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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Thursday, December 28, 2017

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 2-10-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 ANGEL CINDY Up from Dover showing that break, but this is probably a slight class drop. It's a move to the rail and Beltrami is usually an aggressive pilot, so let's look for a little more speed. One of the possibilities in wide open race.
2 TOSS CARTWRIGHT Took all the betting action couple weeks ago and got bottled up and shuffled early. Just throw that race out. Pete likely to be more forwardly placed this time and if trip is smooth, this horse can win. Big effort.
3 ARUBA VACATION I kind of like this spot for the 10YO veteran. He shows some speed, but also versatility. The inside post is definitely a plus and I can see Matt Z having him in position. That Vernon race from October is enough.
4 SONG OF THE VALLEY Joe Lee had this fella in perfect position AGAIN last time and horse came up completely empty. Therefore, I will not be on board this evening and if she beats me, she beats me. So be it.
5 NOBLE POWER Team Harmon in play again and their 9YO drew an ideal post. My only knock is whether or not he's still fast enough. I see a Pocono win earlier this year in 56, so that's what he would need. No short price, please.
6 URIEL Tried to leave from post 10 last week and basically got parked the mile. Probably have to pass off that.
7 DNIEPER Went a little bit more forward last time, trying to brush, but he ended up getting parked too! New barn just hasn't figured the horse out yet, because several of his Ohio starts would crush these. Very tough call, expect more.
8 WINNING PRINCESS Gets stuck with another tough post here, after a great trip up at Monti. That wasn't a bad try, but it was still a slow race, and a loss at odds-on. Not sure I want to try the mare again here. Needs a lot more.
9 O'DOYLE RULES Can't get too excited after watching that first try here. Simply got very tired. Not good enough.
10 ANGEL ASSAULT Here's the final piece of the speed puzzle, but it's still a post 10 start, folks. Yes, those are probably tougher races he was in up at Spa. but it could also be a long road to the lead here. Hoping to get there easy.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-8-2
H Horse Comment
1 CASA MIASA Brett Miller had a few options here and took this lass. Really turned things around up at the Spa over last few weeks. Faces a sharp foe in #8, but has solid post edge. I can make a case for the upset! Use.
2 FIRE N DIAMONDS Tried it once here and did very well against an uncatchable foe that evening. Followed up with a no chance effort from post eight. This is a lot more like it. I'll be happy to rate her a live longshot tonight.
3 TRUTHISALWAYSBEST Was actually picking it up nicely near the end of that Big M debut. Had Brett opted for the re-ride, I'd pay more attention. Still, it's a better post. It's a decent price and chance for a trip. Kicks in late?
4 ROCKERS ALLEY Been a little disappointing here so far, but A Nap did put her in play last week. That IS a step in the right direction and this inside post will help again. Another at mercy of pace and trip. Needs a good one.
5 SWEET BET Yes, we can give her a pass for the first try here, due to post 10. She's got nine win this year, and had eight last year. That catches my eye. I suspect we'll see a more forward approach this week. A possibility.
6 MISS DEFIANCE Didn't appear to pack her mile track stamina legs upon arrival. Simply needs a lot more now.
7 FOX VALLEY HERMIA Did pretty well, following hot on the heels of #8 last week. I will note the posts are now reversed, so Andy will attempt to get the jump on that foe with some speed. It just might work out. Big chance.
8 CHARMING HILL Yes, she is razor sharp right now, but I always wonder when it's time for luck to run out. Jimmy put two absolutely perfect drives on this lass for those wins. Now, it's post eight. At short price, I might swing against.
9 FEEL THE DARKSIDE Eric A took a shot and sent her last week. Didn't quite work out late. Draws similar brutal post and I don't know what's coming tonight. IF she doesn't fire out, she's not outkicking #7,8. Right?
