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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment makes every  effort to post Race Reviews 48 hours before scheduled post time.  

Race Reviews For Friday, January 19, 2018

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 7-8-9-5
H Horse Comment
1 FOX VALLEY STEFFEN Not sure what happened with the broken equipment, but the race was over after that. We know gelding packs pretty good speed, but the stamina isn't always there. Still a longshot to me.
2 SONG OF THE VALLEY Not exactly going great guns right now, so she's a continued pass for me.
3 LANDONFITZ Had a rough go of it, over the added distance at Yonkers. Gave it a good try here before that against horse that repeated in style. Have to respect his speed and any smooth trip gives square upset chance.
4 URIEL Actually showed me a little something last time, proving rateable and ability to overcome the post. From this slot, Stoebe is likely to try for the lead again. Faces a good test against #1 when they hit the first turn. Your call?
5 MASSIVE LIGHTNING In a race filled with speedballs, want to try a closer? This could be it. Been caught in some tough spots lately and this does look a tad easier. If price was right, I'd toss him onto the ticket.
6 MR LOVER Off the layoff here, and was just okay in that qualifier. Kind of left me wanting to see a race first. Not sure the gelding is primed and ready to deliver an "A" effort. If he is, I will be wrong.
7 NO RECESS Interesting spot for this gelding. Hechkoff's style is to send and there's plenty of pressure from the inside. Horse is also able to rate and rally, a la the 12/22 effort. That kind of mile would win this. Consider that.
8 KEYSTONE ACE Here's the other main off-the-pace threat. Charged right by these two back when the pacesetters stopped, and that's not out of the question again. I guess it's all about trip. Probably only needs to be close enough. Trainer: Is sharp right now. A lot of speed inside of us. So, if we get a fast half, we will be a major factor in the stretch.
9 ROCKIN REDFORD I give up trying to guess on these Ford horses right now. This gelding couldn't possibly have been any better in crushing the field last Friday despite a more than one-month layoff. Will he be that good again? Maybe.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 8-6-7-4
H Horse Comment
1 PRESIDENT ZETTE Just when you thought the horse was heading in the right direction, he regressed into another break last week. With that said, it's back to longshot status, and a big bounce back is needed. Not sure about that.
2 RANGONE HANOVER Definitely a "project" horse for barn at the moment. Yes, he did stay trotting last time, but he had no kick. Remember, he's just a 3YO tackling older! Seems overmatched a bit with these right now.
3 FORTUNES ONE Took a few forward steps last time with the recently added Lasix. Still looks a bit slow for these on the mile track, but I'll give credit for no mistakes. Needs to learn to go faster.
4 TOUGHER THAN EVER Was okay here two back and then okay again over at Yonkers. Have to respect the speed a bit, especially with Marohn aboard. The big knock is overall record. Just 1-30. Maybe usable underneath?
5 FLAMINGO PETE Pretty solid drive from Billy D last time. Earned a spot on the board at long odds. Likely won't offer that big of a price tonight, and must prove the effort wasn't a fluke. Let's see another good one, please.
6 BREAK FREE Thought he had a big shot in this race last week and to be honest, horse was flat. Maybe it was off track? He was much better in prior effort. Supposed to be dry this Friday, so let's see if he bounces back with solid mile.
7 I'M DONE Keep in mind, folks that this fella basically "inherited" that win from a breaking leader. But, a win is a win, and he flashed some good, strong speed. Same thing coming and maybe more confidence? Much lower price too!
8 DERF HANOVER What do we do with this fella? Off since a July romp down at Philly. Why the layoff? Comeback qualifier with hopples on was better than it looks on paper, and barn is on quite a roll right now. If right and ready, he crushes.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 4-10-7-6
H Horse Comment
1 YOUDA SHARK Won for Brett three back with a speed effort. Drops a tick after stopping last Saturday. Plots for a pretty good trip here, likely right behind #4 and we'll see if he can add the rally to his resume. A big maybe.
2 ENERGY SHAKES Did well against weaker to hit the board last out, but his form is still inconsistent overall and he bumps back up in price. Not sure that's the right move, but inside post will insure a rail ride.
