it. My concern is lack of early speed.
7 TRIXIE DUST I guess we just have to wait for some sort of bounce-back effort from her. That last one upon return wasn’t very good. Drew outside. All the power is inside. That rarely works out too well.
8 CYCLONE MAXIMUS Just not in great form and very hard to make a case for, from way out here. I will pass.
9 MARVELOUSTRIX She might be coming from last, and I just don’t see that working out in this event. Not for me.
10 ALEXANDER HANOVER He can leave a little, so don’t expect Dexter to just grab up and take back. Especially on the drop out of claimers. I will use him underneath in some gimmicks. Might even offer decent value.