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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, October 23, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-2-1
H Horse Comment
1 DUNBAR HALL Been doing good work lately out in Indiana, and he’s not prepping for the Crown next week. I So, this is definitely a “go” spot for the Cullipher Crew. Picks up Tetrick, with versatile speed on the rail. Reasons to like here.
2 AMIGO VOLO He IS prepping for next week’s Open Trot Crown Final. And, he’s recently returned to better form, so we’d better take a good, long look here. Nifty’s got his top pair going against each other, but both seem sharp.
3 IT’S ACADEMIC He’s been playing second fiddle to several of these lately, but you can’t fault his speed or consistency. Gets some post relief tonight, which might change the strategy a little. Still a contender, if not for win.
4 CHIN CHIN HALL Got real good all of the sudden over past month or so. So, he’s in the Crown too! Why not? Cranked out eight wins so far this year and he’s a good comeback story after a rough 2020. T Mac takes the call.
5 BEADS Gets to go back on Lasix today, which will surely help. Was piloted conservatively in the Allerage, but he did have some good trot finishing. That will change today with a day card. We’re going to see the speed, IF he trots.
6 WARRAWEE ROO Invades from Canada for the Crown and he’s been on a big roll lately. Veteran also having a nice comeback season and he packs plenty of speed to give Beads company. Don’t be shocked by strong effort.
7 BIG OIL Not in a very good spot stuck out here, with all the other speed types. He’s not in the Crown either. Did have a good qualifier, but might need a slightly softer spot to get close again. I just don’t see him blasting.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 EXPLOIT Hasn’t had the greatest of seasons so far at three, and this is difficult spot against the older, more seasoned foes. The rail should keep him close, but I don’t like his chances of upsetting this crew. He would need a big one.
2 SEMI TOUGH I DO like this spot for him today! He was very good those couple of weeks we raced the hundred claimer, and they kept protecting him for the higher pricetag. No tag today! Just have to hope what ailed 10/5 is over.
3 MONTEFALCO N Just keeps overachieving! Even picked up a check in the big claimer last month. That was decent try. I like the inner post and he will just sit and stalk to ¾. If they mix it up, he might pick off some tired ones.
4 ODDS ON DELRAY Tough call on this guy, shipping over from Yonkers. His form there was mixed, and his past on the big track is just okay. Have to consider him one of the longshots in here, after the missed time.
5 ROCKATHON Making only ninth start of the year today. Seemed like he rose too high in class on the half? This is no easy spot on the mile. So, he’d have to go a lot faster here to get close. I need to see it first.
6 STONE HANOVER Marched his way right up the class ladder over past month or so. We know he’s sharp! Corey seems to get along with him very well too! He’s versatile enough to do it either way, but likes that one-run finish.
7 COVERED BRIDGE The Burke Brigade have the ones to beat in here, but from different posts. Yannick was listed on both, so you see which way he went. The Bridge’s best weapon is speed, so expect the full-on blast. Daytime helps.
8 GEEZ JOE Is Joe really all the way back, or not? That’s a good question. I’m not worried about a few extra weeks off for him. If anything, that probably helps. But, this is a tough move from pole to post eight. That’s not going to help.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-8-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 AMBASSADOR HANOVER Team Svanstedt have two great chances to make the final here. They had FIVE in the Ky Futurity, but several drew bad posts. This is relief! Needed that last one after missing time. Will be readier here!
2 PLUMVILLE PRINCE Had every chance to go by last time in Lex, but was outmuscled by the leader. No real excuse. Is he good enough to go with the top colts today? I am skeptical. Your call, folks?
3 IN RANGE We know he’s good enough, IF he’s ready to have a good day? It’s been a real in-and-out kind of season for him up to this point. The “chase” of Jujubee at Hoosier was good enough. Needs that type of an effort.
4 AHUNDREDDOLLARBILL Did not have a good day in Lexington last time from that second tier start. Barn did have a touch of sickness going around. We all saw him at best just a couple of weeks ago. I’ve no idea what to expect today.
5 RITSON They’re aiming a bit high with him today, but why not take a shot? Colt had some fine efforts here earlier this year, so he definitely knows the track. Will need just the right kind of trip and kick to make it to the big dance.
6 LOCATELLI He’s been driving us crazy this year! Probably his trainer too! I thought that was perfect spot for him at Red Mile last time in weaker race, and he jumped up and broke again. Why? Like a few of these, no idea what’s coming. Trainer: First time Lasix should help this guy. Yannick has always gotten along well with him. A little bit of a bad luck horse, but needs to make some of his own luck.
