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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, December 22, 2017

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 8-3-6-5
H Horse Comment
1 THE SECOND STAR Made no real impact in either try here, so I have to rate her a longshot again. Gets a key inside post, but will still need to find more speed, or more kick to get any closer. Not so sure about that yet.
2 FALL DIVA Lone 2YO is probably up against it in a spot like this, but if she has trouble getting around a half, this is only alternative. Let's see if she goes better here, and IF she can go fast enough. A lot to prove for sure.
3 HARPER CHOICE Just 1-21 so far, but her last two here weren't bad. They were okay! Offered good speed last week and only needed to add the kick. Eventually, that may come. Inside post is a plus, with power outside. A maybe.
4 ROSIEMUNN Up from Freehold with a fair record. Seems like a closer, but I can't guarantee she's able to go fast enough here. There is plenty of speed in here, so maybe that will set it up for a rallier. Still, it's a big guess.
5 LIVIN THE MOMENT Things didn't exactly set up for her in first try here. This post isn't much better, but I will give her another chance to show more. Barn does good work here, so maybe this filly can turn up the jets a notch.
6 ZANE HANOVER Kind of sticks out here, time-wise, but I still advise extreme caution. She's won only once, with a lot of seconds and thirds. The price won't be very big, so is she worth going against? Renews rivalry with #8,9 on mile. Trainer: A Harrisburg purchase. Nice filly, but seems to have a severe case of seconditis.
7 HONOR AND OBEY Another of the "one-fors" in here. That means they have only one win. Her qualifier here last month wasn't bad, so I guess there's room for improvement back on mile track. Should still offer square price.
8 SHAREN HANOVER Pretty consistent with the speed down at Philly. That same speed will work well here too! I'll add that Brett opted here, but I expected that. It'll come down to which filly "likes" the mile track better. I'll go here.
9 PSYCHO CINDY Sports a 1-30 record so far, so that doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Also gets slammed with a bad post, just outside the main speed. Doesn't appear to like to pass anybody. Maybe Nap can fix that. We'll see,
10 NOT SO SWEET Suffering a case of the bad post blues, and it continues here. Have to pass from post 10.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 6-8-10-3
H Horse Comment
1 BROADWAY GABRIELLE Maiden filly is now 0-27 and counting, so that's a problem. Simply put, she has to go a LOT faster here, and I usually need to see it first. I will rate her a longshot until I see more speed and effort.
2 LOTHARIO Did manage to stay trotting last week, so that IS a step in the right direction. But, after cruising along on a well-rated lead, he just fell apart late. Not good. Maybe change of tactics coming now? Let's see if stays trotting. Trainer: Been disappointed in his last couple starts. May need a trip.
3 RANGONE HANOVER New barn put the hopples on down at Dover in last qualifier and we saw immediate improvement. I'm going to take a good, long look at this fella on the track. He might be a perfect fit here.
4 VENEZUELA HANOVER 2YO filly seems to be in a tough spot tonight. Won a slow race at Philly two back, and then regressed when bumped up in class. Seems to have trouble at the start, so Lucas will have to be very careful here.
5 SWEETEST ZETTE Retains longshot status, after making another miscue in most recent attempt. New track.
6 MORE THAN TALK Down from Canada and fresh into the Burke Brigade! Couldn't have found a "softer" spot, so let's expect a big effort from the Chapter Seven gelding. If primed and ready, he will likely beat these. Must respect.
7 WISE HANOVER Condolences to the family of owner Mulligan, who passed away this week. His filly here showed spotty ability earlier and wasn't terrible in the qualifier. She has speed and sometimes that works in spot like this.
8 BREAK FREE Drew post 10 twice against Iron Dome, so that's almost not fair! This spot ain't easy either! I was encouraged by that finish last time, so if you think the fave is vulnerable for any reason, then use. Was Brett's choice.
9 REGAL HILL Parlayed a nice trip and drive from Vinny into a big win and new lifetime mark. With that said, he's not exactly "rewarded" with this post tonight. Doesn't seem to have blast out speed. Will have to earn it out here.
