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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, December 29, 2017

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 7-10-3-9
H Horse Comment
1 ABC CROWN ME QUEEN Appears to be in a tough spot here, especially off the scratch. I will pass tonight.
2 PLAYBOY RUSTY Not exactly lighting up the world with his form right now. I would be hard pressed to find a reason to bet this guy at the moment. Needs to turn things up a few notches.
3 WHATNBLAZES Gets some much needed post relief and could have needed that last start. It wasn't bad, so let's look for a little bit more from this fella. He's faced these plenty of times, and with some success. Usable longshot. Trainer: Missed a week. Trained back pretty good. Expecting a decent effort in here.
4 VALLEY GLIDER This was Brett Miller's choice in here, but I see gaps between races, and a string of last quarters that are extremely slow. I think I'm going to watch one here first, to see if the stamina improves. It better.
5 LADY ZETTE Does not appear to be up to the task right now and will need to find more speed. A pass for me.
6 KEYSTONE THOMAS He's probably got a chance in here, because he packs that solid speed. 11YO warhorse could be in a no-passing zone kind of race. Let's see if he can fight off the field all the way down the stretch. A maybe.
7 GUESS WHOS BACK Consistent sort up at home base. Down for a big track try and he couldn't have found a softer spot. I will hop on board this fella's boat and hope he can handle it here. A good effort would beat these.
8 CAPER K COURT It's tough to get real excited about this one, coming off that break. The qualifier was good, so let's concentrate on that and hope he stays trotting. That does seem to be asking a lot, however. Your call?
9 FRIENDSINLOWPLACES I've tried this guy a few times and he just gets too anxious behind the gate. More tinkering with equipment coming, I hope. Also a new pilot that is good with trotters. A tough task from another outside post.
10 DOC'S BOY Looks a LOT better on paper than most of these, but yes, it is the dreaded post 10. That will test Tyler and the horse as well. Has the speed to get out of there, and hopefully work out a smooth trip. If so, he can win.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 9-10-5-7
H Horse Comment
1 OVER HER LIMIT 2YO has been off since July and shows the one fair qualifier to get ready for this. I suspect she might need a race or two before we see her best. At least she stayed trotting. That is the goal here.
2 RANGONE HANOVER Definitely a work in progress for the new barn. Broke despite the hopples on in first go here. With that said, I will have to pass and see if he trots. That might be asking a lot.
3 PRESIDENT ZETTE This fella trots, but so far, he just isn't very fast. The hopples have come off and he did make it around the track in the qualifier, but he also got beat 20 lengths. I would need to see more before I could bet.
4 BRICKYARD KING Up from Philly for Ray Baynes and the gelding looks consistent. Doesn't make mistakes. In a field like this, he looks better than most. I guess I wouldn't talk you off him, if the price was right. Very usable.
5 MISS OLIVIA MAE Coming off a much improved effort and gets a switch to Andy tonight, both plusses! Has barn finally figured her out? The answer might be yes! If we see the speed again, her chances go way up! Trainer: when she is given a chance she can hold her own.
6 CLASSIC PLAYTER I really don't know what to make of that last one down at Philly. That's a disaster, simply put. I would have a tough time believing he can bounce back from that, even after a few weeks off. Let's watch one.
7 RECEIVERSHIP Geared up a nice, inside charge to win that qualifier, but he was asked to do so, and he was getting a little rough near the end. So, I advise caution, folks. The price isn't going to be very big. Take a long look at him first. Trainer: I was extremely impressed with that qualifier. Had questionable tendencies in past, and will need to repeat that performance for me to be a complete believer.
8 DANISH DESIGN Just 1-29 lifetime and up to the mile track with some suspect stamina. A longshot to me in pp8.
9 TOUGHER THAN EVER Suffering a good case of the bad post blues right now. This slot won't help, but Jimmy almost got the job done with him here two back. That's the blueprint for victory here. Fires out and then stalks. Must use.