7 LOGAN PARK Another of the Canadian invaders for a very good horseman in Fellows. The recently added Lasix is picking this gelding up too! I’m not in love with the post, but I do see the speed. Will J Mac send him? I would.
8 FLY LIGHT Ake has this guy going very well right now, and Dexter gets the call again. He fit the gelding well earlier. The only knock here is the post, on a daytime card. Horse can fly late, but might to invent some speed again.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 3-10-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 SHEZAFREAKLIKEME Nice to see the Chiodo barn taking a few swings here! And, I think both fillies have legitimate chances. This lass was so impressive in a few earlier races here. The rail should keep her close enough to launch. Trainer: Finally put it all together with an impressive first over win in Liberty Bell and proved she’s better from behind.
2 THINK OF GALAXIES Owns four wins this year, including one here! She’s flirted with the top stakes level ladies a lot and gotten very close. Remember, she only has to beat a few to make it to the big dance. Mark Mac will get it done.
3 GRACE HILL Her streak came to an end at the Red Mile during the Grand Circuit two weeks, but it’s not like she raced badly! Tons of speed and talent here and T Mac’s choice, as expected. Will try to “steal away” from Fire Start.
4 MACKIE HANOVER Was cross-entered at Philly on Thursday, but assume she will race today! Still a longshot.
5 PAULAS BET HANOVER Did not have a great day out in Lexington. Never really picked up the bit. Which is a little rare for her. I just don’t know how sharp she is, so must put her on the longshot list. Will need to pick it up.
6 BLUE DIAMOND EYES Here’s the other amazing speedball. Yes, she ran out of gas on the lead both weeks in Lex, but speed horses just weren’t holding. So, I won’t hold that against her. Will send, but might eek out a different trip now.
7 NOTORIOUS PINK Not a lot of love from the post gods lately. Took a shot and blasted out from post 10 in Lex and it almost worked out. Loses T Mac again. Not sure what the plan will be today. Your call?
8 BEACH CRAZY Quietly doing good work everywhere she goes. This will be a tough spot today, but ya never know. Trainer: Has had a great year for us and we decided to give her a shot in what we knew would be field of talented fillies.
9 MARSALA HANOVER Tough to get a real read on her form right now. I know this first bad post in a while will NOT help the cause. On her best day, she’s good enough to go with these. It will be up to Scotty Z to make it work.
10 FIRE START HANOVER Just couldn’t catch Test down in Kentucky. She did race very well, however. Yes, the post will complicate matters today, but she’ll be more than up to the task to insure her spot in final. Dexter will get her into it.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-7-2
H Horse Comment
1 DARLENE HANOVER Gets to go back on Lasix today and she probably needs it. The pole is very interesting post for her, because she likes to stalk and finish. Only needs to avoid any traffic trouble to stamp her ticket to next week.
2 SPLASH BLUE CHIP Put on a real show down the stretch at the Red Mile! Shoeless too! Yes, things were setting up for the closers that day, but barn had a very good day! Moves back inside and that has to help her chances again.
3 MAY KARP Was also probably not helped by the No Lasix thing in Kentucky. Prior to that, she was ramping up nicely for Lucas W. Tetrick seems to get along with her very well and she does have a chance in here. Probably at good price.
4 ITERATION Unfortunately, it seems like she’s tailed off a bit. Would need a major-league bounce back mile.
5 AMAZONE DUHARAS Showed up in Lexington and got bet like she had already won the race. She actually didn’t, but then got placed first! Might be first time ever a win photo was taken in a jog cart! Should be even better today.
6 KATIE’S LUCKY DAY They took their shot, supplementing into the Filly Futurity and the gamble worked out nicely! Same situation today, and a possible sale in Harrisburg? We’ll find out later. Credit to Trevor on great drive that day!
7 ALTAR No, I don’t know why she broke that day against the older foes. Just wasn’t her day. Prior to that, she looked like a monster with that speed. I’ll take a good, long look at her on the track for her new driver today. Interesting. Trainer: Turned into the filly I knew she was in Lex. Got a little aggressive last time after a recall. Got jammed up. Yannick gets the call now and these two should make a good match.
8 ANOKA HANOVER I still don’t really know where we’re at with Anoka. Again, speed wasn’t really holding well in Lex this year, so I can’t hold that against her. I imagine a very different kind of trip coming today. Post hurts again.
9 LADY CHAOS Won the Crown last year out at Hoosier with a slick steer from DM. Wasn’t really all that great this year in Lex, so it does make me wonder about her current form. That, plus post nine, make for difficult handicapping.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 PERFECT STING Poor Sting just can’t get lucky and win one of these things! He won the final last year in that thrilling dead-heat. They qualified him open bridle, as experiment. So, let’s see what they do tonight. Should dominate.
