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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, February 17, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 6-2-3-7
H Horse Comment
1 MONICA GALLAGHER Faced a different kind of group last time and we finally saw a chink in the armor. Prior starts were all excellent! But, she is forced up in class again, and this is where waters get even deeper. Bounces back?
1A CAVIART CARI ANN Looks like she was having problems over at Yonkers, so why not switch her here? This is no easy spot, but I wouldn't be shocked with big wakeup call. That's what these guys do. Race 'em where they can win!
2 OK HEAVENLY Working her way back down the class ladder and wakeup call seems imminent. The post relief alone will help her out and she plots for good trip in here. Might offer some value, if you've been chasing her lately.
3 INITTOWINAFORTUNE Had a couple of qualifiers here, and then a very good first start back. Only 14 starts last year, so I wonder what went wrong. Looks like she's rested up and ready to roll! If not tonight, in a good spot soon.
4 SHUTTHEFRONTDOOR Uncorked a BIG mile to win last week for our "Big Dee's Tack Trainer of the Week!" Showed a lot of heart to win that night, but this is brand new ballgame here. These are much tougher mares. May be outclassed?
5 DELIGHTFUL DRAGON Rolled her way right through conditions over at Yonkers. Then took a month off. Odd? Is she prepping for the Matchmaker, or just needed the time off? I don't know. Didn't look all that ready in the qualifier.
6 SHARTIN N How good is this mare? I don't think we know yet, because she hasn't been tested. This is perfect spot for Big M debut and I have a feeling she might even race better here. That break, and win is some kinda mile! We'll see.
7 CLEAR IDEA Stakes-quality filly from last year is back, after a brief freshening. She did have a strong qualifier behind monster, so she looks ready. Tonight's problem could be the post. Not sure they'll want to gun first start back.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 4-6-9-2
H Horse Comment
1 MISS RUBY Lone mare in here probably needed that first start back, and it certainly wasn't bad. Meeting a few tough foes in here, however, and she might need another start or two before we see best. I'm waiting for softer spot.
2 NOBLE PRIZE Dispatched a weak group last time to pay some dividends for Burke Brigade. This is HUGE step up tonight, though, so be careful. He won't be cruising around the track unpressured now. The big test for class.
3 IRON DOME Scratched sick last week, so that always worries you. Made a rare miscue at the gate before that, so you can make a case he might be ready to tail off. Not sure what the price will be tonight. Needs big bounce back. Trainer: Bounced back and trained really good this week. Hopefully, he races good.
4 DERF HANOVER Paid a surprisingly big price when last seen a couple of weeks ago. That field was similar to this one, and there's no reason to think he won't fire again. Good inside post, and Nap now in the seat. All systems go.
5 ACES AND EIGHTS Seems to be having his issues at the gate right about now, so I'd advise caution before betting. Marcus got along with him once, so it's up to him to time that gate. It won't be easy. Demand price if you like.
6 BROADWAY PROMISE Chased an uncatchable winner last week in Rose. It was still quality effort, and this 4YO should continue to improve with each start under his belt. Nice horse here, and very possible upsetter with the right trip. Trainer: Been racing well as of late.
7 MAJESTIC SUNSET Benefited from perfect trip and drive to beat weaker, but this is huge step back up, folks! Plus, he was kind of lucky to win that last one, with one foe locked in till late. I don't know if he's good enough to beat these.
8 MEADOWBROOK GLIDER On the comeback trail here and didn't look ready in that qualifier. I will pass tonight.
9 SORTIE HANOVER Note his propensity to finish second and third! So, if you were looking for a "price" use underneath in the gimmicks, go ahead and use this guy. The post stinks, but he does have some speed.
10 FRONT STREET A little bit better last time, but not exactly "rewarded" with this post. It will kill his chances.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 LIFE HAPPENED Colt didn't show a whole lot last year at two and was turned out. Back now, but on a slow and steady path to find his speed. Note the improvement over the three qualifiers. He's coming around. Surprises us soon.
2 ANNIHILATION Just now getting to the races, so it's taken some time. Hinted at ability in that one qualifier, so watch out. Big Red named Brett Miller on this fella, so that's a very positive sign. If not tonight, he'll be ready soon.