10 ELEVENTEEN The key to the race! Showed stakes-quality ability earlier, and had a few starts to get legs ready. I don't know what happened on 11/22, but if that's solved, she will give #6 all he can handle. She's already gone faster.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 8-2-4-5
H Horse Comment
1 MUAY HANOVER Added Lasix last time and didn't make much of an impact. I know it was a tougher spot, but I'd still need to see more to want to bet. At least the post is decent. Struggled when last seen here at M1.
2 INUKCHUK CHUCK Intriguing 4YO here. I know the 0-16 record this year isn't good, but that qualifier was pretty good and if the layoff has Chuck freshened up and ready, watch out! Not completely out of this by any reason.
3 CRAZIVILLE Looks a little too slow for these and hasn't managed to win a race yet this year. I will pass.
4 DR CAL Gets "lucky" to scratch into this race, but in reality, he could be a touch overmatched. A longshot.
5 LIGHTER HANOVER If you cover up that overall record over past two years, you can probably make a case for this gelding. Those were not easy spots over past month and this does look softer. I like the post, and Corey still on. Trainer: Training well, trotting solid. Trying to find a spot where 1:56 will do some good.
6 TAPIT Not quite as talented as the thoroughbred with this name, and after stopping in return try. Wasn't Brett Miller's choice in here, as expected. On the slow and steady trail to racing back into shape, but not quite ready yet.
7 TWICE TOO NICE Off a couple of months and requalified up at home base of Saratoga. She trotted home nicely, with a decent kick and she's got lots of experience on a big track. I can make a case for a share, IF primed and ready.
8 DRIVING MISS CRAZY That was a very good qualifier, and in a race lacking confirmed ability, she sticks out a bit! I don't know what the price will be, probably short, but if she's as good as she was last week, she's the one to beat.
9 CAROLINKIA Not having much luck at the post draws. It continues here. Broke the last time she tried to offer some early speed. I suspect pilot will be a little careful with her, to stay off the steward's list. Wait for later on.
10 A LISTER 10YO is just 2-39 this year, so that doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Neither does post 10. Seems to be most effective against lesser quality than this, so I might opt to just watch one and see if belongs. Your call?
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-7-8-10
H Horse Comment
1 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE See how Buckle Up did last night. If that horse raced well again, maybe we add a few points here? Came charging home at long odds last week and will still offer decent price. Has another key inside post.
2 BELL'S PANACEA Is the big track really going to pick up his game now? I'll guess no, and simply pass here.
3 DANGER HI VOLTAGE That last qualifier was significant improvement over any prior form, so let's pay attention here. Is the recently added Lasix making a difference? There is some back class on view here. A big maybe tonight.
4 BOBJACKS ANGLE A Have to expect a decent effort from this gelding tonight. He's raced well here in the past and there are several question marks in this group. Inside post will keep him close enough. A "use" at decent price.
5 QUALITY BUD Bud is always a "use," but hardly ever in the top spot. Out of same race as #1, where they both passed tiring foes. I can't guarantee the race will set up the same way. But, he's hard to leave off the ticket completely with Nap.
6 KING ROYALTY Over from Yonkers, along with many others, as that track is on holiday break right now. Some will fit. Some won't. This gelding doesn't exactly possess raging form right now. But, he's also dropping. Wakeup call?
7 CAM'S LUCKY SAM Gets the tepid tab as favorite tonight, since he's faced better along the way. Super Brett's presence helps too! Cam has six wins this year, which easily tops the field. If he's ready, he can probably win this. Trainer: Had a good week and trained well.
8 WILLIE BOOTS Another of the possibilities in this wide open race. Willie has also faced better along the way, so a wakeup call in this spot certainly wouldn't shock me. I'm not a fan of the post, but he can show speed at times.
9 HELLO HOT SHOT Can we call that last one a "clunker?" I think so. Left the gate, hit the pylons and then struggled to keep up. It's going to take a whole lot more than that to get any closer here. Especially from this brutal post.
