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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, February 23, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 9-6-5-1
H Horse Comment
1 LANDONFITZ Outside posts and slow starts cost this fella over the past few, but let's not forget that strong win Feb. 2. This is the kind of spot where he might be ready to unleash that kind of effort. Expect a decent price too!
2 FLIRTING DUEZY Down from Monti with some pretty poor form. Not sure she'll be able to do here. Pass.
3 ITS CHOCOLATE TIME Tough to get a real read on this guy's form right now. That comeback qualifier, and last start weren't exactly outstanding, so I will take the wai-and-see approach. To see if he's back in any decent form.
4 FRONT STREET Everybody gets a "pass" for the snow night last Saturday. Prior effort was a little better. I'm not promising that will continue, but he does get a decent post in a race that will have action in it. A big maybe.
5 HERE COMES NUMBERS Rolled along at a very honest clip last time and just got a little tired near the end. By now, we all know the gelding's game: it's speed! Will prove tough to catch once again. I still think he'll get caught.
6 URIEL The other big "speed" in here draws outside #5, so that is a problem. Horse did finish a little better last time, though. I guess it's all about pace and trip here. Still going well, and still very usable on any gimmick ticket.
7 GOLD MEDAL SWAN Here's the "mystery" horse in here. Hasn't competed in amateur races yet, and driver Melander doesn't have that many starts. On best day, horse is good enough, but he's also inconsistent. Big question mark.
8 PARTY ON THE RIVER Last was pretty disappointing, so I wonder if he's getting a little tired? Hasn't been finishing his miles as well as a month ago, so I might be off the bandwagon from this outside post. Faces a long journey.
9 DANISH DURANGO Was well-meant last week and Jimmy Pants sailed him right down the road, flaunting that class. In reality, this isn't that tougher of a spot. Only knock is the post, so that'll be up to Hechkoff to get him a trip.
10 AVENTURE Took some time off, after that big, rallying win. Not sure why, but requalified in fine fashion up at the Spa. Elects to race here, instead of there. Will be coming from last, so hoping for a hot and heavy pace battle up front.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 8-6-9-7
H Horse Comment
1 TOUR DE LINDY Decent qualifier, but it did leave me feeling like this guy might need a race or two. I'll go with that theory for time being. Let's watch one and see if ready.
2 NO EXCUSES One of the MANY Meadows shippers that have been stuck in quarantine for more than a month. Honestly, I don't think any of them will be ready for a mile track kind of race. Let's see if any are ready enough.
3 TOUGHER THAN EVER Back over from Yonkers, but I do wonder if this is a true "mile track" horse? Wasn't that effective when last seen here. I understand the reasoning, but I don't think I'm ready to hop on board yet.
4 PRICELESSPOSSESION Couple months off for Eric A. Comeback qualifier was at Freehold, not here. Not ready.
5 FLAMINGO PETE Finally found the right field of his "friends" last time and shot right down the road. Congrats to Pete on a lifetime best, but this is a BIG step up and I would be surprised if he beat these. Your call?
6 MOONSTAR MISSION Chased a pretty good horse in that useful qualifier. First start for new barn, and they usually do have them ready. This is a tough spot, chasing the sharp mare right now. Is he good enough? We'll find out.
7 OSVALDO BLUE CHIP Took a quick saunter over to Yonkers and that didn't work out too well. Prior starts here were definitely on an improving trend! I hate that he keeps getting outside posts. Costing him money! Adds Lasix.
8 MISSLAROSE How good is she right now? Very, very good! With that said, she gets another "free pass" in this class on lifetime earnings cap, so she is definitely the one to beat! I would have a tough time betting against her now.
9 PAPPY GO GO I guess if you want a price option, this could be your play. Toss out the one Yonkers disaster and this is a pretty good horse! Both qualifiers here were solid. Do you take a shot from the bad post? That's your call.
10 ALL THIS COMMOTION Ordinarily, I'd give this guy a shot too, but the sick scratch and bad post hurt. I'll pass.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 2-9-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 LOVE FORBIDDEN Meadows shipper off more than a month is taking a drop here, but she probably won't be ready for this. Brett opted off, and so will I for now.
