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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, April 06, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 6-7-8-4
H Horse Comment
1 LANDONFITZ Definitely seems to have tailed off a bit. Has had some tough trips and bad posts, but still. From the rail, we're looking at a sit in, save ground type of trip. Let's see if he's any better late in the game.
2 URIEL Basically the same case as #1. Hasn't been sharp for a while, but shows up each and every week to take a shot. I'd need to see a lot stronger effort before I could endorse again.
3 MR LOVER Didn't have an easy trip last time and was making up good ground late. I like the post relief, and potential for a smoother trip. Not out of this by a longshot. If price is right, I'd say consider using on your tickets.
4 FOX VALLEY STEFFEN Came charging home last time too! It's all about pace and trip for this fella right now and he is good! With the power on the outside in here, he's definitely got a shot.
5 PARTY ON THE RIVER Pretty flat last time and over the past several starts. I can't predict a total turnaround, but that's what the Party will need to turn things around.
6 GOLD MEDAL SWAN Another that's pretty good right now. A bit "overdriven" last week, so Mark will take a turn in the seat, and let's not forget that he's won professional races. Any smoother journey and he's the one to fear.
7 HOT SUMMER KNIGHT Remains pretty solid, and he gets a bit of a break not being "assigned" the outside post. There could be some pace in this event and that definitely improves his chances from the back of the pack. Trainer: Trained good.
8 SHADY MCCOY Perhaps the key to the race! Why? Because he does have speed if Dave wants to send him. When I look at this race, I would want to send from this spot. I don't see him sweeping the field from last, so go ahead!
9 WILD SMILE As expected, the second I bailed out on this guy, he won! Congrats to John C. for that. Now, it's an assigned post nine and I don't know what to expect. Will he take back to last? If he does, it's a long, uphill climb. Trainer: Good effort for "Smiley" last week. (Sorry, Dave!) Came out of the race fine and trained well on Tuesday.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 MAJESTIC MISTRESS Freshened up a couple of months, and came back with a sub-par qualifier. With that said, I don't really think she's primed and ready for this kind of spot. This is a 53 kind of race, and she qualified in 59.
2 OPULENT YANKEE Dominated that last bunch, which was far better than this. I like the spacing of his races so far, and when I look at this field, we could be looking at a 1-5 shot. Can any of these step with the Yankee? Probably not. Trainer: Just a model of consistency.
3 CRESURREY Down from Woodbine for this series and it looks like a pretty good spot, except for #2. Horse has been here before, so not worried about speed. Appears to pack one solid brush and must time it perfectly against #2.
4 FILLED DONUT Now that Dover is closed, we're liable to see some shippers trying to transition to the big track. Some will make it. Most will not. This gelding looks versatile and I like that. He's only four. Plenty of upside potential. Trainer: Very sharp leaving Dover. Hoping will stay that way coming to the Big M. Big track should help.
5 DEEP IMPACT Taking the hopples off now for new barn. I loved that qualifier, where he charged home FULL of trot. That's exactly what you're looking for. Lightly raced. Big chance to make a big impact in this series.
6 DI OGGI Probably the "key" to this race, because of the post. Yes, he's fast enough at the end of it, but if #2 crawls around on an uncontested lead again, can this gelding make up THAT much ground? Probably not.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 8-7-4-5
H Horse Comment
1 TROUBLE RIEU N Another that seems to have tailed off after a good run of races a while back. Scratched out of post 10 last time and does get a big break with the draw here. Let's see if he bounces back any better tonight.
2 PAINITE Went on a nice roadtrip to Rideau Carlton and hit the board twice. Hope it was enough to pay for the trip. Has some prior experience here and has shown affinity for the big track. Should be raced into shape. A maybe.
3 NEVERDIE Had the obligatory race over the track after the qualifier. Keep in mind, he's quick enough to go with these. If barn has him primed and ready tonight, he could be part of this at a price. Worth including, if value.
4 SWEETCHAP Barn sent a few north to try the big track. Keep in mind this gelding won here last year as a 3YO, so that demand extra consideration. I see who's sitting in the sulky seat, so take a good long look here as well.
5 ROSE RUN QUICKLEY I thought that was a good spot last time and he scratched. That's not usually a good thing. Gelding should be raced back into shape by now, and I do like the post. Promise me he's ready, and I'd say use!
6 SEVENTEEN TABS Another coming off a scratch to make us scratch our heads. Except for that good first try here, it hasn't gone great since. I guess I'd need to see a good one again before I could consider.
7 MAJESTIC SUNSET Turned in another strong effort last week, so this guy is definitely back to good form. Since he's the one dropping in here, I don't expect that much of a price, along with the Dome. They do seem to stand out here.