2 I’LL DRINK TO THAT Did not find himself a good spot either week in Lex, but this could be completely different. Tries another new driver today, but plots for a very good trip out of this post. He usually packs a decent kick.
3 CHASE H HANOVER Probably just didn’t like the off track that day in Lex. I’ll go with that, because he just stopped. Not like him. Other than that, he’s battled willingly along the way at stakes level. Tim might take a shot and send.
4 MYSWEETBOYMAX Max has been doing a lot of chasing lately, but can’t find way to win. Just one visit to circle this season. So, we have to rate him a longshot against a field like this.
5 SUMMA CUM LAUDE It’s been a tough year for this former Crown champion. I think we all remember that epic stretch explosion to tie Sting. But, that hasn’t been the case this season. He would need amazing wakeup call.
6 SOUTHWIND PETYR Big-time congrats to JB on his 9,000th winner earlier this week! He seems to get along with Petyr pretty well! Might take a little extra something to make the final, but enters off a good confidence booster.
7 ABUCKABETT HANOVER Things finally went right for Buckabett! He was more than overdue. Nice price too! That was a perfect trip and drive from A Mac that day, and a signature win for the horse. Still stuck in very tough post.
8 BAYFIELD BEACH Moves from the pole to post eight, which never helps. Gets to go back on Lasix, which should help. He’s still a longshot against these elite-level colts. Would need a little luck from way out here.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 JUJUBEE Stamped himself as the top sophomore trotter in the land a few weeks ago! That was monstrous performance in the Futurity! He set solid pace and just kept on going with something left. Almost unbeatable here.
2 JOHAN PALEMA Johan’s stock has fallen a few notches since the Yonkers Trot. Did not fire week one in Lex, and kind of just rode the cones and kept up in the Futurity. I guess that will be the goal again? Stay as close to #1 as possible?
3 DANCINGINTHEDARK M No, I don’t know what’s going on with this guy. But to be fair, we just have to say he’s unreliable right now. Broke for no apparent reason in KY. Take a good, long look at him out on the track. Tough call.
4 DELAYED HANOVER I thought he might be a factor in the Futurity, but once he took back, he had no chance. Finally gets a better post today and it almost has to help. On best day, he packs one strong move. Will offer it at a price.
5 CUATRO DE JULIO He’s one tough customer! Just keeps trying and trying each and every start. Returns to Club Med where his last experience wasn’t so kind out of post 10. So, he’s overdue for a luckier journey. Will chase #1 again.
6 RATTLE MY CAGE That was a real wakeup call effort for him at the Red Mile. He dug in and fought hard all the way. Should benefit from that. Gets the Orange Crush back and horse’s best weapon is speed. May take a shot and send!
7 BALENCIAGA He’s actually ramped up nicely for PK and Mark Mac. I don’t think he can beat the likes of #1, but any smooth trip from the back gives him rallying chance to make the final. Patience will be required.
8 SPY BOOTH Enters for new connections today and they did not get any love from the post gods. We all know the horse can flat out fly late, but he will have to get close enough to deliver the goods. That’s questionable.
9 INAMINUTE HANOVER Did win his Simcoe division in an upset. Also shows a touch of speed, but this will not be an easy spot to send in. Quietly having a very good sophomore season, after only three tries last year. Has some talent.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-6-4
H Horse Comment
1 ATLANTA The only missing piece on her amazing resume is the Crown. So, this is her chance to get it. The pole could be a tricky post for her, but she likes to grind. Was amazing in the Allerage! Equaled fastest mile ever. Tracks down #6?
2 THANKFUL NO It took a while, but she seems to be getting better now. I’m still not sure she’s at the elite stakes level like this, but you never know. The post is a big plus, so she can sit up close. Let’s see if she’s got enough trot.
3 REFINED Doing great work out at home base, so Team Morgan decided to give it a shot. Had regular battles with Weslynn Quest out there and did well. Is she a true Breeders Crown fit? I am skeptical.
4 FELICITYSHAGWELL S Keeps racing her eyeballs out for Team Svanstedt. Remember that conditions were NOT ideal for the speedsters the second week of Lexington. Her win was super. Needs that kind of trip behind #6. Maybe.
5 NEXT LEVEL STUFF Seems long overdue for some sort of good break against these top mares. She has proven good enough in the past. I love the midpack post for her. I’m sure Tim T would love to just follow #1? Is that possible?
6 WHEN DOVESCRY Gets to go back on Lasix today and that will help. We know she likes to hear those hooves rattle up front. Will get that wish here, but can she fight off Atlanta one more time? Should be great battle as usual.
