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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, April 07, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 BIG STRETCH MARK His luck has run out a bit at this upper level. Does get some needed post relief, so expect Eric A to blast and protect. Still has to prove he's good enough to beat a field like this. I haven't seen it yet.
2 SANTIAGO STYLE Yes, we all know his game by now. Stone closer! Had no chance to catch last week, and paced home in a wicked 25.4. So did many others that night. It's all about pace and trip. Gets new driver with Pants on #6.
3 GRIFFON HANOVER Really sharp right now. That was heck of a try with the grinding first over move against Dorel. I like this post. I like his versatility. Will have to track down the Beach, but he might be able to do it. Super sharp!
4 BUPA BRUISIER Captured the G Notes final with a perfect drive from Kirby. Got away from More Dragon just enough and was confidently holding sway late. Takes the step up now and I don't think he'll be setting the pace in here.
5 TRANSITIONING JOY One of the MANY Dover invaders this weekend to try and figure out. This is a 3YO, so I can't really say this is the right spot for him. But, he was good enough to make that final. Let's see if he fits here.
6 LAWRENCETOWN BEACH Used pretty hard in the pace battle last week and gave it up late. It was still good effort and solid step in the right direction. Figures to try for the top again. Will have to get it a little easier to make it work.
7 IMKEEPNTHISGUY Just 1-10 so far this year. Those are rough races in that claimer down at Dover, so let's not be too hard on him. Seems like a slow starter, though, and I will get on him for that. Not likely to sweep the field from last.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 5-7-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 LETSGETINTOTROUBLE Barn has several fitting this profile tonight. Second or third start off layoff. Are they ready? Unfortunately, we all have to guess. I think this guy might need one more before we see best.
2 LEAR SEELSTER Andy Mac opted here over #4, so let's take a longer look. Lightly-raced 3YO only has 10 starts, and three wins already. Gets in via the alternate condition. Is he a true big track horse, though? That is the question. Adds L.
3 POP'S ROMEO Up from Rosecroft with an 0-9 slate so far. I guess I'd have to see a good one here first. Pass.
4 JACKAMINO Invades from home base of Pocono for Joe P. He's dangerous when he comes here. Had Andy Mac opted here, I probably would have liked more. Graduated nicely in last and now steps up. Needs even more.
5 ART DANCER I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with his effort last week. Just seemed flat. In direct contrast to the explosive pocket rocket the week before. Won't offer much value, and will need a lot more pace to get it done.
6 YO APOLLO CREED Boy, is he fast when he's going straight. Hates those turns, however. Somehow, someway, they have to find a way to make him a bit more controllable. If that ever happens, watch out!
7 G W T Team Teague here, and I am a bit surprised that Montrell chose #10. This one appears to be the better horse on paper, but it's different when they try here. Looks versatile enough. Will it be speed, or wait and rally? Not sure.
8 CHLOE'S MASTER Working his way back into shape down at Freehold. Not bad. Dube owns, so I am a bit surprised to see him in the box on the mile track. I wonder if they feel he "needs" a big track. We'll find out soon enough.
9 CUZ I'M HAPPY Wasn't that bad when last seen here. Raced himself into good shape up at the Spa. Deserves another chance here, but this is a real tough spot in post nine. I don't expect him to be anywhere close in early stages.
10 DELAWARE CHROME I guess this is the key to the race! Since Montrell opted here, I don't expect him to grab up and take back to last. Horse will have to go a little faster here, but he might be up to it. Demand fair value, if you bet.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 MIKE'S Z TAM Takes fourth straight class drop and ran into an absolute buzzsaw last week with Barimah. He's facing a few others in this "Dropdown Derby" but he's got best post. No excuses will be accepted tonight.
2 ROCKINWITHTHEBEST Flashed a bit of good speed at both ends last week. That was a nice step in the right direction. In for the optional claiming tag here, but in reality, it's a MUCH tougher spot. Not sure he's good enough.
3 MR EUROMAN N Undoubtedly overdue for the wakeup call. Where's that 1:50 speed we saw a few months ago. If #1 comes up short in any way, this is the guy to pick up the pieces. Will grind his way into it for Andy.
4 SAFENSOUND HANOVER Up and down the class ladder in Delaware. Is he a right fit for a field like this? Prob not.
5 PERFECTLY CLOSE Ended up favored last week, on the ship over from Yonkers. Wasn't able to get the job done on the lead, so maybe we can expect a change of strategy. The Captain aboard now. Should offer bigger price here. Adds L.
