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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, May 01, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 4-1-3-7
H Horse Comment
1 GOOD ROCKIN Put it all together nicely last week, given a strong steer by Andy Mac. This is a double jump up the class ladder, and he’s got to deal with two key class droppers. That’s not going to make it easy. Sits and stalks.
2 DE LOS CIELOS DEO Earned a couple months off from the Burke Brigade, but now he’s back to drive me crazy this summer! And trust me, he will! It might even start tonight. Had that needed start. Drops, and drew inside. Watch out.
3 DECISION DAY IF you want a live longshot, this could be it. He had a touch of sneaky pace once he escaped some traffic last week. I just wish he wasn’t forced up in class. Lots of excuses in his bag this year, but oh well! Let’s see. Trainer: Always brings his lunch pail! Buried late in last two, but if he sees daylight late, he can get there.
4 AMERICAN HISTORY Seemed like the whole world wanted to bet on him last week and A Mac sure gave him every chance. Just ran out of steam at the end. It was only his second start back, so we can forgive him. This is the spot.
5 HP NAPOLEON Invades from the north. See how barn’s starters did last night. That might give you a little clue to overall readiness on these horses. At least he dropped and popped up there to get some shipping money!
6 IMA REAL LADYS MAN Sometimes horses will jump up and surprise you. This guy did last week! That was some flying finish, just to remind us that Tetrick CAN win from off the pace at times. Another hike up. Is it too much?
7 MACH IMPACT Same situation as #5. Left home on a winning note and shows up here in very tough spot. Do note that barn takes him out of claimers, so that’s small sign of confidence. He’s got speed too! If ready, expect a send.
8 DULL ROAR Is he really this good? Going for five in-a-row tonight! Yanked out of claimers. But, he will have to prove it to me. Can you really put Dull Roar and American History in the same sentence? I’m leaning towards no.
9 RESPECT OUR FLAG I guess he just tailed off over at Yonkers? So, after aggressive comeback qualifier, he shows up here in very difficult spot. I just have a feeling we’ll see him race from behind tonight. Wait for softer spot.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-2-5
H Horse Comment
1 ACTOR HANOVER That was some steamroll win here last week! An eye-catcher, where he just showed his back class and refused to lose to that field. Takes the interesting hike up here, but only one notch. May be able to handle it.
2 REGAL SON Finally gets a break from the post gods! And he’s going to appreciate it. Been taking sneaky betting action all along the way and it will probably continue tonight. IF you choose to play, at least get fair odds.
3 MCMIKE Woke up in a huge way last week! Remember him digging in to stave off his heavily-favored stablemate? That caught my eye. Now, he gets a class drop to boot! I guess it’s time to hop on board the Mike boat! Must use.
4 UNLOADED N He’s one that will drive you crazy too! On the drop, Mark Mac had him in perfect spot chasing the winner and he could not keep up late. That’s disappointing. Will need to find a little more stamina than that.
5 STONEDUST Yes, there will be a bunch of Dust fans hopping aboard tonight. When he drops like this, he becomes very dangerous, and you see who’s driving tonight? The Cullipher Crew scores at big percentage on class drops.
6 LOVE THE BLUES N Barn’s got two in and they’re both medium longshots. I will say this, though, he has raced better with added Lasix. Tonight’s problem is the class hike against some real droppers. That doesn’t usually work out.
7 OHIO VINTAGE Tosses in the odd good effort every once in a while. It’s hard to guess like that. He’s stuck outside the main players here, so I’m guessing no. He’ll probably sweep the field to beat me!
8 SWEET ROCK Bouncing all over the place on the east coast, but without much success. I will just pass out here.
9 FABRICE HANOVER Another pair in here for Team Burke. I’m not a real big fan of this horse, or the post. Not for me.
10 GO WEST GO FAST Not a whole lot going right for this horse lately. Tonight it’s post 10. Not going to work out.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 THROWING COPPER Took no money in Big M debut, but didn’t race badly. When you pick up a check at almost 70-1, that’s a good thing! Georgie will try to do the same thing tonight. Sit in and save ground.