7 MAY BABY Indiana’s finest makes her way east for Team Yoder. Ends up with another outer post, which probably won’t help the cause. She can grind and will have to, to have any chance. Only needs to be fifth to make final.
8 AB’SATTITUDEXPRESS She hasn’t had a whole lot of luck against the very best this year. Still a longshot.
9 RAMONA HILL Ramona did not have a particularly good day in her Kentucky comebacker. So, I really don’t know what to expect here from post nine? IF she doesn’t make final, but it be her career swansong? Let’s hope not.
10 SORELLA Can a poor horse draw any worse posts than Sorella? It’s been that way all year. No luck at all. Trainer: How such a nice mare has been plagued with so many bad posts is terrible. She’s been training super, hope for smooth trip.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 4-1-3-5
H Horse Comment
1 SOUTHWIND GENDRY Now that Gendry is OFF Lasix, he’s starting to come around! Both efforts at Red Mile were solid. We know he’s a top colt, when things are right. The barn got good love from post gods here. Both have a shot!
2 LOU’S PEARLMAN The Jug champ raced against the bias week two in Lex, so don’t hold that against him. Came back in qualifier, back on Lasix and finished up strongly. That’s what they were looking for. Ready to take a big step again?
3 ROCKYROAD HANOVER Rocky hasn’t enjoyed a whole lot of luck this year. He actually raced well from impossible spot in the Tattersalls. So, he’s deceptively sharp. But, what will go wrong or right today? The price won’t be huge.
4 CHARLIE MAY Returns to the scene of his nightmare. But, he’s been super since the Pace. Fate was sealed with second-tier draw in KY. Also goes back ON Lasix, which will definitely help. He IS the one to catch and beat today.
5 HEART OF CHEWBACCA Poor Bacca has been playing catch-up all season. He really is a very nice colt too, for Team Noble. Gets to tackle arch enemy once again. Will need a somewhat smoother journey to make a race of it.
6 DEAN B HANOVER I can’t fault recent form, but this looks like a brand new ballgame today. Lot to prove here.
7 WATER SPORTS TEEN Really dug in like a champ to win week one in Lex. It was such a war, they gave him second week off. Looks like they have him good again, so Joe B will have to work his way into the race. Won’t be easy. Trainer: Re-rigged him right before race in Lex and he came up huge! Coming into this great. Seems sharp and has a really good attitude. The draw is tricky with a lot of inside speed, but he’s only missed a check for us one time: Jug final.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-3-10
H Horse Comment
1 YOU ATO DREAM Picked up a decent check in the Filly Futurity by utilizing her strong speed. From the pole here, Jeff might be able to save a little early. She wants that follow trip, and only needs add a slightly better finish. Will work!
2 DONNA SOPRANO Donna’s been a little hard to gauge this year. Many good efforts. But, some surprisingly bad ones too! Oh well. I have NO idea what to make of that qualifier. It looks awful on paper. They entered her anyway.
3 SHIRLEY GOODNESS Team Wrenn comes east for a Crown try, and why not? He’s won a couple of Crowns. Seems like this filly is coming along at the right time. No better time than Crown time to peak! She’s got speed too!
4 CONTESTED HANOVER Raced really good week one of Lex, and then came a nightmare trip. Toss that. But, she still has to be considered a longshot against this very good field. At least she got a little help from the post gods.
5 MAZZARATI Had to come off Lasix for the Kentucky stake and you see how that worked out. Especially if you bet! Goes to yet another new barn, so they keep trying new stuff. Eventually, something will work. Maybe.
6 BELTASSIMA Her form has gone south of late. Not sure why, except that barn has had a little sickness. She returns to the scene of her better efforts. Maybe Club Med will wake her back up? Will need a big bounce back today.
7 BELLA BELLINI Yes, Bella did get caught in Kentucky, but she raced super. She could have needed the race too? The Oaks champ is still the head of the division and Dexter will have her grinding into it. She is clearly the one to beat.
8 ADIRONDACK That was a pretty good qualifier, first-time Lasix. Maybe that’s the answer? This post will test her. Trainer: Was not happy at all in Lex. Was bleeding badly down there and with the med rules, could not be on Lasix. Qualified with Lasix very well and is back to herself.
9 CHABLIS After finally breaking the ice with a few wins, they tried her at top level again. Bad post blues continue.
10 HERCULISA No, I don’t know why she went to running in the Futurity. Her week-one effort was stellar! Now, what do we do from post 10? That’s a great question and I don’t really have the answer. It’ll be up to Super Brett to work it out.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 WARRAWEE UBEAUT Won the Crown final in both 2018 and 2019, so that ain’t bad! Seems like she’s recently found her top speed again. Did tire in the Milton up north, but other starts look good. Intimidating speed on the rail w/YG.
