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Track Handicapper Dave Brower Bio


Dave Brower grew up five minutes from the Meadowlands in nearby Passaic, NJ. He served as the Meadowlands morning line oddsmaker, handicapper, and broadcaster for 16 years from 1987 to 2011. He has also co-hosted CBS Sports Network’s coverage of The Hambletonian, Meadowlands Pace, and Little Brown Jug with Hall of Famer Gary Seibel and his new co-host at the Meadowlands, Justin Horowitz. Brower also published "Harnessing Winners, The Complete Guide To Handicapping Harness Races" with Daily Racing Form Press in 2009.


RACE REVIEWS by Dave Brower

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Race Reviews For Saturday, July 11, 2020

1 First Race Entries
Picks: 8-9-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 SOHO CHELSEA A Definitely needed that first start back and looked a little flat late. A longshot again, even on rail.
2 BIG STRETCH MARK Stretch has had two starts now, so he should be getting closer to top form. One night soon, he’s going to surprise us with a big effort and don’t be too sure it won’t be tonight. Good post. Speed again?
3 ITS JUST TOO MUCH Most of his best work this year has come at Freehold. Merely “kept up” in the first go off the layoff. Wasn’t Dexter’s choice, and probably won’t be mine I’d need to see more first.
4 ON ACCIDENT Raced really well here, almost pulling off the upset. Then stepped up down at Philly and wasn’t quite as big a threat. Back to the big track, but at slightly higher level. Will need that same kind of good stalking trip.
5 TIE YOUR SHOE ED Hasn’t looked nearly as ready as some of the others in here, so let’s take a pass again.
6 COACH CAL They claimed this guy right before the shut-down, so that’s not fun. Had to feed him for three+ months before getting a chance to race. I love that he won over at Yonkers, paying some dividends. Can he do it here too?
7 SPICEBOMB Spice was clearly in need of his comebacker. We all know his style. It might take one more race, or a class drop, but he’s going to be ready soon! I’ll be watching very closely for more effort here.
8 HEAVENLY SOUND Have to give him a big chance tonight, even from the outer post. There’s plenty of back class in this corner, and it’s actually hard to believe he’s 0-9 this year and won only once last year. That will have to change.
9 SEEING EYE SINGLE Gets lucky to “scratch” into this spot, even though he was AE2! And, it’s a perfect spot, except for the post. Last pair at Philly were fine. He likes this track too! Figures to be firing out, right along with #8. Must use.
10 ULTIMATE FLYER N Gets the worst of it, post-wise and did not impress me in last 10-hole try. Same thing here.
2 Second Race Entries
Picks: 8-6-4-2
H Horse Comment
1 CAFE AMERICANO Still on the list as Hambo eligible, and that was a pretty-impressive looking first start back. It was just his second go of the season too! This is huge class jump, so let’s see if he can handle it with another new driver.
2 BEYOND KRONOS Yes, that second start back was much better than the first one, so I’m anxious to see if that trend continues. Wasn’t Tetrick’s choice here, but that was expected. Drew same good post. Will keep up, maybe more?
3 BEADS What on earth do we do with this guy? He’s the greatest “qualifying” horse ever! But, he loses his manners at night. For gambling purposes, you either key him on top, or throw him out. There’s no in between. Good luck!
4 JULA TRIX TREASURE Barn’s other starter worked his way nicely through the Sires Stakes. Didn’t miss the board! He seems like a one-way grinder, so the shorter field should help. IF anybody softens up #8, watch out. Solid horse.
5 LIGHT BLUE MOVERS They finally got him qualified, so that’s a step in the right direction. Still a longshot.
6 CAPRICORNUS Good try here. Good try down at Philly. Showed ton of ability last year as a freshman. Barn has him rolling in the right direction. Has slight post edge on #8. We’re going to see big push off the gate. Can he upset?
7 VINNY DE VIE Not much love from the post gods in this corner. Continues here. Looks to me like he will get away last and that’s just not going to work out in a spot like this.
8 EL IDEAL No, he’s NOT Hambo eligible, so he will have to earn through these minor stakes races. He was an absolute monster last year and I liked the much-improved third qualifier. He looks ready now and should crush these w/Andy.
