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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, March 30, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 7-5-6-8
H Horse Comment
1 URIEL Gelding hasn't been in top form for a while now, so there are questions. From the rail, against this particular bunch, we might see that blazing speed again. If horse guns, he could go a long way at a price. Maybe.
2 LANDONFITZ Jumps up with a good one every now and then, and his better efforts usually come from inside posts like this. A bit of a slow starter, but after that he can grind into it. Should offer square price. Only needs the trip.
3 PARTY ON THE RIVER Tough to gauge his current form as well. Took an aggressive speed try at Pocono and got run over. Flashed big time speed here before that. We all still remember the DQ when home free. Is that speed coming?
4 WILD SMILE I guess I've had about enough of this gelding here on the mile track. (Sorry, John!) He's had a bunch of chances and just won't finish his miles to get the job done. The price is always short. I will let him beat me, if he can. Trainer: Not sure why he put such a clunker in last week. Trained well Tuesday.
5 FOX VALLEY STEFFEN Here's another possible live price play. Had a very difficult journey last time and finished up nicely. The midpack post should be perfect, and there should be plenty of pace to rally into. Not without a shot.
6 MR LOVER Was rounding into form, until that last miscue, so that does give me pause. Driver's barn is going great guns right now, so let's see if Miss Melander can do it in the bike too! Seems like a closer, so will need a trip too!
7 GOLD MEDAL SWAN Another that really had a tough trip last week, so don't hold that against him. Marx got first Big M win with this horse and if he fires out and gets a seat, could get another. One of many possibilities in here.
8 FIJI May never, ever get a better trip than he had last week, and still got beat! With that said, he gets stuck with the same rough post here. If on the gate, will be firing out, but faces long trip to the lead. Many other inside leavers.
9 HOT SUMMER KNIGHT Not for nuthin, but how was he 20-1 last week? Yes, it's always easy to say after the race. Picked up the pieces with a stout rally to show he's still sharp. Gets "assigned" the bad post. Will he get lucky again? Trainer: Came out of the race well and had a good week.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 THE GIRLS OF IMAGE That was some mile by this lass last week! She really earned it, the hard way. Unfortunately, this is a monster step up in class and even though sharp, I'm not sure she's up to this. Will have to prove me wrong.
2 PETAL TO THE METAL Also found these waters a bit deep last week, but she did show speed! I knew she could leave a little when asked. Now, the cat's out of the bag. Will she try to leave again? Not so sure. Still needs more late. Trainer: Trained good this week. In with a nice group of mares. Fingers crossed.
3 DELIGHTFUL DRAGON Was "supposed" to win that race here two back, and did it in style. Stepped up for the "tester" last week at Yonkers and passed with flying colors. Finds way back to Club Med, facing a raging Monica.
4 MONICA GALLAGHER Sharpest mare at the track, folks! Her win couple weeks ago was dazzling. Her win over Shartin still has me buzzing. Shartin leads the league in Matchmaker at YR since. Facing a very classy foe in #3. Good race!
5 KEYSTONE RIPTIDE Also wicked sharp right now. Marched right up the class ladder both here and at Yonkers. Was no match for Monica when they last squared off. Will it be any different now? Drew outside the two main foes. Trainer: Has been consistent lately. I expect another good effort.
6 JUXTA COWGIRL Simply put, they "stole" one last week. Jimmy rated a soft pace, and mare dug in with a good sprint home to hold on. Will she "get away" with that again? Not even close. This is MUCH tougher spot.
7 TICA HANOVER Scratched out of her scheduled Big M return last week, so that's not usually a good thing. Gets slammed with the bad post again. I just don't see it working out from way out here.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 5-3-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 FINA PATINA Finds her way back to the bottom class tonight, and keep in mind she's beaten these before. I'm not sure I'd want a short price, but if odds are true, you might want to consider using. Can show speed from the rail.
2 QUEEN KENDALL Added Lasix last time and never really got into the race. No worries. Seems a tad overdue for a bit better luck, and maybe the switch to an inside post can provide that. Another longshot possibility, trying to wake up.
