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1) An official responsible for ensuring a fair start to the race, the starter supervises the loading of horses into the starting gate through a gate crew. He/she also has control of the opening the gate. 2) A horse that is in the starting gate when the race begins, whether he runs or not.  

Starting Car
Partitioned mechanical device having stalls in which the horses are confined until the starter releases the stalls' confined front doors to begin the race.  

State Bred
A horse bred in a particular state and thus eligible to compete in races restricted to state-breds.  

A horse that can race long distances.  

A horse being taken in hand by its rider, usually because of being in close quarters.  

Step Up
A horse moving up in class to meet better competition.  

Officials of the race meeting responsible for enforcing the rules of racing.  

Final straight portion of the racetrack to the finish.  

Stretch Call
Position of horses at the eighth pole.  

Stretch Runner
Horse that runs its fastest nearing the finish of a race.  

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