10 I'M DONE Has missed just about a month, shipping up from Florida where it was nice and warm. It's supposed to be about 15 degrees here tonight. Can this horse possibly be ready for that? Looks talented enough. Difficult call.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 8-1-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 BLUE GROTTO Now we know why she's being raced this late in the year. She's in the Mixed Sale in two weeks! With that said, she was awfully impressive in beating up on weaker. Obviously, the goal is to keep impressing. Must use.
2 THE TIME TO WIN One of the many down from the Spa to take a shot here. This filly showed good speed when she drew an inside post up there. Gets a nice slot here and plots for a good trip. Let's see if mile track quality.
3 DONT STOP BELIEVIN Also in the sale coming up as hip #114. Can't really fault her form, and I like that she didn't stop after the brutal trip at Saratoga. Only needs to go a little bit faster here, and I think she will. Hard to leave out. Trainer: I love this filly! She's done everything right so far on the half. Testing her out on mile track and excited to see how she likes it. Trained super this week.
4 MYLITTLESURFERGIRL Sale bound as well, hip #130. Exits the same kind of races as #3 over at Yonkers, and the homebred has a nice pedigree for mile track prowess. I guess I wouldn't be shocked if she stalked and rallied well. Trainer: Had some late pace last week with no room. She had a nice Christmas with her family at the farm.
5 GUSSY'S DRAGON Barn has several in tonight, and most have great chances, like this lass! She even proved she could overcome a tough post and trip two back. I like the post. I like her speed. No reason not to like tonight!
6 STUDIO ONE MIA since December 9, so that is a problem. On the plus side, this is a pretty big class drop, so if she's primed and ready for a good one, this is a possible upsetter. Not completely out of it, with recently added Lasix.
7 NANCY MELINDA Brett chose this one over #2, but that didn't surprise me. I'm not going to get too excited with that 1-35 record over the past couple years. She's going to have to prove it to me first. Post won't help either.
8 MONICA GALLAGHER This filly raced okay in her first go here for Burke. I also like the class drop, since she fits via one of the alternate condition (nw$60K life.) Have to believe A Nap will be aggressive again. No reason not to like.
9 BRAIDA HANOVER Had she drawn a better post, I might be more interested. Not much speed. Difficult spot.
10 FINA PATINA She was in tough last week and seems in even tougher now, not to mention post 10. A pass.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 1-8-9-3
H Horse Comment
1 WHERE TO HANOVER This is a prime spot to drop and pop, but I am surprised that Brett didn't opt here. He drove this fella down at Philly, so that does worry me. I still think he's got a great chance with the pole position draw.
2 WILDFLOWER Not really sure what to make of her form right now. Was much sharper when we saw her earlier. This is second start at the higher level and she comes off a bit of a clunker. Would need a whole lot more than that.
3 SHADY MCCOY Certainlly outraced his odds last time, despite the class hike. That was a good mile chasing a runaway winner. Same thing needed here and Shady will be in chase mode again. Probably won't be 38-1 this time either. Trainer: Raced well last week from the outside post. Really enjoys M1 and the mile track.
4 SHEER ACTION Now 0-18 on the campaign, so this is last chance to visit the winner's circle. Not likely. Pass.
5 CELEBRITY STIMULUS Needed every inch of that perfect drive to get the job done last week. One more step and he was beat. Forced up in class. Brett opts off. Lots of other speed in here. That's not a recipe for repeat success.
6 LOU MAN This was Brett's choice and that did surprise me. First time in barn of Scotty D, but a couple of missed weeks and some really flat form on view. Would need a big turnaround and those are hard to predict. I'll watch one. Trainer: Just bought back. Hopefully, he will return to his old form.
7 BIG BILL BREEZE Gets lucky to "scratch" into this spot and he's been okay lately. It's still a step up in class on the transition from Freehold, but he's not completely out of it.
8 DOMINUS HANOVER Seems to be over that breaking problem. Pennsy invader has a nice overall record, but is unproven here on the mile track. I don't like the post, but I do like A Nap. Handled the gelding well on Nov. 25.
9 PILGRIMS TIDE The other major class dropper in here was facing better down at Philly. Obviously, I don't like to see the scratch, but won't blame the horse. The bigger problem might be the post. Marcus must invent some speed.
