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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, September 18, 2020

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 6-2-1-9
H Horse Comment
1 CHEYENNE RYAN LEE Rounded into form nicely down at Philly, and don’t forget that his pilot has won here in the sulky already. The pole could be tricky post, but horse has flashed speed before. May only need smooth trip. Trainer: Want to give him another chance in here, and hoping girl power prevails yet again this week.
2 GYPSY LEATHER Scooted down to the Ocean for a speed try and it didn’t work out after setting pretty fast pace. The Judge tends to be more patient than most and might just let this veteran settle. Watch for a late pouncing try.
3 SCIROCCO MISTYSAID Been a little disappointing lately out of town. Also burned a few bucks in this series back in July. I really don’t know where they’re at with the gelding. At least he gets an inside post. Sits and stalks? Needs more.
4 MAY I CRUISE WEST Maintains his role as big longshot, especially coming off a mistake. I will pass again.
5 JUSTABITOFCHARM Went a lot faster in that qualifier than she’s used to. Invades with a lot to prove here.
6 FOREVER WORTH IT Sure looked like a winner, pouncing off the turn last week and then got collared by a flying rival. Still, it was good, strong effort and we can look for another one tonight. Timing critical, but very possible.
7 RACE ME ROCKY Bob D just tried to send this guy down the road and they ran out of gas under heavy pressure. I really don’t know what would be any different tonight. He may get to the lead, but must find a lot more stamina.
8 LEAR SEELSTER That was an improbable, but incredible flying finish from last! Very eye-catching for sure. Gets stuck with another outer post here and is totally at mercy of pace and trip again. What will the price be tonight? Lower.
9 BADIX HANOVER A bit unproven on the big track. Gets stuck with a rough post tonight. Bob H is usually a speed kind of driver and I don’t see him taking back in this spot. Needs to find bigger kick, but not out of the question.
10 JACKAMINO Where is he going from post 10? Probably not very fast. A clear case of the bad post blues lately.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 DRESDEN Nice homebred filly here! Ships in with three-in-a-row in New York. Scotty Z had a tough choice here and opted to stick with #3. But, I don’t want to read too much into that. IF this filly likes big track, expect a strong effort.
2 SKYY Nice name for the daughter of Just Add Vodka! And, so far, she’s come along nicely for Team Bittle. Seems to be versatile and this is ideal spot to just sit and stalk the favorites. Don’t be shocked if she comes charging late.
3 MARSALA HANOVER Strong, classy filly here by The Captain. She’s proven at the top stakes level already and she’s got three wins too! Z opted here, over #1, but they both have great chances. Speed seems to be her game. Guns out!
4 THREE WAY SPLIT It’s taken a little while, but seems like this lass may finally be learning the game. That was good, powerhouse finish in the qualifier and if this one sets up for a closer, she’s got a chance too! Price might be right.
5 JK ALWAYSBALADY Nothing wrong with the way she’s been brought along. We can all see the pedigree, and she flashed speed right from the get-go. Interesting spot, outside the favorites. Might have to leave again, to stay close. Trainer: Needs to race off a helmet, as she’s a little lazy.
6 SOUTHWIND XENA Yes, that was a disappointing effort down at Philly, but she might not have liked racing on the lead. Hadn’t done that prior. With that said, I don’t see her gunning out now. Will be patient, and hope for a trip.
7 I SAY NO MORE Looks like the longshot of the bunch, having drawn the toughest post. Would need a lot to go her way to have a shot.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 FASHION ON A STAR The hopples came off once he arrived here. The first go was promising. The second not so much, but that wasn’t easy trip either. Moves all the way inside again to stick a little closer. Needs a bigger punch.
2 SEVENSHADESOFGREY Seems like a “work in progress” for the Burke Brigade. Did some good work in New York, but those last two breaks have me very worried. Bounce back qualifier was okay. I want to watch one here.
3 ARTHUR BOY It took him a little while to make it to the races and that first try was a flop. Have to keep him on the longshot list until we see some sort of stronger effort. I have to see it first.