10 MATTJESTIC TEMPO Transitions back to the claimers here and didn't get lucky at the post draw. Likely to wake up one night soon, but this sure doesn't look like the spot. I will pass.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 6-7-8-10
H Horse Comment
1 BALTIMOR AS Wasn't really a factor last Friday, so I'm hesitant to hop on board just yet. Drew a nice post here, and has flashed some speed, but fastest win this year was at Goshen in 2:02! Can he trot in 56? I'm not so sure.
2 DR CAL Kyle H put a nice trip on the 11YO last week and horse just couldn't keep pace late. He shows only a couple of wins this year, but 10 seconds! That's not really good. Will need to find a LOT more stamina for Matt Z.
3 HERE COMES NUMBERS So far this meet, many of the winners of these amateur races have benefited from perfect trips. That was definitely the case for Jenn Lapp last week. Perfect drive! Will they be that lucky again? Maybe not.
4 SOUL TRAIN Was way, way, way overmatched last week, so don't hold that against him. Back to the spot where he won, given a picture perfect trip by Joe Lee. Not sure horse can fire out, so he is at mercy of pace and trip again.
5 NO RECESS Also came up big, given a great steer by Billy Dobson last weekend. Prior effort here in the GSY was weak but his trip was much tougher. Horse shows ability to blast out and that's what pilot likes to do. Speed coming!
6 KEYSTONE ACE Eight time winner this is year is down from the Spa and on a BIG class drop. He looks a lot faster than most of these and he is also versatile to do it either way, so that helps give pilot options. Looks best to me, on paper.
7 MASSIVE LIGHTNING Didn't really fire his best shot last time, but that race clearly didn't set up for closers. If you can predict a little "mayhem" in here, which often happens in these races, I can make a case for success. Be wary.
8 SWEET JUSTICE Here's the other "classy" dropper eligible to wake back up in a hurry. Has many strong races here in the past, so let's expect it. My only knock here is the post, so it'll be up to John C to get him into the game.
9 NEVERDIE Can't like 'em all, so I'll just take a pass on this gelding from a very tough post. Not for me tonight.
10 KINETIC KING Here's Team Harmon again, but this is not an easy spot. I will note that he trotting in 54 in that qualifier last month, so we know he can go enough. However, he seems to lack speed and must start from post 10.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-8-9-2
H Horse Comment
1 LITERALLY Has now missed three weeks, showing the sick scratch. Wasn't sharp prior. Have to pass.
2 LORD NELSON Shipped down here from Monti two weeks ago and promptly broke. That's not good. I really thought this horse might be a good fit here, so I'm willing to give another chance. But, only one more chance.
3 PRINCE OF MINTO Added Lasix last time and parlayed a perfect trip and drive from Eric C into a lifetime best win. the 'ol drop and pop. Still eligible for same class and I don't see any killers in here. I guess a repeat wouldn't shock me.
4 TIDQUIST This could be the fresh face to do some good. Gets Brett Miller. Was facing better quality horses down at Dover and shows some good starts on a big oval up at Vernon. Let's take a shot that he's primed and ready.
5 DULUTH Here's another that we might be willing to give another chance. Had a bad post and slow start in first go here. Race didn't set up for closers. I guess I could make a case for more here. The other knock: overall record.
6 CLIFTON BEACH Moves in a few starting slots and that's what he needs. Seems to be at mercy of both pace and trip and I can't guarantee either will set up for the Beach. Still, he doesn't make too many mistakes. Trots enough.
7 MUSCLESANDMARTINIS Just fair last time, in first try here. Okay. Now that it's under his belt, it's time to step up and show more. Not much early zip on view, so can he outkick a few, and likes of #6? That is a very good question.
8 SOBORO HANOVER Been plying his trade on the half-mile tracks lately, but I do see that he took his mark here a couple of years ago. Gets the right guy in the seat to try and wake up that form. I can take a positive look here.
9 PAINITE Gets a touch of class relief, but not the post relief she probably needs. Not sure if mare is capable of leaving the gate, but she might have to find some speed. Just to get into it. She IS fast enough....if close enough to deliver!
