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Driver Face Off - The Match Game

Friday, March 30, 2018

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For each match the contestant makes, he/she wins a cash voucher.

Driver Face Off - Play our Match Game!

Fill out an entry form at the Track Level Players Club Desk.
Five Contestants will be selected to play after race 6 and must report to the Players Club Desk to participate.
Contestants will play the Match Game – the back of each game piece (12 games pieces) has picture of a Meadowlands Driver. Contestants must match the images, there are a total of 6 matches

 Match prize breakdown:
Match 1 = $10
Match 2 = $25
Match 3 = $50
Match 4 = $75
Match 5 = $125
Match 6 = $150

After 3 misses the contestant’s turn is over.


Management reserves the right to cancel/modify this promotion at anytime.  Click here for complete rules. 

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