3 DANISH DILIGENCE Just doesn't seem sharp enough to beat these right now, so still a longshot in my book.
4 TERROR OF THE NITE Awfully sharp right now for the connections, and simply put, he's won his last two at this level. Owns intimidating speed and facing a bunch of question marks. Would be very hard to leave off the ticket.
5 WINDSONG GORGEOUS Took advantage of the "soft spot" last week and blitzed right down the road for Montrell. Now, it's back into a tougher spot and he won't have the lead in here. It will be pilot's job to get him a trip tonight.
6 FOX VALLEY CADET Is he a "true" $10K claimer? That is the question. Stalked in good spot last week and had a few traffic troubles until late. With that said, he's a must use in the gimmicks, but maybe not on top? Price won't be giant. Your call? Trainer: Last start was locked in and got out late. Rallied to get up for third.
7 WELLWESAID Used pretty hard last week, on a night that wasn't kind to speed. Basically set things up for #4. Horse is good right now, but he'll need a different kind of trip. Owns that one kick, so timing is essential. Sharp now!
8 REAL ROCKER Invades from Canada and into new barn. Missed almost three weeks since last race, so I will take the wait-and-see approach from this outside. Let's see if he belongs at this level.
9 DRUNKEN TERROR Moves from pole to post nine, so you know I don't like that. Was also just a little flat, despite good trip right behind #4. Trip from this slot doesn't figure to be nearly as nice. Will need a lot more.
10 JOJO JOVE The other Canadian newcomer to NJ was obviously well-meant in the finale up there! What a mile, huh? Are we going to see that kind of speed with The Mann? I wish I knew. Could give #4 a real good tussle if ready.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 7-4-8-2
H Horse Comment
1 PLAYBOY RUSTY Won just once all of last year and even with an improved effort last time, he's still a tough take. I didn't like that late break, but okay. Has the rail. Sits in, saves ground and will try to do the same thing.
2 DRIVING MISS CRAZY Squandered a pretty good opportunity last Friday, given a great trip by Austin. I'm starting to wonder if the mare is fast enough for the mile track? Has to work on that stamina to go a little further.
3 ABC CROWN ME QUEEN Didn't make much of an impact when she came off the rail last time. Needs lot more.
4 ELUSIVE ACTION Had a needed race over the track and wasn't that bad. It was first start for new barn too! This is similar post, but let's hope horse gets away better. Can't lag early and then expect to make up a ton of ground.
5 WHATNBLAZES Yes, he was just 1-36 last year. Last start was three weeks ago and he hasn't exactly impressed lately. With a field full of question marks, he doesn't figure to offer huge odds. I will let him beat me, if he can.
6 TROUBLE RIEU N Went 0-28 last year, so that's a problem. Finds his way back to the mile track after a bad break at Freehold. His races here did come against better, so he could be dangerous on the drop tonight. Somebody has to win. Trainer: He trained good, but hasn't raced in a few weeks.
7 DULUTH Did all the dirty work for the Swan last time, but it was still a pretty solid effort overall. That same kind of punch in here might get it done and I like his chances, even from the outside post. Seems reliable enough now.
8 MARION GONDOLIER In a race like this, any kind of class drop must be considered. Just toss that last start, after missing a month. Note that A Nap takes a return call. We're liable to see a wakeup call against these. Trainer: Should be better this week. Tighter now with a little easier class.
9 CAPER K COURT It would be hard for me to make a strong case for success out of a difficult post. Not my type.
10 NEW YORK ATTITUDE Basically, the same story as #9. Slow starter. Shows breaks. Tends to lag early, and that's when he trots. Can't get too excited about chances out of the dreaded 10-hole.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 6-2-5-4
H Horse Comment
1 ALWAYS AS FAST First start up from Florida in the wintertime is usually a no-no for me, but for this barn, I'll take an extra look. Her form down there wasn't exactly impressive, so a change of scenery may help. A big maybe tonight.
