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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, December 01, 2017

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 7-9-6-1
H Horse Comment
1 IRON DOME Something went badly wrong on Nov. 4, so let's just forget about that. Requalified in even fashion, so I really don't know what to expect. If he can find a way to get back to that October form, he's got a chance. Trainer: A-fibbed two back, but seems okay now.
1A BELLA BEE BABY Other half of entry isn't exactly lighting the world on fire either. Exits some pretty slow races over at Pocono, so she'll have to pick up her game substantially here. Not easy for a filly to transition to the mile track.
2 LOTHARIO Is he going to trot or not? That is the question, and unfortunately, I don't have the answer. With the Z Man not here, Andy will take a turn and try to get him to the gate ongait! Take a good, long look out on track. Trainer: Green, but has some talent.
3 FOUND MY SLOAN Now here's a two-year-old filly tackling older. That's asking a lot, but she appeared to have some talent a while back. Can't say I like the break and then subsequent scratch, though. A big question mark tonight.
4 REGAL HILL Vinny gets the call on the sophomore who exits a very slow Freehold race. Flashed just a touch of speed and then was no threat late. I would imagine he'll need a LOT more than that to be competitive here. Your call?
5 CREAMPIE HANOVER The other freshman filly in here added hopples last time and didn't exactly impress. Pass.
6 ROAD LIGHT Well traveled of late, but not a lot of success. Too many breaks for my taste, but in a race full of question marks, she does have some speed. If she makes the top, could be tough to catch. Won't be big price.
7 WILDNIGHT Broke his maiden up at Plainridge. Looks like he had a tough trip over at Pocono, so next likely spot is a race like this. Tell me he'll improve just a touch on the mile track and I'll tell you to use him. Interesting driver switch.
8 MISS OLIVIA MAE Last of the fillies in here shows a bit of ability, but also a very tough post here. However, I like the speed she offered from the eight box on Sept. 20. That's the kind of effort that can beat these. Take a long look.
9 BREAK FREE Pretty consistent, right? Can't say that about too many of these right now. Coming off a huge confidence builder too! So, if you wanted to take a shot and back this guy, I wouldn't talk you off. Only needs bit of stamina.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 9-3-4-5
H Horse Comment
1 WHATNBLAZES Drops back to the level where he can be somewhat effective. It's that strong speed that puts him in play, but sometimes it's the stamina that he lacks. With that said, it's easy trip to the lead from rail. How far goes?
2 MYTHICAL DEW In from Freehold and Philly where he wasn't exactly lighting up the board. So, I'll probably take a pass and see if he can negotiate the longer stretch here. Let him prove it first.
3 QUICK DEAL Exits a pretty fast race and he wasn't bad in it. Probably needed it too! If you take that view, this slight class drop makes him the one to beat. If Jimmy just gets him away onstride, he will make presence felt. Trainer: Is a neat horse. Should fit in well here, I think.
4 TEASIN N PLEASIN Very tough call here. Liked her here two back and she wasn't good that night. Added Lasix at Yonkers and was towing along, not exploding. It was extra distance race, though. Should add a little stamina.
5 HANRAHAN Making 45th start this year, so let's give him an award for Iron Horse! Seemed to race a little better on the bigger track at Vernon. That might bode well for mile track try tonight. I can make a small case for success.
6 CLIFTON BEACH Likely to be overbet here on the slight drop back down in class. His last two efforts were total opposites, so I really don't know what to expect. If he's good, like two back, he can win. If not, then good luck!
7 PLAYBOY RUSTY Just 1-30 this year and coming off a tiring qualifier. That's not my type of bet. Pass.
8 SIBSON Broke when last seen here. Not much on view in any recent race at any track, so be careful heere. Overall record isn't exactly enticing. I'll probably end up going against from the outside post, which also hurts.
9 FRIENDSINLOWPLACES It's taken a while, but barn seems to have finally figured this one out. Qualifier was very good and if he's that good again, watch out. It'll be up to pilot to get him away onstride. Can pounce after that.
10 TROT COMMANDER Up from Freehold and into a much tougher spot, plus post 10. That's hard to endorse.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 1-5-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 JADED DREAM One of many horses privately purchased from previous barn at end of Pocono meet. There are several in tonight and they're in some good spots. This is a pretty big class drop, so I'm looking for big wakeup call here.
