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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, October 22, 2021

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 3-5-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 SOUTHWIND DOMINO Invades from Canada off a confidence-boosting win for Herbie Holland. But, he’d had a little trouble dealing with the stakes types before that. Gets a nice post and will just try to sit, save ground, make final.
2 S I P Nice colt here! Seems to have handled his travel well. Some good efforts. A decent qualifier to prepare for this, and Yannick still in the bike. There are reasons to like in this spot. He’s quick enough to get into the big dance.
3 TESTING TESTING I really like the way this guy has developed along the way. Plus, the barn’s been on a good roll of late. Those things tend to complement each other. Seems versatile enough to give Dave M lots of options. One to beat
4 LETSDOIT S Just about every start from this fella has been a good one! No mistakes. Good speed. Definitely left Sears with tough choice tonight. He did end up sticking here ov #5. Not sure how much we read into that. Both pretty good!
5 TEMPORAL HANOVER Owns five wins so far this year, so that stands out. Went a tick faster than his stablemate out in Lex. Blew right by a highly-regarded colt too! Push-button speed and manners a plus. No reason not to like. TT on!
6 MAJESTIC J He’s made a few mistakes along the way, but it does seem like the Armada has him heading in right direction now. I’m just not in love with this post, or loss of Miller. Will need a few things to go his way.
7 KEG STAND After the very good try week one in Lex, he regressed into a break following up. That’s not good. There is plenty of other speed in here, so the post presents a problem. And, Dexter might have to be extra careful here.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 2-7-9-4
H Horse Comment
1 HIGH HILLS Homebred still looking like a “work in progress.” They don’t always come to their natural ability at the very beginning. T Mac kept him trotting in latest qualifier, but they will need a lot more than that to get closer.
2 STRIDE THE HILL Not sure why he made that break week two in Lex. Just seemed to go to running for no reason. A Mac gets the drive back and they performed very well together in prior win. No Crown for him, though. This is easier.
3 FAMOUS FATHER Hasn’t quite distinguished himself yet and has missed a little time. Did not go to Kentucky.
4 ROMANTIC TILE S She packs pretty good speed. That’s for sure. Showed some poise in last win too! It’s taken a while, but seems to be going good at moment. I like the post. Expect pilot to put her in play and then try to get a trip.
5 AGRO DOLCE Not sure they’re quite where they want to be with this lass. Those Philly races are not impressive.
6 BARACK FACE S Owned, trained and reined by LW. Will just have to prove he can stay on stride the whole way.
7 DID YOU SEE LINDY Delivered fine efforts in both Red Mile starts. I liked what I saw! And you know, this camp never rushes them. They had a real good two weeks out there, so let’s see if momentum carries over. Drew tougher post.
8 DIVINE KRONOS S Retains longshot status, as one of two in here for the barn. She has shown some speed along the way, but not the needed stamina to stay close enough. They will have to work on that.
9 KEN’S WALNER I really thought he was ready to “turn things around” and start going the right way again. Then, he broke again. That’s not good. Here’s hoping they can get him right with some changes, etc. Has the talent.
10 STIFF DRINK Here’s another one that definitely has the ability, IF they can keep his mind on manners. Was okay in that last qualifier, looking safe enough not to break. But, they all get tested when you land post 10. Good luck!
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-8-6
H Horse Comment
1 MARQUIS LAFAYETTE Has quietly put together a very nice record so far, but this is where the gloves come off. 4YO likes to grind and he’ll get that wish on the mile track now. Will have to go faster. I usually need to see it first. YG pick!
2 JUSTLIKEHIM I was at Freehold last Friday and loved him in that spot. Made a weird break and then caught the field with plenty of trot. I guess he just needs to come back to the mile track? I’ll go with that. A Mac takes a turn in seat.
3 CRICKET FASHION Had been racing very well down at Philly until that last odd miscue. What happened? Obviously, I don’t know that, but I will take a good, long look at him out on the track. Only 3YO tackling older won’t help.
