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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, November 11, 2017

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 PERFETTO 2YO hasn't raced in about a month, but returns from Canada off stakes level tries. A bit disappointing up there, but probably capable of more here. Take a good, long look out on the track. If looks good, then use!
1A STRENGTH OFA WOMAN Was good enough to make the Kindergarten final, but had no shot from too far back. I think she likes the big track and should be in ideal stalking spot. Would be no surprise against a bunch like this.
2 LOTHARIO Caught everyone's eye with an impressive debut effort last week. Appeared loaded with trot, in traffic, once he finally hit his gear. Pilot likely to be a bit more aggressive now, but don't expect much of a price.
3 TRIBUTE TO SEVEN Burned a LOT of cash over those last two down at Philly, but not every horse likes that surface. Switches to the big track now for the Market Share connections and could easily wake up, IF she wants to trot.
4 CATCH THE GAME Still a work in progress for PK, but another that probably "needs" the big size track to be most effective. Decent qualifier, so let's look for a cautious effort, and hopefully a flat mile. Likely to need this one.
5 TYMAL REIGN That was a VERY good try here last week. Applied a lot of pressure, and then didn't exactly quit. Set things up for the rallying favorite, but I like what I saw. Might even offer some better betting value than #2. Use! Trainer: Good effort last start. Should be better with a trip.
6 O'DOYLE RULES 1-28 record doesn't exactly impress, and he might not be fast enough for here. Must prove it.
7 TOUGHER THAN EVER Well traveled of late, visiting four different tracks over last month. I don't see a whole lot of speed, and I do see a tough post tonight. Think I'd need to see a good one, before I could endorse.
8 MASTER OF THE HILL Put the hopple on here last week and cruised along on the lead before folding up shop at 7-5. Wasn't exactly impressive, so I'll expect a different kind of trip from this post. Maybe off the pace will do better?
9 LITERALLY Coming off a disappointing break at even money down at Freehold. Not exactly "rewarded" with this post drawn, so let's take a pass on the longshot tonight.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 2-1-5-7
H Horse Comment
1 PASSA-GRILLE BEACH Did not fire his best shot last week, but it was a race controlled up front by #2. With that said, it's going to take a much bigger kick, or a change of tactics to get any closer. Can't guarantee either.
1A IDEAL FEELING That looks like a very promising debut race up at Vernon. Also shows a better-than-it-looked qualifier here to get used to the track. Lots of positives in this corner going forward, if not for tonight.
2 CAPTAIN DEO I think we all saw this regally bred gelding zip right down the road in his Big M debut. I suspect this will be a little tougher, but I liked what I saw. Would be very hard to go against this entry, but at very short price.
2A AMERICAN HISTORY Scooted around Hoosier in good-looking fashion and provides a nice "alternative" for the bettors in here. Is he as good as his stablemate, or is he better? I guess we're going to find out. YG's choice over #5
3 SUPER FREEKEH Been okay down at Freehold and it seems he's come to his speed. Will he be able to go any faster on the big track? That is the question. This race has 1:52 written all over it. Not quite sure he's that quick yet.
4 JOE'S LIFE Not bad with a tour of the oval upon arrival. Another that will simply need to turn up the jets to another level to threaten this bunch. Joe has something to prove before he gets my endorsement.
5 J K FIELDING Can't really fault this guy yet. A late bloomer of sorts, and he did have a tough trip down at Philly. Running into bearcats here, however and he did draw outside the fave. Also wasn't Yannick's choice. BIG call.
6 SEEMS SURREAL Hasn't found a way to win yet, and I doubt it will come in this difficult spot. A pass for me.
7 LORDBULLVILLE Little bit of a mystery horse in here. It's hard to translate those Monti times to mile track prowess, but he does show ability. Let's find out how fast he is. Gets the ultimate test from a very bad post.
8 ROCKME SOCKS OFF The other 3YO is "handicapped" with an outside post. doesn't matter. Not good enough.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 3-2-9-1
H Horse Comment
1 STAR STUDDED CAST Seems to have tailed off recently, which is a problem. Gets the pole and a new driver tonight, so a wakeup call effort wouldn't shock me. Demand fair value if you fancy his chances, though.
2 KEYSTONE THOMAS In for the optional $10K tag, since he doesn't fit the condition. In the past, he's gone some good races here, so I can't completely toss out. I like the post and his speed. Usable at the expected decent price.