2 AS ALWAYS Should benefit from that first go around here. Nobody was catching the leaders, and he learned to go fast again. Could step it up a notch to get a little closer, but I don’t think he’s ready to beat these yet.
3 I’LL DRINK TO THAT I know he stole one two weeks ago, but that was pretty impressive! He fought off #4 that night, and #4 came back to win in fine fashion. Owns intimidating speed and Dex will try to do what Joe B did. Steal it.
4 SOUTH BEACH STAR Put it all together last week, with a powerful performance. He was being chased by a top level stakes horse and simply sprinted away. Those things matter. Pelling could have another real nice 3YO here.
5 SOUTHBEACH HANOVER Exits an incredibly fast qualifier, where he kept up well. So, barn got two quallies into this well-bred colt. It’s about time he showed something! Maybe he’ll come around better as a sophomore.
6 TORONTO Both Pocono efforts were strong. Billy Clyde is in a PASS out at the Meadows tomorrow, so don’t hold that against him. Barn opts to switch him to the big track and Clearly usually makes the right move. Hard to ignore.
7 TWIN B FIGHTER Comes out of the Perfect Sting qualifier and while it was a mildly better effort, I don’t think he’s quite primed and ready yet. That’s always taking a chance, but you can’t like them all.
8 DONTPASSME HANOVER I think we all remember this guy from last fall. He’s capable of monster moves at times, but will also frustrate the heck out of you. He even broke in first qualifier back. That’s not good. Let’s watch one.
9 CONTROL HEAVEN Owns no speed and gets stuck with post nine tonight. That’s a pass for now.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 9-7-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 IDEATION HANOVER Got bet off the board on her class drop last week and raced okay! Considering the speed show that #9 put on. It was going to be hard to make up ground. They both step up here and must bring their best.
2 BETALADY Was totally re-rigged by trainer last week and Corey drove conservatively. Had he pulled first over, that might have been bad. So, she finished with some pace and looked safe doing it. She hikes back up too! Trainer: Got a nice, bravening trip last time. Had a nice week and is capable. I’d like her to get a covered trip. Realistic in this spot.
3 SWEETER LULU Simply worked her way too high in class, folks! Credit for that, so we can now start the process of dropping a little bit. That last effort wasn’t particularly good, but I expect her to bounce back better tonight. At price.
4 KICKUPYAHEELS N Interesting newcomer. Barn started her over at Yonkers and she did well! Transitions over here with something to prove and this looks like a much tougher spot. She will have to go lot faster. Has talent, though.
5 STELLENBOSCH Scotty Z changed it up last time and raced her from off the pace. She had some kick too! What’s he going to do tonight? With #9 stuck outside, I’m guessing gas pedal early. Could end up with just the right trip.
6 ROSE RUN VANTAGE The slowish start gave her no chance last week. Prior to that, she proved that she could hack it at this level. It’s a midpack post, so I wonder what the plan is? If #5 guns, she might have to take back.
7 SHE’S NUN BETTOR N Had NO chance the way that race went last week, with Lucy blowing right down the road. Prior to that, this mare looked super winning for her new barn. Yannick back on now. She might have to gun too!
8 BEYOND WORDS N Her qualifier was awesome and then she scratched. What do we do? Obviously I have no idea. I see speed to her inside, and speed to her outside, so what’s the plan? She might need one more anyway. Your guess?
9 HELLO LOVE It’s not often you show up here and do what she did last week. That was a real eye-catcher. And barn has always had success here, from very limited opportunities. She steps up and will have to prove it again.
10 SWIFT ALLY Team McNair not in a very good spot here. Let’s watch one, and gauge for later on.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 NICHOLAS BEACH One of Team Bongiorno’s “Star Performances” last week! Stars Align was the other, and they’re both back in tonight. Yes, this is a step up, and he will have to fight off a millionaire in #2. I think he can do it!