4 GET LEGS They aimed pretty high with him, after that very promising start to career. Ended up just a little overmatched in a few spots. So, Team OC gave him some time off. Good idea! Qualified superbly. He’s ready!
5 BROOKROAD MASTER On the comeback trail after missing all of last year? Having a little trouble navigating the half, so barn opts to try him on mile. Let’s see if it works. This is a pretty tough spot for debut here.
6 MAX Surprising that Max owns only one win so far this year. But, this doesn’t look like a bad spot. Last try here was excellent, and that’s the blueprint for victory. Dave M will “try” to control this one on lead. It just might work too!
7 NO DRAMA PLEASE Out of the same race at Freehold last Friday and he was just awful. I really don’t know what to make of that, but I can’t go back to the well, even on a slight class drop. Plus, he gets another outside post. Pass.
8 DONATOVER He’s probably the key to the race! Invades from the Meadows for Tim T with a lot of good-looking lines. Mark Mac should be a nice fit. Will just have to deal with Max and Legs early, and try and figure them out late.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-4-7
H Horse Comment
1 THE LAST CHAPTER Marched his way right up the class ladder over at Yonkers. Eventually got too high. So, this is a drop that he needs and he has won here before. A dangerous kind of price play with Dave Miller on the rail.
2 CRYSTAL FASHION Ageless classmaster also finds a softer spot here. He’s a push-button horse, so pilot can do whatever he wants with the veteran. I make him the one to beat, since rounding back into better form. Look out!
3 KINGS COUNTY Not sure what happened after that big win a year ago, but it probably wasn’t good. It’s taken barn this long to get him back and I’m not enthralled with that comeback mistake. IF right, he can win. Is he right? YG took 4.
4 HOCKEY HANOVER I haven’t had a whole lot of luck guessing on this guy. But, that speed must always be respected. He has stolen a race or two here in the past. Not sure he’s in same league with #2, but you never know. Will send.
5 GOTWUTEVERITTAKES Here’s another one that will just drive you crazy. IF you have any idea what he’s bringing to the table tonight, please let me know! Is he going to stay trotting? Will T Mac get along with him? Good luck.
6 JL CRUZE Another ageless wonder! Got some well-deserved time off and it looks like it did him some good. Will begin his fall/winter campaign tonight off just one slowish qualifier. I think he may need a start or two.
7 SERMON Raced better than you think in that blowout Allerage race in Kentucky. Kasper had to be extra careful with him, coming off the break, but he did finish well. I don’t like tonight’s post. Will need the right kind of setup and kick.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-5-7
H Horse Comment
1 EBBIES LADY Picked up her game substantially out in Kentucky, so maybe she likes the mile track. Gets major post relief to go along with that strong speed. It’s NO easy spot, but she can fire out and then protect. Keeps up?
2 SHESTHELUCKYONE I don’t think she’s quite in the same league as some of the others. A longshot to me.
3 BRICKHOUSE BABE Yes, she disappointed me out in Kentucky, but that happens sometimes. Back to Club Med, which she probably prefers. Owns enough versatile speed to give Mark Mac options. He’ll need a few vs. #6.
4 SELFIE QUEEN Did not race week one in Lex, but showed up against two monsters in week two. All things consider, that was a pretty good effort. Scotty Z gets the call tonight, with Dex on #5. Slight post edge. Will she send?
5 LILBITALEXIS Had her win streak snapped a few weeks ago. She didn’t have any excuses that day. Just got outhoofed by a better foe that afternoon. Tonight, she runs into #6 and I doubt she can beat her. I guess we’ll find out.
6 VENERABLE She’s passed every test so far! Even took her show on the road and beat the boys! The qualifier here was just fine. It will be interesting to see how Dave Miller wants to do it. Grind and pounce, or speed? Good question.