4 MOONSTONE S Raced his eyeballs out in the Peter Haughton and almost “deserved” to win. I’m happy to see that he got a little time off after that. Got a little “revenge” on Zenith in the qualifier. Finished up nicely that morning.
5 DELAYED HANOVER I must admit, I really liked the look of this fella on the track last week. And, Ake drove him aggressively. Almost got the win, sneaking up the inside. A very good, educational start. Gives #4 a tussle here.
6 CALLE PALEMA Barn’s other starter went all the way up to Canada for a stakes try, but it did not work out. Quickly back here, hoping for better. That solid speed from 8/7 would make him a contender. Just stay trotting, please!
7 DEE’S RED DELICIOUS Did great work in the New York, making it all the way to the final. Was one of many breakers in that race, which is never good going for $225K! Handled the big track at Vernon well. Should do same here.
8 GOODASHIM I was a tad disappointed with his effort last week. Of course, it’s never easy to overcome post 10, but DD had him in prime position. They just lacked a good finish. Will have to bounce back better, from another tough pp.
9 JULA PRO HANOVER Barn’s third entrant in here has been a mixed bag so far this season. Really don’t know what to expect after the easy qualifier. I’m going to prefer their other starters in here. Let’s watch one.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 6-3-9-5
H Horse Comment
1 LOVEY BELLE Was doing a little better once the trotting hopples went on, but then she regressed up at Vernon. The Tioga effort does not stand out. Definitely a work in progress to get her back to best shape.
2 QUEEN TILE NO Burned a few bucks in that last one down at Philly. Not every horse handles that track well, so I’m always willing to forgive a mistake. Ake brings her back here. Just needs to go a little faster to have a shot.
3 MIDPOINT Barn’s been on a bit of a roll everywhere lately, so consider that. This gal was doing good work until that last disaster from post eight. Her game is speed, so expect to see some, IF she’s trotting. That is the key!
4 ANNA BOLENA New to the Nifty barn and that looks like a tough trip, but decent effort over at Pocono. Gained good experience on the big track up in Canada. Could be a bit risky, with a lack of speed. I want to watch one here.
5 AVENIR That was a real nice comeback in the Doherty elim. But, she still made the same mistake in the final. Solid qualifier to get a little confidence. I really don’t know what to expect tonight. I will be watching her on the track.
6 INEFFABLE Big ticket purchase has come along nicely so far. She’s shown speed. She’s made no mistakes. Heading in the right direction. Midpack post gives pilot plenty of options. I see no reason not to use her in here. Reliable.
7 ETRA DE VIE Tough to get a real read on her current form, especially after the last mistake. Back to big track now.
8 SAADET Another inconsistent performer here. You just don’t know what you’re going to get. Nice pickup for T Mac, IF he can keep her trotting. Will she blast, like she did at Pocono. Or, a more patient approach. Very tough call.
9 MAZZARATI Had a very solid finish in that qualifier. Both sprinted home impressively. My problem tonight is this post. Has to avoid being used too hard early. It cost her in the Doherty. Not easy to do from a spot like this.
10 TRIXLINDSAY Wasn’t bad in that first go, but this looks like an impossible spot for second try. I will watch.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-7-8
H Horse Comment
1 TYPE A Definitely a little disappointing lately. He showed a lot of promise earlier this summer. So, it’s back to the drawing board with a new driver tonight. Take a good, long look at him on the track to see if right. Tough call. Trainer: Made a few equipment adjustments and added trotting hopples. Was happy with how he trained. Should be fine.
2 LINDYSMUSCLEMANIA The only blemish was the qualifier here. Weird. But, since then, Ake has righted the ship and this colt looks strong. Taking a solid step up in class here, but we’re going to find out if he’s stakes quality. Andy on!
3 CASH HUDSON Kind of just “went around there” last time from the bad post. Okay. This starting slot is better, so I’d like to see some of that speed again. I’m not sold on the stamina level yet, but that can always come.
4 BACARDI Another one that’s pretty tough to gauge tonight on the big track. I usually like to see one here first.
5 NARZARIO Wasn’t really keeping up in the sires stakes final. Got a little time off after that and came back with decent qualifier. Will have to go a little faster here, but that can happen too! Barn could have a big night.