2 MISS DEFIANCE I feel bad for ya, if you had a ticket at 29-1 last week. That was tough loss, but credit to Marcus for putting huge trip on her. This post is a lot better, but the price will be a lot lower. Will she be that good again? Trainer: Big mile last week! She is finally back in form. Has been good this week, and expecting another good effort.
3 THE FILLY PRINCESS I can't really say much for her form right now. That Mont try was a disaster and her Spa form wasn't that great either. Just doesn't seem sharp and I will let her beat me if she can.
4 DUNESIDE LIFE Thought she might take a shot last week and I was wrong. Simply toured the oval to get back into shape for a bigger try soon. Will it be tonight? I don't know. She's got speed, when primed and ready for best.
5 CASA MIASA Showed some good guts to surge past #2 last week, in the very final stride. The favorite players were "rewarded" by the Gods on that one. With that said, she meets same field, needing same aggressive drive to repeat. Trainer: Much improved last week. Hoping for the same luck.
6 FINA PATINA Is it finally time for this mare to step up and deliver more? She's had a few starts over the track. She drops and she has beaten better before. I can make a case here with Andy. It's Orange Crush time, at a price.
7 MOJARRA HANOVER Took a lot of money again last week and she failed to deliver the goods again. Hung badly in the prior start. I'm saying she's just not sharp right now. Plus, anytime she draws outside, that hurts. Not my type.
8 FIRE N DIAMONDS Here's one of the eligible upsetters. In for the tag here, so that's why she fits the race. Eric put her in position last week, but she lacked that final knockout punch. Was used early, though! Needs easier trip in bad post.
9 FIRST DELIGHT MIA for over a month. And it's not like barn hasn't raced a lot of horses here. So, what do we expect in post nine? Note she made 42 starts last year. Maybe needed a freshening? I'm willing to watch one, folks.
10 CICELY HANOVER Doesn't look nearly sharp enough to threaten these out of post 10. A pass for me.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 6-4-2-7
H Horse Comment
1 ASHES CASH It took a while for this guy to kick in last week, but he trotted home nicely once in gear. From the rail, it's all about pace and trip. Both must be smooth to pack an upset chance here. Should still offer decent odds.
2 KEEGAN HO One of SEVEN class droppers in here, so one of them will wake up to win this "dropdown derby." Barn has been kind of quiet last month or so, so I don't know what to tell you. Eventually they will turn it around.
3 ZETTE STARLING Didn't offer or show a whole lot in first few here. Yes, she was overmatched, but I can't predict a complete turnaround either! Gets another new driver. Demand fair value if you fancy in this spot.
4 SWEET JUSTICE Took a real shot last week, firing out from the outside, but that was it. Had NO trot late. I suspect it will be back to a stalking kind of strategy here. Let's hope that one move is a lot stronger tonight. Possibility.
5 SKATES N PLATES Not sure what happened here last time. I will toss that out. Came back with much more normal kind of effort down at Freehold. Still needs to go faster here, but he has done it before. Can't leave barn out.
6 DOWNUNDERMATTER Another that did the dirty work last week, setting things up for the favorite. Horse is good right now, so I wouldn't tell you to toss out. Any decent journey and he usually packs one burst. Early or late?
7 WHERE TO HANOVER Took a few "skippy steps" after the start last week, but came back to gait quickly. Then offered a pretty good charge when free of traffic. Was bet hard, down to 5-2 then, so don't expect a big price now.
8 RAISE THE CURTAIN Vinny took an aggressive try with the gelding last week and got tired late. Okay. Draws same tough post, and will also need to find a way to make it easier. Can't count on that, but horse should do well on drop.
9 DRAMA FREE Weakened pretty badly in the first start for Team Harmon in the amateur race. I don't know how to "interpret" that, but I will probably lean against from this post. Would need a LOT more stamina to win this tonight. Trainer: Got over driven last start. Driver change will help!
10 ABBIE'S CELTICLASS Still suffering the bad post blues, but was good last time. Needs a way into it from 10.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 5-9-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 GOLDEN TATE That was SOME mile from this fella last week! Just exploded home in a race that had a lot of action in it. So, with that said, if you didn't have him at 19-1, do you try now at much lower odds? Needs similar trip too!