2 CLOUD DIVA One of three sophomore fillies in here. Showed a lot more talent on the bigger track up north, so maybe we can expect a return to form here. Yonkers just didn't suit her. Take a good, long look out on the track.
3 SGT MOLLY PITCHER One of several Plainridge shippers coming down to try Club Med. Some might be a bit. She certainly likes to win, so we can't question that. I'll also note she took her mark here two years ago. At a price?
4 SPILLING THE BEANS Kind of rode the rail in her one recent try here. I don't think that will be enough to threaten this group, but I've been wrong before. I suspect she might need one level lower than this. I'm willing to wait.
5 MISQUED The gaps between starts are becoming a concern, because I just wonder if she's sharp enough and tight enough to deliver that late kick again. She's also been buried in some tough spots. Expect a wakeup call effort.
6 UNBEAMLIEVABLE Reclaimed by Fusco and then scratched, so that raises a few flags. Her speed and efforts at Pocono were all good, however. Just a 4YO and she's won half her lifetime starts! That's not bad, folks.
7 LADY OF HEAVEN Enters after missing almost a month, so that's a problem. Adds Lasix, but she's just a three-year-old against a few older mares. The post presents a problem. I guess I have more negatives than positives for tonight's betting.
8 FOX VALLEY HERNIA Was part of a big weekend for the barn down at Freehold. Maybe they just need to race her somewhere else a time or two? Mare does try hard, so I'll give credit for that. This spot looks a bit steep, though.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 4-5-7-8
H Horse Comment
1 PARTY ON THE RIVER Up and down the class ladder lately, without a lot of positive results. Just one win on the season and it didn't come here. So, I'm leaning against, even from the rail. I need to see more first, before I bet.
2 DAMFOOLRMILLIONAIR Can't really get too excited about his last two starts at Philly. Those seem like slow races and he wasn't exactly exploding late. It will take a much bigger kick to get the cheese here. Your call, folks?
3 STAR STUDDED CAST Down from Monti off a win, for another big track try. Clearly lacked the stamina the one time we saw him here, so I'm going to take that view again. If he beats me, he beats me.
4 REAL DJ HANOVER Looking for the right "dropper" in here? This might be the call. Had several good starts here earlier this year. The return to Club Med with a new driver might be just the ticket. Don't expect a big price, though.
5 STARDUST MEMORIES With Pocono now closed, we're going to see several new faces here. Gelding seems pretty consistent, and any repeat of that last try puts him firmly in the hunt. Can't really leave off the ticket tonight.
6 KEYSTONE THOMAS 11YO was no real threat in either recent try here. I can't predict a total turnaround, but that's what he'll need. Demand a big price if you fancy his chances.
7 MICHAEL'S WILD BOY Showed some newfound speed in last pair and wasn't bad. I'll give credit for that. Technically, this should be a softer spot, but I do wonder about that. Has raced well here in the past, so at decent price, I'd use. Trainer: Last two efforts were good and the horse has been training well.
8 BOLD FRESH Another of the Massachusetts invaders. He's got a good touch of speed, but I need to see the stamina too! The post won't help. I think I'm going to watch one and see if he belongs. Tough call.
9 DOC'S BOY Final piece of the speed puzzle, but from the worst post. Paid a pretty nice price when he lasted up at the Spa last month. I can't guarantee he'll be allowed to control this one. Demand fair value if you like him too!
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 4-2-3-7
H Horse Comment
1 BETTOR JUS WING IT I didn't see a whole lot in that qualifier here. Basically went around the track at Pocono safely, so maybe we get a more aggressive try here? The rail will keep him close. Lots of other question marks in here.
2 MAY I CRUISE WEST Have to like the Plainridge form and speed. Not sure how the quality of that series stacks up here, but we're going to find out fast. Gets the right guy in the seat for a speed attempt. Very tempting! Trainer: Sharp right now and the big track is a plus.
3 MASTER OF PUPPETS Lots of wins this year. A tad inconsistent, but when he's good, he's certainly good. I like the inside post to give pilot options. If price were right, I'd be willing to take a long look and use.
4 FOX VALLEY CADET Also owns plenty of wins, so that always catches my eye. In new barn now, and we know he likes the big size track. I like the post, and his versatility. No reason to think he can't threaten these. Have to like in here.