10 HEIGHTEND SCRUTINY Finally loses that inside post advantage. I don't see much blast out speed here either, so this is a tall order. You will get a good price, if you fancy. The step up in class hurts as well.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 9-4-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 BROADWAY FANTASY Yes, she burned a little money in that Philly finale. Seemed to set a well-rated pace and still couldn't hold on. Did better in rally mode before that, so let's look for that kind of strategy. Sits, saves ground.
2 YANKEE DOODLE ANDI Out of same races as #1 down at Philly. Shows being well bet a lot, and also shows breaks. Broke in first start for new barn, so I have questions. I will pass, and watch one here first.
3 FUTURE SECURED Brett was listed on SIX of these, but HAS to drive this one, so don't be worried about choice. Filly did not have a great start here two back, but that was a better field. This seems more like the right spot. Consider.
4 HIGH GLIDER Well-bred homebred here for Melander. I like the way he grinded into races on the smaller tracks. Just might be a perfect fit for here. I like the post to keep him close. Doesn't make mistakes. For me, a must use.
5 AWAY MY BABY Coming out of some tough spots down at Philly. She certainly has speed, and I'll add that this is third start back off the freshening. She figures to be very ready for this and could be prime upsetter. Decent price?
6 DONOMONI One of three in here that are bound for the Mixed Sale on Jan. 15. Team Harmon took over for the Antonacci's and I don't see a whole lot yet. Fact that she's by Moni Maker, AND in the sale is probably not good.
7 ZETTE STARLING When she trots, she seems okay. This is a big test from an outer post now, so that could be an issue. I don't see a whole lot of early speed on view, so, it's a test for horse and pilot here on mile track.
8 SIGNAL HILL Unraced since September. Shows a month gap between the qualifiers here and is in the sale. That all adds up to question marks, folks. With a pedigree like that! Is he ready for this? He'll have to be to win it from pp8. Trainer: Talented colt coming off two encouraging qualifiers. Will need a race, however, off the layoff.
9 AMBER ELLA This looks like a perfect spot to drop and pop with Andy aboard. He "invented" some speed with her earlier this month and that's the blueprint for victory. If she's that good again, she could easily beat these.
10 AUTEUR HANOVER Final sale horse is hip #221. Been up and down the class ladder and this is a brutal post. Pass.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 2-10-1-4
H Horse Comment
1 ADMIRAL Kept up nicely in a very fast qualifier. It was actually better than any of his recent races! Jimmy Jr. chose him over #7, so that's extra plus. It's a slight class drop. I guess he could wake up here, but price may not be big.
2 EVERY INTENTION Picked up two checks for new barn since the claim, so that's a good thing. Tough posts too! This seems like a much better spot and A Nap is still in the seat. Definitely some positives here, even with bad record.
3 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Yes, we all know he never wins, but I will admit he's in good form right now. Did a good job of chasing well-rated winner last time. Drew a key inside post. There are reasons to include him on the ticket at price.
4 WILLIE BOOTS Was bet off the board upon arrival and didn't exactly fire his best shot. He's got only two wins this year, but one of them did come here. This is a better post. If you tell me Willie's ready now, I would say use.
5 MEDOLAND JATE Racing his way back into shape, and yes, that last one was an improved effort. Should still offer square odds, if you think that back class is ready to resurface. I want to watch one more. Hope I'm right.
6 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN Another that was mysteriously well bet last time and did not fire. He's completely tailed off for time being, so I will pass again and wait for some signs of life. Have to see them first, or guess when it's coming.
7 MAJOR BUDDY A Hip #209 in the sale, and the mile track experiment isn't working just yet. Ended up the 6-5 favorite last week and was no solid threat with a tough trip. Jimmy opted off and horse moves outside. Not many positives.
8 DANGER HI JOLTAGE Was clearly in need of his first start back. I suspect he might need a few more. Pass for now.
9 LE GAMBE Getting a touch of much needed class relief, but I wish he'd gotten post relief too! Early speed does not seem to be his best weapon, so he might be at mercy of pace and trip. A hot one would certainly help.