2 ANALYZE Have to think this is the right spot for this mare. I know that last line isn't very exciting, but this field is what she's been waiting for. Expect a good return to form from the inside post. Wakeup call time!
3 PURITY I haven't guessed right on this mare too often, but this isn't a bad spot. She packs a pretty good turn of speed at times, and sometimes finishes it off. Most of the power in here is outside. That could give her an edge.
4 MISS DEFIANCE Back from Freehold after a pretty good try. Her races here, at this level weren't bad. A piece of this again, maybe, with some sort of decent closing trip. The post helps. Will be rallying.
5 WARRAWEE QUALLY Got canceled out again at Buffalo this week, so shipping down to try here. I can't exactly say that this is the spot for her, but Brett did opt here. Showed speed last time. Why not again?
6 KISSMEONMYTULIPS Barn has several starters in this weekend, and as a few go to the gate, you'll get an idea of what to expect from the rest. I'm going against all of them off the layoff. Hopefully, they pick up some checks.
7 SAGE N Like #2, this is clearly the right spot on the drop in class. One of them will probably get lucky to win this. We do have to guess, however, and that's never easy. Just take the 10-hole race and forget about it. Will she send?
8 PLAYING FAVORITES Not really sure what to do with this one. Clearly wasn't ready for her first try here, so can we expect THAT much more tonight? Yes, I can see she's faced better in the past. Maybe I want to see one more?
9 SPILLING THE BEANS Final piece of the speed puzzle in here, but from the worst post. Guaranteed to be firing out, and she was decent last few. Maybe doesn't want to set the pace? Any smooth trip gives big chance to get it all.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 JINAH BLUEGRASS New to the barn, and to the Meadowlands. Gets to start at the bottom level, so that helps. Is she primed and ready to tackle these? Maybe the tote board will tell us more. Not sure I can hop on just yet.
2 CAULFIELD Has to get lucky one of these nights, right? Maybe it's tonight. Finally gets a good post. It's the weakest field he's seen in a long time. Keeps Jimmy in the seat and it's go time! Simple as that. Would be hard to leave out.
3 WORTH THE MONEY AS Takes the final drop to the bottom level here, and I did think he was starting to get good again. Last effort wasn't a dazzler, but this post may help. Sits, stalks and tries to get lucky late. It can happen.
4 MR LOVER Did "keep up" last time, so that was a bit of improvement. Racing into shape here, but I'm not ready to commit and endorse just yet. I need to see a bit more first, please.
5 STITCH IN TIME Thought he had a great shot last time, but the trip didn't work out. Can he win? Sure! But, price won't be that big, and he still needs a few things to go his way. Long overdue to get lucky and win one.
6 MARION GONDOLIER Retains longshot status for now. Maybe a good cover trip behind the likes of #5 would help chances? Owns just one move, so timing and trip are critical. Demand fair value, if you fancy chances.
7 VALLEY GLIDER Returns from Yonkers where he didn't exactly dazzle. Had a few fair efforts here before that. I don't really like the post, but see he does have speed at times. This would be perfect spot to take a shot and send.
8 PILGRIMS TIDE Outraced his odds with a much improved effort, but take a look at this post, and the way the race sets up. It doesn't appear to work out well for this guy, from way back in the pack. That's my opinion.
9 STAR STUDDED CAST Yes, he finally found a field of his "friends" last week. Do note that he's put in for the $10K tag here, otherwise he wouldn't fit the condition. That's a smart move, because I doubt he could handle hike in class.
10 BELL A CHICK Can probably only win if there's mayhem up front and he comes flying. That's his game.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 4-3-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 BRUNHILDA One of the "possibilities" in this very hard-to-handicap race. Gets the rail. Keeps Nap. Has some speed and plots for a nice trip. Only thing I can't bank on is stamina. Will have to find one of those big last quarters.
2 WILD NITE TINA Was just getting good in PA when they shut down. That's unfortunate. As previously stated, see how this barn's earlier starter did, just to get a gauge on readiness. I don't think any of them will be fully ready.