5 SOUTHERN SPORT 10YO picked up a couple of checks here over the year. That's usually the best he can do. Pass.
6 ONE EYED ALLEY CAT That's a decent last try up at Plainridge, considering the post eight start. Seems to be a one-way closer, though, so I have my worries. Might need a few things to go his way, and I don't expect huge price.
7 PAN GRAD Up and down the class ladder recently. This is probably the right kind of spot to take a big track try. 10YO is a warhorse, now making 251st start, so he knows his way around. Let's see if he's still fast enough for here.
8 TRYS LITTLE PRINCE Pretty disappointing last time at Freehold, even with second time Lasix. Back into the Lounsbury barn and a switch to the mile track. Not sure I can take an overly positive view with this fella tonight.
9 FOUNDMYTREASURE In dire need of a big wakeup call, and they are hard to predict. Bad post. Not for me yet.
10 SALEVSTER STALLION Just 1-20 on the campaign and slammed with another terrible post. 11YO has a little something to prove in a spot like this, and I won't hop on board just yet.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 9-6-7-3
H Horse Comment
1 CHARMBO CURIOSITY Switches over to claimers after a few no-threat efforts here in last month. I can't say this is any easier, so we need to see more. Drew the rail again and will hope to keep up a little better.
2 HASH-TAG CHROME Left Ohio on a winning note. Had a tough trip up at Monti in first start for new barn. Owns a lot of starts for a four-year-old. Will he fit here? That's a good question. The post is a plus. He grinds. A maybe.
3 CUNDALINI Really LIT up the tote board with a much improved effort in the Pocono finale. Certainly hadn't shown that kind of speed in any recent races, so I have my questions. Can he do it again? Will he be better here? Not sure.
4 WORKANDPLAYHARD Another of the many "grinders" in here. 0-38 on the year. I think I'll have to pass here. Trainer: He's been racing pretty consistently since I've gotten him, but hasn't won yet. A Nap will get the job done!
5 A AND C ARTIST Not exactly going great guns of late. Transitions to new barn and new track. There are a few efforts in his past that would make him competitive against these, and I do like the post. Can we see more speed, please?
6 CITY PIE 0-2 since the claim up north. Barn is bringing a few down here to try the big track. I do like his overall record this year, with a lot of starts. Plus, I'll note he took his mark here last year. There are reasons to be positive.
7 FLY'N WITH ROYALTY Dominated that series for Bobo and Vinny at home base of Freehold. It'll be a little more challenging here, but his form looks a lot better than some of these. In the midst of a good season so far.
8 TERROR OF THE NITE Had a few good "nights" over at Pocono. Kind of hard to gauge with that inconsistent form, and now a switch to the Med. Drew a tough post, so I have a few more negatives than positives.
9 INTRIGUED INTENDED Gets tabbed as the fave, after a rock solid start in the Dash final two weeks ago. Fought the winner tooth and nail all the way home. Any repeat of that type effort and he is clearly the one to beat despite post.
10 CRUZING HILL 5YO does good work up at Saratoga, but doing it there, and doing it here are usually two different things. Faces immediate pressure when #9 leaves the gate. It'll be up to pilot to work out some sort of trip. Not easy.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 ROADSHOW VIC Worked his way too high in class for the Plainridge finale, so I won't hold that against him. I do like the speed he offered before that. Drew a key post in the pole here to just sit and tow along. Will need a late kick.
2 MONTALBANO BI Big M veteran is back for another go for Team Harmon. Exits a fast qualifier, and I think Rob had a few equipment issues, so don't let that bother you. Obviously, if he's cranked and ready, he's a threat here. Trainer: Qualified okay, and Jimmy gets along with him well.
3 LANDONFITZ Out of the amateurs and into a real race tonight, and it's not an easy one. Overmatched?
4 A PENNY EARNED Tough to get a real gauge on this one's form, with those breaks on view. Can't really say I like the Dover qualifier either. Definitely has a little something to prove here on the big track. I need to see it first.
5 GOLD MEDAL SWAN Thought he would probably "need" that first start back here and he ended up racing great! He, and #6 were just a head apart at the wire and they look to bounce back again. Hard to fault either one. Must use.
6 P L ICABOD Overcame a tough post last time, with a top quality effort. Caught me a little by surprise, but hey, that's life! Any similar speed, or effort puts him squarely in the hunt again. Would be very hard to leave off the ticket now.
7 SOUTH SIDE HANOVER This mare is sitting on a big mile one of these nights, but she's just SO unpredictable. Broke for absolutely no reason when about to gear up for Mark Mac. Since it's a drop again, I don't expect big price.