10 ALL IT TAKES Gave it a great try against a classier, older horse last time. Meeting another suspect bunch, with lots of question marks, but Brett sticks. I hate the post, but 3YO does have some speed. Might need all of it to have chance.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 9-3-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 WORTH THE MONEY AS Gets a touch of much needed class relief and he appears to need it. Ended up with a good trip in a lively flow last week, but clearly lacked a knockout punch. Will have to find one from the rail tonight.
2 CASH LEEBROOK Up and down the class ladder against some tough customers over at Yonkers. Brett had a choice and opted here over #10. I can't guarantee that the mile track will be his thing. Maybe we watch tote board?
3 QUEEN ADJALA Back to the level where she belongs. Also gets a much kinder post to start from. Not sure how big the price will be, but I wouldn't hesitate to toss her onto the ticket. Only needs a smooth journey to have a shot. Trainer: Should fit in here just right. Had a lot of road traffic last week.
4 ALEXANDER HANOVER Up from Philly and probably up too high in class. Wasn't Marohn's choice. Mine either.
5 SCIROCCO JAKOB Wasn't bad in that first start back here, but wasn't great either. Kind of rode the rail in paceless race and merely kept up. It will take more than that to get any closer to the winner's circle. Not sure about that.
6 ASHES CASH Another newcomer to the Big M with a distinct closing style. Things would have to set up just perfectly for him to beat these and you can never count on that. Tough call, but offering square odds if you fancy.
7 IRON MINE JOHNNY I liked him in that spot last week and he disappointed in a big way with the break. Moves outside one slot further, but I do think he has talent. Willing to give one more chance to shine here.
8 DI OGGI Very quietly racing very well right now. Proved it was no fluke, by flying home last week. I guess my problem is the probably pace scenario in here. Figures to get away far back in the pack again. That's hard to overcome.
9 ZOOMING The entire stretch last week, I thought he was going to get there. Came up just short, but was still full of trot. The switch to an outside post is a concern, but this is a field full of closers. He should go right to the front. Trainer: Trained well, but has a lot of work to do from the outside.
10 KABANG 3YO does not appear to be in the right spot here in second go for new barn. I will pass and wait.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 3-6-10-2
H Horse Comment
1 OUR ELS DREAM N Stuck in same class as last week when it appeared she was overmatched. A pass again.
2 LADY OF HEAVEN Definitely racing better on Lasix. She's been okay in the two starts here. I would like to see a bit more punch, but the post relief alone will keep her closer. Not the worst longshot stab ever with Jimmy.
3 NEON SKY N Paced faster than any of these in last start, and it was her first start off a long layoff. If she improves just a little, then she's the one to beat! A Nap sticks around and mare looks like she fits very well here. Hard to ignore.
4 GIVEMEYOURHEART Raced surprisingly well in her first try over from Yonkers. It did come against slightly lesser, though, and this is a strong bunch. She will have to prove it all over again for Mr. Longshot Carlson. A maybe.
5 CHEYENNE ROBIN Sale bound as Hip #109 next month. Lures Brett Miller off a couple of others. Sprinted home in the qualifier, but can she possibly be A-1 cranked and ready for this? That is my question. Don't want low odds.
6 KNOW IT ALL Should be sufficiently speed tightened by now over at Yonkers. Eric A is very dangerous with class droppers like this. I believe the price will be okay and I would suggest tossing her onto the ticket if value is there.
7 JEWEL LEHIGH A The other sale bound mare was overbet in a couple of starts here and did not deliver the goods. Brett had enough, so he opted off. Moves back to an outer post. I guess I have more negatives than positives. Trainer: Better than last line shows. Weather was off and she tied up.
8 MOSQUITO BLUE CHIP In a field full of powerful class droppers, this mare is hiking up. And bad post. Pass.
9 BELLATRICKS Had Brett Miller opted here, I would probably be a lot more interested. Packs big time speed and it's a rare Meadowlands appearance for Virgil. Let's see if she's got mile track stamina. That is the only question.
