Race Date Race # Post Horse Name From Old Owner Name To New Owner Name Amount Tax
04-04-1551Mambo Italiano49892Robert Bresnahan Jr. or Richard Lombardo or Howard Taylor49954Kuhen Racing LLC $12,500 $0
04-04-1566Windsong Gorgeous46669Melvin G Fink or Clifford N Grundy38048Shannon Diantonio $35,000 $0
04-04-1571You Bet Your Glass49807Lee G Cotroneo42875William Williams Jr & Arnold B Marks $10,000 $0
04-04-1572Steady Pulse49946Nicole Dicostanzo46905Dawn P Anderson $10,000 $700
04-04-15102Seek The Dragon49913Team S Racing Stable48036Roman F Lopez or Mitchell A Frair $12,500 $0
04-11-1552Diamond Said38048Shannon Diantonio48444Edward Hall $15,000 $0
04-11-1574Windsong Gorgeous38048Shannon Diantonio46669Melvin G Fink or Clifford N Grundy $35,000 $0
04-11-15134Rockaholic47450Michael E Eaton49946Nicole Dicostanzo $10,000 $0
04-11-15136Gratias Deo49957Kristyn Dicostanzo49670Richard Anthony Briskey $10,000 $0
04-11-15138Triple Major49896Jennifer L Lappe or John R Carrington49979Chris Cotroneo $10,000 $700