3 LONG BEACH Really don't know what to do with this fella. Gaps between starts. Scratches. Dull efforts. On best day, he is certainly fast enough, but will we get his best? That is the question, and I don't have the answer. Miller opted off.
4 SPORTS COWBOY I don't usually see it as a good sign when you scratch out of first scheduled start of the year. That can't be a good thing, right? Therefore, I will pass tonight and watch one. To see if he belongs.
5 J K FIELDING Folded up shop here two starts back, and then regressed further with a miscue. New barn has its work cut out with this fella. Let's look for any equipment changes, or something to get him rolling again.
6 YO APOLLO CREED Very tough call here, folks. Horse is not totally safe-gaited on those turns, as you saw last week. BUT, when he stays "upright" to the 3/4 pole, he can charge home. Do you take a short price on him? I wouldn't.
7 BAG PIPE MAJOR Just not a whole lot going right for this horse lately. Draws outside again. Not my type.
8 UNCLE COZ A real mystery horse here, in field full of other question marks. Not sure what happened after November 22, but the wheels came off. And, I can't exactly say I was happy with what I saw in the qualifiers. Not ready yet?
9 LYONS STEED Hasn't shown me nearly enough to warrant consideration, especially from an outside post now. A longshot, needing a lot of luck.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 ULTIMATE BEACHBOY I guess he got sick in early December and hasn't been seen since. Comeback qualifier was okay, not great. At this point, he is what he is! A $12.5 claimer. Expect speed from the pole. Tough to leave out.
2 MASTER OF PUPPETS I don't usually guess right on this guy, but I will note his last race was three weeks ago! That's not usually a good thing, so I'd be very wary to hop on board tonight. Nothing less than best will get him close.
3 JOJO JOVE Pretty good right now, and that was heck of a win last week to pay off on the claim. This is the right step up a notch in price, but he does lose A Nap here. I still think he can go with these. Needs that speed again.
4 MAY I CRUISE WEST Also in decent form right now, but hasn't been able to get lucky enough to win one of these things! I like the inside post here, so pilot can save that burst. Horse seems to have only one move. Must time it right. Trainer: Raced great last week, and hoping to repeat.
5 BAGGAGE CLAIM Never really got into the game last time, so let's not be too hard on him. Haltered out of that event by new barn and they do step him up a tick. The post is ideal and horse is versatile. He can leave. He can rally. Use.
6 WHATAORSE Been firing away down at Freehold lately, with a real mixed bag of efforts. When he races here, he's usually a factor. The price should be right, and I'd say consider him. Should work out some kind of trip from here.
7 TERROR OF THE NITE Very aggressively handled in first start for new barn off the claim. He got tired. This will be no picnic either, from an outer post. Kyle will have to find a way to make it easier. Always have to respect that speed.
8 DRUNKEN TERROR Took a lot of betting money last time, off the reclaim, but came up a little flat. I don't believe it will get any easier with the switch to an outer post. Might need a little luck, or a hot pace setup to rally.
9 SIX GUN No match for better foes last few, but he draws poorly here tonight. Not sure I can hop on board.
10 GLASS PRINCE Liked him last time, and it was a rare, double-digit winner for me. Things set up for a closer that night, but maybe not so much tonight. He will have a long way to come.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 4-8-6-9
H Horse Comment
1 TWINCREEKS JESSE Back after an unsuccessful trip to Freehold. These are probably still too tough. Wait for drop.
2 FEARLESS LEADER N Not a whole lot going on in this corner. Freshened up. Comeback qualifier was somewhat weak. I think we need to pass for now, until we see some more positive signs.
3 ALWAYS A DIAMOND Took ALL the tote action last week on the drop and Eric A gave him every chance. Wasn't good enough. Now forced back up in class and Eric opted off. Double negative, so I'll leave him out too!
4 WICK N Turned in best effort to date last week, and it's almost a shame that he got caught. If he's that good again, this is clearly the one to beat in here. Has post edge on several. Let's see that speed again, please. Goes long way! Trainer: Raced okay last week, fits back in and should be able to win in here.