3 DO YOUR JOB Probably should have held on last time at Freehold, but let's not be too hard on her. She was forced to set pace at those low odds. It was only her second back off the layoff. I'm anxious to see if she fits the mile track.
4 MISS DEFIANCE Comes off a couple of recent clunkers. Wasn't bad when last seen here. It's a similar spot, but she will need a few things to go her way to have a chance. Can't always count on that smooth trip with a rally.
5 GIRLLOOKATTHATBODY Another that's had absolutely no luck lately, BUT, she is deceptively sharp. That was super game effort with McCarthy aboard for first time. Any easier journey stamps her as the one to beat. Simple as that. Trainer: Came out of the race well and had a good week.
6 DAENERYS HANOVER Down from the Spa for a big track try. Her grinding kind of style probably not a great fit for half mile track racing. I'm not guaranteeing she can hack it here, but it is a slight class drop too! Let's see if ready.
7 BETTOR N BETTER Andy gave her every chance last week, sailing along at a good clip. She was hoping to drop and pop, but ran out of steam late. What will the trip be now from tougher post? Send again, or wait. Tough call. Trainer: Been disappointed in her races. Continues to train good.
8 PURITY Suffered from a few traffic issues last week, so be careful. This mare doesn't usually bring her "A" game when she draws outside like this. Plus, if she's overbet after getting locked in, that's an underlay. I'm going against for now.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 CASINO KING DEO That was a slight touch of improvement last time, so maybe things will finally turn around for this well-bred colt. I'm not guaranteeing total turnaround, but ya never know. I'm sure they're still tinkering.
1A DELAINE HALL He wasn't exactly "exploding" late last time, but I must note that he technically trotted faster than most of these. If his improvement continues, then he's probably a factor here. Must get a better start, though.
2 COASTIE Has only one start back off layoff, whereas partner has two. Ray opted to drive 2A. So, pass on this one.
2A COACH CUMMINGS Is it wakeup call time on this fella yet? Had he drawn a better post, I might have considered. Note the steady improvement in time, and finish. If not tonight, he's going to jump up big soon.
3 ALDEBARAN EUREKA Just when I thought he was ready to turn the corner and become a racehorse, he regressed back into a mistake. Back to the drawing board, and let's see if he trots.
4 DEJAROVER After a sluggish start, he kicked in eventually to pass some of the tired ones. Not terrible. It was just first start back. It won't take that much of an improvment to get a LOT closer. And barn is going well right now. Use.
5 FLAMINGO PETE Pete had EVERY chance to step up big last week and he was completely empty. That's not good. After a good roll of showing speed, it seems he's now tailed off. Would have to bounce back with a big one.
6 CORRUPT Must have needed that first one back, over at the Meadows. Flashed a bit of speed and then stopped. That doesn't really bode well for her potential mile track stamina. I guess I need to see one first.
7 CHROMEO Trond couldn't possibly have "cherry picked" an easier spot for this one's comeback, but I do advise caution. After gapping a little when the pace increased in that qualifier, he did kick in...eventually. Is he fully ready?
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 6-7-1-8
H Horse Comment
1 BEYONCES ROCKIN Brett was listed on four of these and opted to this mare off the win. She was very good that night, but the trip was perfect too! Will it be that smooth again? Most of these are stepping up. Will be firing out.
2 SAGE N A bit erratic for my taste, but oh well. She does seem to be a touch overmatched with this kind of group, but I will note that post relief alone might put her back in play. I'd want a fair price to try, not an underlay. Trainer: Finally drew the left side of car. Hopefully makes it count.
3 BLUSH HANOVER Vinny gets the drive again, with Brett opting for #1. They didn't do a whole lot together last week, riding the cones. Not sure we can expect that much more tonight. Will need a better journey, more kick.
4 BULLVILLESTEPHANIE Brett opted for her last week, but not tonight. She appeared to be sailing along nicely too! Then got tired. What will Ramblin Ray do? That is a very good question. He might try the bottom out move again.