2 MONTALBANO BI Had the 'ol 10-hole tour of the track last week, so don't hold that against him. Marohn hops back in the bike tonight and horse has been good since coming back. Dangerous price play from better starting slot?
3 ALEXANDER HANOVER Forced way, way up in class again, so that means longshot to me. A lot to prove here. Trainer: Ready to go if he gets a close trip. He can definitely get home.
4 ROUNDTOWN ROCKER Benefited from perfect trip and drive from the Nap last Friday. Paid a decent price too! But, like #3, they're both way up in class now and I guess I'd be surprised if they did well in here. These are too tough.
5 SCIROCCO JAKOB Crushed two back, right down the road at a similar level. Had NO shot last week, but was actually sneaky good. Tell me that Billy D will be sending, and I would tell you to use. Not sure what the price will be?
6 ZOOMING Keeps hinting at a big mile while knocking on the door. But, in reality, he's never a big price and can't find a way to get the job done. Would need a lot of things to go his way, and somebody to soften up #9. A maybe.
7 STIRLING CADET Seems to be on the comeback trail at the moment. Had a few "needed" races over the track, so I feel the wakeup call is coming, but I'm probably going to wait for an even softer spot. It will come, but not just yet.
8 P L ICABOD Finally got there! Given a perfect trip and drive from Super Brett to beat the weaker group. Do you really think he can beat these? I don't, so I will let him beat me, if he can. Tough post. Much stronger field.
9 OPULENT YANKEE Can't remember the last time this gelding was in soft spot like this. We all know about his speed, but lately it's been the stamina that's been lacking. He should "refind" some vs. this group. No excuses, please. Trainer: Draws outside and has a few weeks off. Trained good!
10 IRON MINE BUCKY What do we do with Bucky from this post? Honestly, I don't know. He's probably not leaving right into #9. He did bounce back with some sneaky trot last time. How far back will he be tonight? Too far?
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-7-5
H Horse Comment
1 LOTUS SEELSTER Gets Brett back after a dull effort, so that may lead to a bit of a wakeup call. Drew pole position, but still needs to find more speed to be competitive here. I haven't seen enough of it yet, so still a longshot to me.
2 SHAREN HANOVER That was impressive win a few weeks ago, and I must point out that runner up has won TWO straight at odds-on at Yonkers since. Marcus seemed to fit her well and I have no trouble with the class hike. Sharp!
3 SING ALONG Had just a little too far to come last time, but does plot for a better journey here. Since it's Pelling and Marohn, don't expect much of a price. She still needs to prove her mile track worth. No excuses accepted tonight.
4 MISS BLING MIA since December 15. Why? She won here, given a perfect trip and drive. She won up at home base, given a great steer too! I get a little hesitant when I see layoffs for no reason. Facing better here. Needs very best.
5 ZANE HANOVER Did not have an easy trip when hiked up to this level, so don't be too hard on her. Her win two back was rather impressive. I do feel she has the power to go with these, but she'll need to work out a smoother journey.
6 PIRAEUS Rallied willingly at this level two back and then had a disastrous trip. Moves to a midpack post, which should change the journey. Will be one of the many looking to stalk and wait for cover. They can't all get the good trip.
7 MONICA GALLAGHER That was a real tough loss last Friday! This mare fought tooth and nail all the way to the wire. It was a "catch my eye" kind of mile to tell me she's still sharp. We'll see big time speed again from an outside post.
8 PETAL TO THE METAL Sprinted home in both recent races. I guess it's all about the pace here, because she can't get out of her own way early. These outer posts never help matters. Will need a few things to go her way to have a shot.
9 MY SISTER LUCIE Not bad when last seen, but not enough to have caught my eye. Brutal post. Probably a pass.
10 NANCY MELINDA Had Brett chosen this mare, I would probably give more consideration. Doesn't seem to possess any blast out type speed and that's a big problem when you land post 10. Would need to get very lucky!