5 SISKEL Month off and a comeback qualifier up at Saratoga. I always prefer that they qualify here, but that's home base for the connections, so I understand. Corey chose him over #10, but that makes sense too! Is he ready? Trainer: Coming off a much needed break. He qualified well and will be ready to roll!
6 CHIP WALTHER Also bet right off the tote board last week and the hot pace did not help. He did surrender pretty quickly, however. That caught my eye, in a bad way. Change of strategy now? Does his best work closing.
7 GRAVE DANCER Been mired in this class for a while now, and with just mild success. Last two times he drew this post, he was no factor at all. Will it be same tonight? Might be time to invent a little speed. A big 'ol maybe.
8 IWILLMAKEYOUSAYWOW After getting sick, he's slowly rebounded into shape for Team Buter. Last start was a hint that he's ready to come around. I wouldn't talk you off him, if you wanted to take shot from this outside post.
9 SPIRIT OF TRUTH Found a couple of nice, confidence-building spots down at Freehold. Barn elects to bring him up here for another try, but the post gods weren't kind. Eric might have to take a shot and leave at least a little for trip.
10 GIVEN UP TERROR Dropped to this level last time and still struggled. Post 10 now and wasn't Corey's pick.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-2-8
H Horse Comment
1 ROCKIN ROBERT Clearly wasn't ready off the long layoff in a spot where he probably didn't belong. This is a slight drop, but I'd need to see a lot more before I could endorse. Not yet.
2 DRUNKEN DESIRE A Sure doesn't win all that often, but gives hints that he's in good form. I like the inside post to keep him close to the action, and it's up to The Mann to gear him up late. A possibility. Hard to leave out. Trainer: Trained well. Hoping to get a closer trip with the inside post.
3 VERDAD The truth is, he offered a much better second qualifier. When barn q's them twice, they are usually ready to roll. Yes, I know it's more than a year layoff, but I think he'll be ready for these. Yannick on board too!
4 ROCKIN THE HOUSE Just about fell down behind the gate last week, but somehow came back to fly home. No, he's not the safest horse to bet on, but I'm encouraged by the step up here. That, plus Marohn chose over #1,9. H'mmm.
5 RATHER SWELL Not bad for a first start here. With that under his belt, I would imagine there could be more in the tank tonight. I like the post, and potential for trip. If price were right, I would suggest considering him.
6 P H KENNY Took a week off, but remains pretty sharp. I guess he's the one to beat again, especially with post edge on #8. Will Corey send him tonight, or wait for the trip? There isn't a ton of other speed in here. Interesting.
7 BEACHCHIP HANOVER Not a whole lot of luck in this corner lately, and these outer posts never help. It's all about pace and trip for this one, and I don't see him outkicking #6. Looks like a longshot again.
8 DURANT Probably the "key" to the race tonight! Fresh claim was very, very good to win last. He does have enough speed to overcome the assigned post, and it's a new driver too! Wouldn't talk you off him, even from way out here.
9 KINGS BARNS I did guess right on this fella that one time, but he's been in tough since, and without much kick. Gets slammed with the outside post tonight and I don't see him overcoming that. Your call?
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-4-5
H Horse Comment
1 PONYTA BOY I have grown to respect this fella. He tries very hard. He might not be a "true" Invite level pacer, but he's darn good. Probably just a touch overmatched again, but hoping for a smooth trip from the pole.
2 ENDEAVOR The outside post figured to hamper him last week and that's exactly what happened. Guess what? Now that he moves back inside, Patrick has options. This horse is still very good right now, so consider if price is right.
3 SOHO WALLSTREET A Yes, I still remember his first start here. Forgot to look for him out of town after that, and he turned in two solid efforts over at Yonkers. BUT, is he a "true" Invite level pacer? That, I'm not so sure about yet.
4 BETTOR'S EDGE Not much luck in his corner last few, but he's still battling away gamely. Brett will almost assuredly send him out of there again, but can he find just a little bit more in the last 50 yards? That's what he needs.
5 WESTERN JOE Give credit where it's due! That was monster finish, and great drive from Pat Berry last week. It just worked out, and if you followed, you were rewarded with nice price. What will the price be tonight? Prob too low. Trainer: Is having a good week and came out of last race very well. Tough bunch in here, but Joe can hold his own.