7 JAYA BAE Team Melander figured her out, and in a big way! She was super in the first win, and possibly even more impressive in the follow-up, on a day when speed wasn’t good. I do hate the post here. A lot to prove vs. likes of #6.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 3-6-5-4
H Horse Comment
1 JIGGY JOG S Was really good both weeks at the Red Mile. Even the last one was strong, despite being outhoofed by a flying longshot. This lass fits well, but is running into two monsters here. Also loses Yannick tonight. Tough call.
2 MRS TAYLOR Looks like a longshot again, despite some pretty consistent tries. At least the post is good. Helps.
3 JOVIALITY S She’s just so good right now! Handles every size track and roadtrip. She’s going to love it here too! Both favorites in here like to “finish,” but this might be spot for more speed tonight. Sears will try to get away from #6.
4 VALENTINA BLU Chased #3 willingly in that sires stakes final. Ended up scratching sick out in Lex, which was big disappointment for that camp. They were really looking forward to racing her. Here’s hoping she’s over that sickness.
5 DELILAH HANOVER It was a little odd to see her make that break on the lead at Red Mile. She appeared to be holding on, and just went to running for no reason. Tough trip vs. #3 after that. Needs to get a little luckier.
6 RAISED BY LINDY Team Lindy has a wonderful filly, and a super colt this season! So, they should be very excited. That’s a BIG mile in 51 and change last time, and she overpowered Lilbitalexis. Not easy to do. How good is she?
7 I’M HAPPY HANOVER She crawled home in that Pocono overnight race, so that’s not exactly the way you want to enter stakes company again. I have to prefer others for now.
8 PALERMO HANOVER Uncorked one heck of a two-week parlay in Lex! Yes, she paid 39-1 the first time, and then 23-1 to prove it was no fluke! What will the price be tonight? I really don’t know. Stuck with another bad post.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-7-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 LOUS SASSIN Lou was no match for the high-powered pacers out in Kentucky. He’s kind of stuck in a similar spot here. Will have to ramp up the engines a lot more to get any closer. At least he has the pole position to stick close.
2 CAVIART CAMDEN Has a pretty nice rivalry going with Pebble Beach at the moment. Tonight, he gets away from that foe, but meets a few new shooters that have talent too! He will need his “A” game to grind by them late.
3 HAMMERING HANK The Hammer hasn’t lost yet, so full respect for that. He’s been babied a little up to this point, but this is where the gloves come off! Finished up that qualifier loaded with pace. Exactly what they were looking for.
4 MARKET BASED Not bad, but not great lately. This is no easy spot either! Loses DD and will need to get lucky.
5 MONTE MIKI The Metro champ got outgunned in his follow-up at the Red Mile, but it was totally a different kind of trip. With a couple other dedicated closers in here, I do wonder what Scotty Z will plan? Might be time for the speed.
6 GENTLE GIANT Really can’t fault this guy’s form, but I do believe he’s got a little something to prove against a field like this. Dave M will take a turn in the sulky seat and I guess we’ll find out if colt is this good. Huge test for class.
7 FOUREVER BOY I liked him in that spot week two in Lex. Mike W tried to “steal it” and almost got lucky. Have to think he’ll be sending in this spot again. No reason to take back now. The “follow-trip” could see him make final.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-6-4
H Horse Comment
1 COOL PAPA BELL Showed up week two out in Lex and promptly made a mistake. Just wasn’t a good week for that barn. It happens. Back to the drawing board here, and from another good post. Can make it, IF minds manners.
2 SLAY Couldn’t possibly have been more impressive in that steamroll win two back. They changed the plan and put him on the lead last time and that clearly didn’t work. So, I think we should all expect the grind again. He’s got power.
3 DULY RESOLVED From a master trainer of trotters up north, so don’t forget that. Gave Venerable a real fight in the Million. Weakened just a hair in the Super Final after that. Paulie Mac has two strong Crown chances this year.