8 IRON DOME It's been a long year for the Dome so far, with that 0-8 record. BUT, if there's ever a spot to grab a win, this is it! What the Dome will need is an alert start, so he can get the jump on #7. If so, he'll probably beat these. Trainer: Gets to drop in class. Hopefully, that will help him.
9 INSOMNIAC Didn't look all that ready for the first try here. I can't really say I like this spot either. Needs more.
10 KENNEL BROWSER Another Dover shipper. This guy did not get lucky at the post draw, however. I guess I'd like to see one here first.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 2-7-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 LMC MASS GEM Wasn't exactly exploding in that one try here, but things didn't set up for him that night anyway. Came back with a less-than-stellar effort down at home base. Dover's closed now. Ideal fit for series, but needs more.
2 SUTTON Couldn't possibly have cherry-picked a better spot for the comebacker. Keep in mind that this guy hasn't raced in a couple of years, but if you saw that last qualifier, you know he's ready. Hard to deny in this spot. Trainer: Couple decent qualifiers. Hope to make a nice return to the races.
3 PERSEVERANCE Has certainly turned things around on Lasix now. That's two nice miles to close the Dover meet. 4YO has a LOT of upside potential here, and he definitely likes to win. Let's see if he's good enough to test #2. Very sharp leaving Dover. Hoping will stay that way coming to the Big M. Big track should help.
4 DEKEYSER I have no idea what happened last week, so don't ask! He was just empty. Since he's right back in the box, I will assume that whatever was wrong is fixed. Let's hope so. Shouldn't be 5-2 this time, so offering a better price.
5 ELYSIUM LINDY No idea what's gone wrong with this guy either. That wasn't exactly a dazzling qualifier behind #2 last time, so be very careful here. I need to see a stronger effort before I could endorse.
6 ROYAL BECCA J Stablemate to the raging NF Happenstance could learn a thing of two from him. This guy has worked his way down the class ladder, but is a little unproven on the big track. Let's see if he can step with #2.
7 DOUBLE L LINDY Perhaps the key to the race, due to the post. We haven't seen Lindy leave in a while, but he is capable of doing it. I can't like his chances if he gets away last. Let's expect an aggressive try from out here.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-6-4
H Horse Comment
1 BRUNHILDA I know she's 0-7 so far this year, but this a pretty nice spot for the mare tonight. She's in good form. She has speed. She has the rail. Probably only needs a smooth kind of journey to make a major impact here. Must use.
2 ANDERSON SEELSTER Was raced like a "good thing" in that comebacker and the hot pace took its toll. With that said, I wouldn't want a short price again. Had the extra week off, but probably needed it. Very "iffy" now off that.
3 BIG CHUTE Didn't really show a whole lot in the first try here. After seeing that, I'd be a little hesitant to hop on board now. Will have to prove she's a true big track horse. Not sure about that yet.
4 CLASSY CHAPEL N Best word to describe this lass right now is inconsistent. Failed to deliver a big shot last time. Rallied nicely before that. Inconsistent horses make races very hard to handicap, so good luck on your guess here.
5 BELLE'S DELIGHT 3YO is trying to race herself back into shape and I don't think she's there just yet. It's also not easy for 3YO's to tackle older, more experienced foes in a spot like this. Expect a conservative effort, but from good post.
6 MYEYESADOREYA N Down from the Spa where I feel she was tackling a bit lesser. She certainly was competitive, and does have speed, and I respect the barn. So, I will take an extra look at her and see if she belongs on the big track. Trainer: First time on the big track. I think she's a 52 or 53 pacer at Big M. Versatile, can race up front or behind.
7 JULIO'S GIRL I've been chasing Julio for a while now and she hasn't gotten very lucky. She also packs good speed, and sometimes a finish. Gets a new driver tonight, with Eric C opting to #6. I still want to see that speed, please.
8 BRAIDA HANOVER I guess we could say she's dealing with a case of the bad post blues. Drew outside main speed.
9 IBETYOUCANWIGGLE Field's other 3YO isn't exactly in a good spot here. Did well enough to make that Delaware final, and then had a tough trip. Her trip from this post isn't likely to be good. Lightly raced, though. Upside potential.
10 BULLVILLESTEPHANIE After those two blowout speed efforts, we got no moves last time. Now, it's post 10. What should we expect? No idea. We have to guess. I'm going against, but if she were to blast, chances go up.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 7-6-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 MISSLAROSE Did she not like Pocono? Everybody likes Pocono! Seems odd to see that she made a break there. But, quickly back to Club Med and into a MUCH tougher spot. Rose is good, but she might not be this good.