6 CHRISTEN ME N Last time we saw him here, he crushed! Yes, I would say that field might have been a tad weaker, but this is still a VERY good horse. And he can grind! Will probably have to, from this post. Grinds on by late?
7 ROCKIN RON Ron had a superb qualifier, but we all have to remember that this is just a "prep" for more important races in a couple weeks. SO, don't be shocked if he takes back and finishes up strongly. That's my take.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 6-9-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 BIG STRETCH MARK Sports upset wins in two of his last three, but I think it's time for his luck to run out. This is big step up in class and Eric A even opted off. I would be surprised if Stretch beat these.
2 MAJOR WAR Horse is going pretty well right now. And that was some fight-back win for the score last week. Eric chose him here, but he is also tackling a much tougher bunch. Not quite sure he's up to the task. Trainer: Been sharp and he's had a good week.
3 SWEET BEACH Nap's pick in here has been buried in some real rough spots lately. Probably overdue for a bit of a good break, but he'll need more than luck to beat this crew. Has post relief and needs it. Let's see if he gets a trip.
4 MAKE A STATEMENT A Qualified nicely up at Monti for North American debut and then made a break. So, not surprised that he ships to mile track, but is this the right spot? No.
5 SOVEREIGN BANNER N Horse has won here before, so keep that in mind. Not sure if it came against a field like this, but ya never know. Post is ideal to work out a trip. He's a grinder, so it's all about pace and trip. Can be used.
6 STARZNHEAVEN Gets Yannick back in the bike, and on a class drop too! However, he's meeting some familiar foes in tougher posts. Will we see the speed tonight, or the rally? I'm leaning towards the speed. Needs more stamina now.
7 QUALITY CLOSER On the comeback trail off the layoff, and this certainly doesn't look like the right spot yet. Pass.
8 HUG THE WIND N Okay, now what do we do with this fella? Uber impressive in the first two here, and then mysteriously a clunker in last. I have NO idea what to expect tonight, but I will say the post won't help. Your call?
9 AWESOMENESS I guess I feel for ya, if you've been chasing this guy. Short price every time and nailed on the wire last week. Gets a touch of class relief, but certainly not the post relief. Will he be leaving? Sure wish I knew answer to that.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-5-2-1
H Horse Comment
1 JACKSRLUCKYTOO Jack never really had a chance last time, and I feel for ya if you took the 5/2 underlay odds. This might be your chance to get it back. Moves all the way inside and should be in prime position to grind. He can! Trainer: Was just a bad week last week. He did have a good week of training, and hopefully will be there at the end.
2 BLAISE MM HANOVER Back over from Yonkers where he's been suffering a case of the bad post blues. This is better spot, but I do wonder if he's as good here on the big track? It's a legitimate question. Price should be right to try.
3 SAMS TRIPLE CROWN Sam was actually VERY good again last time, despite the hike up and bad post. Now, it's a good post, but Corey didn't stick with him. So, that's mixed signals. I guess it's all about the trip. He needs one.
4 CHEYENNE SEEBER Struggled to keep up in that amazingly fast pace last week. No worries. Could be very different pace scenario in here and trip should be different. I wouldn't leave him off the ticket completely. Be wary.
5 CENTURY CHURCHILL Somehow, someway, he got outgamed by Stretch last week. That's a little knock in my book, but horse has been deceptively good here so far. This is the right spot and he seems overdue. Nap's choice.
6 ALTA LEROY N I still cannot believe he got beat last week. After passing the War, he started "hanging" a little and it cost him. If anything, this bunch looks a little tougher than that one, so I might be off the bandwagon now.
7 ELRAMA N Boy, is he due for a bit of a good break! Corey took a real shot last week, sending hard and he fought valiantly all the way. Simply put: if he's that good again, he should win. Very sharp right now. Only needs some luck. Trainer: Has been sharp with little to show for it lately. Should be in the mix.
8 COWBOY TERRIER Now makes third start back off the layoff and boy was that a good one last week! A real eye-catcher, folks. This is significant bump up in class, but I liked what I saw. Let's see if he's in same class as #7.