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 8-7-1-2
H Horse Comment
1 DOMINUS HANOVER Basically toured the track in first start here. Plus, it was several weeks ago. Moves inside to a much better post, and after seeing Brett Miller was available, trainer took himself off. That is a sign of positive intent.
2 COMMENTARY That was a pretty good qualifier last week. Ordinarily, I wait a week after a ship up from Florida, but barn has found perfect spot for this gelding. That speed will be dangerous. Only needs a touch more stamina.
3 HEAVENLY ZETTE Did race a little bit better in the second try here. But, it wasn't quite enough to entice me to bet just yet. I see a 1-28 record last year, so that's not very inspiring either.
4 PARTY ON THE RIVER After the two amateur knockouts, the party was over! Drew bad post and just towed along to get the nickel on the step up. Still, driver is on some kinda roll right now. Might have to take an extra look again.
5 AXIOS Aimed way too high last time, so let's not be too hard on him. The win here was pretty solid. Didn't get Marohn, because he stayed loyal to Team Harmon. Still have to think he's got a shot with these. In ideal post. Trainer: Probably going to need a start with a couple weeks off. Acts sharp, though.
6 TEASIN N PLEASIN Had to "need" that return try here, after missing a month, but boy did she stop badly! Likely headed back to the rally strategy here and maybe it will work better. Or maybe it won't. Not sure what to expect.
7 TWO HIP DIP First of all, nobody was beating NJ Viking last time, so I won't be too rough on the Dip. He might have needed that race anyway. On paper, he kind of stands out, but no mistakes, please. Has to overcome post too! Trainer: Happy with his first start back from a long layoff. Seems sharp now.
8 LONG STORY SHORT IF you were searching for a live longshot, this could be your play. Also enjoyed a post 10 "tour of the track" upon return. He's won here before. Drew poorly again, but I expect a much more aggressive try now.
9 REAL DJ HANOVER Into new barn after the mixed sale on Monday, and Team Sodano has a few new purchases in. I haven't always been a fan of this horse, but I will respect that speed. Let's see if he gets any faster. Can happen.
10 GOLD MEDAL SWAN Needed every inch of that perfect trip to win last week. And that figures too! As soon as I hopped off the bandwagon. Now, he's not exactly "rewarded" iwth this post, or step up in class. Much tougher now.
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-8-9
H Horse Comment
1 YANKEE ARTILLERY Tough to gauge right now, especially off a bit of a clunker. But, he does get a better post, as one of many "class droppers" in here. In line to sit in, save ground and try to get lucky late. It doesn't always work out.
2 URBAN RENEWAL Won only twice, from 30 starts last year, so that's not good enough. On plus side, he drops a bit, gets a much better post and gets A Nap again. Simply because he's faced better before, do I give him a chance.
3 APOLLO SEELSTER Took a bunch of the betting action last time and endured a tough trip. I will note that he didn't pack it in much, so that caught my eye. Unfortunately, he might be facing a much tougher field tonight, though.
4 PARTY JAMMER Back from Monti and probably in a little too tough here. Have to wait for a softer spot.
5 ONEISALONELYNUMBER Had to battle it out first over when sent off the favorite in last. Paid the price late, but also didn't weaken that badly. He also has faced much stronger foes along the way. This is the right spot. No excuses! Trainer: Disappointed in last start, and hoping to make amends.
6 PERSEVERANT Grinded gamely at Freehold last Saturday, but just came up a little short. No doubt he's raced himself back into shape, with three starts off the layoff. If you wanted a sneaky price play, this could be your option.
7 WILLIE BOOTS Turned in good try two back at this level. Got forced up over at Yonkers and had misfortune of bad draw too! Back to where he belongs, but this is no easy spot. Will need a hot pace and live flow to bring him into it.
8 SUTTON SEELSTER Finds his way to Club Med on a class drop, and since barn is going so well, you just have to take an extra look. Switches to Brett and he's won a bunch of races for Team Bongiorno. Expect a wakeup call, folks.
9 ROCKIN HANK Exiting races where he's been overmatched. This is more realistic, but he's also catching a bunch of other dropdowns. Seems to be fast enough, but also might need a little luck just to get into it from out here.
