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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Saturday, December 02, 2017

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-7-8
H Horse Comment
1 JOE'S LIFE Burned a few bucks down at Philly while trying to race on the lead for first time. Many young, inexperienced horses don't know how to do that. Prior to that, was solid here in a high-quality race. One to beat.
2 IDEAL FEELING Not a lot going on here yet. Broke in the one try here, so that's not a good thing. Have to see some improvement before I could endorse. Eventually, it will come.
3 MELANIE'S DAVID Has several starts under his belt, but not much success. Transitions to the mile track, so that could help. So, let's watch for improvement out of him in start number eight. He is a 3YO, so that gives him slight edge.
4 BIG BAD JASON Barn off to great start here this meet, so keep that in mind. On experience and consistency alone, he's almost a must use here, but still has to prove it at M1. Usually, they have to go a little faster here.
5 CUZ I'M HAPPY Not bad so far, for Gale. Looks like a rallier, and is perfectly positioned in this post. If #1 gets a little "lonely on the lead" he could come charging and shock at a big price. Not completely out of the question.
6 SPANISH ART Retains longshot status, having been no threat in any recent race. Pass.
7 WAVES Added Lasix last time, and still turned in another positive effort. Not really sure just how quick he is, but the move to the big track just might pick up the game even further. Has a nice pedigree, so there is hope!
8 SNEAK ON BYE Pounced on #1 down at Philly, so that's a BIG confidence builder. Might take a little more work to overcome this outside post now, but horse is definitely okay! He's got some go, and he wants to try. Lots to like. Trainer: Trained good this week.
9 BAG PIPE MAJOR Showed nothing at long odds here almost a month ago. MIA since, and stuck with the same brutal post. I know this field is a lot softer, but I still need to see more before I can get involved. Has to go forward.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 5-2-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 DUNE DUDE Enters off a scratch and a couple of dull efforts, so I don't really know what to do with the Dude here. This is not an easy spot, but he does have the rail. Liable to sit in and just try to keep up. Not sure he can beat these.
2 DON'TCALLMEFRANCIS Scooted all the way to the Spa and disappointed at odds on. He was used hard early, though, so let's give Francis a break. This race should go a lot differently and he has won here before. A chance.
3 GO BIG SPENDER Almost got lucky here a couple weeks ago at over 50-1. Followed it up with a much duller try at Dover at much lesser price. Overall, he's got six wins this year. I can't get too excited, but he does go forward.
4 NOBLES FINESSE Was ultra well-meant last week and did manage to get the job done. Survived a hot pace scenario and showed some guts to dig in. With that said, this is a step up to try a better field and he might be overmatched. Trainer: Trained good this week.
5 DOWNTHEHIGHWY Not too long ago he was pacing in 1:50, so keep that in mind. Barn has several horses in this weekend in very good spots and this is another. Expect a solid return to form and he's probably the one to beat.
6 JK WILL POWER Lots of back class here, so no matter what, he'd be very hard to leave out. This is probably softest spot he's seen in long time. Won't be easy to beat #5, and he might need a touch more early zip. The one to fear! Trainer: Just came to me from Hoosier. Had him earlier in the year with some success. In right class, so look to be good.
7 OH JOHNNY B GOOD N Finds his way back to Club Med from Yonkers and Johnny has plenty of history here. I don't really like the post, or possibility that #5,6 get the jump on him. It'll be up to pilot to get him a trip. Then he can pounce.
8 MR BAILANDO Still racing very well, folks. I hate that he got slammed with the worst post here. He does need a trip and I just don't see it from this slot, with the faves directly inside. Needs a little luck tonight.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-2-5-7
H Horse Comment
1 SOMETHINGINTHEWIND See how the new Burke acquisitions did last night to get a gauge on the one's racing tonight. This one certainly fits the group in here, but Yannick opted for the partner. Maybe that's telling?
1A LAWRENCETOWN BEACH I thought he was home free last week, but then that monster came charging to catch him. I guess he "needed" that race? If so, he'll be much tougher to catch tonight, even from the outside post. One to beat.
2 ABERDEEN HANOVER Here's a high class horse that might appreciate a touch of class relief tonight. He does own a win here this year. He does have enough speed to protect the inside. If price is right, I wouldn't talk you off him.
3 IYQ YQR Finds his way back to Club Med, but this is probably too tough a spot. I don't see him "outclassing" the likes of these, but I have been wrong before. Watch closely and prepare for a softer spot in the near future.