10 A MAJOR IMPULSE Coming off an improved effort, so that catches my eye. If gelding is over what ailed him recently, he may not be the worst stab ever, even from post 10. I'd consider using, if the price is fair.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-10-3
H Horse Comment
1 ARCHERY Rounded into form nicely just as the Philly meet ended. Deserves a shot here at M1, but is this too high? I might have to guess yet! Brett opted off and the gelding will have to go a whole lot faster here. Must prove it.
2 MISTRESS VALENTINE In for the tag here, and off a long layoff. Her qualifier left me wanting, so I will pass.
3 ONEEYEDMOMMA Paying nice dividends for the new barn so far. Passed test up at home base of Monti, so why not take a shot here? Barn has surprised us here before, so I wouldn't be shocked if this Momma performed well here.
4 NO RECESS Pretty flat after that wide move in the amateur event. Gelding is working his way back into shape and this is probably a good spot for him. Barn usually has success here. I can take a positive view from a nice, inside post.
5 DOWNUNDERMATTER Another that has some prior success here at Club Med. He tends to plod early, but he can motor late with the right setup. Midpack post is ideal spot for him and I wouldn't be surprised by strong effort.
6 TRUE FRIENDS Filly has been a bit of an underachiever in this camp, but she's now on Lasix and back on a mile track. Those are important factors, as well as the class drop. Another that could easily wake back up in this spot. Trainer: Has been a little flat of late. Will need a trip.
7 MASSIVE LIGHTNING I figured he HAD to need that race last week. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Usually that kick is a little stronger. This race has a lot of closers in it and he's drawn outside. Very mixed feelings.
8 BLOWNOUTOFTHEWATER Seems to be on the comeback trail here. That last down at Dover wasn't bad, and if you think he'll be better here on mile track, go ahead and bet. The price will be right, for sure.
9 NEW JERSEY VIKING I really don't know what to do with this guy. Struggled and broke on the 2nd. Then came back with a better effort last time against a much better bunch. I hate the post. Price not likely to be big. Your call?
10 P L ICABOD The key to the race, because he's really been good last few. There are NO Montalbano Bi's in this race, but technically it is a class hike. Post 10 shouldn't matter, because he has plenty of speed. The one to beat with Brett.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-3-2
H Horse Comment
1 FUTURE LIFE Didn't show a whole lot in first start for new barn. Sometimes it takes a race to acclimate to the mile track wars. I guess we'll find out tonight if she belongs. Has a key inside post to help the mission.
2 DOUBLE JOY Not bad in the first go here. Flashed a touch of speed and was certainly keeping up late. Any improvement off that and she's a factor here. Price should still be okay. I can make a positive case. Brett's choice.
3 MCACE OF ARTS Gets key post relief tonight, folks and barn/pilot are just going so well right now! Looking at this bunch, Jimmy might want to set the pace tonight, and play catch, if catch can. Will hook up with #5 at some point.
4 SHESGOTTHEBEAT Invades from Yonkers with an 0-25 slate. I know that's not good, but if you want to try a closer, in race filled with speed, why not this lass? She's probably good enough to go with these. At the right price only.
5 KEYSTONE I WISH I think we all remember some of her gutsy efforts here earlier this year. She's back and clearly in the right spot. If you tell me she's primed and ready for best, I'll tell you to bet. Expect a big return to form.
6 CRACKLIN ROSIE Out of the same class as #4 over at Yonkers, but this mare's form doesn't look as good. With that said, there's always chance she might step up moving back to a big track. That can always happen. Sharp barn too!
7 FINA PATINA These look a little too tough for her right now. Would have a lot to prove here at Club Med.
8 MISQUED She's just not good right now, and I will continue to pass until I see a big return to form.
9 K J'S CAROLINE Had a race over the track, but from the same brutal post. That's a problem. I don't envision her blasting and I see other closers that look a bit stronger. I know she's got back class, but I'll wait for softer spot.