3 SING ALONG Chased a couple of standouts last week, so let's not be too hard on her. But, the excuses are piling up. Hasn't been able to seal the deal here yet, and never offers a big price to try. It's your call, folks, and at what price?
4 SHAREN HANOVER Really got cooked in hot pace battles last few, but I do respect this mare's speed. She's going to get lucky one night soon and it might be tonight. Against this bunch, I would suggest you don't leave her out.
5 JULIO'S GIRL I guess she's gotten pretty good in last few weeks. Why not take a big track try? She's caught the right bunch too! I rarely endorse a shipper like this, but maybe this Girl will fit. Just maybe.
6 NANCY MALINDA Parlayed a perfect pocket trip at Freehold into a decent win. Sometimes, those confidence builders help a lot. She really wasn't that bad here before, hampered by terrible posts. I guess I can make a case for Nancy.
7 BRAIDA HANOVER Off a dull effort, and a subsequent scratch, I think we can leave her out for now.
8 MACHING ME ZILLY Nice to see Mitch get a drive for the Burke Brigade! You show up for qualifiers, and that's what happens sometimes. This mare does appear to be "touchy" at the gate, so let's just get her around there. Later!
9 PETAL TO THE METAL What do we do with this one? She will be coming from last. She probably won't be a huge price. I don't see a ton of pace in here. I like the way mare is going, but not sure this race will set up for her.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 3-10-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 REAL DJ HANOVER Scheduled to take the hopples off tonight, so we'll see how that impacts his performance. Last start on Feb. 9 wasn't all that great. Prior start was erratic, but good. Not sure what we'll get tonight.
2 BOLD FRESH Thought he was in a good spot last week, but did not fire. Ok. Back to a tougher spot here, so I'll pass.
3 FREDDIE MAC Returns from Yonkers where he was kind of buried with slow starts and some tough posts against very good fields. I think Freddie will "appreciate" the return to Club Med and he's got big post edge on #10.
4 TROUBLE RIEU N That was some comeback after the mysterious break last week. But, he's done that before and it worries me. Jimmy had to stick with #3, so I understand that. Plus, this does look like a tougher spot this week.
5 TROPICAL STORM BI Sometimes you just get lucky, and Tony C sure did last week. As expected, he raced his gelding conservatively, sitting in and saving ground off the layoff, but the rail opened up and wham! Nice win. Now in tough.
6 ALEXANDER HANOVER One of the eligible "droppers and poppers" here, but he does come off a bit of a clunker. Would a big wakeup call shock me? No. A Nap liable to be very aggressive in this spot. Expect it. Usable.
7 SWEET JUSTICE Not sure what's going on in this corner right now. Life and death to win at Freehold last month. A break, and a scratch since. Just not going well, that's for sure.
8 FLEET BUMBLEBEE The class drop woke him up a bit last time, with an improved effort in chase of sharp foe. However, Brett did have option and chose #10. That has to tell us something, right? The bad posts continue.
9 BIG BILL BREEZE No real impact last time, and another rough post drawn tonight. He does have ability to send, but I'm not sure I see that coming tonight. Maybe wait for a softer spot down the road?
10 WAITING ON A WOMAN The key to the race! Especially as Brett's choice. Packs plenty of speed to fire out and overcome the post. He's beaten better than this before. Barn ships him down for this, instead of race at Spa.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 7-9-5-10
H Horse Comment
1 UPFRONT BILLY Sure seems to be tailing off at the moment, but I will note that A Nap chose him over #6 tonight. That did surprise me a bit. Last time he won, he started from rail. In line to get a smooth trip from this slot.
2 NEEDNORESTRICTIONS Loves to win, doesn't he? I'm anxious to see this fella on the big track. I don't think he'll be primed and ready to win off the layoff/quarantine, but let's see how he does here.
3 ANOTHER CHAPTER The break was one thing, but the flat effort off cover two weeks ago is another. Obviously, I don't know why he tailed off, but he does add Lasix tonight. Let's see how he bounces back here. Good post.