8 LAUDERDALE As previously stated on many occasions, when this guy is in a race, it's a handicapper's nightmare! You never know what you're going to get. My advice is guess! Either key him on top, or throw him out and pray. Good luck!
9 STARSABOVEALLERAGE Dave took a shot and fired this fella out last time. Ended up with a decent trip, but wasn't a threat behind the top ones late. In a seemingly tougher spot here. Too much other speed. May come from last now.
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 8-2-3-1
H Horse Comment
1 LE GAMBE Gets a nice inside post upon return to the Med. I don't remember him earlier this year, but just showing that win makes me take an extra look. Let's just say that a sudden return to form wouldn't exactly shock me.
2 ALL IT TAKES Sent south to the Burke Brigade and he catches a pretty soft spot for debut here. Ronnie drove himself in that qualifier and horse looked like he "needed" the race. Could be a LOT better in here with new driver.
3 ROLL N CATCH I must admit I was a little disappointed with him last time. Dropped back to this level and was sluggish early in lifeless flow. This post is better, but he never offers a big price. Will have to be a lot closer tonight.
4 ALWAYS A DIAMOND Pretty flat two back. Tried new strategy last time and that didn't work either. Remember, a 50-1 shot won that race from off the pace. Not sure what to expect in here. Usable underneath only. Not on top. Trainer: Got used hard on a muddy track last start. Trained well, and should be good this week.
5 STEADY PULSE Came charging home at Freehold to pick up the pieces for new trainer! Congrats on that. Note that horses other win this year did come here. This is significant step back up in class, however. Lots to prove tonight.
6 HIGH OCTANE N 11YO veteran usually needs a few things to fall into place for him. Any hot pace, and live cover would aid his rallying chances. That's the only way he can race. Demand fair value if you fancy.
7 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN What's going on with Mr. Daze? He's been downright flat and tailed off recently. It's very hard to predict when he will bounce back, but I'd sure like to see some hints first. Just not finishing his miles lately.
8 JUSTIFIED Fires back on short rest after "towing" along on Tuesday at Yonkers. That race was won on the front by a big fave, so let's not be too hard on him. Eric A had this spot in mind all along. Have to use on the class drop.
9 WOODMERE ULTIMATE Draws another tough post. Doesn't have much speed. Can't be too positive tonight.
10 EVERY INTENTION It's almost not fair when you get stuck with post 10 TWICE! But, that's the case here. Endured a rough trip last week, so let's hope for a smoother one now. Can't guarantee that. Overdue for a touch of good luck.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 8-7-2-3
H Horse Comment
1 WELL SHADED Barn is off to great start this meet, so keep that in mind! Mare raced okay up in Mass. when shipped from home base of Saratoga. Overall record is weak and I just don't know if she's a fit here. We'll find out tonight.
2 PURITY Exits a very key qualifier, where Ever Again came right back and won! This mare raced okay, and she's got plenty of winning experience here. If primed and ready, she could get a great trip and factor as one to beat.
3 FIRE N DIAMONDS Chased Sgt. Molly up at Plainridge, so see how that mare did in tonight's third race. This lass looks razor sharp right now, so I hate to dismiss sharp horses. She is tackling a decent bunch here. Your call?
4 DUNESIDE LIFE Troy got his first driving win here last week, so congrats to him on that! Mare is taking a shot, shipping up from Freehold and these simply look too tough for her. Will have to prove me wrong.
5 AARIN HANOVER Yes, that's a 1-45 record over two years that we're staring at. Also up from Freehold, and off an improved start for the new barn. Will we see even more here? That is a very good question. Post is ideal.
6 MY CANDY Well-traveled of late, that's for sure. The effort here was nothing special. Has to be a longshot.
7 BETTOR CHILL OUT Had a nice, needed comebacker at Pocono. Owns more than a few good efforts here in the past, so don't be too quick to dismiss her. This race has the look of a potential hot pace. That would help her a lot.
8 MCACE OF ARTS As much as I love this lass, the facts are the facts! She's burned a LOT of money lately. What happened at Pocono last time? She's a 1:51 pacer here. Hoping she finds that kind of speed again!
9 TWIST OF FATE Lone 3YO in field is not in a good spot. After getting torched in two of her last three, I would suspect she'll take back tonight. Let's watch her finish, and hopefully find an easier situation next time. Can happen.