6 RED REDEMPTION Third of barn’s starters and I don’t know which I like best. I don’t like that this one lost at 1-5, but I see that was no easy trip grinding into hot pace. His effort here vs. South Tyrion would be good enough. Your call?
7 ROYSON’S PUNCH Won the Excelsior Final for 50 grand! Not bad! It took a perfect trip and drive from Scotty to upset the applecart, but congrats on that! No doubt we’re going to see speed. How far will he go? Pretty far.
8 ZENITH STRIDE Here’s the Peter Haughton champ, who put it all together that day! What a finish. Afterwards, Brian said this colt had talent and he wasn’t surprised by the effort. The bettors sure were! Won’t be 87-1 tonight.
9 GOTCHA HANOVER Doesn’t quite seem ready enough for this kind of test. That, plus bad post, make him a pass.
10 TOPOFTHEHILL S I’m not really sold on this guy just yet. Too many miscues for my taste, plus post 10.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 AUNT IRENE The immaculately-bred lass hasn’t stayed trotting in a real race yet, so that’s an issue. She’s perfect for the Kindergarten series, provided she wants to play. The qualifier was strong, but she’s tough play IF price is short. Trainer: One of the most talented 2YO’s in my barn, but also a little immature. Was really happy with her qualifier and I think she could have a really good fall season.
2 CHABLIS Her only clunker thus far was the sires stakes final. She was flat that night. Came back with game and gusty try. Good, maintenance qualifier after month off and I will even add points if Mazzarati did well earlier. Ready!
3 PANTERA Can’t really fault her right now. Every recent start a quality one. Seems versatile too, which is extra plus with young trotting fillies. Good post. I couldn’t possibly leave her off the ticket. Barn going well too!
4 HELLO I LOVE YOU Hasn’t hit the road yet, so this series was the plan all along. She’s done nothing wrong and gets along with Joe B just fine. Out of same qualifier as #2 and they were all good that morning. Chance at decent price.
5 LILYBET Traveled the New York circuit to get career started and has hinted at some ability. I want to watch one.
6 ONE TRIX PONY Another filly that looks like a work in progress. I do like that she got around Freehold for Team Orange Crush. But, it’s back to the wolves here and she will simply need more. I have to see it first.
7 LIZ’S CHAMP Outraced her odds in the debut. A little late to the party, but definitely showing some talent. That’s a real good kick in the race at Pocono. I’m not in love with this post, or fact that she loses Dunn. Needs a hot pace.
8 BLACKOUT RILEY Down from Canada and into a new barn, so you never know what to expect. Missed some time since last start, so let’s call this a test drive. Let’s see if she improves here.
9 CALLAS The bettors at the Meadows took it on the chin last time. The filly never really kicked in. This looks like even tougher spot from the bad post. I think I’ll prefer some of the others for now.
10 HOT AS HILL It’s just about impossible to get a full read on her current form. I still remember an earlier good effort. Looks like that qualifier wasn’t much of a test. I don’t envision her blasting, so this is very tough spot. Joe B chose 4.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 ROBERT’S HANOVER Simply cruised around the track here on opening night. That should serve as a good confidence builder. Yes, this will be much tougher spot, but I like what I saw. Big time speed coming from the rail.
2 HEARTBREAK HILL I still remember that night when he “inherited” the win at long odds. The effort was still good. Since then, it’s been a bit of a downer. I would now need to see a good one again, before I could consider.
3 SONOFAMISTERY Marcus drove this guy last week like he was a hundred lengths the best. Never really even asked him down the stretch, despite a rough, grinding trip. Sears hops back aboard now, on the big step up in class.
4 SWAN BY LAND Cover up that one mistake and he’s raced pretty well of late. Chased #1 as no match two weeks ago, but this race could have very different pace scenario. This post gives Andy options. There are reasons to like.
5 SHARE THE WEALTH Prepped here. Got the money with Ray driving over at Pocono in debut. But, I can’t really say I was overly happy with that qualifier here. He’s simply got to go faster, and I’m not sure yet that he can.
