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A winning horse sent off at extremely high odds.  

1) The group of mares being bred to a stallion in a given year. If a stallion attracts the maximum number of mares allowed by the farm manager, he has a full book. 

1) Stamina in a horse. 2) Subsurface of a racing strip.

Bottom Line
A standardbreds breeding on the female side. The lower half of an extended pedigree diagram. 

A poor race run directly following a career-best or near-best performance.  

A wagering term denoting a combination bet whereby all possible numeric combinations are covered.

Boxed (In)
To be trapped between, behind or inside of other horses.  

Brace (or Bracer)
Rubdown liniment used on a horse after a race or workout.  

Break (a horse)
1) To train a young horse to wear a bridle and saddle, carry a rider and respond to a rider's commands. Almost always done when the horse is a yearling. 2) To leave from the starting gate.  

Break Maiden
Horse or rider winning the first race of its career. Also known as "earning a diploma."  

In parimutuel payoffs, which are rounded down to a nickel or dime, the pennies that are left over. Breakage may be used for any of a number of purposes, depending upon a state's rules of racing.  

Easing off on a horse for a short distance in a race to permit it to conserve or renew its strength.  

1) A horse is considered to have been bred in the state or country of its birth -- Secretariat was a Virginia-bred. 2) The past tense of "breed."  

Owner of the dam at time of foaling unless the dam was under a lease or foal-sharing arrangement at the time of foaling. In that case, the person(s) specified by the terms of the agreement is (are) the breeder(s) of the foal.  

Breeding Fund
A state fund set up to provide bonuses for state-breds.  

Bridge Jumper
A person who wagers large amounts of money, usually on short-priced horses to show, hoping to realize a small, but certain profit. The term comes from the structure these bettors may seek if they lose.  

A piece of equipment, usually made of leather or nylon, which fits on a horse's head and is where other equipment, such as a bit and the reins, are attached 

A filly or mare that has been bred and is used to produce foals.  

1) During a race, two horses who slightly touch each other. 2) Injury that occurs when one hoof strikes the inside of the opposite limb.  

Bucked Shins
Inflammation of the covering of the bone of the front surface of the cannon bone to which young horses are particularly susceptible. This is primarily a condition of the front legs.

Bulbs (of the heel)
The two areas on either side of the back of the foot, similar to the heel of the hand.  

Short for phenylbutazone, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication that is legal in many racing jurisdictions. Often known by the trade names Butazolidin and Butazone.  

Buy Back
A horse put through a public auction that did not reach a minimum (reserve) price set by the consignor and so was retained. The consignor must pay a fee to the auction company based on a percentage of the reserve, to cover the auction company's marketing, advertising and other costs.  

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