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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, January 26, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 4-6-8-2
H Horse Comment
1 MISS MARLENE Just one win all of last year and shows a break after a month off. Not very good. Pass.
2 CR BLAZIN BEAUTY Sports a pretty good qualifier, and a distinct willingness to win! Probably needed a freshening after running up the class ladder. Fits this group well and could easily give the Dome a good battle if ready.
3 HE'S GONE Very hard to get a true gauge on this horse right now. Shows a good race every now and then, and then a bad one with a break. Carlson sticks with him in this spot, but I'm a bit hesitant to bet. Your call, folks.
4 IRON DOME Had a very good rally last week behind an uncatchable winning favorite. It was a nice bounce back for the gelding, and if anything, this is a tad weaker assignment. Don't expect much of a price, however. Looks best.
5 WIRED HANOVER MIA for several weeks, which is always a concern and he appeared to lack mile track stamina in the two tries here. Not sure I can be overly confident about chances tonight. Figures to need this one.
6 MISSLAROSE Had a race over the track and wasn't bad. No match for the Dome late in the battle for place, but I still liked what I saw. Could very easily get a lot closer with that experience under her belt. Gets Yannick now too!
7 YANKEE DOODLE ANDI Another that's missed a lot of time, showing a scratch. Didn't show much here last month and clearly looks like a longshot in this group. Not quite my type.
8 SORTIE HANOVER Hopes were pretty high for this horse at one time. Never really quite panned out. Shows a lot of second place finishes, which always discourages me. At least he invades off an improved start. Good fit for Andy.
9 OSVALDO BLUE CHIP No factor over at Yonkers. Tough post and trip here before that. Gets slammed with another bad starting slot, so I probably need to see more before I could hop on board. Needs to find some speed too!
10 FLAGSTAFF Made it to the gate here last week and flashed speed, but was no threat late. Now, all he needs to add is the stamina. Post 10 doesn't usually cure that problem, but ya never know. Pilot had a winner here last week!
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 SCIROCCO JAKOB Billy D took an aggressive try last out and it didn't quite work out. The pole here give pilot some options and Jakob does pack at least one potent move. Likely to sit in, save ground and try to get lucky late.
2 WAITING ON A WOMAN Been pretty effective at this level for a while now, but he's in against a few killers in here. 10YO warhorse has the speed to do whatever pilot wants. Not sure he can win, but he will earn a share.
3 OPULENT YANKEE Dropped down to this level last week and simply made it look easy! His game is speed, whereas the Rock likes to close. Last time they squared off, the Rock blew right by. Different story tonight? Perhaps! Sharp!
4 THERESADEMONINME Been racing awfully well down at home base of Dover. Only thing I don't like is that one break. Seems to pack pretty reliable speed, but will he go any faster here on mile track? That is the question.
5 CELEBRITY PEGASUS 13-time winner last year, but probably none of them here. I can't fault the recent form, but I do wonder what kind of trip he'll get tonight. Seems to like to grind, Will have to do it and maybe get jump on the Rock?
6 ROCK OF CASHEL Couldn't possibly have looked any better here last month. The smaller tracks probably played against him with that style. Tonight's probably could be pace scenario. Once #3 hits the front, the brakes go on.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 9-8-7-5
H Horse Comment
1 FORTUNES ONE Went a little bit faster last time, but it's still not enough to get the job done here. A longshot.
2 HOUSETHATJOEBUILT Tries a new driver tonight after a miscue couple weeks ago. Still can't rely on the horse, so I will pass again, until I see something a lot better.
3 ALDEBARAN EUREKA Homebred makes his racing debut tonight after a string of less than consistent qualifiers dating back to November. Basically, I haven't seen enough from him to make me want to bet. Maybe it will come.
4 RANGONE HANOVER Just when you think he might have turned the corner, he regresses back into a break. New driver takes a turn and we'll see if he can keep the horse trotting. I have my doubts.