10 WHEN SHARKS FLY Sneaks into this race on the non winners of $130 life. That always catches my eye. It's a needed class drop after flat try. She packs blast out speed potential and I think she sends. Very usable, despite post 10.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-5-4
H Horse Comment
1 MONTALBANO BI One of two in here for the barn and Marohn expectedly chose this one. Wasn't quite as sharp with that rally last time, but I expect a big bounce back here. The move to pole position is huge plus for this guy. Trainer: Finished strong last week and the rail should help.
2 BROADWAY CONCERT Filly had to "need" that last one, and she was overmatched anyway. This is a much more proper spot, and the inside post is a big plus for her too! Don't be shocked if she sits close, delivers a rally.
3 QUICK DEAL Barn's other starter loses Jimmy and gets Rob. These are probably too tough for horse anyway.
4 DRESSED TO IMPRESS Another 3YO filly tackling older, more seasoned foes, but she's more than held her own lately. A Nap sticks after firing her out of the gate for a trip last week. That worked out well. Same thing coming?
5 STITCH IN TIME Came up a little flat in that return try, but trust me, he's better than that. Tyler back in the seat now, from an ideal midpack post. I guess I would be surprised if he didn't race better tonight. Versatile speed helps too!
6 TYCOON SEELSTER 3YO comes out of same race as #1, but that foe was trotting a little faster late. It's another midpack post and it might be time to change up the tactics. Gelding has some speed, so this is good spot to use it.
7 FLEET BUMBLEBEE Sale bound gelding flattened out after being forced wide in last. The good effort came with Brett in the seat and some speed. I'd like to see that again. Any smooth trip would raise her profile, at a decent price.
8 MARION MILLIONAIR I thought she was a little tired at the end of that qualifier, so not ready yet. I will pass.
9 MONEYCOUNTS DE VIE Take away that break and this gelding looks okay. I do hate the post, though. Overall record is good. Tell me he finds a way into it, and I wouldn't talk you off him. Price should be okay too!
10 GET TO DOIN IT Clearly not in a good spot here, especially off that break. Looks like a longshot to me.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-10-9
H Horse Comment
1 BEYONCES ROCKN Down from the Spa and into a relatively similar class. She faced better when last seen here, and I do like the pole post. Only knock is that Brett didn't choose. He opted to #9. I still give this lass a decent chance.
2 QUICK DRAFT A Was okay here in that race two back and it was against a better bunch. The post relief alone should keep her a lot closer and it's dangerous to leave this barn's starters off your ticket. Any smooth trip helps.
3 AMERICAN DANCER Is this a little too high in class for her upon arrival? I'm going to guess yes. Your call?
4 BESTGIRLFRIENDEVER Same boat as #3. I don't think she's a great fit for this group, so I will rate a longshot.
5 SHESGOTTHEBEAT Three straight seconds. No wins yet on the year, so this is last chance to shine. My bigger concern is the class hike. Not sure she will be up to the task here, but it'll be up to Greg to get her a trip. His choice over #7. Trainer: Raced very good in her last start. Trained good this week and should be fine in there.
6 RELENTLESS SPIRIT Finds her way back to Club Med after dropping and popping at Rosecroft. Gets a lively longshot driver, but will have a lot to prove against these. Only at a big price would I consider using on the ticket.
7 BEAUTIFUL LADY Didn't make much of an impact when last seen here. Moves to a tougher post back on the mile track and wasn't Merton's choice. Will need to find that speed she showed up in Mass, plus more stamina.
8 GIRLLOOKATTHATBODY Missed a couple of weeks, probably trying to find the right level here. Worked her way up the class ladder nicely, but I'm sure she will be tested by this post and field. The outside pair might leave. Tough spot.
9 SKIPPIN BY Brett chose this mare, so let's take a good, long look. Certainly has speed, but has lost four straight as the favorite. How many times can you go to the well? I'm probably going to swing against, but she will be firing out.
10 SAGE N Had she not drawn post 10, I'd be much more interested. Wasn't Brett's choice, so that's a concern. She does have fairly good record this year and seems versatile. Will need a little luck, but that is possible despite the post.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-2-1
H Horse Comment
1 DRACO Made no real impact in either try here thus far. Gets some post relief, though, and a switch to this claimer could ignite a touch more speed. I know he's 0-20 this year, but this is a soft spot. Don't be shocked by more.