6 CAPITAL T STORM Doesn’t really have that winning habit just yet. Have to rate him a longshot vs. this bunch.
7 REFINER Another that’s just a little bit overmatched in a high-quality race like this. Needs to show a lot more.
8 BEE FOREVER Yes, you can see the pedigree, because it doesn’t get any more regal than that! Both mom and dad loved this track! This will be first try here. And, yes, I see that he’s been gelded. Been raced from OFF the pace so far.
9 VENTURESOME He’s got some speed, but maybe not the big track stamina just yet? Drew tough post tonight.
10 SPEED AWAY His name says it all. Packs 28 speed, so that’s always a good thing! I don’t know why he went to running out at Red Mile, so that worries me big time. Have to take a good, long look at him out on the track.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-9-5
H Horse Comment
1 DUCHESSPEDIA She’s actually improved with each appearance, so that’s a good thing! This is asking a lot to tackle a field of this quality, so I’m expecting the sit-in, save ground type of trip. Let’s see if she can keep up.
2 WET MY WHISTLE Barn has a pair in here and Ake will drive this one. It’s tough to get a real read on her form, especially after that miscue. Tonight’s goal is to get around there, onstride, with possible check chances.
3 PRESTO Scotty Z gets the call on this filly and she’s shown some solid talent so far. That was a nice, easy cruise in the state-bred race, but those always serve as confidence builders too! I liked her try in that final as well. Gets a better post.
4 INSTA GLAM Has flashed very high speed so far, which is always perfect for Tetrick. The post, and slowish start cost her any real chance in the PASS Final. She still kicked in nicely late. Have to think totally different strategy here. Use.
5 REBEL GIRL Was no match for #4 when they last squared off. Came back with very good try at the Meadows. A bit hard-to-handicap right now, but this is perfect post to work out a trip and Dexter gets along with her nicely.
6 SEL’S CHOICE MIA for a little too long, so I will keep Sel on the longshot list for now. Still something to prove here.
7 A PERFECT DUTCHESS Sick scratches on young horses always worry me. Add the ship back from Kentucky too! Pass.
8 MISS CLEOPATRICK Clever name for filly that cost $60K. So far, she’s shown talent too! Barn has a bunch of good fillies this year. I’m not in love with this post. Tetrick listed, but opted to #4 as expected. Let’s see what Brian can do.
9 ANOKA HANOVER T Mac had a choice in here and took this lass over #7. Makes sense. He had a bang-up first week in the sulky seat to get acclimated to Club Med. This post will test both him, and the filly. She’s pretty good too!
10 SOUKUP BLUE CHIP For most of the race last week, I thought she was home. Just got a little leg weary late, but that happens. With that said, I’m sure Andy would like to “follow” one tonight, and not set the pace. Brave her up a little!
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 9-4-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 CARTIER ZETTE Doing a real good job of picking up the checks lately, and that’s probably the goal tonight. Sometimes this class level can be a bit much, but the rail will keep him close. Maybe usable underneath.
2 BROADWAY BRUISER I thought Eric would be aggressive with the Bruiser last week and he was! Unfortunately, the Bruiser didn’t have much pop. Will have to find a little more, or save that early burst for late. Tough call.
3 PIERCEWAVE HANOVER I have guessed right on this guy in the past. Derue sends him to the Med again, and after listing himself to drive, switches to Scotty Z. That IS sign of positive intent. But, will the price be worth it? Not sure.
4 CARRICK Doing decent work down at Philly, so barn switches it up and brings him to the Med this week. This is definitely the right class level for him here. I would like to see bigger late burst, but maybe Tim can get him to go more. Trainer: Tim said he wasn’t grabbing the track that good at Philly. Trained good yesterday and back to the big track. Should be much improved.
5 LASA DIDA LADY I hate to say it, but I’ve really had it with this mare. She drives me nuts! I have no way to explain where that mile came from last week. I don’t know if it’s Dexter, or what? But, I will not try her now, on the class hike.
6 SOUTHWIND FROST Be careful here. This guy really lacks that “winning habit,” and the price is always low. That’s a combo that I dislike as a bettor. I’m always trying to beat him. But, make sure you use underneath. Just not on top.