4 EXPLOSIVE RIDGE Figured to need a race or two, and clearly did. After watching it, I'm willing to give him another. Might even be able to drop in class after this, and that would be the go start. Pass again.
5 IRON MINE JOHNNY That was SOME rally last week! A real big kick, just to prove that the win was no fluke! This is a very talented trotter, when he has his mind on working. Perfect post again, but another step up in class. Your call?
6 DW'S REVENGE I didn't expect him to be A-1 ready for that comebacker, but it was a solid start! A little bit of a knock that Nap didn't choose him here, but let's expect gelding to be even better tonight. He fits with this group.
7 SODA PUMP Invades from Dover, and into a new barn despite a good run of races. How does all that translate? No idea! Marcus had three options in here and took #9. Does that tell us anything? No. Even more confusing.
8 KARETS Looks like a longshot in here, off the layoff, and from bad post. I will pass for now.
9 SCIROCCO JAKOB Very, very sharp win two weeks ago. Gets "lucky" to get into race on alternate condition. Will have to leave the gate, however. Will have to earn it tonight, and might not offer a huge price. Very tough call in this post.
10 P L ICABOD Marcus got the ride last time and won with the gelding, but he chose not to drive tonight. Yes, the win was three weeks ago and this post is bad. Maybe that went into the choice? Still, horse is sharp right now.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 7-1-3-4
H Horse Comment
1 CHEYENNE TRIENGEL Part of two-ply Bobby Siegelman entry here. Both lost photos last start, but both were very good seconds! This mare had to "need" that race too! Unfortunately, she has to race in this class, not NW5000.
1A CHEYENNE ROBIN I've been waiting for this mare to get lucky and win one and it almost happened last week. That was a great stretch slugfest with Riptide and she just missed. Sharp now, and must overcome the post again.
2 PERPLEXED Most of the time, starters from this barn need a race or two off the layoff. Both qualifiers were okay, but I did get the feeling she was going to need one more. I'm willing to wait.
3 OK HEAVENLY Steadily working her way back down the class ladder and this is probably wakeup call time. I like the post. I like the way she plots for a trip here. Would be very hard to leave out of this now. Must use.
4 SUDDEN CHANGE N Not really sure what to do with this mare tonight. Comes off a scratch. An eight-hole. A dull effort. BUT, this is monster class drop. Could she wake back up and surprise us? Of course! We have to guess.
5 CAVIART CARI ANN Kind of the same boat as #4. Forget about the snow night. Was dull against better before that at Yonkers. Is she a fit on the mile track? She's faced, and beaten better than this before. Only knock: Nap chose #4.
6 ASK QUEENIE This looks like too big of a step UP in class, with all the droppers in here. A longshot tonight.
7 INITTOWINAFORTUNE Raced well off a layoff in the comebacker. Just forget about the snow night. This IS the right spot for this mare, but she will have to deal with a few other droppers. I guess I'll take my chances with this one.
8 WHISKERSONKITTENS Slowly working her way back into shape, but this isn't the right spot, or post. Pass.
9 KEYSTONE RIPTIDE Absolutely HUGE effort to win last week. Showed lots of heart to dig in and fend off #1A. Unfortunately, she's not exactly "rewarded" with this post. Not a super quick starter. Have to prefer others.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 6-8-2-5
H Horse Comment
1 WILDFLOWER Eric C had an option here and chose to stay loyal with this mare. Yes, when things set up for her, she's a powerful closer, but the rail may NOT be best spot for her. Plus, I still think this is one level too high for her.
2 ASHES CASH The other "big closer" in here, and they both get inside posts. In those cases, you have to avoid big time shuffles where you might get locked in. Not sure what the price will be in this spot, either. Demand value.
3 SWISS PLATINUM Didn't look primed and ready in that qualifier, so I think he's a pass for now. Prepping.
4 MY WHIRLY GIRL As previously said, a Meadows shipper off the quarantine. Probably not ready for this.
5 STEAL N GAS Finds his way back from Yonkers with a series of okay efforts. I guess that higher class was too much in last start, but this is more like it. My bigger concern was the dull effort here in December. Needs more than that.