10 BARYNYA A Squandered a golden opportunity last week, given a perfect trip by Eric A. She just didn't have enough left to hold off Charming Hill. Still, it was positive effort and don't be shocked if she fires out. No sense taking back.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-6-7-10
H Horse Comment
1 QUICK DEAL It just doesn't seem like he's as effective when setting the pace. That, plus the additional bump up in class make this a tough task, folks. I'm going to let him beat me, if he can. This is a very good bunch.
2 ZOOMING Took ALL the money last week and took a very aggressive try. Just came up a little bit short on night when speed wasn't holding up all that well. If you want to try again, I wouldn't blame you. Better post helps a LOT.
3 FLEET BUMBLEBEE Was last seen here sweeping by to pay $65! While technically that was against same class level, I feel this is a much tougher field. Therefore, I will rate the Bee a longshot again. Wasn't Brett's choice tonight.
4 CAN DO Finally took a turn to just take back and sit. Sometimes, a speed horse needs that every once in a while. Now, from the inside post, he'll revert back to the speed. Probably a must use on all the gimmick tickets. Good trip helps.
5 WATKINS Went from absolutely awful on the 9th, to super impressive on the 15th. Yes, the perfect trip helped, but he looked very good doing it. This is the expected bump up in class, but he's faced these before. What do we get now?
6 IRON MINE JOHNNY Can't fault this one's form in any way right now. Those are very tough spots he comes out of, and he performed well each time. Has developed into a very nice 3YO and gets mile track tested tonight.
7 ARCH CREDIT I guess the barn has finally figured this fella out! Those are impressive looking lines over past few down at Philly. Will he be that good here on mile track? Boy, I wish I knew answer to that one. The one to beat?
8 SCIROCCO JAKOB Made no real impact when last seen here. Seems to have come to better form over past few starts. This is super tough test from a bad post on transition to mile track. I guess I need to see a good one here first.
9 DI OGGI Needed one more step to shock us last Saturday. Keep in mind, that track was playing to that style. I absolutely hate this post and don't see him coming from that far back. If he does, it'll beat me.
10 GOLDEN TATE What do we do with this fella? Barn has sent nothing but good ones here so far. Gelding has been viciously sharp on the hike up the class ladder. He's got speed. Can't really ignore any of that. Let's see if good enough.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 OUR ELS DREAM N Forced up in class again, and simply put, these look a little too tough for her. Pass.
2 LIGHTNING MACH N One of several class droppers invading over from Yonkers. Trying to translate their form there to her is not an easy thing! The post relief alone should help out a lot. I can't completely eliminate.
3 NEON SKY N Down under import debuts, here and off a pretty good qualifier. That's a classy old horse that passed him, but I liked the speed I saw. It was certainly big improvement off the break. Have to take a good, long look.
4 CAROBBEAN PACETRY Clearly outraced her odds last time! Blasted out and sat a nice trip, but paced home nicely in very fast time. Will we see that speed again? I think so. Won't be 29-1 this time, however. Still, a must use.
5 VEGAS IN STYLE Not really sure what to do with this mare right now. She's having issues at the gate, but when right, she's more than good enough to beat these. If that speed shows tonight, it will go a long way. Very tough call.
6 LADY OF HEAVEN Found a good spot down at Philly and was good to win! With that said, she's now forced back here and into a more difficult spot. Lone 3YO in field will attempt to beat her elders, but it's not going to be easy.
7 WHISKERSONKITTENS One of the MANY in here coming off an excellent race. That makes handicapping this event extremely difficult. Forced up in class here, but she's done it before. Price should still be okay, so be wary.
8 COUSIN MARY Enjoyed the perfect trip and drive last week, but I loved the way she powered home, only asked for a bit of speed. That saved something in the tank. You know we're going to see the speed again. Only needs the trip.
9 DW'SBLISSFULTHINKN Wasn't much of a threat when last seen here. Drew a brutal post, so I will simply pass.
10 SHEEZA SHARK N Moves from two straight pole starts to a post 10 disaster. Not really all that sharp. A pass.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 ELYSIUM LINDY Put the hopples on recently and noticeably improved! I guess the barn has finally figured this gelding out. With that said, they're trying him here and why not? He might like the big track. Speed and rail.