5 FLAMINGO PETE Did really well two back in the slop. Then, they went a lot faster last week and he couldn't quite keep pace late. Does have a touch of speed and this is certainly a spot to use it. Have to get position early.
6 PRESIDENT ZETTE Put it all together with the A Nap touch last week. A solid sweep of the field and very unexpected. With that said, if the same thing happens again, and pace falls apart, he will come charging. Not so sure about that.
7 BREAK FREE Did some of the dirty work to set things up for Zette last time. Horse is okay right now, but not finishing the deal. Gets another outside post and might have to invent a little speed. I don't think he can beat Derf just yet.
8 ELEVENTEEN Yes, that was a BIG disappointment two weeks ago when he looked home free. Broke for no apparent reason that I could see. SO, I don't really know what to tell you now. Will he trot, to give Derf a test? I have no idea.
9 DERF HANOVER That was a tough loss last week, but I'll give the horse credit for the grind. Trainer JB said he scoped a little sick and probably needed the race anyway. Should be stronger tonight, and if so, he will win this.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 7-3-1-4
H Horse Comment
1 FORTY CARROTS Brett had an option and chose this veteran over #5. He did everything right with the horse last time, getting the trip right behind the winner, but proved no match late. Slightly lesser field here. Speed again?
2 GOLD STAR ROGER Likely needed that last start off the layoff and actually wasn't bad! Picked up a check at 73-1. Same kind of scenario here. Will sit in, save ground and try to get lucky late. Might get just a touch closer.
3 ACTON ONELASTTIME Congrats to Mr. Merton on his recent milestone! 3,000 driving wins! A big accomplishment. He's got veteran pacer here that can still go a little. Wasn't bad when last seen in NJ. Chance for a share again.
4 KID COURAGEOUS A Claiming battle ensuing for this popular 14YO! A 13-time winner last year, so I would fully expect Deslandes to claim him back again. Let's see if the gallant gelding can do on the big track. Not easy here.
5 FLY'N WITH ROYALTY Launched a big move, only to flatten out last time. Very mixed signals from this gelding lately and I really don't know what to expect. He's got speed and this sure looks like the spot to use some. A big maybe.
6 CHARMBO CURIOSITY We can easily give him a pass for the post 10 try against better. One of the droppers in here and he does have a few good starts here. My knock? Andy opted off. That's not exactly a vote of confidence.
7 FOX VALLEY CADET This really does look like his true level right now. The 10's are just a bit too much. He romped for this price last month. If he clears without much problem, he could easily go all the way. Tough to leave out now.
8 DANISHDUJOUR Took the money last week and pretty much came up empty. Chased and did not have the same kick when it counted. Not helped much with the switch to an outer post now. Would be tough to like a lot after last week.
9 CAMTURO BEACH Had a nice run when last seen here last year. Things didn't exactly go well through the fall. Freshened up a bit, but did not look ready in that qualifier. Guess I'll want to watch one or two to see if right.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-8-2
H Horse Comment
1 CAPER K COURT Hasn't shown a whole lot here yet, but she finally gets a decent post. Let's see if there's any more in the tank from this improved starting slot. Sometimes, that's all it takes.
2 AGRESTORES COMET Tough call here. This horse made the Cal to NJ move once before and woke right up! I can't predict a total turnaround just yet, but I will be watching closely for the signs. Owns a potent kick when right.
3 HS DEROY Ships up from home base of Maryland for Mr. Nock. We haven't see much of him lately, but his stable star Sams Triple Crown is in to go tomorrow night. Nock probably hoped they'd race on same night. This one in too tough.
4 BRAGADOCIO Invades for new connections tonight. Looks like he was tailing off a bit in the Meadows races, but things can always turn around. Wasn't Brett Miller's choice in here, but I think he'll be a fit. We'll find out.
5 TROUBLE RIEU N Had a few traffic issues before shaking loose last week with some trot. If was a good, bounce back kind of start, and I liked what I saw. Hoping for same speed, to try and get the jump on the Chick. Steals away!