2 FILIBUSTER HANOVER Closing in on two million lifetime. The Jug Champ of many years ago is now seven and still going strong! You just have to love true war horses like this. Looked very ready in that second qualifier.
3 CHASER HANOVER Like his stablemate, Sweeter Lulu, he’s just worked his way too high in class. Nice steer by Mark Mac to pick up a check at 44-1 last week. That’s the goal again. Maybe sometime this year, he’ll get to drop back down.
4 POINTS NORTH Look at the winners of all his recent races. Wow! I don’t even think this is that much easier, but there is no Sintra in here. He likes to grind and Dougie will have him in whatever flow there is. Will finish well.
5 YACHT SEELSTER Is he finally beginning to tail off? I guess you could make that case after last week’s effort, but he’s right back in the box. No week off. Will Georgie take a shot and send him into #1? That’s a very good question.
6 MAJOR CUSTARD Moves into a Delaware-based barn for Canadian connections. Sounds kind of weird. Plus, he might be overmatched against these anyway. I want to watch one.
7 HEZA REAL DIAMOND Gets a new driver tonight, since Joe must drive #1. But, horse could easily be a key to the race. He possesses blast-out speed. I do wonder what the plan will be? If he guns, a little mayhem might ensue.
8 TULHURSTSANTANNA A Trying to work his way back into shape and nothing short of total mayhem up front will help his cause. Let’s watch and wait a little longer. And, for softer spot.
9 GODS SPIRIT N Team Tritton charged has been MIA for a few weeks, so that’s a problem. Not the right spot here.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 4-1-8-5
H Horse Comment
1 ONEY HALL Definitely a nice horse here, when he feels like trotting. This is a homebred for Alan Leavitt that’s about to make career start fifty. Not bad! 14 wins too! The qualifier was strong, but this is a real tough starting spot here.
2 BUCK DANCER Just to keep us guessing, Buck turned in a much-improved effort again last week. That sneaky late trot. James Mac gets along very well with him. He’ll try the sit-in, save ground thing here. Might work for a share.
3 NORTHERN EXPRESS After last week’s effort, I’m kind of surprised they brought him back again. The Dover Downs horse of the meet will try again. I guess he can’t handle Harrington? Just not good enough here.
4 JL CRUZE Dex drove the King conservatively last week and he finished up strongly! So, he finally doesn’t have to deal with an assigned outside post. Looking this bunch over, Dex will send him tonight. Will try to steal away from Lindy.
5 MISSISSIPPI STORM Very good horse, but mostly on the smaller tracks. Got an unintended week off last week. Change of scenery tonight. He has raced well here before. Midpack post. Likes to grind. Will get his wish.
6 CRYSTAL FASHION Double millionaire here! That command immediate respect! Connections have stayed very loyal to Jordan S too! I like to see that. But, for wagering purposes tonight, I think he’ll need this one. Cutler coming up.
7 ZIG ZAG Another nice trotter here, from that very good barn. At least he got to win his final start in Canada. But, that was a long time ago. As previously stated, see how barn’s horses have fared so far this weekend. Are they ready?
8 LINDY THE GREAT How awesome was this Lindy a few weeks ago? He flew by that bunch like they were tied to the fence. I really do wonder what Andy will do tonight? I don’t think he wants to get horse too fired up yet. Tough call.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-1-6-9
H Horse Comment
1 DRAGON ROARS AGAIN Couldn’t possibly have raced any better in first few here and moves back inside tonight. The price should still be okay, so don’t be afraid to use him. I loved to see that speed last week. Fires out again?
2 BARRAGE HANOVER He looked like a “pass” from that outer post last week and that turned out to be right. Slides back in here and becomes a big factor again. The knock: Dexter chose #4. That’s a BIG call when he opts off this barn.
3 BETTER TAKE IT Probably had a very useful trip around the oval in first start here. You knew he was going to need it, too! This could be different and this will be rare opportunity to get a price on Tetrick. Let’s see more please.