2 GO BYEM Up from Dover from a dangerous barn when they ship. Horse is razor sharp right now, so I can't dismiss at all. I know this is tougher field, but they get Brett on a horse that's won here before. Very interesting.
3 BEE IN CHARGE Dropped and popped in that very soft spot last week. If you were on board, you got all of $2.40. Really? This is big step back up and I will probably swing against again. If he beats me, he beats me.
4 MONEYCOUNTS DE VIE Paid instant dividends for the new barn down at Philly. Now, it's time to tackle the big boys on the big track. Is Money good enough? I guess we'll find out tonight. This is no easy spot. Will have to prove it.
5 STITCH IN TIME We've seen his act here before, and I think he likes the big size track. Climbing the class ladder again, but I wouldn't be too quick to toss him out. Too many good races here in the past. Price might be right too!
6 TYCOON SEELSTER Is this fella in a little too tough with a big track try? I'm going to guess yes and pass on 3YO.
7 MONTALBANO BI Not sure what happened in the amateur race, but I guess that's the end of that experiment. Back in against a tougher group here, but he is sharp! Jimmy back in the seat. Another big rally likely coming.
8 WINGS OF ROYALTY Tons of back class here, and plenty of prior success over this oval against better. If you think he's ready to wake up with a big one, I probably wouldn't talk you off him. Overdue for big wakeup call.
9 ABBIE'S CELTICLASS Mare tries to make the mile track transition and I don't think this is the right spot. Tough post. Trainer: Been racing well, but has to overcome another outside post this week.
10 GET TO DOIN IT In for the tag here and off a claim, but clearly not helped by the post. Not sure he packs enough speed to blast out and I'm not sure he packs the punch to sweep them all. Will have to prove me wrong to win.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-4-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 GIVEMEYOURHEART Invades from Yonkers off a slightly improved effort and drops. That's a dangerous combination, and I suspect the price will still be right. The rail should keep her close enough. Not completely out of this.
2 DREAM'S BAR 11YO warhorse has been plodding along down at Philly. Now that the Philly meet is over, it's time to come back here. Is she quick enough anymore? I'm going to guess no, and pass for now.
3 ANALYZE Another invader with fair form on view. I always hesitate to toss anything from Team Buter, but this mare is going to have to prove she belongs here on the big track. Sometimes I need to see it first before I believe it.
4 FREE SHOW Suffered the classic Meadowlands shuffle last Friday. It hurts when bet and get low odds. It will be up to Jimmy to get her a better trip now and she can probably win. I do wonder what the price will be tonight. Not big.
5 BRONZE OVER N Down under newcomer for Scotty D. Note how much faster she went in the qualifier here, and it was better than it looks on paper. He listed Brett. If this mare takes tote action, I would definitely pay attention.
6 SET ME UP In for the tag, with some missed time, so that's a concern. The class drop is big, however. This barn is known for "racing them where they can win," so don't be shocked if she shows up ready to roll tonight.
7 TWENTY THREE RED Just 2-27 this year, so she's not a killer. Drew outside the main foes, and a few of the other closers. I guess I could consider using in an underneath slot, but likely not on top against these. Post hurts.
8 SPILLING THE BEANS What a drive last week! And at odds of 23-1! I guess I'll just say that if you didn't have her last week, then don't try now on the huge hike up in class. These are much, much tougher. Must prove it again. Trainer: Came out of last week's race good, but I've lost my driver! He got along well w/ this mare. Hoping change doesn't hurt
9 A HARD DAYS NIGHT Shipped here once and struggled. Not sure I can endorse from this brutal post now.
10 MOSQUITO BLUE CHIP Also a bit "suspect" in this spot from post 10, coming off a sick scratch. I'll just pass.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-1-4
H Horse Comment
1 L DEES YOYO MA Didn't have as much luck at Philly, as he did up in Mass. Will the mile track suit him better? I think it might. He went fast enough up north. This is technically a class drop. Has the rail. I can make a case for more here.