6 BELL A CHICK Yes, Mr. Belichick is back in the Super Bowl, so a few more folks might bet. In truth, though, the horse is sometimes very good. Owns a wicked late kick when he's right and doesn't break. But, you always take that chance.
7 CYPRESS POINT Clearly struggled at long odds upon return last time and now moves outside. Have to pass.
8 RUDDY RUSTY Flashed just a bit better speed last time at Yonkers, so that could be a hint that he's ready to come around again. Can't get much lower in class than this, so don't be shocked with that speed again. Chases #5?
9 PLAYBOY RUSTY Has clearly regressed and now loses the inside post help. Therefore, I cannot endorse now.
10 DOC'S BOY This was Brett's choice, but probably more for barn than horse. In reality, the horse just wasn't that great last time. Did he need the race? That is possible. He's faced better before. Not completely out of the question here.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 6-5-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 WORTH THE MONEY AS One of the eligible class droppers in here, along with #2,6. Did go "forward" last week, with a tough trip and didn't exactly stop. Just seems overdue for a wakeup call and does have Super Brett again.
2 CASINO CUTIE IT First visit from this barn to Club Med in a long time! Tough posts and slow starts gave this mare no chance over at Yonkers. She is very eligible to wake back up here, with a drop and much better post. Watch out.
3 LONG STORY SHORT Liked him last time and was right! (for once) The 13YO warhorse figured to take a shot in that spot and got the job done professionally. Dobson not here tonight, so new driver, plus a tougher field. Won't be easy.
4 ROCKIN REDFORD How good is this horse right now? Pretty darn good! Roy Marohn is here tonight, but he doesn't get the return call after two crushing wins. Nap takes over, and chose over #3. I guess I can understand why.
5 ABBIE'S CELTICLASS This mare is very good right now, and seems due for a good kind of break. Grinded gamely with tough trips twice, but was solid both times. Gets a MUCH better post here and plots for smoother journey. Must use.
6 IRON MINE JOHNNY Well, simply put, if he doesn't break, he should probably win. Hasn't been in this soft in long time. Marcus was careful with him last time and horse stayed trotting with good kick. Very possible sweeper!
7 KEEGAN HO Still waiting on the wakeup call here. Maybe that last one is a slight hint. He's also faced and beaten better in the past. My knock tonight is the switch to outer post. That's not going to help.
8 AXIOS Seems to have tailed off, and did not show a whole lot when dropped to this level. Tougher field now?
9 LANDONFITZ Usually does his best work at one notch lower than this. Drew poorly too! Not quite my type.
10 DRAMA FREE Suffering a good case of the bad post blues! Flashed very good speed lasf few, but came up a little shy in the stamina department. Could be same thing coming here. But, he does have to leave to have any shot.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 CAROBBEAN PACETRY Gets a huge break at the post draw here, but this is no easy spot, folks! From the rail, Tyler will have her protecting position early. Let's see if she's good enough to go with these higher class mares.
2 LADY OF HEAVEN Looks like the longshot again. She's gotten close, even when hiked up to this level, but seems to lacked that knockout punch to win one. That might take a class drop again to happen.
3 BEYONCES ROCKN Quickly finds her way back to Club Med, after a no chance trip at Yonkers. Those were too tough for her anyway. Technically, she fits a much lower class than this right now, so I'll probably pass and wait for softer.
4 BRONZE OVER Comes out of same class at Yonkers as #3, but was clearly much more of a factor. This is definitely the right spot for her on the mile, and she's won here before. Looks like the one to beat, especially with post edge on #7
5 WELL WHAT'S NEW Month off. Decent return qualifier. One of the "youngsters" in here, having just turned four. Can't guarantee this is the right spot for her off the bat, but ya never know. I'm going to watch one first.
6 OK HEAVENLY A tad flat here in the slop two back. Certainly aggressive over at Yonkers, but still got beat. It's usually all about pace and trip with this dedicated "finisher" but there might not be much pace in here. That would hurt.