10 SOUTHERN PURSUIT N Can't like 'em all, so this will be my pass, from the dreaded post 10. Wait for softer spot.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 2-5-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 CYPRESS POINT Took a month off after the break and requalified with a flat one. Not ready yet. Pass.
2 A JERSEY CONTRACT In a prime spot to show more tonight. Gets a touch of class relief. Gets a key inside post. Had been doing well against better up at home base. I guess if he was ever going to show something, it should be here.
3 ITS CHOCOLATE TIME The race two back wasn't bad. The race last week was! Yes, NJ Viking was a standout in there, but basically this gelding can only trot 1:56. That might not be enough to get the job done in here.
4 DOC'S BOY Brett Miller was listed on six of them in here and chose this one. Immediate respect for the choice! Barn has done well with its limited starters, so extra credit there. The only knock is the breaks. He has to stay trotting.
5 HE'S GONE A few more steps on Dec. 22 and he would have beaten Iron Dome. That rival would be 1-5 in here. Seemed overmatched last week, to await this softer spot. Can't ignore that. But, he also must stay trotting. Trainer: Getting more solid and he trained well this week.
6 VALLEY GLIDER Brett put a good trip on this fella last time and horse just wasn't good enough. I will respect the speed, but also point out the obvious lack of stamina. Would be tough for me to put on top.
7 ZETTE MINX She just doesn't seem sharp right now, so I'm going to leave her out again, having drawn outside. Trainer: Second start after being off for three weeks. The drop in class should help.
8 LINDY'S BEST YET Have to be careful here, because this isn't a bad horse. He's shown ability to go much faster on a bigger track. Scratched out of one try here. This looks a lot softer than that assignment. Watch the board too!
9 BOLD FRESH Nice rally in the amateur event two back. Can't really say I like the miscue last time, but we can probably excuse that. Gets Andy here, but from a tough post. Will we see that speed from Dec. 14? I wish I knew.
10 ANGEL ASSAULT Didn't come close to making the gate for amateur pilot. A professional driver takes the call now, but I need to see a good one before I can fully endorse. This bad post kills.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 6-10-5-8
H Horse Comment
1 HOPE FOR BADLANDS Brett had a few options and chose this fella. The move from post 10 to the pole is always an eye catcher, but horse has been slow on the comeback trail. Not sure I want to reach in, if price is short. Tough call.
2 FOOL OF IDEAS Unseen since Dec. 17. Appears to have tailed off then. Looks like a longshot to me tonight.
3 SUPER S YZERMAN Up and down the class ladder at Freehold with mixed results. Won only once all last year, so I can't really expect him to win here. Would need to go a whole lot faster. Must prove it.
4 VICTORYDAZE WILWIN Hasn't been very good for a while, but he's back into a field full of other question marks. One of these nights, he will wake back up. Might take some early tote action, but I'm still not biting.
5 TWINCREEKS JESSE Somehow lures Vinny G off #9, so is that telling us something? The horse made 48 starts last year, so that alone deserves an award. He does look better on paper than some of these. A big 'ol maybe.
6 HELLO HOT SHOT I thought he would have a better shot in that field last week and he did. Kicked in a bit towards the end. It was a step in the right direction. As stated, there are no killers in here. He's definitely got a chance. Trainer: Been closing well if not used early. Hope we work out a cover trip to be close near midstretch.
7 LAST DRAGON Stopped two back. Tired and broke last week. Won only twice all of last year, so I'll take the stand that he can beat me. I'm not a Dragon fan in most cases.
8 VOICE OF TRUTH Takes yet another class drop, so he's got to wake up sooner or later, right? Had Brett Miller opted here, I would probably like a lot more. But, he did not, so I will use, but maybe not in top spot. Trainer: Has been training well, but has missed a couple weeks, so we will see. Has a ton of back class, however.
9 FLY'N WITH ROYALTY Simple handicapping tells me that if Vinny G opted off this inconsistent gelding, maybe we should do the same? I'm going to go with that theory until proven otherwise. Post really hurts chances too!