7 DI OGGI Our Big Dee’s Tack Trainer of the Week has two in here, and the post gods were not kind! Corey chose #9, so that usually tells me all I need to know. Racing well, but bouncing up and down in class. Very tough call out here.
8 TOUGH MAC Can’t fault the Mac right now, but is this too high in class for him? That, plus tough post make a pass.
9 BOY MEETS GIRL K Very intrigued by this one tonight, especially since Corey chose him over barnmate. Seems like the veteran has rounded back into better form, so he’s a must-use, even from this post. Captain will have to send.
10 OMAHA OMAHA Probably in line for a similar trip like last time. Has to be a big longshot again.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-9-8-2
H Horse Comment
1 CAPTAIN SLEAZE Off to an 0-8 start in his career. But, he’s done nothing wrong. It’s just a matter of finding his speed and getting quicker. Sometimes it takes a while. Looks like a price in here, but Marcus will save ground.
2 FOREFATHER I still remember the outstanding qualifier two back. That was good! The follow-up miscue is not good. There is talent in this tank, but it’s not under control just yet. Scotty will be very careful with him tonight.
3 HIGH BALLER A few Alagna late bloomers in here. Those gaps between starts always worry me with young ones. Could be sickness? Or, just not ready. Joe B was listed and opted for the other one. Tells me all I need to know.
4 DONTPASSME HANOVER If you want to watch a replay, look how loaded this fella was at end of mile last week. Tyler B not here tonight, so Brian takes over and I hope he puts this gelding in play. Just sit close enough to pounce.
5 SIMON SAYS HANOVER That was a professional-looking qualifier. Sprinted home nicely. But, the jury’s still out on his real talent. Needs to step it up a bit to tackle a bunch like this. Joe B’s choice. Will we see that speed again?
6 AQUAMAN HANOVER Was a pretty good second down at Philly, but Dexter opted elsewhere tonight. That’s not exactly a vote of confidence. I guess I’d need to see more before I could endorse here.
7 BAZOOKA HANOVER Should we just box up the Hanover’s in here? They’re all pretty big prices. This poor fella has been a victim of the post position blues! Almost not far. He does have speed, however. Can’t take back every time.
8 SUMMA CUM LAUDE Drew third straight bad post. But, if you remember that effort on July 31, you have to take a good, long look here. Dave’s choice. I think we’re going to see big speed tonight. Will battle with #9 for supremacy.
9 ALWAYS A MIKI Picked a very bad time to have a costly mistake in that final. Looked super in all starts prior. No, I’m not in love with the post, or potential pace scenario. But, that’s Dexter’s job to figure it out. Best horse, worst post?
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 SWEET SHIRLEY MAE One of three fillies in here, tackling the colts. They’re probably all just prepping for next stakes assignment. This filly packs a very good finish in her bag. Andy gets along with her. May only need trouble-free trip.
2 HALLIAMA Finds his way down from the Spa and into a really tough spot. These might be too much for him.
3 FIFTY CENT PIECE Also battled her way bravely in Pennsylvania. Not bad and the post cost her dearly in that Final. Back to better slot here and Mattias will put her in play. At the right price, I wouldn’t be afraid to use her.
4 DIP ME HANOVER This lass has shown good speed at two and three now. Easily the leading money-winner in the field. But, I always wonder about between stakes starts. Scotty will probably just race her from behind, let her finish.
5 FEEL THE MUSCLE Actually got a check from post 10 last time, but this looks way tougher. Not for me tonight.
6 KINGS COUNTY Gets “lucky” to scratch into this spot. And he’s not without a chance. Beat a slightly weaker group at this level a while back. T Mac picks up the call. I’d only want at the right price, but do consider that.
7 THUNDER That was an exceptional qualifier against the Hambo winner. We all know this guy was meant to be a good horse, and tonight could make his comeback complete. I’m just worried about that break down at Philly.
8 LIFETIME ROYALTY What a picture-perfect and patient drive that was last week. Yes, it was an easier spot and he was supposed to win. But, those are great confidence builders too! Tim chose over #10, so that’s vote of confidence.