4 MAJOR LEGACY Proved me 100% wrong last week, with a sterling rally from a tough spot. Is he really this good? Forced up in class yet again, so he will have to prove it all over again. On the improve for sure!
5 TRAVEL PLAYLIST Looks like we have a barn change here, making first start for Andy and Julie. Shows a 1:49 mile in Lexington, so we know the talent is there. Will they wake him up tonight? The answer might be yes!
6 K-LEES SHAKENBAKE No real threat against a strong group last week. Horse had to need that race off the layoff, but he looked like he might need a few more. I'm willing to wait for additional class relief on this guy. Trainer: Coming into form and getting tighter. Had a good week.
7 EXPRESS STRIDE N Tough call here, because he gets stuck with another bad post. He can leave, but it takes the starch out of him. He is good right now, but I'd advise getting a fair price before taking the risk. Needs a trip.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 10-5-7-1
H Horse Comment
1 NEVERDIE Invades from Plainridge while clearly sharp, but how do you analyze the class up there against the class down here? Did any of barn's starters last night do well? This is no easy spot, but he does get the rail too!
2 SOUL TRAIN In a race with a lot of droppers, this guy is hiked up in class. That's probably not going to work.
3 BROADWAY CONCERT Really liked her chances last week and she was flat. Was hoping the big track would pick her up and she had no kick at all. With that said, I now have to bail and consider others. Needs improvement. Trainer: Maybe a little flat last week. Hoping for a better effort. Consistent type and should be okay.
4 PAINITE Another of the Massachusetts shippers. Was actually in a race with Mambo Lindy a few back. Will have to prove what level he belongs at here and I usually need to see one first. Not just yet.
5 MASSIVE LIGHTNING Followed up his impressive debut here with a big effort in second go around. Can't say I like the scratch, but this is ideal spot for a horse of his style. If he comes up good, he is clearly the one to fight off late.
6 TYMAL REIGN 3YO filly has been all over the place lately and she does have some talent! I guess we can call that a nice recovery after the break at Philly. Not all horses take to that surface. She certainly looked good here before that.
7 GWALLY Left Pocono on a sour note, so not sure what to make of that. Technically, this is a drop, but I'm not calling it an easy spot. That bottom line on Halloween would put him in contention. Guess I really need to see one here.
8 ACES AND EIGHTS This was Brett's choice over #7 and this is a 3YO that was purchased. In between breaks, he showed some talent in NY. Liked the big track up at Vernon. Another that I simply need to see one here first. Adds L.
9 AMBER ELLA She was well positioned last week and simply towed along as no solid threat. She could have had a little more trot, I suppose. Now moves to a much tougher post and loses her regular driver. Not all positive. Trainer: I think she raced a bit short last week, but this week's post not in her favor.
10 FREDDIE MAC Got a week off after stopping on the lead at Pocono. Most of the prior efforts were all good, so we can make a case that something just went wrong on that night. Has the speed to overcome the start. Consider.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 9-5-1-6
H Horse Comment
1 MACHING ME ZILLY Burke filly taking on mostly older off a series of consistent efforts in PA. The inside post is key, because it keeps her close and she usually kicks in. Yannick takes over too, so that will attract attention from bettors.
2 BEAUTIFUL LADY Left Plainridge on a good note with a couple of solid efforts. How will that stack up here? I have no idea. This is not an easy spot and simply put, she will have to go faster to be competitive here. Not sure about that.
3 STUDIO ONE Another of the sophomores in here. It's an odd spot, and she shows a real mixed bag of efforts. Looks like a rallier, so this post is ideal. Likely to offer a square price, if you like her. I need to see one. Adding Lasix.
4 BARYNYA A Ended up scratching out of a race at Yonkers on Tuesday for this spot. Looks like a new barn in play as well. Showing a series of dull efforts, so I can't predict a total turnaround. That's what she would need to win.
5 FREE SHOW Up and down the class ladder lately for Pelling. Appears to pack a turn of speed, however and that's always dangerous. The midpack post gives pilot options. I wouldn't hesitate to toss her onto the ticket.
6 STYLISH BEACHWHERE Same problem here, of how does that Open class at Saratoga stack up against a mid-range conditioned event here. And the answer is: I don't know! Barn is going very well, though. I'll take an extra look.
7 MADE OF JEWELS AS Not bad last time. Keep in mind, that race was won by a front-running, odds-on favorite. This mare just towed along, but did it willingly. Will she fire out again for new driver? Wish I knew answer to that.