6 SPEED AGAIN Had a very good qualifier, after the freshening for Burke. So far, some of these comebackers have been ready off just one prep. It's yet another class drop, so we have to expect an aggressive try. Let's see the speed!
7 DRUNKEN TERROR I just can't figure this horse out. He sometimes uncorks vicious efforts, like last week. And he sometimes races flat. When you don't know what to expect, it makes it hard to handicap. Facing better here.
8 WORKANDPLAYHARD Merton stays loyal to the barn here, opting over #7. I can't blame him for that. Ran into some real tough fields last few and it continues here. Not sure he can overcome this post with all power on the inside.
9 LODI MACHETTE MAN Was a very good, chasing second here two back. Bad post, slow start and no kick at Pocono. Probably a good idea to bring him back here, but lands into an almost impossible spot. Would need to get lucky.
10 NATIONAL SEELSTER Also caught on the lead as the favorite last week. That was a pretty short price and it took a flying finish from Jack to nail him. What will we get from post 10 now? Andy Mac off. In very, very tough tonight.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 COWBOY TERRIER Upset the applecart at a very healthy price over at Pocono. Not bad! Showed a lot of grit in a couple of those starts here. Finds himself back, but in a very rough spot. Is he really as good as #5,6? I'll opt for no.
1A EASTEND EDDIE Shows the one qualifier where he was rebuffed by Rockeyed Optimist. No disgrace there. BUT, from the outside post in this very stacked field, I think he's going to need this one.
2 STATHAM N Had absolutely NO chance of going by Joe in that event last week, but note he didn't exactly stop. Stayed right with them in the wild sprint home. That showed me something. No easy spot here, but a chance.
3 NOCTURNAL BLUE CHIP Had NO shot last week the way that race went, but he did kick home nicely. This is different kind of spot here against the Preferred dropdowns. Expect another conservative sit-in type effort. Maybe a share?
4 SEVENTH SECRET As previously stated, one of the many up from Delaware to take a shot here. Unfortunately, this looks like way too tough a spot. I guess I'd be surprised if he paced with the likes of #5,6.
5 DURANT The Mert has given the gelding a couple of nice, easy trips over past few starts. Okay. Tonight should be completely different. It's time to put this fella on the engine again, with big threats just outside. Expect a blast!
6 RODEO ROMEO Was vicious good two back, and then mystifyingly empty two weeks ago. I don't know what happened, but I sure wish I knew which horse was showing up tonight. If good, then he can win. Grinds after #5.
7 DAIYMIR This Team Teague killer has gone some big miles here in the past, so keep that in mind. I can't really say I'm in love with this particular spot, but I will respect his speed. Montrell will have to put him in it early against #5.
8 SOHO WALLSTREET A Hasn't turned into the killer that I thought he would be, but that's okay. He doesn't miss too many checks, so that pays the bills. Tonight's problem is the post. Just might get away at the back of the pack.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 SIPPIN ON SUDS Pants "loses" the drive on this fella, since he must drive #10. That's too bad! Because this is finally the right spot for this gelding. Should be raced back into shape off the layoff. Could be time to bet tonight.
2 BETTORS GLASS If you think #1 isn't ready yet, then this guy is probably a cinch! Took the 'ol nine-hole tour of the track upon return, in wait of this dropdown spot. Clearly the one to beat tonight, especially from this good post.
3 DAVID'S DREAM Dave is long overdue to come up with a better effort. Hasn't really been firing his best shots of late, but it can always change. Will need another smooth trip from the good post. AND a much bigger late kick.
4 JDS BRENT N SHEREE Barn has many starters in here this weekend. See how they're doing so far. This gelding is 0-5 so far this year and seems like a one way closer. Probably at mercy of both pace and trip. Not sure about that.
5 TERROR OF THE NITE Exits the claimers for what should have been an easier spot. In reality, it's not! With #1,2 on the inside, Kyle will have to decide what to do. Send or sit and wait. I'm not sure that either will work against them.
6 ALLSTAR PREVIEW Just 1-10 this year. 2-31 last year, so I sense a theme. No explosive recent efforts down at home base, so I have to think he's overmatched with these. Will have to prove me wrong, if he can.
7 THEBESTOFJOEL Had the obligatory trip over the track in first one up from Florida. Okay. 10YO moves to a tougher post coming out of claimers, and like #5, this is no easy spot. Would need a complete wakeup call.
8 QUALITY BUD Had a nightmare trip in the G Notes, so just forget about that. He was no good. I can't imagine he can bounce back with a total turnaround, but that's what is needed. I don't think it's coming, but ya never know.