9 MORE DRAGON I tend to prefer the Dragon from an inside post. Not an outside one like this. I will pass.
10 URBAN RENEWAL Another that loses the inside post help. He also loses Nap. That's a double whammy.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-5-7
H Horse Comment
1 BIG TOP HANOVER Yes, he finally found the field that he could beat. Even overcame a difficult trip to win decisively. Now, gelding begins the climb back up the ladder. Confidence builders help, though! He's still good in here. Trainer: Came out of last race good.
2 COPPER COAST A Exits the claimers, and back over from Yonkers off a tiring effort. Not really sure what to make of his form right now, so I have questions. The post is good. Probably back to the rally mode. Wakes back up?
3 EVER AGAIN Getting a touch of needed class relief, so it's back to a spot where he can probably do some damage. I wouldn't hesitate to use him, provided price is right. It's all about pace and flow for this fella. He can finish!
4 DAVID'S DREAM I haven't guessed right on David all year, but I do see the class drop and post relief. He's shocked me before, but usually with Corey. Corey chose #2 tonight. Does that tell us something? Maybe.
5 SIR MACHALOT Kind of threw in a clunker last week, and not sure why. I know the conditions were brutal, but so was he! This is the spot where he usually does damage, but it will take a big bounce back to get the job done.
6 HILLBILLY HANOVER Flashed just enough sneaky pace in comebacker. Tells me he's not that far away from being ready. I'm going to take a chance and wait one more week. Watch very closely, though.
7 SOUTHWIND GENERAL I don't know what to tell you here. Also turned in a clunker last time, and then missed an extra week. Is that good or bad? Probably bad, but barn is still on fire. It's hard to ignore their starters right now. Adds L
8 MISTER TRUTH Exits another good effort. Did get a nice trip last week, but horse has rounded into form nicely. Tonight's problem is of course, the post. Will Eric send him a little? If he does, chances go up a notch. Trainer: Been sharp! Has to overcome the post, but had a good week.
9 IAMMRBRIGHTSIDE N Just when I thought things were headed south with this guy, boom, a better effort! Is that the signal that the "ol Brightside is coming back? I don't know. The post still stinks, and it's back up in class. Your call?
10 ALL WEEK Steadily working his way down the ladder. You all know I hate post 10, but if Pants can find a way to get gelding into the race, he's got a shot. Been sitting on a good one for a while now.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-2-5-8
H Horse Comment
1 MEETYOUATMIDNIGHT Finally gets a break from the post gods, so beware! Horse seems to race better when he draws inside. Brett didn't opt for him, though. So, that's a concern. Still usable, if the price is right.
2 DUNE DUDE I will simply just forget about the break last week. The conditions were rough, so let's give the Dude a pass. Prior to that, I loved him, and he won. Expecting a decent bounce back kind of effort in here. Trainer: Was shying away from the mud and standing water out of the tunnel. Hopefully, he's better.
3 I'M SOME GRADUATE Brett had options and chose this fella tonight. Yes, gelding got the comeback 'tour of the oval" last week, but he was good,. This is the spot to take a shot and I won't go against. Might be hard to deny.
4 CALVIN B I haven't really been a fan of Cal lately, but that's okay. Back from a quick trip to Yonkers where he faced better as no threat. This is about the right level where he usually can step up, and Corey does stick with him. Trainer: Horse acting very good, loves the Meadowlands. Looks like the right spot for him.
5 SPICEBOMB Another that made an odd break. It was wet, cold and windy, so let's give everybody a pass for that night. Draws ideal post for his style, but this time, Brett opted to another. That does have to tell us something.
6 COMMENTARIAT This level has proven to be a little too tough for the gelding right now. He's hoping for a hot pace, because he can close, but we still need to see more. Might have to wait for class drop on that.
7 MAAJAACKOBE Didn't make that much of an impression upon arrival. But that race was won up front and nobody could make up any ground in fast race. This race has a different feel to it. Let's see if he belongs here.
8 ROCKNROLL WILDCATS Raced pretty good two back. Then regressed with a miscue on the drop in class. This is additional drop, so is it wakeup call time again? I'd hesitate before tossing him off the ticket. Has Yannick back too!