3 Third Race Entries
Picks: 7-2-1-4
H Horse Comment
1 ANA AFREET N I feel like I missed the boat on this guy two weeks ago. Paid a nice price too! Benefited from the perfect trip and drive and gets key inside post again. Would be pretty hard to leave off the ticket. Likes the Med.
2 OCEAN COLONY Had the misfortune of running into a well-meant buzzsaw last week, so don’t be too hard on him. That foe isn’t in here, but some other good ones are. Reliable gelding usually gives his all. Might step around #1.
3 BILLY BADGER N Simply put, he figured to win that race and he did! Those types of confidence builders sometimes work wonders. We know he can handle the step up, but what will the price be? Not sure I want low odds in here.
4 TROJAN BANNER N Ran into a very sharp Western Joe down at Philly and was barely keeping up. Can’t really be too hard on him for that. But, I will say this. Overall, he’s been doing a lot of chasing, and only a little winning. Tough call.
5 ROCKIN RON We haven’t seen a whole lot of Ron over past two seasons. After that good, speed tightener over at Pocono, this drop might be just what he needs. Don’t be too quick to toss out. Good trip likely coming tonight.
6 MACH N CHEESE I really want to see the Cheese come back and do well for connections. Looks like somebody took a big shot betting on him at Pocono and that didn’t work out. I want to watch one more, to see if he’s any better.
7 VETTEL N Do you remember his try here last month? That was awesome, as he fought tooth and nail with Western Joe all the way to the wire. It stood out! Followed up with a coast at Philly. How good is this horse? Don’t know yet.
8 ESCAPETOTHEBEACH Aimed high in the Graduate and didn’t do too badly. Just ran into some killers. Overall, he’s been really sharp here, but I’m not in love with this post. It’ll be a long way to the lead, if he tries to blast. Tough spot.
9 LYONS KING Barn has a pair in here and they both look like longshots. Let’s see if Choate turns him around.
10 MACINTOSH N Just doesn’t look fully primed and ready yet. I will pass on him from the dreaded post 10.
4 Fourth Race Entries
Picks: 2-3-8-6
H Horse Comment
1 SHOREVIEW In for the optional claiming tag here, or he wouldn’t fit the class. Can’t say I’m overly thrilled with his tiring comebacker over at Yonkers. I’m guessing he might need another start or two. Let’s hope I’m right.
2 FRANCO TOTEM N Took ALL the tote action on the drop last time, but lacked his usual pop against a very good field. Was super vs. a 1-5 shot before that. This is lowest I think he’s ever been, so he is clearly the horse to beat.
3 PARTY BOY Hasn’t had a whole lot of luck here yet. Loses Dexter to #2 tonight, but that was expected. I like that he drew a decent post and he might even get to follow #2, if the grinding flow develops. That would be very live cover.
4 TRUMP THAT For whatever reason, they just don’t have the Trumpster fully right yet. I was very disappointed with his effort two weeks ago. Would have to come back with a much stronger mile than that, to have any chance.
5 MY ALPHA ROCK N Sent east from the Midwest. Owner also has Our Majordan in the sixth race Open, but for different barn. I guess I’d need to see a good one from The Rock before I could endorse. He needs this class relief.
6 HAYDEN HANOVER It’s tough to get a real read on him right now. Used his big speed last time, but gave it up late. Usually, this guy wants to fight you for it. With plenty of closers in here, he’s destined for the front. Will it be enough?
7 BUSHWACKER The Bush is a little late getting back to the party, so let’s suspect that he’s going to need race or two.
8 MCTHRILLER The Thrill lowers to his more proper level, but he is running into some other dropdowns. The post presents a problem, especially if #6 guns out as expected. Corey not here tonight, so new pilot aboard.
9 ABERDEEN HANOVER The Vallee horses didn’t draw too well tonight. This one would need to get very lucky.
10 ROCKEYED OPTIMIST Moves from the pole to post 10 and I never like that. I don’t see him firing out of the gate, so it looks like a long night for the veteran gelding. Wait for softer spot.