9 HERE'S THE SCOOP Here's the scoop on this shipper! He's in too tough with these, and crushed by post nine. Pass.
10 DANISH DILIGENCE Things did set up for a closer last week, but he was pacing up a storm. Same situation here from the bad post. Hoping for some sort of mayhem or fast pace scenario to set it up again. Can't rely on that.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 7-2-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 GHOST PINE Forced back up in class after that grinding try against lesser. That's not usually a formula for success. At least he's got the rail to help. Will need a trip, and no mistakes to have an upset chance for Pat.
2 COMMENTARIAT Back from the series over at Yonkers where he suffered a bad post of the bad post blues. It's back inside here and back to a spot where he has huge chance. Andy Mac takes over the driving too! Not much price.
3 ROOSTER RABBIT Was really good when he won. Was deceptively good last week, with no chance. Yes, this is tougher spot, but I wouldn't rule him completely out of it. I'd like to see the speed again, for a trip.
4 GRAND THEFT Finally put it all together for the win over at Yonkers. Is this really the right spot for him on the mile track? I'm not so sure. This field looks a lot tougher than that last one he faced. Would need a big mile.
5 VERDAD So far, so good, on the comeback trail. He's raced himself into shape nicely. Had Andy Mac opted here, I probably would have liked a lot more. Note that he's yanked out of claimers. Big shot, if it sets up for a closer.
6 MAAJAACKKOBE This is still too high for him. I will pass, and wait for the eventual class drop to the right spot.
7 RATHER SWELL Just might be the key to this race! Why? Because he can leave! Proved it on 3/24, winning with plenty left. I don't really see anything to the inside that can keep him out. Have to take a shot and send tonight.
8 ALL NIGHT PARTY Barn has several in here this weekend, and they can't all be in the right spot. This is just a 3YO that seems oddly placed. I don't think he's quite ready for this.
9 ROCKIN THE HOUSE Did not fire last time when he took back. He can leave, but he's not the safest ride when trying to blast. I'd say demand fair value if you fancy his chances from way out here. Don't be shocked if he tries to gun.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-7-2
H Horse Comment
1 ROCKIN PRALINE Well, ya finally got paid if you were patient and kept following this lass. Sailed right down the road at just 4-5. Now, she begins the climb UP the class ladder and it's an immense jump. Tackling Open type foes now.
2 JUXTA COWGIRL Stole one two back. Raced well again last week in traffic. She IS good right now, but faces a stern test from all the invaders. At least she's a proven commodity on the mile. Hard to ignore that fact!
3 TICA HANOVER Probably needed that last one. Could easily benefit from that, but will need another good trip too! Still a bit of a price play from the better post. Would not be worth betting at any low odds.
4 WINDSUN GLORY Came up just a bit short, in the race stolen up front by #2. Yes, I feel bad that she was 2-5 that night, and tonight's price isn't going to be big either. Drew same post and should be primed and ready for this.
5 APPLE BOTTOM JEANS Did pretty good work last year, banking over $100K with just 16 starts. Had a couple of "preps" from outside posts at Dover to get ready for this. This is the goal and Kirby chose her over #7. Very telling.
6 WINDSUN BROOKLYN I've been waiting for the right spot for this lass, and unfortunately this doesn't look like it.
7 STORMTRACKER Another lightly-raced mare here, but doing very good work down in Delaware. I'm sure they had this series in mind for a while. She certainly looks quick enough. Only needs to handle the mile track now.
8 FAMILY ROLL CALL Had a few starts in some very tough spots and it continues here. This is NO easy spot, and she's probably doomed from the bad post. Would need some sort of mayhem up front to set up the rally.
9 PERPLEXED Kind of the same boat as #8. Raced back into shape by now, and coming off a few speed tighteners over at Yonkers. I actually think she might be a better fit on the big track. BUT, she will have to overcome the post. Adds L.
10 DR J'S KISS These look a little too tough for her right now. That, plus post 10 make her a pass.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 6-7-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 DOREL I guess we all missed the boat on the ridiculous price of last week. SO, with that said, if you didn't have him at 36-1, should you try now in a tougher spot? Andy Mac stays loyal and will need to get him another good trip.
2 MAKASI Over from Yonkers with some improving form. Showed some talent on big size track in Canada last year. I guess if you were searching for a big price, this could be your answer. Let's see if he's good enough.
3 NORMANDY BEACH Was last seen last year chasing Downbytheseaside! Had the obligatory first start, tour of the oval down in Delaware and it was a no chance spot. Been aimed for this, so expect a big wakeup call tonight.