3 TEASIN N PLEASIN Picks up Andy Mac, who had such a great night last Saturday. This is a legitimate class drop to put her squarely in the hunt. Not usually a fan of 3YO fillies against older, but lots of "suspects" in here. Usable. Trainer: Came out of last race very good, and right back in! Should be sharper this week.
4 MASSIVE LIGHTNING This was Tetrick's choice over #9, which was bit of a surprise. Barn shipped a few here tonight, so let's see if they fit. Can't exactly promise you that the big track will pick up his game. A big fat maybe!
5 PRAYING GEAR It's been forever since she won a race and I don't anticipate it coming tonight. A longshot.
6 WHATNBLAZES Every once in a while delivers a race where you think he's ok. 11YO is just 1-49 over past two seasons, however. SO, if you're a Yannick fan, and want to try this one, get a fair price, please! No low value.
7 MAN OF DESTINY Off a couple of months. Qualifier was just okay. Therefore, I suspect he's going to need a race or two and I will be watching for future consideration.
8 MUAY HANOVER Marcus couldn't possibly have given his a better trip last week, but horse came up empty when it counted. I couldn't play now, after seeing that. Would need a big improvement.
9 WILDFLOWER I suspect she just can't handle the smaller tracks. With that said, I DO remember her here. She was very good and full of trot twice. However, this post is going to hurt. It's up to Rick to keep her close enough to rally.
10 CLIFTON BEACH Another that just doesn't win very often and gets slammed with another outside post. I don't anticipate much betting value, even from out here. so I'll tend to lean against.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 8-1-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 FANTICIPATION That last one was a bit of improvement. Mare has worked her way back down in class, so the wakeup call seems imminent. This is no easy spot and she is drawn middle of pack. Tough to like a lot.
1A TWIST OF FATE Another up and down the class ladder over at Yonkers. Even tried some speed last time, before fading. I can't guarantee that the mile track will pick her up, plus the post is very bad. More negatives than plusses.
2 MEAN LEEN 2YO is prepping in this spot, so be very careful here. Does she have immense talent? Yes! I'll note her wins over Aldine Hanover and Blue Grotto, both good fillies. Andy Mac drove her then, and gets a return call.
3 JARNAC Somehow Marcus ends up on this one, which is puzzling, but oh well. 8YO mare is 0-30 this year, so keep that in mind. Can she tow along and keep up? Yes. Therefore, she's usable underneath in the gimmicks, if you like.
4 BULLVILLE BREN Monticello specialist is probably providing "company" on the van ride. Overmatched here.
5 MY CANDY A little bit dated, after the sick scratch. She has gone a few races good enough to threaten, though. I can't guarantee she's primed and ready, but I do like the post and potential price with Eric A aboard. Consider.
6 SPILLING THE BEANS Won two in a row up the class ladder at Vernon. Then got too high and threw in a clunker. It would be hard to predict a complete bounce back, but I've seen stranger things here before. Tough call.
7 PHYLLIS JEAN That's a nice win two back. Then a flat effort after that. She does show a win here this year, so keep that in mind. Another of the eligible price plays in here. Biggest knock is the post, since she doesn't blast.
8 MCACE OF ARTS Love this mare! She might be just a touch faster than the 2YO at the moment, plus she packs a lot more experience. Andy Mac was listed, but ends up on the 2YO. I can understand that, with stakes coming up.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 6-9-8-2
H Horse Comment
1 FIJI Capable of a big mile at times, but seems a bit buried in this spot. I will pass for tonight and watch closely for a class drop and return to easier spot. Eventually it will happen.
2 NOT AFRAID Not really sure what to make of him last week. Didn't offer a whole lot of fight for his stablemate, despite a very well rated pace. Is it going to take a few to get back into shape? Maybe. Be very careful in here. Trainer: Getting a little sharper every start. Most likely needs one more.
3 SCIROCCO JAKOB Some decent races in Pennsy over last six months or so. I certainly can't guarantee that the big track will be a fit for him, but I will credit barn for the turnaround. Whatever was wrong, they fixed it.
4 HILL I AM Took advantage of a much softer spot last week, with the brush and crush for Dupont. Those kinds of races usually serve as good confidence builders. This horse does have enough speed to stick with these. Chance at check.
5 SOUTH SIDE HANOVER Might have needed that last one, after being sick. If anything, it serves as a good speed tightener. Did have a few good efforts here earlier. I can't completely eliminate with that one reliable move.
6 PRINCE OF MINTO What do we do with this guy? Shows precocious speed, but a lot of breaks. I'm hoping Richie S. thinks horse needs the big track. If correct, we could be onto nice price play. Picks up Dave Miller too!