4 SERIOUSLY HANOVER Had the classic kind of “tune up” in his first start back. That was probably exactly when they were looking for. Lures Dex off #2 and that might be all we need to know. Will be a lot more forwardly placed tonight.
5 ROCKIN THE ACES He’s found this level to be just a tad too high. Have to pass again, as a big longshot.
6 SUNDOWN KID Just throw out his last few from those dreaded outer posts. He’s a better horse than that. This is interesting spot tonight for Georgie. He might be sending everything tonight! Has upset the applecart before.
7 DELIGHTFUL TERROR Also had a very useful comebacker, but it was down at Philly, not here. I think he’ll need one here too! I’m willing to wait for the right spot.
8 ISLAND OF THE SEA Steamrolled the field two back, but yes, that was slightly lesser bunch. Found the waters much deeper last week and never had a chance. How does he get into the race from out here? That’s a good question.
9 FATHER NUNO This has always been a very high-speed, classy horse. He’s on the comeback trail here, and so far, he looks good! I wonder if he trains with his powerful stablemate, Ruthless Hanover, who’s in 10th. A Mac on now.
10 CAPTAIN VIDEO Regressed into a big mistake in second go here. He’s a pass from post 10 tonight.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 SPLASH BROTHER Gets to take another crack at #3 tonight, plus the Jug winner too! This is one heck of a horserace, folks! Splash can go with them on his best day, and the post relief alone will give Mark Mac more options. Dangerous.
2 THE GREEK FREAK Yannick did everything right with the Freak last week. Stole enough of a soft pace to try and stave off the Captain. It still didn’t work! I do wonder what the plan will be. It could be very difficult to step around #1.
3 POSEIDON SEELSTER Couldn’t possibly have been more impressive in either win here. And those were merely preps for this. As I said in earlier race. Georgie will be sending everything tonight. Good battle when the Captain calls!
4 SAVE ME A DANCE I sure wish he’d had a prep race before this. I guess it just didn’t work out. There is no way he’s going to beat a field like this off just qualifiers. He will need this. Trainer: I wish I had a start into him before this race, but he’s got a lot of miles in him and should be tight enough for a good showing.
5 CAPTAIN BARBOSSA This Captain was absolutely outstanding last week! He dug in like he “wanted” to win. Considering he won only once all of last year. But, he made that one count! The Jug! Unfortunately, Joe B loses drive.
6 GROOVY JOE Navigated Vernon last year in sub-1:49. Not bad! He’s had some perfect preps out of town up to this point, but this is some kinda field! Nothing less than A-1 best will even get him close. Huge test for class.
7 SOMBODYITREASURE Got cooked in that hot pace battle over at Pocono. If anything that will tighten him up. But, it has to feel weird for Joe B to drive this one, and not his Jug winner. That stinks. Tough post tonight.
8 TATTOO ARTIST Like #4, I feel the same way here. Had only two qualifiers down in Florida and that can’t possibly have him ready enough to tackle these. Have to wait for softer spot somewhere down the road.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 5-10-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 DOUBLE ACCOUNT I know that was a tough spot last week, but Dougie had this fella in perfect position. He simply could not trot with them late. So, he gets out of the Preferred, but this is no cakewalk either. Needs very best.
2 GRANDMA HEIDI We haven’t seen her here in a long time. Has some success over this oval. Owner sent a bunch of trotters to the Burke Brigade and they have two in here. Is she good enough to go with these? We will find out.
3 LOVEDBYTHEMASSES Did most of the dirty work last time, attacking and being rebuffed. Probably deserved week off after that. Was just gearing into great form before that tough assignment. This is proper level. He’s usable.
4 BAUTISTA Another one that might be just a hair short on the class side. I also don’t like that he broke in finale up north. I will take a pass tonight and watch closely for future consideration.
5 EMMA TOWN BUD We all loved him last week and we didn’t get rich! At least we were right. Next logical step here and he’s got major post edge on #8,10. A Mac will try to use that wisely. I think he’s good enough to steal it.