8 COLORFUL JASMINE Did not have a very good return to Club Med a few weeks ago. Any of the efforts she turned in here earlier this year would make her a threat, but I seriously wonder how sharp she is now? Adds Lasix to help.
9 WHISKERSONKITTENS That's always a "tantalizing" kind of line from her last start here. Finished up well, but was also 62-1. Don't expect that kind of price tonight and the post is almost as bad. Has shown speed before. Maybe?
10 QUICK DRAFT A Can't like 'em all, so this is odd man out from the bad post, coming off a break. Pass.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 6-8-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 UPFRONT BILLY Up and down the class ladder lately, with a mixed bag of efforts. Seems like he races well when dipped into a spot like this. Plots for a nice trip, if he can protect the pole. Will he keep up with #8? Not sure.
2 JIMMY WILLIAM What do we do with this guy? Broke for no apparent reason last week. Maybe he doesn't like the track at Philly? That happens a lot. Was super when he went by Buff here before that. That foe won two straight after.
3 MOONLIGHT COCKTAIL She's usually most effective at a notch below this, so I'll go with that and wait for another class drop.
4 IRON MINE BUCKY Been doing decent work at Pocono and they are now closed. Connections elect to take a try here and they caught a real tough spot. Bucky has been here before, however. In the Hambo, actually. Need to see one.
5 ZOOMING I always take an extra look when Team Buter invades. They've raced this fella here before and he has done well. However, it was probably at a level lower than this. This is no easy spot and he might be a touch overmatched.
6 BUFF Rock solid and razor sharp is only way to sum up Buff right now. This is the big test for class tonight, as he faces real horses just to his outside. I will not question his speed, however. Figures to fire out and then sit a nice trip.
7 FAD FINANCE This is one tough mare, and she's been going well at out of town tracks. Knows her way around the Big M strip too! Versatile enough to race either way, but if she's good, Corey will have to send her a bit.
8 GURAL HANOVER We all know his game by now! It's speed and that's where Yannick will send him. When left alone for a fraction, he gets very brave. It's all about the pace for him, and he loves the Big M. Hard to deny.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 3-6-1-7
H Horse Comment
1 ALWAYS AT MY PLACE Yannick opted for this half of the entry, and this is a very high class horse that can compete anywhere. This is probably softest spot he's seen in a while. Will have to deal with #3, and should be good race.
1A SPEED AGAIN His name pretty much sums up his game: speed! However, he's used to competing against a bit lesser grade than this, so for tonight's betting purposes, I will prefer the partner. Let's see if he can keep up late.
2 ANDREIOS KARDIA Newcomer to Big M, and by that, I mean horse and trainer! Certainly likes to win, as evidenced by his overall record. Will he be as good here on the big track? I have no idea. Need to see one against tough field.
3 SOME ATTITUDE Explosively sharp right now! Did well against Lyon that night, then came back and romped, over horse that won right back. (Texas Terror) Is he as good as #1? I guess we're going to find out. Can't fault.
4 JACKSRLUCKYTOO Simply put, Jack just loves this track. Got the barn "off the schneid" for the meet with a nice, solid rallying win. Now, he's forced up a bit too high in class, so I'll probably pass tonight. Wait for another drop.
5 SUNFIRE BLUE CHIP A huge question mark in a spot like this. Brett was listed and opted for #6, so that's not good. Horse comes off a scratch and a few dull efforts. I don't really know what to expect tonight.
6 ART HISTORY He's certainly good right now. Towed along in pocket last week and was only outgunned by a monster. You know he's leaving, directly inside the entrymates. He's likely to get another good trip. Can't ignore.
7 POLAK A Looks like the odd man out, having drawn the worst post. He does have class, however. If things were to get a little western up front, he can come storming home to upset the applecart. Demand decent price if you like.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 BETTORHAVEANOTHER Note that she's in for the claiming tag. Otherwise, wouldn't fit the condition. Yannick chose her over the partner and that's understandable. Usually tries hard. Races all size tracks. Just a professional racehorse.
1A ABBIJADE HANOVER Probably should have won that last start here against a softer group, but wasn't able to hang on. With that said, she's forced up in class and probably overmatched with these. Also loses Yannick.
2 CAVIART SHELLY Speaking of overmatched, I have to say this lass looks in a bit deep here. The condition was "adjusted" so she fits, but I don't believe she's quick enough to pace with these. Shelly will have to prove me wrong.