10 MIDNIGHT ZETTE Yes, that's a 1-45 overall record, and yes, this is post 10. That is not exactly a recipe for success around here. Brett Miller was listed and opted to #4, so I don't have too many positives to accentuate.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 MOJARRA HANOVER She's been here many times before, and with a lot of success! Best races usually come in a spot like this, so let's expect a big go effort from Joe M. Should be part of this, with any smooth trip on the pole.
2 DUNESIDE LIFE Took a shot and left again last time, but didn't make the lead. Okay. Now, it's post two, and if Beyer wants the lead, he'll have it instantly. This mare is getting better. Could very well shock us one night soon.
3 UILLEANN Just fair last time in first go here. Okay. I need to see more before I could endorse. Still a longshot.
4 MACJESTIC TODDY N Dropped to this level last time and failed to deliver any strong kick. The post is a little better, but I will recognize her incredible durability. This is start number 47 this year, folks! That deserves an award.
5 ENERGIZER IVY Down from the Spa, and down in class for a dangerous barn. This looks like an ideal bunch to take a big track try, so don't be shocked if this mare takes tote action and gets involved early. Would be hard to leave out.
6 ORCHESTRA BLUE CHIP 3YO gets a tepid call as fave, in what looks like wide open race. Offered just enough sneaky pace last time to warrant the extra look. Her "A" game would be enough to get close. Can't be left out now.
7 HERETIC FRANCO N Tough trip two back. No real impact last week. Moves to tougher post, outside the main players, so I'm having trouble making a case for her success here. Needs a little return to that Saratoga form.
8 SOPHISTICATEDKELLY That's a pretty good start last time at Rosecroft. Used early, and still dug in late. Gets A Nap to try the mile oval, so that's worth a look. Maybe a longshot stab, to hit the ticket at a price? Maybe.
9 PETAL TO THE METAL Chiodo charge is just 1-25 this year, so that doesn't raise my confidence level. But, the mare is taking a six-level class plunge here. She IS fast enough to go with these, but I suspect she might need a trip too!
10 HANDOVER THE ART Has also faced some stronger foes along the way, but also sports that one win season. I'm not going to get excited from post 10, especially if she gets overbet. Needs a little Kyle H magic from out here.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-7-4
H Horse Comment
1 ROCKAHOLIC One of the many on the card down from Saratoga with flat-looking form. It looks like he's just tailed off a touch, because it's already been a seven win season. May we expect a wakeup call? Not the worst stab ever.
2 MR BAILANDO Finally gets a touch of much needed class relief. It's going to help, folks, and I wouldn't talk you off this one either. I like the post. I like his speed. Any smooth trip will give square upset chance tonight at fair price.
3 THE FIRE WITHIN Barn is quickly picking things up. Horse had a needed race over the track. I'm not shocked that A Nap chose #4, but this fella ain't out of it either! Plenty of good races in the past, if you want to swing for a price.
4 TEMPSTER HANOVER No, I don't know where that mile came from last week, but it sure was an eye opener, in direct contrast to his prior efforts. I sure hope we see another good effort here, but I might try against. Too low of a price.
5 CITY HALL Typical pattern for the Buter barn. Horse was freshened up. Had a good "tightener" against these from a bad post in first start back. This could easily be a "go" start and I will expect it. Hop on board and bet, folks!
6 MACH ON THE BEACH Picks up The Mann for a mile track try. Recent form not exactly "eye-opening," so I will take a shot, pass, and watch one to see if he belongs. Will have to prove it to me first.
7 CHIP WALTHER Waiting on a wakeup call for this 3YO. He showed just too much talent earlier this year, to be this flat now. Jimmy Jr. listed and opted here over #6. Post is a little bit better than that 10-hole last time. Your call here?
8 ARSENIC Chased Foiled Again in the Spa finale, and that foe raced well against MUCH better last Saturday here. What I don't like is the post, and his apparent lack of early zip. Greg is going to have a find way to get him into it.