7 BETTORHAVEANOTHER What do we do with this lass? I mean she was flying at the end last week. Definitely improving on Lasix, and I'll add that she does have speed too! Plus, Yannick. Should be good battle with #4.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 5-9-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 BROADWAY CONCERT Gave it a very good speed try last week. Just got outmuscled by the trip-sitting #2. No disgrace there. Tonight's problem is this stronger field. Likely won't be pacesetting this time. Stalks, hopes rally.
2 SIMPLY VOLO New barn had him cranked and ready off the layoff. Corey put perfect drive on him too! With that said, it's the obligatory step up in class and likely, different trip coming. Not sure he'll be that lucky again.
3 PHAT STACKS Had the typical "eight-hole tour of the track" in first start back. No problem. Michigan bred has taken a long time to get back to the races, so I doubt he's ready for this just yet. Let's watch one.
4 STIRLING CADET On the comeback trail here for Saratoga's top barn. That was a slightly improved race here last time. This is a very good field he's facing again, so demand fair value if you like. Not sure he's quite primed yet.
5 IRON MINE BUCKY No, I don't like the break at the gate last week, but I do love the punch that Bucky has when he's anywhere close turning for home. I still remember that wicked sweep a month ago. That would win this easily.
6 UPFRONT BILLY I thought he had a shot in that spot last week and Corey put a perfect trip on him to get it done. It was a good stretch battle with Bee, but the trip made the difference. They're both facing tougher here. Your call?
7 BEE IN CHARGE Was sent off at 4-5 last week and was game in defeat. That is probably the level where Bee can do the most damage, but when forced back up in class, like this, it gets a lot tougher. I will let him beat me, if he can.
8 GONEINAPUFFOFSMOKE Pretty good qualifier here last week, considering the long layoff. Draws poorly tonight, so this looks like a prep. I'll have to rate him a longshot and see if he will rally from the back of pack.
9 STORMONT WIZARD This could be the key to the race! Why? Yannick did stay loyal to barn here, opting over #5, and horse is taking a pretty big drop. Beat a "better" bunch on Nov. 30 at Philly? Needed last after a month off.
10 ROSSINI Forced up in class and stuck with the dreaded post 10. That's not going to work out well.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 1-3-5-7
H Horse Comment
1 GLENFERRIE BRONTE N Battled it out bitterly with a better bunch last week, so this HAS to look like the right spot? She's won on class drops like this before, and the inside post is just an added bonus! It's time to bet The Mann!
2 SKY FULLA STAR Had a needed trip last time for new connections. We haven't seen Blake here in a while, and this mare has gone a few big trips over this oval before. I guess I can make a case, if she gets a smooth trip behind #1.
3 HEARTS N FLOWERS Also dropping, but perhaps not quite as strong as #1. If you were searching for a longshot to toss into your box, this might be one to consider. Marcus sticks with her, over #2. Back to where she belongs.
4 GIRLLOOKATTHATBODY Unplayable in current form right now. Have to wait for some sort of wakeup call.
5 UF DRAGON'S QUEEN Also lowered in class, so this could be the one to give #1 a tussle. A Nap's choice over #8. An ideal midpack post for mare that's versatile. I will note she does "like" to finish second or third. Hoping for that here.
6 CHEYENNE ROBIN I was all set to make a good bet on Robin last time and she scratched. Now unraced since Dec. 29 and Brett Miller opted off again. I guess that has to be telling us something, right? Let's watch one, and see if ready.
7 FAITHFUL DESIRE This was Brett's pick, and she's up from Freehold and out of a Preferred, which she dominated. Eight time winner last year, from just 19 starts, so she should be fresh. Is she this good? I guess we'll find out.
8 SPILLING THE BEANS Also stuck with a good case of the bad post blues! Probably needs a class drop too!
9 BESTGIRLFRIENDEVER Every once in a while Eric A puts a perfect drive on a horse! That was the case with this mare who dropped and popped over a big favorite last Friday. Will they be that "fortunate" again? Probably not.