4 CAJON LIGHTNING How does that level race down at Dover stack up against a field like this? That is the question, and I have to guess on the answer. I'm going to lean towards these being too tough. He'll have to prove me wrong.
5 AIR STRIKE Not a lot of starts on this guy over past year. He's raced back into shape by now, but it looks like he couldn't handle tough trips in those last two. I like the post tonight, to give Corey options. Speed, or sit and wait?
6 WINDSONG LEO How does that level race at Yonkers stack up in a spot like this? I'd have to say this is perfect spot for him here, right? Seems versatile enough to do it either way. Up to pilot to decide on the strategy. Sharp!
7 PHOENIX WARRIOR N I'll give credit to Mr. Betts for having him ready off the layoff! That's a VERY good-looking raceline for the Meadows where it's sometimes tough to make up ground. Horse deserves respect. At a price too!
8 BARIMAH N I guess we could say this fella is in career form right now. Barn has two in here, and they both have big chance. Yes, that was a 1:50 mile last week, home in a wild 25.3. He's pretty good right now. Takes the hike up.
9 ENOCH I will admit I was a little surprised by the speed shown upon arrival. Ended up chasing the winner and clearly outkicked home. Draws an almost impossible post here and I wonder if we'll see that same speed.
10 SAMS TRIPLE CROWN These look a little too tough for Sam right now, Plus post 10! A pass for me.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 LIGHTNING ONMYFEET Barn has several fitting this pattern in-to-go tonight. Second or third start off the layoff. If any of them have done well, then upgrade this guy's chances. Has rail, and should be sitting up close.
2 INDY INGOT Seems to have rounded into form nicely over at Pocono. Adapted well after the ship from Florida. BUT, isn't this spot a bit too tough? I guess we'll find out. Dangerous barn when they ship here.
3 CLOUSEAU HANOVER Was bet like a good thing last week, and I guess he was! Andy Mac put a perfect steer on him and they got the cash. Hikes up one notch here, but keeps A Mac over #5. That's a significant choice. Let's see best.
4 CANBEC KINGKAZIMIR Well-traveled of late, that's for sure. Seems to show up and do good work anywhere. The speed he showed here two back would work. Can't ever discount versatile horses. Might offer nice price too!
5 MORE DRAGON Finished up full of pace in the G Notes, but ran out of racetrack and ran into a well-rated winner. No disgrace there. He's got plenty of back class to call upon. I'm a bit concerned that A Mac didn't choose. I still like him!
6 BAD GAMER That's a pretty nice mile last week, considering the scratch. Seems to have found his form again. I like the potential for a live trip in the flow here. If there's enough pace, we can watch for this guy late. Consider.
7 SIR PUGSLEY Did great work last year with a limited number of starts. So far this season, not so much. It's taken a while to get back into shape, and also to get class relief. Does he have any speed? Or, can he outkick the closers?
8 JACKSRLUCKYTOO Every once in a while, Jack surprises me! He won from an impossible spot last week, with a flying finish. Now, he begins that jump back UP the class ladder. Needs a hot pace setup for the kick.
9 WESTERN TYRANT MIA since March 12, so let's assume he's going to need this one from post nine. Pass.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-7-8
H Horse Comment
1 FILLY FORTY SEVEN Maritimes star as a 3YO is the first of many possibilities in this IMPOSSIBLE race. She didn't look all that ready in first go, from the eight-box at Yonkers. Can she be that much more ready now? I'll guess no.
2 ROSELILY Certainly has speed. Rounded into form nicely to end the Dover meet. Deserves a swing here, but she couldn't possibly have found a tougher spot. I guess I need to see one here first.
3 BRONZE OVER N Back over from Yonkers with a mixed bag of efforts. I will remind you that she knows how to win here too! Perfectly versatile, so she can leave, or sit and wait. If price were attractive, I would consider using.
4 PRINCESS FABULOSA Legitimate Open type mare here. Only started eight times last year, so that does make me wonder. Loved her qualifier where she rated and scooted home nicely. Fully cranked and ready yet? Wish I knew.
5 VALUABLE ART Iron tough mare here. She's also a legitimate top level pacer. Corey knows her very well and he probably loves driving a versatile speed type like this. Fits his profile. Should be very interesting race tonight.
6 OK HEAVENLY Yes, I feel bad if you've been chasing her all these weeks. Hasn't gotten the job done yet, and she's completely at mercy of both pace and trip. If you think the pace will be hot and heavy, then go ahead and use.