3 GO FOR SAND Same boat as #2. I don't believe she's a match for these. Definitely a longshot in too tough.
4 COUSIN MARY A 12-time winner this year, so that deserves respect. She's been all over the place, in all sorts of different class ranges. Seems to be okay in most. Now only has to prove she can do it here too! Not sure. Trainer: Had a long year and last start showed bleeding, so Lasix should hopefully pick her back up. Honest mare.
5 OK HEAVENLY Jimmy had a choice, and opted here over #6. Maybe because of the barn? Mare seems like a "trip" horse that needs a lively flow and one big rally. That's not out of the question in a race like this. Could be action.
6 TRUTH AND LIBERTY How does that Open class at Saratoga stack up in a high-level condition like this? As previously stated, I have no idea until I see one. I will not question her "will to win!" Seems to do that a lot. Let's see if belongs.
7 SINGLE ME After two straight wins, can we "single her?" I'd have to say no, but I might be wrong. Clearly very sharp right now for Camp Croghan, and she could just be coming into her own. Is she this good? We'll find out.
8 BETABCOOL N Barn has had a lot of success here this year, and a lot of luck, but this post could hurt. After a sick scratch, and a tiring loss as fave, we could make a case that she's tailing off? I guess we'll find out.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-9-6
H Horse Comment
1 RAISE THE CURTAIN Gelding has delivered a couple really good efforts lately. Was that last one a fluke at 67-1? Probably not. Gets a key inside post tonight and plots for another good trip. Price will still be good too!
2 STEALTH HANOVER IF he trots, he'll probably win this. Just a short time ago, he was only 6-1 in a heat of the Kentucky Futurity! Meeting no such monsters in here, but it's still a risk because he's made a LOT of breaks.
3 DNIEPER Made a break in first go for new barn. That's never a good thing, but they can always make adjustments and fix the problem. He certainly performed well out in Ohio, so let's look for some improvement here tonight.
4 CAN DO I really like this gelding and his speed. It usually puts him in play and when in the right class, he can win. IF any of the faves make mistakes, watch out. This fella trots and doesn't make mistakes. Must be considered. Trainer: Loves the Meadowlands and has been racing great.
5 ROUNDTOWN ROCKER Has won here before, but seems a little overmatched in this spot. A longshot.
6 DYNAMIC EDGE Up and down the class ladder at lots of east coast tracks. Does he fit here on the mile track? Just a 4YO, so there's lots of upside earning potential wherever he races. Anxious to see if this is the right spot.
7 FLEET BUMBLEBEE Brett chose this one over #3. Gelding is one of the MANY Pocono shippers that will take a shot here. Some will fit and some won't. We just have to figure it out. Gelding looks like a one-move horse. We'll see.
8 NEW JERSEY VIKING The "other" 3YO is legitimately stakes-placed and capable of very high speed. BUT, like #2, he also makes the odd break in stride. Very hard to gauge current form after stopping over at Yonkers. Tough call. Adds L.
9 CAULFIELD Jumps up with a big effort every now and then and he certainly looks reliable. In a race where the faves sometimes make breaks, this isn't a bad option. Price should be okay. Only the post is the big knock.
10 QUEEN ADJALA Barn's other starter left Pocono on a good note, but I wonder how that class stacks up here. Jimmy was listed on both, and took the gelding. I guess that tells us something. I'll pass and watch closely.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-6-7
H Horse Comment
1 DAVID'S DREAM Dave's been a little disappointing lately and is now forced up too high in class. I'll pass. Trainer: Has been feeling good all week. Moving up in class won't hurt him, and having the rail won't hurt either.
2 ROCK ON THE HILL Seems sharp and has certainly been pacing fast enough lately. Aside from #4, there are no killers in here. The knock is that he's a one way closer like #4. Which one will be faster late? I'll probably go with Bright.
3 HERE'S THE SCOOP Finds his way to NJ, via Massachusetts and Maryland. See how barn's other starters did this weekend, because that might give you a gauge if they belong. This looks like a hard-trying campaigner. Maybe.
4 IAMMRBRIGHTSIDE N Been waiting for a soft spot like this and will probably take advantage. He's just faced a better class of horse most of the time this year. Post is perfect to keep him close enough and he can pounce from anywhere.
5 HOME JAMES That was a pretty good qualifier, and I'll add points if All It Takes won last night. I can see the long layoff and wish I knew what went wrong back in early summer. He may be recovered from that now. Watch out!