10 SKIPPIN BY After watching that qualifier, I was hoping for a softer spot than this. Post 10, against a bunch of class droppers. No bueno! So, with that said, I will pass and hopefully await a better situation next time.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 10-8-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 COMMENTARY Appeared to be in a good spot last week and didn't make it to the start. That is never a good thing! So, what do we do now? The qualifier was very good. The rail post is sometimes not good for horse that dislikes gate.
2 WILDFLOWER We all know her game. Packs that big rally in the tank. However, she has not raced now since Dec. 29 and that's simply too long of a layoff. I will pass on her for tonight, but be watching closely for future consideration.
3 TWO HIP DIP Made a pretty nice comeback last week, but why the break? It wasn't like Brett was trying to rush him out of there. Horse just does it for no reason. Makes him a big risk when the price is always short. Your call, folks?
4 PARTY ON THE RIVER Wasn't bad last week, but wasn't great either. I liked the speed he offered, and then just rode the rail in paceless race. Horse is still good at moment, and can't fault the way pilot is driving either. Very hot!
5 WHERE TO HANOVER Boy, he didn't look all that ready last week, after missing some time. With that said, I highly doubt he can completely turn it around here. Have to wait for more signs of life before hopping back on board.
6 BILLIE BLUE Another one from this barn that exits Yonkers. I'm going to watch both of them to see if they fit here. Horse can win, when in the right class, but I'm not so sure this is it yet.
7 HEAVENLY ZETTE Retains longshot status, moving out to a much tougher post. Hasn't exactly been trotting up a storm lately, anyway. Would need a lot of luck to get close when it counts late.
8 DOMINUS HANOVER Making second start for new barn. Didn't make much of an impact in the first one, but I do have faith! I would be surprised if we didn't see a more positive effort here. A question, but I want to see more.
9 REAL DJ HANOVER Endured a tough trip from this post in first go after the sale. Nobody was catching that leader that night, so don't be too hard on him. I'll note that he didn't quit either! Yannick must get him a better trip.
10 GUESS WHOS BACK Won the last time he dropped in class. This is a return to the more proper spot and A Nap gets the call with Billy D not here tonight. What does that mean? It means we're going to see speed! A must use.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-4-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 ESPRIT DE KAYJAY A Kayjay is back and on another amazing win streak! He certainly "showed me" something the last time he zoomed up the Turnpike. Have to expect similar strong effort from 14YO that tries very hard!
2 WALKS OF LIFE Well, if you don't like Kayjay, then ya have to like this fella. Thought he would be live last week and Vinny just pointed him to the front. It worked. Might be a little tougher tonight vs. #1, but he has the class.
3 ENERGY SHAKES Found the 10's a bit too much last time. Quickly dropped back down, but still a longshot to me.
4 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL Came flying home from an impossible spot last week, in the race where nobody was catching #2. Draws a better post. Gets a likely different pace scenario. Can he beat both #1 and #2? I'll give you a maybe.
5 MUST BE THE BUNNY Note the driver change here, and note that horse did beat a group like this at decent price in early December. Therefore, with this ideal post, he might be a use in this spot. Figures to get a trip in the flow.
6 IDEAL DANNY Retains large longshot status, having been no serious threat to these in a while. Not my type.
7 SOUTHERN SPORT Keeps drawing these outside posts. Showed a touch of speed at Monti two back and that's kind of what he needs here. I don't see him outkicking the likes of #4. Jimmy may have to take a shot and send in here.
8 MAY I CRUISE WEST Came to an absolute stop last time, so I now believe why they like to race this fella from off the pace. So, if he doesn't leave in here, how far back will he be? My guess is too far back. Hoping for mayhem up front.
9 SALEVSTER STALLION Suffering a good case of the bad post blues. It does hurt! Horse is deceptively good at moment too, so it's too bad. Overdue for a bit of good luck, but I just don't see it from this starting slot.