10 FREETIME Invades for Cushing and couldn't possibly have found a rougher spot, much less a tougher post. With that said, we're going to pass tonight and watch to see if she belongs.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 4-10-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 QUALITY BUD Added Lasix last time and raced a little better. Basically rode the rail and kept up, but in better fashion. There's not a lot of blast out type speed in here, so let's look for more tonight. Has to get better with stamina.
2 ALONEINSPADES Best way to describe his Big M efforts so far is: no factor. Good post, but I'll pass once again.
3 PLAYEROSA Finally gets a break at the post draw. There are several efforts in this gelding's past that put him in play against a group like this. I guess I'd be surprised if he doesn't deliver a solid try here. Usable at good price.
4 CARDIAC FASHION One of the many privately purchased in a package by the Burke Brigade. I think they're all in good spots, like this one. It's another slight class drop. There are no killers in here. Any improvement helps.
5 JUSTA CAMILION Wasn't bad two back, but that was a race that set up for closers, and a big longshot won. Not so lucky and not so much last time. I guess I have to rate him a longshot again. Must find more to get any closer.
6 MOONLIGHT RANSOM Yes, 0-29 this year sticks out, but gelding is coming off an improved effort. Has a little history here and I can make a case that he'll hit the ticket from midpack post. Only needs a lively outer tier and one surge.
7 WELLWESAID Ended up burning a few bucks in that series consolation. Probably should have won, with just a bit more stamina, so I don't know how well that bodes for mile track. That one try here wasn't very good. Adds L. Your call?
8 I'M SID THE KID Delivered a few okay rallies down at Freehold, but seems completely at the mercy of pace and trip in here. When you draw the eight, and field is full of "closers" it doesn't usually work out too well. Trainer: Trained very well with better company this week. Hopefully, the post position doesn't hurt us too much.
9 NITRO GLISTENING Taking a slight dip in class, with the switch to the big track here at Club Med. Is he capable of showing ANY early speed? Because if not, he won't go far from this starting slot.
10 BAGGAGE CLAIM In dire need of a wakeup call, and ordinarily, this would be good spot. However, it's still post 10. We're taking a risk backing this guy, looking at those recent races. Has to find that old form and he can beat these.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 6-9-10-1
H Horse Comment
1 RING WARRIOR Found his way back to Club Med last week and showed his typical lack of stamina. Just having too much trouble keeping up down the longer stretch here. Usable underneath in gimmicks, but not on top for me.
2 TOTALLY DREAMY Did not show much at 43-1 on Tuesday night at Yonkers. This is a somewhat easier spot, so he should be able to get a little closer with these. Inside post is a plus. Has done well here before. A possibility?
3 ROCKET J This is a mystery of a horse that even Mark Silva can't figure out. Scratches. Dull efforts. Class drops. BUT, only one win this year. Simply put, if he beats me, he beats me. Would need a vastly improved effort tonight.
4 WINDSONG GORGEOUS Down from Plainridge where he faced similar competition. Does have history here, so I'll take an extra look, but recent form isn't exactly jumping off the page. Would need a few things to go his way.
5 BUCKEYE IN CHARGE Retains longshot status after another poor effort. Impossible to endorse now.
6 KOTARE YAEL N Didn't get very lucky last week, but he was VERY good! With that said, gelding gets a better starting slot and his main rivals are stuck outside. I think it's time to bet. Horse has beaten better than this before.
7 VICTORY AT LAST Gave it a great try two back, and then came up pretty flat in the Dash final. Speed seems to be his weapon right now, so don't be shocked with another leave attempt. Must deal with #6 early. Not going to be easy.
8 ENERGY SHAKES Did not show much at odds of 90-1 on Tuesday at Yonkers. Not exactly helped by the post drawn here and I don't like the breaks he makes either. Definitely a longshot, from way out here.
9 SWORD OFTHE SPIRIT Gave it a great speed try in the Dash consolation, and it took a bit effort to get by him late. I'll add that Major Legacy came back and finished second against MUCH better, so that flatters this fella. Speed again? Trainer: Likes the Big M, and likes The Mann!
10 IDEAL MATTERS And finally, a new Burke Brigade buy. If the others raced well tonight, then expect this one to do well too! It won't be easy to beat #6 from this post, but horse has tons of back class. Only knock is post 10!