7 BUFF I thought he had great chance to tow along behind the entry last week and he did just that to complete nice exacta. Now, the problem is the post. Might have to grind his way into this, and that's not going to be easy.
8 MARKET SHARE Yes, Marky is back for another go here at the Big M. He's now a gelding, but it's been a slow and steady "return" to the races so far. Will the big track pick him up? I think so, but I do hate the post here.
9 KARETS Easily the key to the race tonight! Moves from pole to post nine, but he does have speed to fire out, and he does have stamina to keep it up. Haven't seen this guy yet at M1, but anxious to see if he belongs. Big test!
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 WESTERN JOE 3YO in against mostly elders has plenty of talent. Has worked his way back down to reasonable spot and I think he's got a big shot in here. Expect him to be a lot closer to the action from the pole. Very usable here.
2 EXPRESS STRIDE N Didn't really have much chance last week, the way that race went. This event could be a lot different however. Gelding owns one big kick, but timing and trip are critical. The post is perfect. At price, I like. Trainer: Had a good week after having pace from an impossible spot last start.
3 BRUCE'S MAGIC Note how the condition is written to get Bruce into the race. He's had plenty of good starts here, so let's be positive. He's got speed if pilot wants, but versatile enough to go either way. Very, very hard to leave out.
4 SISKEL This was Yannick's choice over #1,5. He's also a talented 3YO, and I must note that BIG mile at Hoosier on Sept. 23. That kind of effort would win this, and that's probably why he's here. To get back on the big track. Trainer: Talented horse that is still learning. Has gotten better each week we've raced him.
5 MADIBA MAGIC N Squeezes in for the condition, but it's a really tough spot. I'm suspecting that this fella will need additional class relief before he wakes back up. I'm willing to wait for that.
6 RU READY TO ROCK Have to believe this isn't the right spot for this fella either. A bit of improvement over past few starts, but I just don't see him pacing in 50 here. If he does, so be it. I can live with that.
7 GO BIG SPENDER Suffering a good case of the "post position blues" lately. I won't question that speed, because he can blast, but I might question his potential mile track stamina. Deserves to be a longshot, hoping for a good trip.
8 MR BAILANDO Where on earth did that mile come from last week? Unbelievably game, and it caught us all by surprise at 20-1. With that said, if you didn't go to the wedding, don't try the funeral on a big step up and bad post.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-7-5-3
H Horse Comment
1 IAMMRBRIGHTSIDE N We know he loves the big track here, so don't be too quick to eliminate. Billy Mann ended up with two in here, so he puts Dave Miller down on this one. That is a VERY positive sign. Expect a big return to form. Trainer: Coming off a big win, sharp and should be good!
1A TEXAS TERROR N Pretty useful racehorse here. Only 12 starts this year, so hopefully over whatever ailed him. Those are some high level races over at Yonkers. I can't guarantee he'll be better here, but I'll take a good, long look. Trainer: Trained sharp and seems ready for a top performance.
2 WEGOTTATRUCKYEA Absolutely loved him last week and he needed one more jump to get there. With that said, he's now forced UP in class, but from better post. It will be a LOT tougher to beat these. I'm not so sure.
3 OCEAN COLONY What on earth do we do with this fella? He's prepping for another stake, after a no chance trip in the Breeders Crown. We know he's fast enough and we haven't seen that zip speed in a while. Is it time?
4 CALVIN B I'm just not sure how sharp Cal is right now. Was out in the flow last week and didn't exactly explode late. This race figures to have more action in it and that could help. I still say you demand fair value if you fancy.
5 ART HISTORY Note he makes the condition by one dollar! Coming off a gutsy front end win at Pocono and he loves it here at Club Med too! After that confidence builder, it would be very hard to leave him out. Expect big mile.
6 ACTING OUT In a race with a lot of power in it, this may be the guy to leave out. Moves from nice, cozy posts in New York to a difficult spot here. He doesn't exactly blast, so I suspect at mercy of pace and trip, coming from last.
7 SOME ATTITUDE Likely the "key" to this race! He's got more than enough speed to fire out, and I figure Marcus will have to do that. 3YO is as honest as they come and he wants to fight. Expect him to be in the mix early, and late!
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-5-6
H Horse Comment
1 MISQUED Don't be too quick to leave this 3YO out. She loves the longer stretch here and the pole, plus Brett Miller will be a help. If they mix it up at all early, this lass will come charging late. Might even offer a good price too!