5 CHILLIN IT DE VIE Had the "obligatory" race over the track in the comebacker off the layoff. I would have been much happier had Brett chosen her, but we do get Andy Mac. Will she be ready in second start back? I wish I knew.
6 MISQUED Maybe it's finally this mare's turn to get lucky? Smaller field. There should be some pace. She'll be in the flow and if it's live, she can finish with anybody. Just tell me they won't crawl to the half again. Chance tonight.
7 KNOW IT ALL Liked her last week, and it was almost a shame that Eric A didn't get to drive her himself. Andy Mac got the job done in fine fashion, however. This isn't really that much of a step up, and main rival is outside again. Repeat?
8 OK HEAVENLY Simply put, you're taking it in the teeth if you've been betting on her. Stuck in same boat again, with brutal post and a "questionable" pace scenario. Will she be favored again? Probably. I'll use underneath only.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 5-8-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 BRUNHILDA A tad inconsistent, but capable. The pole position aids her speed, but then it's all about pace and trip. If she fires and then stalks in a good spot, she has a shot. Can be used in the gimmicks too!
1A PIRAEUS That really wasn't a bad try last time, considering her odds. Draws same ideal, midpack post, and like her betting partner, it's all about pace and trip. If the flow is live, she has rallying chance. Should offer square odds.
2 CLASSY CHAPEL N Had every chance last week when Andy put a great trip on her and she hung a little late. But, with that said, it was major step in the right direction. Lasix helping? Probably. Will she be overbet off that effort?
3 ZANE HANOVER I've taken a few swings with her here in the past. Hasn't had a lot of luck. Came up a little short in the series over at Yonkers, so she might appreciate return to mile. Loses Jimmy again, however. Mixed feelings.
4 BIG CHUTE Also a bit short trying the Yonkers series. First try was dull. Second was eight-hole, so didn't matter. Handled the bigger track up north okay. Let's see if she's a Med type horse. I have to see it first.
5 JULIO'S GIRL Got a week off, after some real tough trips. Okay. I won't question her speed, but her best work was done when she got that nice trip. It'll be a blast out, and then a sit. If she gets out, watch out. Possible upsetter.
6 MACHING ME ZILLY Basically stole that last one, two weeks ago. Was flattered when The Girls Of Image came back and won last week, so that's now a key race. Can she wire these again? Perhaps, but I doubt it will be that easy.
7 WINDSUN BROOKLYN Now has two starts under her belt and it's getting to be time to look at her. She had just enough sneaky pace last week to warrant that look. Had she drawn a better post, I'd be taking a shot. Trainer: Hasn't been really sharp. Made a few changes. Should be better.
8 ROCKIN PRALINE Can you get any worse racing lucky than this poor mare? No! Just goes to show you how hard it is to overcome these bad posts. Same boat here. She is overdue to have something go her way. Short price, though.
9 BRAIDA HANOVER In worst possible spot from post 10. I will have to pass on her chances in here.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-7-5
H Horse Comment
1 IRON MINE JOHNNY Seems to come up just a bit short when tested against these upper level foes. Likely able to drop in class a bit after tonight's race, so let's wait for that easier spot before we hop back on board.
2 DEKEYSER I was impressed with his Big M debut last week! That was great speed, and he just got caught in a bad spot late. Can't hold that against the horse. He WAS good. Tonight, he has the post edge. Expect that speed. Trainer: A little unlucky last week. Feels good, though.
3 UPFRONT BILLY Billy is also good right now, but I do wonder if he 's worked his way too high in class tonight. His best work usually comes at one level lower than this. I'll go with that and pass for tonight.
4 P L ICABOD After having a long run of NO luck, it finally worked out perfectly last week for the win. But, like #3, this bump up in class is probably too much, and even Brett had to bail to #2. I completely understand the choice. Trainer: Sharp form right now. Raises in class, but his best makes him close.
5 SCIROCCO JAKOB Took a shot over at Pocono in that higher class race. Didn't work out. Back to the Med where he was racing his eyeballs out of late. I like the post, and potential for trip. Not completely out of this one at all.