1A MONTALBANO BI Didn't really offer a whole lot of punch last time, so this could be rare claim for this outfit that's not working out just yet. Did draw a better post here, so seems destined for a live flow. Will have to find more late.
2 GLENFERRIE DREAMER Dropped and popped in that nice, easy soft spot last week. Takes the triple jump up in class and that's almost not fair. I do like the post, though, and will note that Andy Mac stuck with him over #1. Interesting.
3 ALEXANDER HANOVER Back from Pocono on a pretty good roll right now. However, Alex is used to facing a bit weaker than this. Inside post helps, so he'd still need to step up his game. A longshot with these. Trainer: Raced good his last start. Should get a good trip. Being inside helps, and loves to close. He's ready to go!
4 BUFF That was pretty good mile last time. The pace wasn't exactly soft, and he dug in nicely to stave off a flying Cherry Pie. It was confidence builder, and we know he can handle the mile track. Speed coming again? Wish I knew. Trainer: Tougher competition, but looking for a repeat.
5 UPFRONT BILLY Allowed into the race via the extended condition (NW15,500). Billy is always a little hard to handicap, especially when he draws outside like this. I'll probably take the negative view, and let him beat me if he can.
6 GOLDEN SON Looked like he was home free last week, until he got a little tired late. Needless to say, the speed was solid! 1:23 to the 3/4? Might not have to go that fast now and it would aid the cause. A trip would help too!
7 JACK VERNON It took a BIG mile to beat him last time, but Jack did race his eyeballs out. With a couple of starts under his belt now, he IS clearly the one to beat, even from the post. Once he gets top, the rest might be chasing.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 SHEEZ ON A CRUZE Interesting spot for the Dover invader here. Gets in via the alternate condition of non winners of $50K life. Lightly-raced. Likes to win. Having a much better season this year. Is she mile track quality? We'll find out.
2 CINCINNATI MISS This mare took her mark here a few years ago, so we know she can handle it. Looks like she worked her way too high in class up at home base. This is logical spot for her here. I wouldn't talk you off her.
3 BEE IN CHARGE After getting sick, he got some time off. Okay. Came back with good qualifier, and a good race. I like the post. If not for presence of #4, I'd probably say he's a winner. But, there will be a test coming from Jakob. Trainer: Been up and down season so far. Strong finish in last, and hoping to duplicate that.
4 SCIROCCO JAKOB After a really good run of races without much luck, this is the spot! Immense class relief, and a good post. There is no doubt this is the one to beat and he can do it any way. Very hard to go against.
5 POSSESSED FASHION Freshened up a couple of months. So far, starters from this barn have needed a race off the qualifier, so I will go with that, and watch closely for future evaluation.
6 STITCH IN TIME Stitch is still going pretty well. Used too hard with a tough trip last time, so don't hold that against him. I like the post here and feel he can wait for what should be a live flow. He likes to finish, so it's time for that.
7 WORTH THE MONEY AS Bouncing up and down the class ladder. He doesn't pack much early zip, so at mercy of both pace and trip. If it's live, he has rallying chance. If the flow is dull, he will have too far to come.
8 SWEET JUSTICE Gets a slight drop back down, and he definitely needs it. Hasn't had a whole lot of luck lately, and it continues with this post drawn. I know he can leave at times, and this would be the spot for it. Must take a shot.
9 ULYSSES BI Racing back into shape and this does not look like the right spot for a bounce back. I will pass.
10 SOBORO HANOVER Broke at Freehold. Then got sick. Month off. Post 10 here off a tiring qualifier. Not ready.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 7-5-3-2
H Horse Comment
1 NEVER BACK DOWN Shows the one win when well bet, surrounded by flat efforts at long odds. Should we just watch the tote board? These are dangerous connections to ignore when they come here. Let's see if mare is big track horse.
2 SPRINGFORTH She's been here before. I'd call her a professional racehorse. Lots of money earned. Good, quality speed. If you were searching for a longshot to toss onto your ticket, I'd say use this lass. A Mike Cole visit too!
3 JOYFUL GAME In for the optional tag here. Otherwise, wouldn't fit the condition. Hasn't exactly been firing bullets over at Yonkers, so why not bring her back here. Another of the "price possibilities" that could wake back up. Trainer: Better suited for this long stretch. Got tangled up last at Yonkers. She will be flying late.
4 DO YOUR JOB The Ken Warkentin motto! She got the job done against lesser at a pretty short price. Takes the hike up here and I don't think she'll offer that much more value. Might be worth swinging against in this spot.
5 THE GIRLS OF IMAGE Really didn't belong in that last one when way overmatched. Forced the issue early and then stopped. This is the correct level for her, and I like the post. Tell me she gets a decent trip, and I'd tell you to bet.