6 MY CHERRY PIE Another stride or two and we had a hundred dollar horse last week! Where did that effort come from? I don't know, but I will say this: mare gets to drop in class off that effort. Don't expect 55-1 this week.
7 IT REALLY MATTERS Dropped and popped last Friday and made it look easy, despite the 13-1 odds. With that said, he's forced up in class, he draws same tough post, and he wasn't Carlson's choice. A longshot again? Maybe.
8 FIJI As expected, he sailed right down the road to a solid win over weaker. Now, it's a step back up, a much tougher post and a more difficult situation. On best day, he is good enough to go with these, however. Don't leave out.
9 GWALLY Last two here were nothing to write home about. Maybe he will need further class relief, and a better post again before we see a wakeup call? I'll go with that theory.
10 A JERSEY CONTRACT Not bad right now, BUT with the move to post 10, that probably kills his chances. Will need a smooth, or very lucky kind of trip to work out a check from way out here. Can't ever count on that.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 PREPARTY I know that last start looks dull on paper, but the race did not set up for him. I've seen this horse beat this type before and I fully expect him to bounce back big in this spot. Has the rail, and we're going to see speed.
2 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN Been dull, and coming off a scratch. Would be hard to make strong case here. Pass.
3 QUALITY BUD Not one of my favorites, but this is a spot where Bud could wake back up. Both post and class relief are powerful angles, so don't be too quick to dismiss. Should get a decent trip in here too!
4 SUPER S YZERMAN Not a lot of good going on in this corner. Would be a big surprise at this point.
5 YANKEE ARTILLERY Woke up a little last time. Prior starts were a variety of bad posts and tough trips. Maybe it's his night to wake back up and find the winner's circle. I would say you demand fair value if you think that's the case.
6 LODI MACHETTE MAN Still battling away here on the East Coast for his West Coast connections. Used to do well on the mile track at Cal Expo, so maybe this switch to Club Med will help? He found a pretty soft spot too! Maybe.
7 FREE LOVE Picked up a check at odds of 46-1 upon arrival, so that's pretty good, right? Drew same difficult post, however and early speed does not appear to be a weapon. Completely at mercy of both pace and trip.
8 JUSTIFIED Rebuffed last time, but it was still a quality effort. I can't say I like the switch to this post, but do know he'll be firing out for Eric A. That's a lock! Can he win? Yes. Do I want to bet on him if favored? Maybe not. Your call?
9 CHARMBO CURIOSITY Moves back to an outside post and that usually kills his chances. I don't see much speed in his form and he will have to pass a lot of them to get a check. That's about best he can do in this spot.
10 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Where's he going from post 10? Probably not very far. Completely at mercy of pace and trip and I just don't see it working out tonight.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-9-2-1
H Horse Comment
1 COMMENTARY Did not fire a big shot last week, in a race completely dominated up front by Durango. Okay. There are MANY other question marks in here, but at least he's got speed and the rail, and Jimmy. A big 'ol maybe.
2 WONDER BUNS I guess if there was ever a spot to get a Big M win for this horse, this is it! Owns more than enough speed to give Brett options. Her race two back would probably get the job done. Just forget about the Freehold race.
3 NEW YORK ATTITUDE Raced a little bit better last time and gets a cozy inside post tonight. All he has to do is sit in, save ground and try to keep up. Sometimes, that's a challenge, but maybe not against these.
4 TROPICAL TRICE Seems long overdue to get lucky and win one of these things. Maybe tonight's the night. Plots for a good stalking trip and unlike the inside favorites, this mare usually finishes well. Only needs to be close to kick in.
5 MISTRESS VALENTINE In a race like this, anything taking a class drop is worth a look. I know she didn't exactly impress in that first start off the claim, but this is totally different situation. Any mile in 55 looks good vs. these.
6 MARION MILLIONAIR Too many breaks. Not enough speed. Not my type of play, so I will simply pass.
7 CAPER K COURT Moves back to an outside post, which hurts. BUT, her recent form still looks better than several of these. With that said, I don't know what the price will be, and I certainly don't want a short one. Tough choice.