6 JACK VERNON Freshened up by Team Orange Crush. Andy had a HUGE weekend driving last week. Horse has prepped nicely over at Yonkers, and might have added stamina after the distance race. He's ready for this!
7 GOLDEN SON High class horse here too! Plus, he loves to win. If you feel #2,6 are vulnerable for any reason, this is your next option. Good speed and finish in both comesbacker. He is ALSO ready for this. Very good race here.
8 DW'S NY YANK More than capable of winning here, or on any size track. That versatility always helps. Tonight's knock is probably the post. I don't envision him blasting, so he might have too far to come tonight.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 7-6-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 CAN DO Gets an inside post here, because he's eligible for the lower part of the condition. Will that help? Yes. Will it help him win? Probably not. There's just too much power to the outside. Will show speed, and then follow.
2 SHADY MCCOY Things weren't setting up for him last time, and prior start, he was buried in too tough. Can't really say I like this spot either. He'll be at mercy of pace and trip along the pylons. Will need to get lucky again.
3 SWEET JUSTICE Kind of the same boat as #2. Horse is deceptively good right now, but these do look a little too tough. Probably won't be leaving, so will wait for the flow, or sit in. Might not work out that well either way.
4 TRIUMPHANT'S CHIP Got very, very lucky last week to get out just in time for Andy. Classy gelding then rocketed home to nail it. Was sent off at ridiculously low odds, but you did get paid. Will offer better price now, if you like.
5 WORTH THE MONEY AS Came up a bit flat over at Pocono, but was getting pretty good here before that. So, I understand sending him back here. The post is ideal. The price will be right. Needs a hot pace and live cover.
6 BUFF Buff loves to win, and he's done it here before too! Bounced around up and down the class ladder at home base. This is probably about the right spot. Had NO chance of tracking down Opulent last time. Can be used here.
7 ROUNDTOWN ROCKER Went an absolutely huge mile last week, and it was almost a shame he got caught. By the perfect trip sitter. But, he fought valiantly all the way. Very, very sharp right now, so don't leave out of this one. Trainer: Draws poor again, but remains sharp. Might have to race from behind this week with Can Do on the rail.
8 MY CHERRY PIE Went a huge trip attacking the Rocker last week. It probably cost both of them the race! Jimmy had the option in here, and took the Pie over the Bi. That is a VERY telling choice. Has to work out a better trip.
9 MONTALBANO BI Now what do we do with this guy. Broke in first start for new barn, and note he's quickly reduced in price back to level of the claim. Gets stuck with the worst post, and loses his regular driver. Too many negatives.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-8-2
H Horse Comment
1 POP ICON Wasn't all that great in first try here, BUT, his race looks a lot better than most of these. Has now acclimated to the mile and should be tough in here from the rail. Only needs a bit more to get the job done.
2 CARD RUSTLER Slowly racing himself back into shape. I wonder if they're just getting him ready for the return to Maine, which starts racing this weekend. Sits, saves, and tries to get lucky late.
3 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Always a longshot in my book. Would have to get very lucky to win one again.
4 STEADY PULSE "Got the nickel" last week upon return to the big track. That means he picked up the final fifth-place check. That's a good thing for this fella. He's usually a little outclassed here. Same goal tonight. Cash a check.
5 BOBJACKS ANGLE A I'm beginning to wonder if this veteran can still hack it on the mile track. There was a time when he would charge home. I didn't see much charge last week, so I do have my doubts. Midpack post. Bound for flow.
6 BAGGAGE CLAIM Not sure what's happened to this fella, but simply put, he's not good right now. Pass.
7 PERSEVERANT Had a no chance trip from the 10-box last week, but did finish up with pace. This is completely different spot, with a field begging to be beaten. He is one of the possibilities for sure. Can't leave him out.
8 FOREVER WORTH IT Like #1, he's been racing okay, but not great. Chased an absolute standout last time, so don't hold that against him. I guess the continuing problem is these terrible posts. They just kill you! Needs a trip.