2 IRON DOME Sports two straight wins, but both in much easier spots. This will be the "tester" and he will have to go a little faster. He's shown that kind of ability, and don't forget the barn remains red hot. Hard to ignore here.
3 WIRED HANOVER Appeared to lack a little stamina after being used early upon return. Sometimes it takes a race to get those mile track legs back underneath. We'll find out tonight if he's good enough to go here. Not sure.
4 MOTOWN JACKPOT Down from the Spa off a nice win. I'd definitely call that a confidence booster. I'd also say this is a pretty big bump up in class, so we'll see if he can handle it. I usually need to see one first, just to gauge.
5 TYMAL REIGN Used pretty hard couple weeks ago, and paid the price late. That happens. 3YO filly is handling the older horses well right now and she fits this group perfectly. Have to respect that dangerous speed tonight.
6 MR MONTGOMERY The hopples experiment didn't work, so it's back to free-legged. I wish I'd seen that qualifier up at Spa, because it was a slow mile, and a crawl home. Guess we'll take a good, long look at him on the track.
7 TELL THE JUDGE A rare Ray Baynes visit to Club Med. Gelding has been racing well down at Philly, so he deserves a mile track try. I do believe these foes are faster than the one's he faced down there. A lot to prove here, in tough post.
8 HE'S GONE Can't be too encouraged by that break in the return. I didn't like his qualifier all that much either. Definitely a work in progress right now, and I will pass until I see a lot more from him.
9 MADISON MUSCLE A few good efforts up north, sandwiched around a few bad ones. This post looks like a real killer tonight, so he will have a lot to prove over this strip. Can't endorse just yet.
10 SWANCREDIT Not a quick starter, so I'll just leave him out from the dreaded 10-hole. Needs to get very lucky.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 6-5-7-8
H Horse Comment
1 ITS CHOCOLATE TIME Up from Philly off a break, when forced up in class. This is a bit of a drop back down, but gelding still needs to go a lot faster here. Brett listed, but opted for #4. I guess I need to see one, folks.
2 WARAWEE PREFERRED Wasn't exactly bad in debut here last week. Showed that he could go a little faster, so keep that in mind. If there's any more in the tank, this could be a live longshot. It's an impossible race anyway.
3 ROSSINI Gets the very tepid call as favorite, in this hard-to-handicap race. 7YO has faced much better in the past, and I feel the return to the big track might pick him up even more. Not easy to leave out from a good, inside post.
4 WONDER BUNS This was Brett Miller's choice, because he almost "has" to drive this one for the significant other. I can't really say I like the 1-26 slate this year, but it is class drop and change of scenery. Anything can happen.
5 HEAVENLY ZETTE This mare is just 1-27 this year, but definitely had a chance in this race. Hot pilot takes the call, so that raises profile. The rallies two and three races back are good enough to get into the game here. A big maybe.
6 BLACK BROADWAY Seems more than overdue for a wakeup call, and class drops like this usually spring them! If the price were fair, then I would consider using. Too much experience, and what should be a lively flow. Trainer: Dropping down in class and I like her chances.
7 WRIGHTWOOD In for the tag here, after rolling through that series up north. Those are impressive-looking lines for a half-mile track. I certainly wonder if the 4YO will pick up his game even further here. Decent chance of that.
8 BALTIMOR AS Been just fair of late, and from inside posts. This is a much tougher spot, and Cushing picks up a catch drive! Gelding did show speed last time. Will he take a shot again? With all the closers inside, I would. Send!
9 HOT SUMMER KNIGHT Up and down the class ladder lately. I'll note he won a race here this year. Bad post.
10 EXPLOSIVE VICTORY Doesn't appear to pack much early zip, so that's a big issue when you land post 10. On plus, side, A Nap takes the call and he's driving lights out! Can he get this mare into the game? Good question.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 9-2-10-4
H Horse Comment
1 PIRAEUS Her race here was good. Only caught by the trip sitter. The follow up at Philly looks okay, considering the long odds despite the rail. Has the rail again, so should be in prime position. Would be very hard to leave out.