2 A HARD DAYS NIGHT Ships south for an initial big track try after a couple of tough trips at home. Is she Big M quality? That is always the question, and this is no easy spot for first try. I guess I need to see a good one first.
3 JENNY'S TERROR Another 3YO that's been buried in some tough races in Pennsy. She seems to be a one-way closer, but this post is ideal. There could be a hot pace in here, and like #1, she will be waiting in the wings. A maybe.
4 BEYONCES ROCKN I guess that blasted first quarter up at the Spa took the starch out of her last time? Perhaps. Barn has done great work here all year in finding the right spot. Mare has nine wins, so that's good. At a big price only.
5 ABBIJADE HANOVER I haven't been all that lucky in guessing on this lass. She's worked her way back up the class ladder and I can't question her speed. Heading right to the front, and possibly working out trip after that. Usable.
6 INVERSE HANOVER Sophomore filly for Nifty recent went on Lasix and and she was good enough to make the Crown final. Can't say I'm enamored with that last try at Philly, but she is more than capable of bouncing back.
7 MADE OF JEWELS AS A bit dated here, since Oct. 20. Yonkers form isn't exactly consistent. Technically, she fits a much easier class than this, so I don't like the spot. I will pass.
8 DW'SBLISSFULTHINKN Been racing well of late up north, and she squeezes in for the condition. I don't see blast out speed as one of her weapons, however. Might be at mercy of pace and trip, with several other stone closers.
9 OUR ELS DREAM N The final invader is a bit hard to gauge right now. Recent form not exactly sizzling, but she's been in some real tough spots. I must note she took her mark here this year. Are we going to see speed? I'd like that.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 ENERGY SHAKES Was in-to-go at Monti on Wednesday, after press time for this program. Regardless, this is a big bump up in class, but I'll note he paced in 51 and change at Vernon. That would get him in the hunt here.
2 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Likes to grind his way into races and this is perfect spot. New driver here in Steve and despite terrible overall record last two years, he fits here. Would be very hard to leave off ticket completely.
3 SOUTHERN SPORT Did a very good job to pick up checks in last pair, despite high odds. Horse does seem to like the big track here, and he can keep up. In line for another sit-in and save ground type of trip. Might work again.
4 FRANKIE BOY Been okay lately at home base of Rosecroft. I can't guarantee that form will transition here, but ya never know. Looks like a grinder, so hoping for a smooth trip in a lively flow. Let's see if Frankie kicks home. Trainer: Getting better each week.
5 ALWAYS A DIAMOND Not exactly in raging form right now. Veteran pacer picks up Dave Miller, so I'm not even sure the price will be that big. With that said, I'll probably go against in what I think is too tough a spot.
6 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN Got rolling late last week, as usual. Charged home right behind the trip-sitting winner. With that said, don't expect all that much betting value. And, he will need a few things to go his way. If close, he can win.
7 ROCK TO GLORY Has worked his way back down the class ladder. Note he won here earlier this year in 51. Packs just enough versatile speed to get into the game. This might be spot to take a shot and send. Needs to be in front of #6.
8 ULTIMATE CREDIT Not exactly lighting up the world lately. Also suffering a string of bad post blues. I will pass.
9 FOUNDMYTREASURE Last several races don't look very good. Would need a complete turnaround to win this.
10 SIGN TO INVERELL A As previously stated, barn shipped several down for tonight. See how they did, to possibly give you a gauge on this one. The post stinks. But, he does have 10 wins. I don't know what to expect in this spot.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-5-2
H Horse Comment
1 SUNSHINE WEST Gets into this race via the other condition of NW$40K life. Dropped and popped to last win at Pocono, so this is nice spot. Gets the rail. Was Marcus' choice. Has speed. Have to think has big shot here.
2 TWINCREEKS JESSE Iron tough horse about to make 41st start of year. Coming off a gutsy, upset win down at Philly. Has rounded back into form nicely and this isn't that big of a step up. Super Brett takes call. A few positives.
3 HIGH OCTANE N 11YO delivered the goods back in September with a nice rally. That's kind of the blueprint for his chances in here. Will sit early and hope for a live flow. That's not out of the question. We know he's fast enough.
4 DRUNKEN DESIRE A Now 0-27 and counting, after a tough trip, tiring break at Yonkers on Tuesday. Will it get any easier here? Probably not. Just not in good form and very hard to like a lot tonight.
5 CHARMBO CURIOSITY Left Vernon on a positive note, with a down the road score at even money. Gelding packs good speed, so let's not leave him out completely. Picks up Andy and he'll be perfect fit for this guy. At a price.