5 Fifth Race Entries
Picks: 8-4-2-9
H Horse Comment
1 COMMON SENSE S She was really motoring late last week, just missing second. Love that kind of mile for a filly this time of year. Team Svanstedt has her right where they want her! Just has to avoid any traffic, or shuffle.
2 SHISHITO I’ve always been intrigued with this lass too! Showed high speed and high class last year. Appears to have come back strong for Per and that’s an awesome-looking race at Philly, beating the boys. Only knock: DD chose 8.
3 SPOILED PRINCESS Didn’t like to see that break in the Sires Stakes Final. That’s a bad time to make a mistake. Anxious to see what she comes back with. Loses Dexter for now. Will hope for a smoother trip somehow.
4 SORELLA How good is she? Also took on the boys, in just second start of year and she blew them away with a monster late kick. Tonight, she tackles two extremely talented girls in #2,9, but drew good post and has speed. Trainer: Raced super against the boys and is a top filly! Going to use this race to experiment with her shoes for Hambo Day.
5 FORTUNE STARLET Yes, her stock has fallen a few points lately, but those things happen. Had a tough trip in the final last week, but note she didn’t pack it in. IF the faves mix things up, this lass could come charging. Maybe.
6 DUBAI PRINCESS I really think Yannick did a great job of keeping her trotting in that final. They almost stole another one. We know her game is speed, but there are few others that might want the lead. New driver with YG on #4.
7 TRICKY SISTER She’s another that keeps threatening to pick up the pieces one night, with a good late burst. She was in position last week, but lacked her usual punch. Not sure why. Will have to find a lot more than that now.
8 PANEM Here’s one of the wild cards in here. Yes, Nancy has three. Hate to see that they’re all in same race, but oh well! I’ve liked the steady progression of this lass right along. Showed new dimension of speed too! Keeps DD over 2. Trainer: I feel she’s sharper off cover, but got job done on front. Time to fine tune for bigger stakes ahead. She will have bridle and shoe change tonight to see how she responds.
9 RAMONA HILL So what do we do with the Dan Patch champ in her first start back? Especially from a bad post, against a very good field? I’ll probably try to beat her, just for tonight, if odds are low. Just getting ready for later.
10 HALL OF AM S Somebody in here has to be a longshot, so it’s probably this lass from post 10. I will pass for now.
6 Sixth Race Entries
Picks: 9-3-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 OUR MAJORDAN A Co-owner Ned has been telling me about this horse for months! So, let’s find out just how good he is. This is an extremely difficult spot for first start over the track. Nothing less than A-1 best will do. Rough spot.
2 HIGHALATOR I think we’ll be talking about his $86 win price for years! Had NO chance up at Tioga and then got collared down at Philly. So, I’m not surprised to see him back at favorite track. There will be speed, folks! One to catch?
3 SINTRA Won the Graduate on this night two years ago, so think about that. Both tries since the layoff have been excellent. I firmly believe they will try to race him from off the pace, in his favorite grinding style. Will it work? Sears on.
4 JESSE DUKE N It sure looks like Jesse has come back strong! Was solid both here, and at Yonkers. I love this post for him, because he might get to follow #3. That would be wonderful trip. As long as somebody softens up the speeds.
5 BECHERS BROOK A Really can’t fault this guy in any way right now. Just had too far to come down at Philly, but every start back has been solid. I think he’ll get ignored by the bettors in here. That might be a mistake.
6 SAN DOMINO A Bounced back pretty strong, after a less-than-stellar effort up at Tioga. We know he loves the mile track too! But, something’s gotta give amongst these speedballs. They can’t all have the lead. Gets another new driver.
7 THIS IS THE PLAN Barn’s got three in here, which is never ideal. Been off a few weeks. I will go against due to that.
8 AMERICAN HISTORY Had a nightmare up at Tioga, so just put line through that. Had strong qualifier here, so he’s looked great in the mornings. Faces a long road to the top from this post. I really don’t know what to expect here.
9 BACKSTREET SHADOW After his uncharacteristic flat effort here, he absolutely crushed ‘em up at Tioga. So, I will expect that he’s back to being the top Free-For-Aller around for now. I do hate the post. Needs Timmy T magic.