2 FORTY CARROTS Makes first start for dangerous claiming barn. You don't see too many 10YO's get claimed, but this horse is more than consistent. Deserves a big track try and he's done it at Vernon too. Let's see if he belongs.
3 SANDINISTA In a race full of class hikers, this fella is taking a drop. Also finally gets a decent post, so a wakeup call could be imminent. If he were to take some betting action, I would pay attention. Time to show more kick.
4 IDEAL DANNY 11YO got the nickel in both tries here, but will have to turn up the jets to get more. A longshot.
5 TREY These just look too quick for him. This doesn't look like the right spot, so I will simply pass on chances.
6 FOX VALLEY CADET Had just enough sneaky pylon pace last time to tell me he's ready to bounce back. This is the ideal spot for gelding to regain form. Let's expect to see the speed again, folks. The one to beat in my book. Trainer: Kinda got a messed up trip last week in the final. Should be a little better this week.
7 CUNDALINI The other fresh claim in here. Didn't seem to like the longer stretch in that one try here, but there's nowhere else to race right now. I'll add that Brett takes the call, so that is a positive indicator. A big maybe for me.
8 JAY BEES GRIN N His qualifier was a lot better than any race he shows on paper. Horse is more than familiar with the mile track here, so I guess we should take a good, long look. One part of the speed pace scenario. Trainer: Came back good from a minor injury. Did the qualifier pretty easily.
9 UPPERCUTZ Speaking of speed, this guy has some! Been tearing it up in easier spots down at Freehold. Is he truly cut out to go even faster here on the mile track? I'm not so sure, plus post nine will present some problems. A good test.
10 PERFECT TERROR Moves from pole to post 10 and his recent form against probably weaker doesn't excite me. Looks like a pass from the dreaded outside slot.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-4-5
H Horse Comment
1 R SAM Sam has been here before and he did win a couple of times over the years. Now a 10YO warhorse with more than 200 starts under his belt. He's forced up in class after some good efforts. These may be too quick for him.
2 MISTRESS VALENTINE Clearly struggled in her first start back, so I suspect she'll need a few more. Not for me.
3 MOONLIGHT COCKTAIL Forced back up in class, so that gives me pause. I really felt she was sitting on a big effort sometime soon, motoring home from impossible spots. Deceptively sharp, so I will toss onto the ticket despite hike.
4 ON THE SLY Tends to lag early, and that's not my favorite trait. However, he does move back inside and this race could have a LOT of action in it. The right kind of trip could set up his decent kick. Not completely out of it.
5 RAISE THE CURTAIN Also appears to be a one-way kind of closer. Usually I would love a post like this, along with a class drop. He's uncorked some big rallies at long odds before, so consider that before you toss him out.
6 PRIME POWER N This is a prime spot for a big return to form tonight! Second start after getting over those breaking issues. Has speed too! Could end up with a great trip behind the speedsters and it should work out well. Trainer: I think this is an Open type trotter if he ever gets over his breaking issue.
7 AXIOS I still remember that rally for that win here, but yes, that field was a whole lot weaker than this one. I do believe he's overmatched here, so I will pass and wait for some class relief. It will come.
8 LOVE HUNTER Has now missed three weeks, so that's a problem. This upper class level will also prove to be a problem. On the plus side, you get A Nap, who drove this fella to one of his two wins this year. H'mmmm.
9 LAUDERDALE As previously stated, I just hate when this horse shows up here. Trainer told us last time that he would be coming from off the pace, and looked how well that worked out! Beat me then. Will probably beat me now. Trainer: Once again hindered by the outside post, but he and Brett got along good last start.
10 SOUTH SIDE HANOVER Just can't find a way to get lucky and hang on in one of these. Additionally, she's forced up the class ladder a notch. Maybe it's time to get her a "follow" trip? Not sure, but price not likely to be big.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 9-3-4-7
H Horse Comment
1 HEPBURN HANOVER One of the 2YO's in here and so far, she looks okay. Hard to believe she's by Somebeach, yet cost only $14K as a yearling. Looks like mission accomplished so far. Made the races. Only needs to go faster.