9 YO CHEYENNE ROCKY Never really got rolling last time, but could be stuck in same spot here. Needs class relief.
10 SUNSHINE WEST Suffering a good case of the bad post blues right now and it continues. Tough to like out here.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 2-7-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 GOLD STAR ROGER On the slow and steady comeback trail, but he's not there yet. Still a longshot.
2 DANISHDUJOUR We can give him a pass for the first try off the claim. Bad post, no leave at Freehold. I think horse races better here anyway. Finds exactly the right spot to step back up. Can be used, if price is right.
3 OUTCRY Didn't make much of an impact in the first try here. I'm a bit surprised to see the claiming tag on so soon off the layoff. I know you have to race "em where they can win. Will this gelding step back up? A big maybe.
4 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Definitely back in the spot where can always wake back up. It's all about pace and trip for this Buckeye, so keep that in mind. There may not be much pace, once Walks hits the lead. Will have to grind into it.
5 MUST BE THE BUNNY Still not showing me enough to warrant extra consideration. Still a longshot to me.
6 IDEAL ROMANCE That hot early pace kind of cooked him last week. Could be an easier pace scenario tonight and that would go a long way towards his stamina. Still has to prove that he can hack it on the mile track. Not sure.
7 WALKS OF LIFE I keep waiting to see a chink in the armor here, and that hasn't been the case. Warhorse just swells up once he gets the lead, and he was used pretty hard last time. Hasn't had week off in long time. Big favorite. Trainer: He likes his job!
8 FLY'N WITH ROYALTY Ended up requalifying after refusing the gate couple weeks ago. Drew a real tough post here, right outside the favorite. Let's see if Mitch can keep the gelding's mind on business tonight with a rally.
9 FOX VALLEY LEO Down from Monti with a good roll of races lately. BUT, like so many, he has to prove the stamina level here, and this post certainly won't help. I need to see a good one here first.
10 KID COURAGEOUS A Also used up in that early pace battle last week. Gets slammed with post 10, after that pole start, so this probably isn't going to work out. Should be coming from way back.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 9-2-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 PARTY BOY Had a fairly decent qualifier off the layoff. Gets a big break with the pole draw tonight, so Mike only has to sit in, save ground and try to get lucky late. Probably not good enough to win, but maybe hit the ticket? Trainer: I was pleased with his qualifier, but think he will need a race or two to get where he needs to be. Big track will help him.
2 PEPPER GUY I suppose this is the last "free pass" for this gelding. He's won six times, but still less than $40K. The gaps between races are always a concern, but horse is still good each time. Let's see if he gets "tested" by #9.
3 BET THE DRAGON Finally gets a break at the post draw and he needs it. It will be NO easy task tackling #2,9 tonight, but give him a trip and let's see what he can do. Has shown ability here and cannot be left out.
4 ROCKIN MACHINE Likely "needed' that first go for new barn, so I won't be too hard on him. Fact that he moves to big track now is probably a positive sign. He did okay on big tracks out in Midwest. Let's see if he's a Med horse! Trainer: Trains super on the mile at Gaitway, thus should love the Big M.
5 SCHOLZ Still looking very much like the longshot. Drew ideal post this week, but needs to find more kick, folks.
6 STRAIGHTOUTACONSIN Another that definitely "needed" a start. Seems like a one-way closer, and I don't know how much pace we'll have in here. Once the faves line up, they figure to slow it down. This guy needs hot pace.
7 ROCK ON LINE This horse certainly took to the big track up north. I can't glean much from the one Yonkers try. You leave this barn's starters out as your own risk. Does he have any early speed? I guess we'll find out.
8 WHATA TWIST Never wins, but often sneaks onto the ticket somehow. Consider that when you're chalking up those Super Hi 5 tickets. This horse will offer some solid value.
9 ROLLING SEA Easily the key to the race, because that was such a solid bounce back effort off the break. Nap will be easing him out of there, and I'm anxious to see what happens when he hooks up with #2. Should be interesting.
10 TANGO STAR Weakened a little in both qualifiers off the long layoff. I'm willing to wait for softer spot.