6 TREASURED TEE The other Burke horse for same owner simply worked his way too high in class. Yannick had his choice and you see how he went. I want to watch one first. Just to see if this is the right level.
7 GOTWUTEVERITTAKES Had no chance the way that race went two weeks ago. Guess what? This isn’t going to be any easier. Georgie’s been a great fit for him. He can flat out fly late. Hoping for the right kind of setup.
8 NEXT LEVEL STUFF Was last seen upsetting the applecart on Crown night! What a nice steer that was from Tetrick too! Both qualifiers look fine to me, but are they really going to rush her out of there? I’m guessing no.
9 PIKACHU HANOVER The McNair barn didn’t get much love from the post gods tonight. This is too tough a spot.
10 CHIN CHIN HALL I think I guessed wrong on him being ready two weeks ago. He sure was! And Dave drove with total confidence. So, what do we do tonight from post 10? He can leave, IF Dave wants. Probably a float-out.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-2-1-4
H Horse Comment
1 WARRAWEE VITAL Both divisions tonight are really power-packed! I still remember the awesome showing this guy put on Oct. 4 at the Red Mile. He exploded home with a monster kick. He’s got that kind of speed. Qua was good.
2 ELVER HANOVER The Ohio champion looked as good as I’ve ever seen him in that qualifier last week. I’m sure the rest did him a LOT of good. Seemed to play second fiddle at the very top level last year. Now’s his chance to shine.
3 CHIEF MATE In a field like this, they can’t all be favored. So, I’m leaning towards slight longshot status on the Chief. So far, mixed results for his new connections. There is talent in there, but is he this good? I guess we’ll find out.
4 ALLYWAG HANOVER Boy, he’s burned a few betting bucks along the way. He’s shown flashes of brilliance, and sometimes not. He’s best as a one-move type, and that’s the way Dave handled in qualifier. Will grind into it.
5 FULL SEND Aiming a bit high here, and he loses his regular drive. I think these are too tough for him.
6 RUTHLESS HANOVER I have no idea just how good this horse is yet, but I know what I saw in those qualifiers, and what I saw on December 5th. He could be an absolute freak! The Cancelliere brothers have a good one here!
7 BEAUMOND HANOVER Got good and speed-tightened out in Indiana to get ready for this. Yes, he got beat, but he’ll benefit from it. They listed Tetrick, but didn’t get him. I expected that. Likes to win, that’s for sure.
8 SANDBETWEENMYTOES I don’t think anybody was surprised by the “race over the track” last week in comebacker. I expected that too! This is different. What will they do from post eight? He can blast, IF Scotty Z wants. Tough call.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 9-5-2-1
H Horse Comment
1 COVERED BRIDGE That was a supremely disappointing effort last week. He couldn’t even get by his stablemate on lead. So, now I am officially off the bandwagon. I’m sure he’ll jump up and beat me now. Good luck!
2 PADUKA N The Duke turned in a clunker last week. No other way to describe it. So, the two favorites in here are both coming off less-than-stellar efforts. What do we do? We punt! Drops. Let’s see if either one bounces back stronger.
3 POKERFACE BLUECHIP Still finding this level a tad too high. He retains longshot status until he shows more.
4 PALOMAR Finds his way back to Club Med after a one-start roadshow to Pocono. He raced well, and probably needed it, having missed a few weeks. But, is this level too high for him? I’m leaning towards yes.
5 WATERWAY I’m intrigued by this guy tonight. Especially if the price stays good. This the kind of post he needs, further inside. Should be ready to pounce, if either of the faves comes up vulnerable. Does lose the Captain, though.
6 SEEYOU AT THEBEACH The Burke Brigade have two in here, and Yannick is on the other one. That’s usually enough for me. Plus, this guy comes off a couple of clunkers. Your call, folks?
7 BIG STRETCH MARK Coming off the scratch, the Stretch looks a little bit suspect tonight. Especially at this level.
8 INCREDIBLE SHARK The Shark wasn’t bad last week, with Tetrick back in the bike. This is a real tough post for him, but you never know. The slight drop back down can only help. But, the power’s on the inside. He has to get into it.