7 BETTORHAVEANOTHER Sports some real nice efforts in that very tough race down at Dover. This is ideal spot for her on a big track try, but I will caution you a little that she hasn't shown speed. Drew outside other closers too!
8 KISS ME ONTHEBEACH Also had a VERY nice qualifier for first start since October. Has that impeccable pedigree, so there's major upside for this season. She's only five and just coming into her own. Cranked and ready yet? Don't know.
9 PLANET ROCK This doesn't look like the right spot for her. Plus, slammed by the bad post. A pass vs. these.
10 BRIDGE TO TOMORROW Can she possibly be ready off just one take-back qualifier? I'm going to guess no, but I will be watching closely for future consideration.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-6-4
H Horse Comment
1 REBEL JET Had the obligatory "tour of the track" in first start up from Florida. Wasn't bad either! When I look at the rest of this field, I'm searching for a fresh face. Let's see if Fern has him cranked and ready tonight! At a price.
2 THE FIRE WITHIN On post relief alone, he's probably got a good chance in here. Doesn't win all that often, but has done it here this year, and none of the others can say that. Have to expect he'll take significant tote action. Watch!
3 BOBJACKS ANGLE A I can't really say I like what I saw over his last two starts here, so be wary if the price is anything short. At this stage, Bob owns one move only, so timing and trip are critical. Would need an ideal setup.
4 SPIRIT OF TRUTH Gets the extremely tepid call as morn line fave. Simply because he's faced better most of the year. does it mean I want to bet the ranch? No way! Will need both a good trip, and a big kick to reach winner's circle.
5 ROCK ON THE HILL Burned a TON of cash last few at Pocono. I have no idea what happened here before that. Can he completely reverse his form? That's about what he needs to win this. Not sure we can bank on that.
6 UNCLE LILE A I guess if you were searching for a price play, you could opt in this direction. Remember that was a paceless race last week, won up front. So, I won't be too hard on him for lack of a rally. Maybe some speed now?
7 ALWAYS A DIAMOND Retains longshot status for now, having drawn another bad post. A pass for me.
8 PARTY JAMMER Seems to be heading in the right direction after that last try up north. He's raced here before. If barn has had any luck so far this weekend, maybe we include this one? A big maybe.
9 PACIFIC IMAGE Just not going well right now and slammed by a bad post tonight. Not going to work.
10 LE GAMBE Figured to need that first one back. Gets tortured with another bad post, but we have seen him leave before. I'd probably leave a little to get around a few of these. A trip can get him a check.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-2-5
H Horse Comment
1 ROCKIN ROBERT Looks like he squandered a good opportunity over at Yonkers. I know this is a further drop, but I can't bank on any mile track stamina with this fella right now. He'd better find some soon.
2 JOJO JOVE One of several in for the optional claiming tag here. It's a combined class. Jo had a few "traffic" issues in first start for new barn. I guess I'd be willing to give him another chance. Any good journey sees him hit ticket.
3 ART HISTORY Yes, 1-2 odds last week and couldn't haul in City Hall. He was game, however, and well clear of the rest. This is second chance at now or never, but this time he'll get a severe test from the Soup. Which will win?
4 SWEET TALKIN SATIN Didn't show a whole lot upon arrival. I guess I'd have to pass after seeing that one.
5 VICTORY AT LAST He's in pretty good form right now, but without a recent win here. Speed seems to be his game, so expect another send and sit. That should get him another check. May not win, but at least a check.
6 TALENT SOUP Third start back off the layoff is often the most potent one. Plus, he's been a little better than you think in those first few. With any clear sailing tonight, I think he's a better bet than #3. I'm on board.
7 SPAGHETTI EDDIE Eddie was in position to deliver a punch last week and didn't get it done. Overall, he's been pretty consistent. Tonight, he moves back to an outside post, however. That may hurt, with all the power to the inside.
8 EVER AGAIN Also had a few traffic issues last week, so don't be too hard on him. Also slides back to an outer post, but has plenty of speed if Troy B wants to use it. Give him a smoother journey and he is a threat at a price.
9 FRANKANDJOANNE 7YO finally got lucky in that last one at Freehold. Taking the big hike up in class, and the big hike up the Turnpike. Not sure I really like this spot for him. Would need a lot more to repeat.
10 NORTHERN VIRGIN Eric A had him in a good spot last time, chasing the winner up front. This is first bad post in a while, and I'm not sure what to expect. Needs to finish those miles just a tad better.