6 SAGE N Bouncing up and down the class ladder lately. Thought she might be a tad overmatched last time, but did well to keep up. Same boat here. No easy spot, but if she gets a tow along trip, can keep up. Trainer: Finished third last week, and hopefully will again.
7 TALBOT CHANEL Found a nice, cozy soft spot over at Pocono and jogged. This will be a bit tougher for sure, but she's definitely good enough to handle the hike. I don't see much price, since Andy Mac chose her. The one to beat.
8 BEYONCES ROCKN Very good with the trip two back. Similar trip, but no match last week. Still, it WAS a very good effort. Tonight's problem is the post, and I must note that Brett opted off now. Telling?
9 JAG OUT How do we rate those spots at Yonkers against this field? Obviously, those were tougher. I do see a trainer change recently, which puzzles me a bit. I don't like the post. OR fact that she shows breaks. I want to watch one.
10 CHEYENNE TRIENGEL MIA for a couple of weeks now. You can never like to see the scratch "injured." It's post 10. So, should we expect an easy one from the back? I'll go with that theory for now.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-3-5
H Horse Comment
1 TRIUMPHANTS CHIP Benefited from that miracle trip two back to shake loose and explode home. Hiked up to tougher spot and still took a ton of money. Had impossible trip. Takes a double drop back down. One to beat.
2 MAN OF MUSCLE Tried to leave in that first go here and broke. So, let's expect a more cautious approach now. The post will allow that. Still has something to prove here on the big track.
3 DANISH DURANGO Found some of that 'ol back class last week and scored with a perfect drive from Pants. When this guy gets good, he usually stays good. It's a slight hike up, but we know he can handle it. Expect a good one. Trainer: He was much better last weekend. We made a lot of changes on him. Hopefully, he will be good for back class.
4 ITS CHOCOLATE TIME Pat put a pretty good trip on this fella last week and he was simply no match. I'm still shaking my head about that win, but oh well! Better post tonight. Will it be back to that wicked speed? Wish I knew.
5 COMMENTARY Didn't do anything wrong last week. Just ran into a buzzsaw in the form of #3. Seems LONG overdue to get that first win of the year, but it'll probably come in the NW3500, not the NW5000. Your call? Trainer: Was pretty good in his last start.
6 FIJI Had the trip of a lifetime two back. Had a rough trip last week. Still, he raced well and that's his game. Pass.
7 TIDQUIST Ended the Dover meet on a pretty good roll. With that said, doing it there, and doing it here are two different things. This seems to be the right class level for him, in for optional claiming tag. Is he quick enough?
8 GLOBAL REVOLUTION I guess he's got speed, but perhaps questionable stamina? Therefore, I don't think I could bet the ranch here on the mile track. He's got to prove he can hack it here, and finish a mile. Your call, folks?
9 VIC'S ROYAL LADY That was pretty sharp effort last time, folks! Yes, it was a couple of weeks ago, so I wonder why the missed time. She probably won't be 11-1 this week, and it is post nine. Vulnerable out here? Not sure.
10 JUST FOR TODAY Likely coming from last, and you all know how I feel about that. Not my type.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-8-3-7
H Horse Comment
1 TIGER BOUDOIR That looks like a pretty good bounce back kind of mile last time at the Spa. However, when I look at overall record, I see a horse that doesn't like to win too often. So, maybe we use underneath only?
2 B N A STARRR Mare ships down from Monti and into a much tougher race. Is she good enough? I doubt it.
3 BLUSH HANOVER Admittedly, this is not one of my favorites, but I don't know if she's ever been this low in class. Is this truly a now or never spot? Brett has always driven her conservatively. Maybe it's time to open up the gas pedal.
4 IDEAL IN CASH The last of the Dover shippers on the card. See how they've done so far. In reality, this is perfect spot for her, if she can handle the big track. Looking for the "ol class drop and pop. I think she can get it done.
5 PIRAEUS One of the many possibilities in this wide open race. Some of her miles against better would be good enough to win here. BUT, is she finally primed and ready? That, I cannot answer. A top effort gets her close.
6 MISS DEFIANCE Did not race well upon return. It was a flat mile and she had no punch. Had more punch when we saw her earlier this year. Which mare shows up tonight? I do not know.
7 PURITY This mare and outside posts do not get along. But, she does possess plenty of speed if Vinny wants to send her. With most of the power in here to the inside, he might as well take a shot. She won't win it from last.
8 AREYOUREADYGIRL N Got bet off the board on the drop in that Pocono race and was just okay. She's also faced far better in the past, but is she rip-roaring and primed for this spot? If she is, the rest will be chasing. Your call?
9 MATTJESTIC TEMPO Can't really say I like what I see on paper here. Not to mention the post too! Pass.