9 HL REVADON I really wish I knew what Mark Mac was going to do here. He sent this gelding last time and it worked out nicely. This is tougher post and there are other speeds. Needs that trip, but not totally out of the question.
10 CHIPLOSIVE Never really got involved from bad post last week. Stuck in same situation. Needs lot of luck.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 HEART OF MINE Another real nice filly here for the Hall of Fame trainer. She has progressed perfectly along the way and has increased her speed on the smaller ovals. Now, all she has to do is prove it on the big track. I think she will.
2 EASYRUNNER HANOVER After a baby race here, they developed her up in Canada. Just a tad overmatched in that series, so they lowered her in class and she did respond. Now, it’s back in against better. Let’s see if she belongs.
3 DIXIE CHICK Those two breaks scare me, especially since that was when Lasix was added. Comeback qualifier fine, but maybe a bit slow. The Chick will have to step up and prove it here. A longshot to me for now.
4 THINK OF GALAXIES Johnny Mac and Pete K have a very nice filly on their hands here. She did very well in the sires stakes, even making the final. That was rough trip, so don’t hold that against her. I want to see her on big track now. Trainer: Has the ability to be a top filly. Was way too hot in the final and cut her air off. I’ve made some changes and believe she will race much better here.
5 THREE TIMES A LADY Barn’s other filly has missed a little time sick. That’s never good. Went faster, but wasn’t a strong threat on the mile in Kentucky. I guess this is the right spot to start back. Wasn’t Scotty Z’s choice, though.
6 FIRE START HANOVER Perfect trip and drive in that consolation. That’s not bad when you can win for a purse of $50K. She’s the ideal filly for this series. She’s not a lock in here, but probably the one to beat. Even from outer post.
7 OFF THE RECORD Developing nicely so far. She’s come to her speed down at Philly. But, like a few of the others in here, it’s time to graduate and step up to the big track. This is tough post, and not an easy spot.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-2-6
H Horse Comment
1 HURRIKANE GEORGIE Looks like he’s rounded into form quite nicely for Johnny Mac. He and Mark Mac make a nice team, especially with Hurrikane Emperor! This is going to be a step up in class, but he might be ready for it. Trainer: Is slowly becoming a racehorse. Wonderful attitude. Hope to continue improvement.
2 GAMBLIN MO Corey had a choice in here and took this fella over #7. That looks like a steamroll, first over win down at Philly, so let’s see if he can handle the step up tonight. Drew same “lucky” post. Will try to grind it out again.
3 OCTAVE This guy just hasn’t come to his full speed just yet. Looks like a longshot for now. I will watch one.
4 CRUNCH HANOVER Barn has several good chances to win tonight. Crunch ran into a VERY good Southwind Gendry last time and got shuffled. No worries. This should be different That versatile speed is always a plus. A must use.
5 COMMANDING OFFICER Had the great misfortune of running into a monster in Perfect Sting out in Kentucky. Don’t hold that against him. Back to Jersey and back in where he belongs. Expect a much better effort and maybe speed.
6 ONE EIGHT HUNDRED Was he a little bit flat last week? Yes! So, what do we do tonight? The prior efforts were strong. You can always forgive a dull effort from a youngster. I’m anxious to see how he bounces back tonight. Trainer: Was a little pace compromised last race, but also didn’t fire as well as he should have. Scoped sick after the race. Was treated this week for sickness. Scoped good after training. So, hopefully, he’ll be a little more himself on Friday.
7 ALWAYS B SWEET Gelded already, but he’s done nothing wrong yet. Put it all together for Nap on the front end in the lower class. IF that serves as a confidence booster, he could be a factor in here. I’d like to see same good speed.
8 THEMYSTERYISOVER Also tried things out in Kentucky and it just didn’t work out. Back on the truck with his barnmate, #5. Joe B took the other one, so that usually tells me all I need to know.
9 SHAKESPEARE Maybe the key to the race? From this tougher post, he’s got to show a little speed, or he will never get close. Was okay, but not great last week. I would want to see more, before I could fully endorse.