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A Different Kind of Horsepower at The Meadowlands

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

  On Sunday, September 17 Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment hosted the Driving Force Club, a group of high-performance automobile enthusiasts, in their 2017 New York Bull Fest outing. 


This event was a gathering of approximately 75 Lamborghini’s and their owners who began the day with breakfast in a nearby location then followed a custom designed route that provided an abundance of open highway stretches and scenic twisty roads. 


The ultimate destination, kept a secret to members until the cruise began, was Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment where the club drove onto the track for photos followed by a BBQ lunch in the Backyard.  A $2 million Lamborghini stole the spotlight proving that not just horses look great in the winner’s circle!  


The Bull Fest group was duly impressed with the new grandstand and Andrea Lokshin, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, reported lots of interest from club members in staging future engagements at the track.   


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