9 KOTARE YAEL N He's disappointed me a couple of times and has now missed a few weeks. That's not good.
10 MISTER TRUTH Moves from the pole to post 10 and I wish I had a stat on that move. Chased a far superior foe willingly last time, but I greatly doubt he'll enjoy that same great trip. If he does, then I'm wrong.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-6-2-5
H Horse Comment
1 HOWSABOUTAKISS Steadily working his way down the class ladder now, so a wakeup call seems imminent. Also gets A Nap tonight, and first time aboard, he usually makes a difference. Don't be shocked by an improved effort.
2 GRAND THEFT Had a needed race over the track from post 10, and finds himself in a much more reasonable spot here. Not sure what the price will be, because bettors could go any direction here. At fair value, I'm interested.
3 THE ROCK Same boat as City Hall in the 6th. Same MO. If that fella raced well, maybe we should expect this one to as well. I suspect he'll be stronger, but this is certainly not an easy spot. Change of strategy possible too!
4 BAGGAGE CLAIM Been just okay his last few spots at a level like this. This combo usually tends to get overbet a lot, and rightfully so. But, this horse may not be worth chasing. I feel there are a few better foes in here tonight.
5 LAST DRAGON Up and down the class ladder, folks, but in reality, we're only looking at a two win campaign. I don't envision him offering a big price, so be careful. He'll need a few things to go his way. Not always the case.
6 MAJOR WAR Brett Miller opted here and so will many of the bettors. It's a class drop back to a winning kind of spot. He's got a ton of speed to showcase and he's beaten better than this here in the past. Hard to go against this spot.
7 YO CHEYENNE ROCKY Yes, he's dropping too, but gets stuck outside the main rivals. Probably needed that last race, after the sick scratch. If you guaranteed he'd get decent trip, I'd tell ya to toss him onto the ticket at a price.
8 STIRLING ENSIGN Loses that inside post advantage, so now he must be rated a longshot. Not quite my type.
9 APOLLO SEELSTER Where's he going from post nine, with those races on view? My guess is not very far.
10 ROLL N CATCH Went the LONG mile on the outside grinding last time and weakened a touch, but not badly. Gets slammed with another brutal starting slot, so I can't be too positive. Will need to make it easier somehow.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-4-5
H Horse Comment
1 MAY I CRUISE WEST Racing extremely well right now, so the move all the way to the pole position is an enticing one! Keep Brett in the seat, and this might not be the toughest bunch ever. Would be very hard to leave off the ticket now.
2 MCCITO Also gets some much needed post relief and that was a quietly improved effort last time. Plots for a potentially smooth, sit-in kind of trip and if he shakes loose, watch out! Could hit the ticket at decent price.
3 ARPEGGIO HANOVER Back up from home base for another big track try, and at least this time, he gets a decent post. Some of his Rosecroft races are good enough to put him in play. Let's see if he wakes up with more here.
4 YANKEE ARTILLERY Had a rough trip in the first go for new barn off the claim. As previously stated, barn is picking things up now, so feel free to take an extra look here. A few of his Philly efforts are good enough to threaten.
5 FLY'N WITH ROYALTY Turned in a better try last time, so maybe that's the signal that he's ready to return to form. I won't question his speed, because he can blast. Probably overdue to get a little lucky one night soon.
6 IDEAL RACE 11YO cranked out 11 wins this year, so that deserves a hand! We might be able to call him a "small track specialist" at this point, however. Looks versatile and should be ideal fit for Marcus. Not completely out of this.
7 WELLWESAID Got it all two weeks ago, with a good trip and recently added Lasix. This is basically same spot, so it'll be up to Jimmy to try and get him another great journey. If that happens, he has chance to repeat.
8 ISE THE BY BOY Moves back outside, after a fairly decent try from the rail. Hit a decent gear just a little too late. Tonight's problem is of course, the post. We've see this horse blast before. That might be only way into it.
9 ACTON ONELASTTIME Hasn't missed a check here yet, so that's a good thing. Will really be tested with the switch to this rough post, however. Not sure how he's going to get into it from out here, but price will definitely be right.