2 SWEET LUCY LOU She’s basically confused me and all handicappers all year. This is back up to top level. I’ll pass.
3 PEAKY SNEAKY Captured a Crown last year at Hoosier, over #7! Will try to make history repeat itself here in NJ. Goes back on Lasix after racing against the bias at Red Mile. Her name sums it up! She’s a very sneaky price play in here. Trainer: 52.2 middle half at Red Mile was a little too ambitious, but should be good tightener. Training really well.
4 ROCKNIFICENT I expected her to win week two at Lex and she came through with flying colors. Very good that day! She’s always been rock-solid and razor sharp. Closing in on millionaire status too! Will force the issue early with a send.
5 JK FIRST LADY Nancy’s got two in here, but the First Lady hasn’t delivered the goods as often this season. Longshot. Trainer: Choked last start, so that explains performance. She’s best when she can sit and stalk on a helmet. Dave Miller gets the call and will work out a good trip for her.
6 ROCKIN NOLA Here’s the absolute wild card! She raced in the Crown last year. Declined a “bye” to race tonight, which I always find interesting. And, she seems perfectly versatile. Welcome to the Med, Joey P. And good luck! Trainer: Mare could not be any sharper! We believe she deserves a shot once again. This is my first drive at Med! She and I were in Crown last year, but had some feet issues. I’m very excited to come out and race there.
7 LYONS SENTINEL Simply put, she’s the top-rated horse in the sport right now! And deservedly so! She finished second in the Crown finals the last TWO years, so she wants revenge. They purposely skipped Lex to wait for this. Trainer: This week, we’ve watched her every move! She’s “head over the door” frame of mind. Trained up good and sound. She has a big job tonight and next week. Competition will be keen. Winning will be everything!
8 TREACHEROUS REIGN Yes, that’s a 25.2 explosion she unleashed up in Canada. That’s pretty good! So, it looks like Tony A has her in fine form again. Her best is good enough to go with these. Will have to overcome the post. Not easy.
9 KEEP ROCKIN A We all know her game. It’s the big finish. But, from post nine, unless there’s mayhem, may not work.
10 MARLOE HANOVER Back in the Nifty barn, where she did so well for a few years. But, I just don’t know what to expect from post 10 in a spot like this. How does she even get into the game?
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 5-7-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 NICHOLAS BEACH Was super that night at Dayton. Set wild fractions in Kentucky and paid the price against the bias. I do think they’ve got him very, very sharp again, so this is intimidating speed on the rail in an impossible race. Danger! Trainer: That was a really tough race last time out, but we gave him an easy week. He seems great. Trained super yesterday and from the rail, Joe has all kinds of options. Looking for a big bounce back effort here.
2 DORSODURO HANOVER Closing in on two million lifetime and I sure hope he gets it. He’s a longshot in here.
3 ENAVANT I really don’t know much about this guy, but he sure has talent and the barn demands respect. Been chasing Vital of late, but gets another key inside post. Seems like a grinder. Let’s see how he likes Club Med.
4 WORKIN ONA MYSTERY Yes, he probably needed the race at Philly, but that still has to be considered a disappointing loss. I’ve always rooted hard for this fella on the comeback trail, but he needs a monster improvement.
5 CATTLEWASH He’s the wild card in here! Definitely figured to “need” the race in Lex and had no shot the way the race went. He is capable of monster speed at any time. This figures to be totally different strategy. Very dangerous.
6 SHAKE THAT HOUSE Somebody in this impossible race has to be the longshot. The House is it. I’ll just pass.
7 WARRAWEE VITAL Been racing his eyeballs out up north. Has truly been a top horse for two seasons now. Trevor seems like a perfect fit for him too! It will be VERY interesting when he and #1 hook up early. Could be quite a show.
8 THIS IS THE PLAN He’s still the top Free-for-Aller by money won this year. Yes, his stock has lost a little lustre with no recent wins. But, he tends to jump up in big spots. Back on Lasix. Yannick will have to get him into the game.
9 RUTHLESS HANOVER Was part of that wicked pace battle with #1, so don’t hold that against either of them. Tonight’s problem is this post. IF he tries to blast, it could bring mayhem again. Not an easy task from way out here.
10 CAPTAIN BARBOSSA Loved his qualifier at Red Mile. Was sad to see him scratch due to sickness after that. That’s not the way you want to enter the Crown. Only has to be seventh to make final. That’s the goal from dreaded post.