10 ROYAL OUTLOOK Where's he going from the 10-box? Likely not very far. Another big longshot tonight.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 CASA MIASA Good, gutsy effort to win two back. Good, gutsy speed try last week, but collared late by a flying rival. Since she draw inside now, that speed becomes intimidating. Looks like the one to catch and beat once again.
2 CASIMIR JUBILEE 11YO mare is up from Freehold for a big track try. Her form has recently resurfaced down there, but is this just a little too high for her up here? That is my question, and I'm going with yes. This is too tough.
3 CICELY HANOVER On the comeback trail off the layoff and she doesn't look nearly ready enough yet. Pass.
4 ALWAYS AS FAST Don't really know what to make of that last start, after the very sluggish start. Jimmy raced her like he knew she wouldn't be ready. This could be a much more live spot. She did flash a bit of late kick. Possibility.
5 FEELIN RED HOT Here's the other "possibility" if you want to swing against #1. New barn after a purchase. Trainer doesn't race many here, but they're usually live when he does. This is pretty soft spot on drop. Maybe now or never!
6 FINA PATINA Andy had an option and chose here over #7. Mare makes her second start at the reduced level, so the wakeup call could be imminent. She has faced better, and this field is begging to be beaten. Usable if price is right.
7 ALWAYS FLASH N Had a disastrous start at Freehold. I guess she just can't get around a half? So, it's back to a bigger oval and a softer class. I just wish Andy had opted here. That might have made me like her a little more.
8 FIRST DELIGHT A Nap was listed on all this barn's starters, with Billy D not around tonight. This mare HAD to need that last one, after missing more than a month. She's got some speed, but keeps drawing these killer posts.
9 NANCY MELINDA Just one win last year. Two recent starts here and both were no good. Drops to the bottom now, but still needs a huge wakeup call just to get into the game. I'm not sure I see it coming.
10 SWEET BET In for the tag here, after tiring in speed try couple weeks ago. The gaps between races is a concern. The post is a concern. I don't think I can hop on board her boat just yet.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 10-7-8-2
H Horse Comment
1 NORTHERN FIESTA A tad flat when she came off the rail last week. The race was won up front, so maybe we shouldn't be too hard on her. She's also racing back into shape off the layoff. Gets good post, but needs more.
2 PETAL TO THE METAL I promise you, this mare is going to get lucky one of these nights. Because she can flat out fly late! The inside post presents a conundrum for me though. Can't get shuffled or locked in. Needs to be out and rolling.
3 ASK QUEENIE Down from Monti and probably in too tough here. Seemed good at Philly last year. Maybe she needs to wait till they open up again. I will let her beat me here, if she can.
4 DRAG N SAND Gets much needed post relief, after a tough trip grind last week. My bigger problem is the hike back up in class. I still think this level is just a tad too much for her. It'll be up to A Nap to prove me wrong.
5 MY SISTER LUCIE Just turned four. Gets in via the alternate condition. Been fishing for an appropriate spot here and I'm not so sure this is it just yet. Best asset is post. She could work out a trip, like she did on 12/22.
6 GIMME SOME LOVIN' Invades from Yonkers for a very hot combo right now of Super Brett and Jenn Bon. Her start her last month wasn't bad. Just chased a very sharp, dropdown winner. This is no easy spot tonight, though.
7 JADED DREAM Uncorked a monster mile for A Nap, despite the long layoff. Yes, the race did set up for a closer, but she still looked very good doing it. This is the obligatory step up in class. Still, the one to fear with Yannick.
8 GUSSY'S DRAGON Out of much tougher races. Been seeking the right kind of spot since Saratoga closed and hasn't found it. Like #5, gets in via the alternate condition. They both have upset chances. This one has The Mann!
9 MOJARRA HANOVER Finally found the field of her "friends" to post the big, sweeping upset. She almost never wins on the hike up in class, and this post drawn will have her well back in the pack. Not for me tonight.
10 MISS BLING Maybe the key to the race! Why? Because she can blast if Marcus wants. Had to "need" that last one, after missing a month. Liable to be much more "live" in this race tonight. Was awfully good here when she won.