4 CLASSIC HILL Was on a pretty decent roll until that last miscue. Not sure where that came from. Gets a midpack post to go along with that strong speed. Don’t expect him to take back. Sends, then follows. A decent chance to make it.
5 GIGONDAS He was also good week one in KY. Also changed it up and wasn’t nearly as effective on the lead. So, what’s the plan tonight? A Mac chose to stick with #2. I understand that. Will need to bounce back with a big one.
6 WORLD AT WAR DEO Raced his eyeballs out both weeks down south. Strong efforts in both. So, he’s coming around very nicely for the Burke Brigade. Yannick knows him now. That will be a plus, in wide open race. Your call?
7 REBUFF Cover up that one miscue and he was on a good roll at the Red Mile! But, tonight’s post will present a problem since he’s not exactly loaded with early speed. Totally at mercy of pace and trip. Not sure about that.
8 PRETENDER Not sure he’s sharp enough to beat a group like this. Especially from an outside post. Did most of the dirty work for #7 last out at Lex. This will be different, but can he get close enough to threaten? I’m not so sure.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 TRUE BLUE LINDY The Cullipher Crew purchased themselves a pretty nice horse here. Only time off the board was that tough trip from a bad post. Nice, easy qualifier out at home base. He figures to be VERY ready for this. TT’s pick!
2 BEACH GLASS What kind of monster is this? I don’t think we really know yet. From basically same team that brought us Somebeachsomewhere, maybe this guy is the second coming? We’ll find out soon enough. Uber impressive last.
3 SIX FEET APART Is he a top colt or not? I’m not sold yet. Had a great trip week two in Lex and finished up okay. Will need something similar to try and grab another win. Because it will not be easy to catch #2, IF he steals away.
4 BIRTHDAY Can’t really fault this fella right now. Every start a quality one! And, he’s versatile, which always helps. Good finish, behind uncatchable winner in Lex. So, we know he likes the big track too! Nice kind of price play here.
5 THE BOSS SAID Jogged at Philly in first go for new barn. Ended up in qualifier here last week and I thought he could have had a bit more. This will be the huge test for class and Yannick will try to get him a trip. That can happen.
6 I DID IT MYWAY No, I don’t know what happened at the Meadows, but I’m sure it wasn’t good. Tony gave him a good amount of time to recover, but I thought his qualifier was just okay. This is tough post. Have to prefer others.
7 NAUTICAL HANOVER Barn got no love from the post gods in this one. Really turned things around out in Lex, and we’ll have to see if that carries over here. Nothing less than A-1 best will get him close enough to #2.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-8-6
H Horse Comment
1 FAST AS THE WIND They took a more aggressive shot with him week two out in Lex. Didn’t work. Needs more.
2 BRANDED BY LINDY Has the look of a potential monster! Couldn’t possibly have been any more impressive in Kentucky. Transitions his game to NJ now and has huge post edge on the King. This is some kinda colt!
3 THREEPOINTBLUECHIP James Mac has been on a roll up at home base in Canada. Love to see him come down and drive one for his brother and The Stable. I do think it’s an ambitious spot, but you never know in the Crown.
4 DOUBLE DECEIVER Starts right between the big faves in here. He’s done some pretty good work of his own along the way for Team Pinske. The qualifier here was exactly what they were looking for. Hoping to pounce at just right time. Trainer: Skipped the second week of Lex just to freshen him up. Real happy with his qualifier last week. Hoping the extra time has him on his game, and we have some racing luck!
5 PERICULUM When he stays trotting, he’s pretty good! But, those couple of mistakes make me wary. I like the midpack post for him. Don’t forget he beat the King in that elim. Has that kind of talent. Takes a shot and sends?
6 ROBERTSIN I’ve loved this guy since seeing him back in the summer. Got a bit of time off and shows back up on Lasix. He’s also versatile to do it either way. The right trip will give him square shot at the final. Would love cover trip.