2 SPORTS LEADER Are these a little too tough for her right now? I think so. I will pass and watch one here.
3 THE SECOND STAR Flashed some pretty good speed in her second try here. That showed me some improvement, and she was keeping up late. Probably not the worst longshot stab ever, even with the 0-10 record so far. Trainer: Seems to be improving each week and hoping it continues.
4 ESCAPE AGAIN A very key driver choice here, as Brett chose this 2YO, over the more accomplished 3YO in #8. This filly got very rough behind the gate last time, but caught the pack and had good late kick. No mistakes now?
5 LIVIN THE MOMENT Struggled home here twice, so I can't be too positive about her chances. A pass for me.
6 HARPER CHOICE Looks like another of the longshots. She's had three chances here so far, with only two minor checks to show for it. Will need to turn up the jets substantially to get any closer to the winner's circle.
7 HONOR AND OBEY Yes, I can see the 1-24 slate this year, but I also saw a much improved effort with the switch to the bigger track last time. That was a pretty crisp rally behind an uncatchable winning favorite. Caught my eye.
8 NOT SO SWEET Poor filly is suffering a very bad case of the bad post blues! Almost not fair! She actually raced well that one time she drew inside. Tonight, she's probably at mercy of both pace and trip. Might not work out too well.
9 SHAREN HANOVER The key to the race, because she's the likely pacesetter. I don't see anybody keeping her from the front, and there's no Zane Hanover in here. Big, big chance to go all the way for Marcus. In the sale on Jan. 15..
10 RICKY'S QUICKIE Got away with a soft pace in return try here, yet still got run over late. Not exactly helped by post 10, with probable blast out from #9. Will have to find just a touch more stamina somewhere. Tough call.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 KEYSTONE WANDA Our final sale bound horse of the night. Hip #123. Takes her fifth straight class drop, so it's more than time to wake up and win one. Just don't expect much of a price from the pole position with Brett. Trainer: Scoped pretty sick in her last start, so gave her the week off. She's a solid, big mare who should appreciate the big track.
2 MELANIES SHARKETTE If not for the presence of #1, I'd say this mare has great chance to win. She might still do it,if #1 gets a little leg weary late. Technically, she beat a better group than this two back at Philly. Offers better price?
3 LUCKY PLAYER Another taking a drop, but not exactly meeting a "light" group. It's not going to be easy to beat the inside pair, but I guess it wouldn't shock me. It's very hard to leave out anything from this barn, with this driver.
4 A HARD DAYS NIGHT Yes, that's 14 wins so far this year. A very good season! However, she's made no solid impact here on the mile track. And, this is no easy spot. The post relief is a plus, but she needs to step up her game here.
5 MADE OF JEWELS AS She is good right now, but with no wins to show for it. Too much heavy pressure here two back. Shuffled out of it last time. Overdue for a touch of good luck, and likely to offer a better price tonight.
6 NARCIAN JEWEL In a race full of class droppers, her form at this level just doesn't look good enough. With that said, I'm going to prefer others, but always be wary of the dangerous combo. Al and The Mann! Trainer: Trained well and ready to go!
7 TICKET TO FLY Dropped and popped to close out the Saratoga meet. Not really "rewarded" with this assignment here. I guess I'd be surprised if she stepped up and conquered this bunch. I doubt it.
8 KEYSTONE I WISH Liked her last time and she got a brutal trip. Don't hold that against her, but if anything, this post is much tougher and this field is stronger. That's not exactly a recipe for success. Will need ALL of that speed.
9 DANDY'S BEAUTY Disappointed last time on the big class drop and did have a tough trip. Likely to offer a much bigger price if you want to try again, but you get a brutal post and you don't get Brett. Your call?
10 PURITY Yes, she finally found a field of her friends and dug in nicely for Andy to get her first win of the year. Is she going to do it again from post 10, on the big step back up? I think not, but we'll see. Guaranteed to fire out.