9 LYONS KING For a brief moment last week, I thought he was going to win and pay $50! I’m kind of glad he didn’t. But, that was a strong effort, and he might be even better tonight. With “suspect” faves inside, why not take a shot?
10 LIKE CLOCKWORK The Clock and outside posts usually don’t get along too well. I’ll prefer others for tonight.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 SAN DOMINO A Makes first start back in the Harris barn and he did very well with this guy in the past. I’m not saying he’s going to jump up and surprise this field, but he should get a decent share. Watch for it. Trainer: He’s a big fan of the long stretch. Can rally nicely. Needs his confidence back.
2 COLOSSAL STRIDE A After a deserved week off, the Stride is back and ready to roll! But, what a tough field this is! Not only his arch rival Ana, but Stars AND Sintra too! Wow, what a power-packed bunch. Should be some race!
3 STARS ALIGN A Blitzed the field first time for Team Bongiorno and did it with the fastest mile in the sport so far this year. Wow! Yes, this is a much tougher spot and he will be tested for class. Is the repeat possible? Absolutely!
4 ANA AFREET N I think by now, we know Ana likes to be on the lead. So, something has to give. Who will cut it? Stars or Ana? I wish I had the answer to that one. Wheels has super speed too! I have absolutely no idea how this one will go.
5 SINTRA Classy and gritty 8YO just keeps impressing! Was sent to Pelling for a reason and you saw it last week. That was superb performance! Tonight, he could get away last? Or he could float out? He does like a target, though.
6 WHEELS ON FIRE Wheels might be the key to the race, or at least the early pace scenario. He got real good up in Canada, but wasn’t able to stave off Sintra last few. Yannick doesn’t like to take back with him. As I said, something’s got to give, because they all can’t have the lead.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 3-10-5-4
H Horse Comment
1 MCNULTY Z TAM Moves back into the tougher claimers tonight and that might seal his fate. Even from rail.
2 RYAN ROCKSTAR Didn’t really offer much kick in his debut here. Sometimes it takes a race or two to acclimate. Tim had him in a nice spot too! Drew another good post. Tim “sticks around.” That’s a good sign. A maybe, at a price.
3 LET’S FOAL AROUND Mark Mac gave him every chance last week, with moves at both ends. Came up just a bit short. Dull Roar’s not in this one tonight, and the post is better. Have to give him another good, long look. Trainer: Raced better with a slight driver change. Should come back with the same performance.
4 NORTHERN ROCK Was really going along nicely, until that last one. They don’t stay good forever, folks. But, he’s right back in the box, and Yannick sticks around too! That is sign of positive intent. Can’t leave off the ticket.
5 BANK SEA Dave M’s choice over #9 was no surprise. The Bank took a very aggressive try over at Yonkers and that didn’t work out as well. I think he likes it here better anyway. Perfect post to do whatever Dave wants. One to fear?
6 ROCKNROLL CHARM Just fair over at Pocono when he was surprisingly bet so heavily. Why? This is tougher spot.
7 PARKLANE JET We haven’t seen him here in a while. And last time here wasn’t very good. Wasn’t Dexter’s choice, so I have more knocks than plusses. Not quite my type for tonight.
8 INDEPENDENT ONE Looks like a huge question mark for tonight. A pair of scratches. A Mac now opting off. None of that is any good. Horse had been racing well. I guess I want to watch one, to see if he’s allright.
9 BATTLE STRONG Gets first bad post test in a while. Dave Miller got a check with him last time at big price, but chose another in here. I hate this kind of spot for him. Would need a lot of things to go his way to win.
10 OCEAN COLONY Classy veteran pacer here. Seems like he’s doing well for his new barn too! Rallied nicely into the buzzsaw that is Dull Roar right now. He’s not in here. Must overcome the post, but probably can as Dexter’s choice.