7 GLOBAL PANDEMIC Survived the PASS, and that’s a tough road. They purposely raced from off pace week two at Lex and he did finish well. What’s the plan from out here? Wish I knew that. If he has to take back to last, won’t help.
8 KING OF THE NORTH The King finds his way back to NJ and scene of some of his powerful efforts. He was not a match for #2 last time when the serious trotting started. Will try to turn the tables, but from much tougher post.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-5-4
H Horse Comment
1 ATLAS HANOVER Hasn’t found a way to win yet as a freshman, so he must be considered a longshot tonight.
2 EARLY ACTION What a nice horse this has turned out to be! And yes, it’s rare for Holloway to geld one, but that probably did the trick. Won both weeks in Lex, and very impressive in last. Will Brian try to steal away from Pebble?
3 PEBBLE BEACH He was just about airborne at the end of last win. Absolutely loaded! At this point, it does seem like he wants to “finish,” not set the pace. So, let’s expect the conservative route early, and grinding finish late.
4 GULF SHORES Plowed through his Ohio competition. Then found the waters a little deeper on the Grand Circuit. Okay. I’m not sure who will set the pace in here, because it probably won’t be #3. Will need a big one to make it.
5 LOUKES PERRY Tough to get a real read on the brother to Lou’s Pearlman. I will note that Yannick opted to a stablemate in that qualifier, but this guy raced better. Finished up loaded for Joe B, and he keeps the drive! Good.
6 RIVER NESS Was okay through his Kentucky stay. Just seemed a notch or two below the top ones. I can’t say I’m in love with this post, OR fact that Dave Miller hopped off. This will not be easy.
7 FULFULLNMYDESTINY Here’s the complete wild card in the field! Looked like an absolute monster at Hoosier, until that impossible trip in the final. Don’t hold that against him. The post will test both horse and driver here. Must get away smoothly to make a good dash at it.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 CAPTAIN COWGIRL That was a pretty wicked sprint home in that qualifier and both fillies were sharp! But, tonight they run into two killers. I wouldn’t talk you off, because the price figures to be fair, even from the rail. Your call?
2 SEA SILK Gets her toughest test to date tonight. She was gutsy and gritty to win in Lex and they gave her the second week off to prepare for this. Will use her post and speed edge to take control early. But, can she stave off Niki?
3 BOUDOIR HANOVER The barn had a slight run of sickness during the two weeks in Lex, so we have to be careful. Her win the first week was solid. She’s got that kind of ability, and plots for a very nice trip here. IF she’s primed, ready.
4 GOTTHEGREENLIGHT Can’t fault this lass in any way, BUT she’s yet to meet a field anything like this. For that reason, I have to rate her a medium longshot. Might be a mistake, but if she beats both #2,7, then I will be a believer.
5 GALLERIA HANOVER Overall, doing pretty good work. But, she doesn’t yet seem to have that killer instinct. And you see how tough this field is? She must also be considered a longshot, needing a bit more luck.
6 QUEEN OF SUCCESS Love her name! And some of her good efforts. Her rally behind #7 last time was solid and probably her best effort yet. It’s dangerous to ignore improving horses. A Mac has guided her well too! Chance.
7 NIKI HILL The current Queen until dethroned. How good is she? I guess we’ll find out a little more tonight. To date, she’s won with ease and precision. Let’s see if any of these can put a scare into her. So far, she’s been monstrous.
8 YES AND YES I know she’s been good and all, but doesn’t this look like a very rough spot? Yes!! Loses Tim T. Loses the good post. And, faces the toughest field ever. That doesn’t add up.
9 FRANTASY HANOVER Paid almost $90 first week in Lex. I think even Joe B was surprised at how good she was. Had an easy, maintenance qualifier behind #1,10, but this post looks like a killer. Will need even more luck to reach.
10 TREACHEROUS DRAGON Can she finish or what? That’s three straight sub-27 sprints home. Typical Pelling, as they learn to finish, before they learn speed. But, what will happen now from post 10? T Mac was listed again, opted to #3..