10 CRUISERWILLWIN Gets the extremely tepid call as fave, in a very hard-to-handicap race. It's a drop. It's second time Lasix. It's A Nap and Ford, who have won bunch of races together recently. At least those are positive indicators.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 6-7-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 MISSLAROSE Handled the surface at Philly in first starts for Burke, but not the half at Yonkers. Why not try her here? Makes sense. Didn't get Brett Miller, as listed, but that's understandable. Will have to go faster here too!
1A MORE THAN TALK What happened last week? Obviously, I can't answer that. Came to a complete stop, so something went amiss. It's probably a good sign that he's right back in the box. Gets good inside post. Can he threaten #6?
2 IRON DOME Kind of went missing last week, with a non-threatening effort. Okay. He'd been very good before that. Still in against the likes of #6 and will battle it out for minor spoils, most likely. Midpack post is perfect for him.
2A FREDDIE MAC Took a month off and came back with okay effort at Yonkers. Hit the board at long odds. Tonight's problem is the post. Plus, he loses his regular driver. Might be coming from too far back tonight.
3 O'DOYLE RULES Hasn't been very good lately and seems completely overmatched against this group. Pass.
4 MAJESTIC SUNSET Lightly-raced gelding is only making 17th lifetime start at age five now. But, he was pretty good off the long layoff last week. That showed me some ability. Expect him to progress steadily. Not enough to beat #6 Trainer: Second start off the layoff. We expect gelding to be a bit tighter and continue to improve over favorite track.
5 FLAGSTAFF Returned to Club Med last time and didn't even make the gate. That's not good. A pass for now.
6 ANOTHER CHAPTER Did all the dirty work setting things up for the longshot last week, but it was still a VERY positive effort. He had to need that start for his new connections, and if anything, will be stronger here. Hard to go against. Trainer: Raced very good last week and looking for another good effort.
7 HIGH GLIDER Coming out of same race as many and he went pretty well too! I loved the speed we saw, and suspect we'll see it again. Another trip like that, and he will keep up late. Very usable at any decent price.
14 Fourteenth Race Entries
Picks: 5-6-4-8
H Horse Comment
1 A HARD DAYS NIGHT Makes her second start at the reduced level, but I didn't see much improvement last time. Missed a few weeks since. Wasn't Nap's choice and won't be mine for now.
2 IAQUINTA This mare has a longer layoff. December 14, to be exact. With that said, she did make a lot of starts last year, so she deserved a little break. But, can she possibly be cranked and ready for this? No.
3 RELENTLESS SPIRIT Raced a little bit better when lowered to this more proper level last week. Drew a key inside post and keeps Mr. Longshot in the bike. I guess I could make a case for a minor share if the trip was smooth.
4 BESTGIRLFRIENDEVER I suspect we're approaching wakeup call time. Didn't look like a match for those last two fields, so this is much more like the right spot. I guess I'll watch the tote board a little. If she takes action, maybe.
5 VEGAS IN STYLE By all rights, she should just crush these, right? That was actually a decent try in a much tougher field last week. She needed that race. She gets the perfect post to give Jimmy options. I can't play against.
6 NORTHERN FIESTA Gets into this race on the alternate condition of lifetime earnings, so that always catches my eye. She seems versatile to race either way and figures to benefit from that first start back. Lots of positives.
7 BEAUTIFUL LADY Took a shot last week when lowered to this level and simply got tired. Now, she draws outside the main power and gets a new driver. Will she leave again? I'm going to guess no. Might need a little luck.
8 AREYOUREADYGIRL N Here's the other "key to the race," because Brett Miller chose her this time, over #9. He had been loyal to #9 for a while, and they bought that mare back out of the sale. Way down in class. Wakeup call time? Trainer: Dropping in class, should do well.
9 MISQUED Either did not sell, or was withdrawn on Monday. Same owners and trainer. She did show marked improvement last week, so that could be the hint she's ready to come around again. Tonight's problem: the post! Trainer: Raced good off of hot fractions last week. Hoping for a repeat performance.
10 DRAG N SAND This was A Nap's choice on the drop back down, but I feel the post is a killer for her too.