9 DANISH DILIGENCE Very hard to play in current form. Will get away at the back, and probably stay there.
10 ALWAYS A DIAMOND Speaking of the bad post blues, it continues for this guy too! He did blast last time, but then came up empty late. Will have to find a LOT more stamina than that. Won't be easy.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-1-3
H Horse Comment
1 SEVENTEEN TABS Went back to the closing tactics last week and went a little bit better. There are no killers in here, and post is a lot better. If he can sit just a touch closer, he will probably finish well. Will that be enough?
2 ROADSHOW VIC First start back off the freshening and he is simply not ready for this yet. Pass.
3 COMMENTARY The slow starts and bad posts have been costing him. Is tonight finally the night to shine? Guaranteed to be somewhat closer to the action, and will try to get the jump on #7. That can work out. Trainer: Finished up real well. Was locked in at the back of the pack and couldn't get out until the last turn.
4 NEYMAR Looks like he was having trouble on the half up at home base. No problem. Let's see what he can do on the mile. Gets Andy Mac and has speed. That IS a dangerous combination in a field like this. I like his chances.
5 WIRED HANOVER Set a very slow pace in the qualifier and still came to a stop. Not good. He's a longshot.
6 STEED I really thought he was live two weeks ago and he was! Just came up a little bit short with the tough trip. Not sure what Andy's plan will be in here, because there is plenty of speed. He will also try to get the jump on #7. Use!
7 WILDFLOWER Ran into a buzzsaw last week, who turned in a pretty inexplicable effort. Was well-meant and will try to get it done tonight. If there's pace, and if she's close, she packs the best finish of the group. It's ALL about the trip.
8 DANISH DURANGO Another victim of trip last time, but the excuses are piling up. Tonight, we might be able to blame the post. I don't envision him blasting, with all those breaks on view. Hoping the flow is live.
9 ARUBA VACATION Tough to get a real gauge on this one's mile track ability. Post hurts. I'm probably going to prefer others, as the 11YO races himself back into shape.
10 INSOMNIAC Basically just went around there, in an uneventful qualifier. Left me feeling that he would "need" a few more. Post 10 will provide that scenario. A pass for now.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 9-2-4-1
H Horse Comment
1 MCCITO Andy's choice over #8 is not without a chance in here. Those were some tough customers in that claimers. This does look a little bit softer, with the exception of #9. If he can leave a little, might get the trip behind #9.
2 NORTHERN VIRGIN Turned in a bit of a clunker last time, but does get class relief back to the bottom here. I do remember that blast of earlier this year here. IF he can step around #1, that would help a lot to get a trip. Chance.
3 REBEL JET First start up from Florida is usually a no-no for me. I'll go with that, and watch one tonight.
4 CITY HALL IF you feel the favorite might be vulnerable for any reason, this is one of your alternative options. He's more than classy enough and good enough to beat these, IF barn has him ready. Shows only one qualifier.
5 SPIRIT OF TRUTH Up and down the class ladder lately. He doesn't win all that often, so I'm not considering for the top spot. However, from ideal midpack post, he can work his way into the number. Super Hi 5 potential for sure! Trainer: This horse trained well and is ready to rock!
6 LE GAMBE Freshened up a couple of months. Will use this race tonight as a prep for a return home to Maine. They start racing at Scarborough this weekend. Likely to be coming from off the pace. I'll pass on him here.
7 UNCLE LILE A Had his "race over the track," but down at Freehold, not here. Managed to win just one time last year, and it's been two years since he won here. Is he fully cranked and ready for this? I'm guessing no. Watch the board.
8 THE FIRE WITHIN Has also been buried in some real tough spots of late. This is another bad post, and it's Andy opting off. So, I've got more negatives than positives. If he doesn't leave, he'll be too far back. Your call?
9 ART HISTORY By all rights, he should just crush these, right? He's faced and beaten far better than this before, but I DO advise caution. He's tossed in some real clunkers of late too! If shows up with A game, easy winner.
10 OUTCRY Had an impossible trip when last seen, and it might be that way again. A real bad case of the bad post blues.