8 TEASIN N PLEASIN This is about the level where this mare usually wakes back up, but she had NO stamina when last seen, and yes, that was a month ago! Can she possibly be ready for this? No.
9 HOT SUMMER KNIGHT Another that didn't exactly impress last time. Left. Took a tuck and then tired. However, that was a better field than this. Tyler liable to send this gelding again, and if he's good, he can certainly win.
10 ROSE RUN QUICKLEY Faced a weak bunch last week, but clearly wasn't ready off the layoff. With that said, I think he'll need another, and I haven't even mentioned post 10 yet. Tough to like, from way out here.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 FINA PATINA Nap actually gave this mare a pretty good trip last week, despite the 53-1 odds, but she wasn't good enough. Now, the post is better. He can probably save some of that speed. I give her check chances again.
2 BLUSH HANOVER Have to be careful here, because she had every chance in the world to win one last week and still failed to do so. Despite a perfect trip and drive from Brett. He does stick around, but no low price acceptable.
3 SCARLET N SILK Another that's been canceled out of Buffalo lately. I can't guarantee this is the right spot on the long ship down, but I'd hope she can pick up a check for some "shipping money." Maybe.
4 PHYLLIS JEAN This mare battled bitterly all the way last week, so I'm giving full credit for that! She's not facing Riptide or Robin in here, so I do think it's her turn to win one. The one to beat, and we will see the speed again.
5 GIRLLOOKATTHATBODY If you don't like Phyllis for some reason, this may be your alternative bet. But, she is forced up that one notch in class. Still, if you tell me she gets a nice trip, she can win it. Don't be shocked.
6 NOT BEFORE EIGHT Another Meadows layoff/quarantine horse. I will note that she does have some good history here, but can she possibly be ready after all that missed time? I have to think not.
7 UMBEAMLIEVEABLE Finds her way to the mile track tonight. Recent Freehold form is a bit erratic. Did catch a couple of "off tracks" so maybe we can excuse that. She also likes to win, so that's a positive. Maybe at a price tonight?
8 MISQUED What do we do with this mare, the stone closer? If you told me there would be decent pace, and some lead changes, I would say maybe. She will have to pass them all, and I rarely endorse that.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-4-3
H Horse Comment
1 FLY'N WITH ROYALTY Forced to requalify after refusing the gate. Something just amiss with this gelding right now, but Mitch did get him around there in the Q. That's job again tonight. Sit in, save ground, keep up.
2 MUST BE THE BUNNY I don't really see anything in this gelding's form to warrant an extra look, but I will say they switch drivers to Nap tonight. Sometimes, that's a sign of positive intent.
3 OUTCRY Now makes third start back off the layoff, so it's time to pay attention. The win at Freehold wasn't bad, but Eric A didn't choose him last time. Tonight, he is on board. Maybe a live longshot in this spot? Maybe.
4 KEEP GOING Is allowed into this race via the alternate condition, so beware. Tells me that he's probably live in this spot. Wasn't Vinny G's choice, but I expected that. Horse does have some history here. Very usable in this spot.
5 REAL ROCKER Missed a week sick. Prior effort weren't exactly outstanding. But, those were probably better fields than this. So, I would say he could be live in this race tonight too! Perfect post. Chance to see a whole lot more.
6 ENERGY SHAKES Gets tabbed as the favorite, almost by default! He's been chasing classy old warhorse Walks for a month now and each start has been good. With that said, he still needs a few things to go his way to win. Short price.
7 GOLD STAR ROGER Nothing yet on view to warrant any expectation. Have to pass once again.
8 FOX VALLEY CADET Tough to get real excited about this guy right now. The outside post isn't going to help, but he does have speed if Jimmy wants to use it. In this field, I know I would. Maybe they'll leave him alone up front.
9 DANISHDUJOUR Making second start for new barn off claim. The first one at Freehold was a bad post, no effort. This is another bad post, so what do we do? Will need a lot more speed for The Mann to have any shot.
10 SONIC IVY Last of the longshots in here with post 10 and an uphill climb. Would have to get very lucky.