6 JUSTIFIED Also raced at Yonkers on Tuesday and offered up an even effort. With that said, it'll serve as perfect prep for this spot. Horse was very good here earlier this year. I have to think he's got big shot in this spot for Eric A. Trainer: Just raced Tuesday at Yonkers, so will be fairly tight tonight. He seems to like the Big M better than any other track.
7 SIPPIN ON SUDS Had a beautiful trip last week, right behind the winner and lacked the needed kick. That's not a good thing. Draws the same tough post, with a different kind of pace scenario likely. I wouldn't want short price.
8 DANCIN HILL I always get wary with horses like this on class drops. I'll also note that Yannick was listed and takes the class. It's hard to predict total turnarounds, but it has happened before. I guess we watch the tote board?
9 VALRHONA 3YO doesn't seem like a bit in here, so let's rate him a big longshot from the outside post.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 6-2-9-5
H Horse Comment
1 SO TAKE THAT Was monstrously overbet last week and endured a typical tough trip from post 10. I didn't really understand that, but I'll guess he'll be overbet again. Has the rail and Yannick back. Good luck if you take short price.
2 THE ILLUMINATOR Won his first race of the year last week at home base. Squeezes in for the condition by just $35 and picks up Andy now. If gelding gained any confidence with that win, he figures in here. Have to give a chance. Trainer: Showed some life last week.
3 INTERMIX Not much in recent form suggests a turnaround here. I will pass, as a big longshot.
4 JUSTA CAMILION Chris S' choice over #5 beat the bottom level down at Freehold, but couldn't handle the hike. This should be viewed as an additional hike, so I will probably go against.
5 BIG STRETCH MARK I actually thought this one had better chance than #4. He's consistent and drew ideal post for grinding style. Can easily get a piece of this with any smooth journey. Don't leave off the ticket.
6 INTRIGUED INTENDED Derue took over last time and horse raced better. Won earlier this year on the big track up at Mohawk, so he can probably handle this. Might offer decent value. It's up to Billy Mann to get him a trip tonight.
7 STRATOCASTER Been racing well at Monti lately. Owns a win here this year, so let's be positive on this one. Picks up Marcus and does show a touch of speed. This race is lacking that, so might be good spot to blast. Take a shot!
8 MAJOR LEGACY Shows the one win on mile in Illinois, but from off the pace. This post could be a killer tonight, based on way race figures to flow. Might need to get very lucky to sweep these from last. Not likely.
9 ROCKNALLTHEWAY Could end up being the key to the race, since he does show speed and picks up Super Brett. I can't imagine him taking this fella back. Barn didn't ship all these horses here to grab up. Consider that.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 IMPRESSIVE ART Finally found the right spot down at Freehold. Steps up to tackle tougher here on the big track and he does have mile track experience. I don't see him setting the pace in here, but he might get good trip.
2 REACH FOR INFINITY Just 1-24 on the year, but picking up Brett. That will attract attention. Chris S chose #5, which surprised me a bit. Horse likes to pick up checks, so consider that in gearing up tri's and super's and Hi 5's.
3 DAVID'S DREAM Thought he would "appreciate" the class drop last week and Andy put just a perfect trip on him. With that said, he fits this group too! That confidence builder will work wonders. Watch for the green hopple hangers! Trainer: Feeling like himself again. Hoping for a repeat performance.
4 QUALITY BUD Never really got rolling last week, but don't be too hard on him. This was spot they were waiting for. The post is better and Yannick gets the call now. All signs point to improved effort. Have to use him tonight.
5 WOODMERE ULTIMATE Been racing well down at Freehold, so Chris S stays loyal. Iron tough horse has a lot of starts last two years and he did win here last year. Figures to offer value, so you can take an extra look from ideal post.
6 SWORD OFTHE SPIRIT Won here earlier this year, so that always catches my eye. Burned a lot of money, though when they took at shot at Philly. Very hard to predict a total turnaround, but that's what he will need. A big maybe.
7 VICTORY AT LAST Up and down the class ladder lately. Dave Miller gets the call, so that might attract some betting attention. With that said, horse might need a few things to go his way. Outer post isn't going to help. Mixed feelings.
8 SHOW ME UP If barn's other starter tonight did well, I might take an extra look here. Doesn't appear to pack much early zip, however, and that will be a problem in post eight. Demand a big price if you fancy his chances.
9 ALONEINSPADES Showed up here last week and was aggressively handled before weakening. Okay. Different trip likely coming from this slot. He has faced better, and gone fast enough. Not the worst longshot stab.