6 SISKEL Towed along behind a heavily-favored winner last time, so don't hold that against him. It was a solid effort and he offered very good speed. In a race where the fave is a closer, that becomes more dangerous. Usable.
7 J T Eric A probably thought he would get a softer spot than this when he entered. Gets stuck outside and faces a few good ones. Has raced well here before, however. I wouldn't talk you off this one, if the price was right. Consider.
8 NEPTUNE Looks like the big longshot in the field and I cannot recommend from this outer post.
9 MISTER TRUTH Jumps up with a big one every now and then. However, he doesn't usually blast out, so I'll probably hesitate from this post. I'm tempted to wait for a softer spot in the next week or so.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-1-8-3
H Horse Comment
1 ARDEEN If the barn's having a good weekend so far, take a real long look at this gelding. He seems pretty consistent and the pole post will put him right in play. It looks like the right spot. Could give the faves a big tussle.
2 BANK SEA Just one win this year. Only a dozen starts. Some dull recent efforts. Not sure I can endorse here.
3 CLASSIC SEEBREEZE Now 0-19 and counting on the campaign. He does have a good start or two here from earlier this year, so if you needed a longshot to toss into your box, go ahead. The post relief alone will keep him closer.
4 PEPPER GUY On a roll right now, so liable to keep it going. Pelling appears to have figured the Guy out and now the horse only needs to prove he can do it on the big track. I'm banking on a yes answer to that question. Solid speed.
5 ROYALE BIG GUY Not going very well right now, so with Tyler back in the bike, let's look for some equipment changes or something to get the horse back in gear. Needs a solid wakeup call.
6 DEEPFAVE HANOVER Another with flat recent form out of town. I can't guarantee that a mile oval will pick up his game, so we need to see it first. I'll be watching closely for anything more.
7 SILVER BULLET Didn't really go too well in the two Rosecroft tries. He may have been overmatched, though! This could actually be a somewhat softer spot, so we'll find out. Horse did awfully well up north. Tough call.
8 BIG STRETCH MARK I know he's not the most "winningest" kind of horse, but simply put, he's a lot faster than most of these. He's a grinder, so that could be a problem from the outside post. Will attempt to track down #4. Not easy.
9 INTERMIX Retains large longshot status, especially with the move from pole to post nine.
10 LONE WOLF TERROR New barn here on the Indiana invader. He certainly likes the big size track, but he does not appear to pack any early speed. Will take the "wait and see" approach on this one for now.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 1-6-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 MORE DRAGON Took a LOT of money last week and almost pulled it off. Likely to get bet pretty hard again in this Dropdown Derby" and one of them will probably win it. Have to guess which one, however. Your call?
2 MADIBA MAGIC N Didn't really make presence felt, but wasn't really expected to. This spot looks a lot more interesting from the better post. If he were to get a nice trip tracking one of the faves, watch out. Upset shot.
3 ELRAMA N Another of the eligible droppers and poppers. Also a third start back off a layoff, so we should expect some improvement. Also gets a good, inside post, but he has more pure early speed. Can't talk you off this one.
4 HOPE FOR BADLANDS Making second start back off a short layoff. The first one led me to believe he might need a few more. Retains longshot status, until we see a better effort.
5 PARTY JAMMER Navigated the big track up at Vernon well. I won't be too hard on him for the Plainridge efforts. The problem is that he's facing some significant class droppers here. Would need a big effort to threaten.
6 CALVIN B Takes yet another class drop, in hopes of reviving his flat form of late. Some of it, I can understand. But, the reality is that Cal is burning big coin at the betting windows. It's probably time to change tactics, show some speed. Trainer: Another class drop, should be very good.
7 ULTIMATE BEACHBOY Almost got there last week, with that three-horse blanket photo. Nice effort in first go for new barn, so let's expect a little more. Yannick takes over now, so that will attract attention. Very big chance again.
8 STARZNHEAVEN Forced up in class a notch, after winning the photo up at the Spa. Last time we saw him here, he was okay. It was same class level, but I'll admit this field looks a lot tougher. He's stuck outside. Negatives.
9 THE GREEN KNIGHT This one appears in too tough as well. Also coming off a scratch, a break, and ok effort. Pass.
10 DRUNKEN DESIRE A Couldn't get the job done against vastly weaker at 1-5 odds. How's he going to beat these from post 10? He won't.