2 ROCKN OPIUM Joe B driving for sis here. Filly had a tough time down at Philly with mixed kind of trips. Seemed to race better on the bigger track up north for prior barn. Is the wakeup call imminent? It could be. Your call.
3 LOTUS SEELSTER Forced up in class and coming out of weaker race. Even with Brett, I will pass tonight.
4 LITTLEBITROCKNROLL Delaware based mare is working her way back into racing shape. Keep in mind, that's a very fast race she comes out of at Dover. I could make a case she might have more here, in third start back. Maybe.
5 TWIN B ONAROLL Brushed and crushed up at Monti, but it will be brand new ballgame here. Needs even more.
6 BONZAI BEACH Found the right field to win over at Yonkers, but will also be severely tested here, by better bunch and faster fractions/race. I'm not going to guarantee that she can handle it. I usually need to see it first.
7 MYLITTLESURFERGIRL Was facing the much better class over at Yonkers than #6. Came close to upsetting a few times and she shows taking her mark at Philly. One of the many question marks in wide open race. Improves here?
8 MY SISTER LUCIE Technically, was facing even better down at Philly. Passed a few late in last pair and she has shown ability to leave before. If she takes back in this spot, might have too far to come again. Your call? Trainer: Closed well last week and needs to be involved early.
9 TALBOT CHANEL Considering she won the race that #8 comes out of, this might be a stickout! Biggest threat could be from #10, but I do hate when the favorites both draw outside. Sometimes makes for a mayhem race. Interesting.
10 RISKY ROMANCE She's overcome bad posts before (12/7.) Therefore, I will give extra respect. I will also note her remarkable consistency, which is rare for a young filly. Noel puts down A Nap. Lots of positives, except for post 10.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-1-6-4
H Horse Comment
1 I'M SID THE KID A Nap had a choice, and opted for this guy over #2. Horse did turn in a slightly improved effort with the Nap two weeks ago. This is a switch to somewhat easier claimers. I guess we could say no excuses accepted?
2 ROYAL OUTLOOK Had Nap chosen this one, I would probably like a lot more. That was gritty try in the Pocono finale, but folks, that was a MONTH ago. Why no races since? Can she possibly be ready for this one tonight? Maybe not.
3 FOUNDMYTREASURE Hasn't shown anything lately, so he remains a pass until we see a lot more.
4 WINDSONG GORGEOUS I know he's just 1-27 this year, but in this race, he probably has a shot. Why? The guy sitting in the driver's seat. The post is fine. Should be acclimated here by now. Let's see more, please.
5 CHARMBO CURIOSITY Pretty aggressive with those last two tries. Did seem to race better in off-the-pace mode. Used hard in pace battle last week, but that should tighten him up. I can make a case for success here. Trainer: Had a good week. Trying aluminum shoes on him, and should be a better week.
6 AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL Not really sure what to expect from the Monti invader here on the mile track. Same claiming price, but are these stronger? Weaker? I just don't know. I'll note that he has won here this year. Possibility.
7 STORMIN RUSTLER 13YO warhorse is back for another go. Can't really call that last one a good race. But, some of those starters would be 1-5 in here. Chance we could see more in the tank here tonight. A big 'ol maybe.
8 SALEVSTER STALLION Not bad from the inside post with an improved third try here. I don't like that he moves way outside, because I don't see much early zip. Probably at mercy of both pace and trip. Won't be easy.
9 MUST BE THE BUNNY Nap put another good trip on this one last time, but horse failed to deliver the needed kick. Now, Nap is off and the post is bad. That's not usually a recipe for success around here. Your call?
10 DANISHDUJOUR Got sick about a month ago and was forced to requalify. It was a pretty good effort too! Had he not drawn post 10, I'd probably like a lot more. This spot will be pretty difficult to overcome. At right price only. Trainer: Battling some tie-up issues and sickness. Qualifier was encouraging, but will need trip help from post. Good enough.