10 BY A TIME Can't like 'em all, so this is my leave out from the dreaded post 10. Not sharp right now anyway.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 6-1-3-8
H Horse Comment
1 LAUXMONT CAPRI Now makes third start back after a freshening, and second here on a class drop with post relief. That all adds up to possibility! This is a very tricky race to handicap, so if you want a price, why not this fella?
2 I LIKE DREAMIN Current form is just dull, so I'm not ready to hop into this corner just yet. Need to see more.
3 VOICE OF TRUTH Squeezes in for the condition, so that catches the eye. Those were better fields he was facing at Philly. He's on the comeback trail and should be just about raced back into shape. Expect a solid try here tonight.
4 MANNY Faced much better that one time he was here. The follow-up form at Saratoga is okay. Looks like they took a shot last time and horse couldn't quite sustain move. Will have to time that big move just a little bit better.
5 DUNE DUDE Took all sorts of tote action last time, and I'm not really sure why. Probably will tonight, for that matter. He needs a few things to go his way, and I am not willing to take less than fair value now. Only at right price.
6 BRUCE'S MAGIC Bruce seems way overdue for a wakeup call mile and I think this is the spot. Showed me just enough sneaky finish from impossible spot last time. Gets Brett tonight. Gets better post. All signs point to big mile coming.
7 CRUZING HILL Also raced on Saturday and flattened out after a wide move. Since early speed does not seem to be his best weapon, posts like this hurt. Figures to get away at the back of the pack. Too much ground to make up?
8 WHATAORSE Boy, did Kyle put a nice drive on the warhorse last week. Just lacked that last knockout punch. Since he's stuck outside, will the strategy be the same? It should be. He's not going to win from last. Tough call.
9 JK PARLAY A tad disappointing both here and at Philly. If anything, this is a slight bump UP in class, and it's a move to a brutal post. Not my kinda play in this situation. If you fancy, demand fair value.
10 URBAN RENEWAL Steadily working his way down the class ladder, so seems due for a wakeup soon. We might have to guess when, though. Wasn't Brett's choice out here, and probably won't be mine. Would need a giant mile.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-6-3
H Horse Comment
1 HOME JAMES Suffered a broken headpole last week, in a race won by an 85-1 shot. Is that good or bad? This is a huge plunge in class for the 4YO, so you can make a case that this is a now or never spot. Low price likely coming.
2 IDEAL SON Hard to get excited about this one's recent form, but at least last start at Philly got him a check. That could be conceived as a step in right direction. Gets a great post here, with speedy #1 just inside. Sits, saves, waits.
3 ALONEINSPADES Certainly wasn't bad in those last two. Hit the board in both, and at decent prices. The odds don't figure to be huge here, but I do plot him for a good inside trip again. The knock is that A Nap chose elsewhere.
4 HOPE FOR BADLANDS Making just fifth start of year and hasn't hit the board yet. Still a longshot to me.
5 SLY RULER Struggled home in first return try here. I can't get too excited after seeing that. Needs a lot more now.
6 IDEAL LEGACY A Gets lucky to scratch into this spot, and basically got lost in the wake that was Tempster Hanover last week. I guess I'll add a few points, if that foe did well again earlier tonight. Horse is quietly good right now.
7 ABBEYLARA Makes second start at this reduced level and I guess I'm waiting for some sort of wakeup call. It didn't come with A Nap last time, but horse was shuffled out of it. Maybe we're getting a different strategy tonight.
8 RING WARRIOR Sometimes a "use" for me, but never on top. Gets stuck with a bad post for first time in a while and it's probably not going to work out well. Will need all of that speed, and just a little more stamina to stay close.
9 HIGH COURAGE N Took a shot, left the gate upon arrival and got parked the mile. Will they try that again? My guess is no, so I'm simply going to prefer others for tonight. Let's see if we get an improved effort.
10 FEELING CAM LUCKY Small track specialist is taking a big track try, and he did NOT get lucky at the draw. Yes, some of his grinding rallies could get him a piece, but demand fair value if you think he'll get lucky.