10 GEEZ JOE Proved his win on the 20th was no fluke! Uncorked another monster finish to repeat at same odds from tough post. So, of course, he gets another dreaded draw! Even I might have to bail out this week. Impossible spot.
7 Seventh Race Entries
Picks: 4-7-2-8
H Horse Comment
1 COVENTRY HALL When you hit the board at odds of 138-1, that’s a good thing, right? Gelding definitely needed that start and should go a little more forward here from better post. Could gun out to protect early.
2 HOLLYWOOD STORY I guess tonight we’re going to find out how good this colt is? Hasn’t faced horses of this quality yet, so he will get the challenge. The inner post helps. Figures to be in prime stalking spot. Your call, folks?
3 PLAY TRIX ON ME That was a prime-time, patient drive from Scotty Z to take the Sires Stakes Final. He never panicked and eventually, the horse kicked in and got the job done. He’s not a Hambo eligible, and Z took 8 now.
4 MAESTERAEMON Took the conservative route from the outer post in his comebacker a few weeks ago. Okay. I’m still impressed by that superb qualifier, so that’s the kind of effort I want to see tonight. Price might even be right!
5 ONTOPOFTHEHILL Earned first win of the year last time against a much lesser bunch. Will need to step up big time.
6 KING ALPHONSO So far this year, we haven’t seen quite the same speed from the King. I suspect it may come eventually, but he’s not there yet.
7 SYNERGY Liked his qualifier a lot. The comebacker was okay, as he moved into the teeth of the pace. This post presents a problem tonight, but Yannick is back on and he might take a shot and send. I would. Gotta test him out.
8 BACK OF THE NECK That was another super drive from Scotty Z to almost steal it last time. We got 10-1 too, and a heartbreaking lost photo to a filly. Scotty stuck here tonight and that’s a BIG call! Will not be allowed to crawl on lead.
9 SKY CASTLES Somebody in here has to be a longshot, so this is it. Suffering a real bad case of the bad post blues!
8 Eigth Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-8-10
H Horse Comment
1 MAJOR BETTS Couldn’t possibly have looked any better up at Tioga. That’s how you start your season! Mark H has always been very high on this colt, so if he continues to behave, he’s a major player! Must protect the inside here.
2 CAPTAIN BARBOSSA He’s enjoyed two straight, strong, off-the-pace preps so far. Perfect! Exactly what they were looking for. Moves all the way inside now to stick close to the action. Only needs avoid any traffic trouble to make it. Trainer: Super effort in second start back! Just missed getting a win in 48.1. Picks up Sears. Nothing wrong with that!
3 TALL DARK STRANGER Words don’t really do justice to how strong he’s come back! Spun by the older horses in style in his sophomore debut. He’s got major post edge on Papi, so expect Yannick to take full advantage of that. Trainer: Really good in his first race of the year. Trained back super and feeling good!
4 MANTICORE Really nice progression up to this point. Was maybe a touch flat last week, and I’m being tough, because it was his second straight race in 48! Really good chance to see Jordan S in the Med Pace. Needs a trip. Trainer: Had a good week! Post four gives us some options. Like all, want a chance for the money next week!
5 CAPTAIN KIRK Sometimes these drivers have to make very hard choices. Dexter just qualified this guy in 49 under wraps, yet he chooses #1 tonight. Alagna Armada has three in here, and one with a bye. They may ALL get in! Trainer: Went the qualifying route when his class didn’t fill. Gets stronger every go. Looking forward to seeing how he fits.
6 ROLL WITH JR After that real nice win out at home base, the Cullipher Crew decided he “earned” a trip east! I agree. Why not? Yes, JR is going to have to go a little faster, but they haven’t gotten to bottom of him yet. Adds Tetrick.
7 MOCHA ON THE ROCKS It was eight years ago that A Rocknroll Dance won the Meadowlands Pace for Jim Mullinix. Maybe that’s why he’s hoping for lightning to strike again. This colt may be a bit overmatched. We’ll find out.
8 CATCH THE FIRE Definitely “needed” his first start back and that probably wasn’t the trip Mike W wanted. He WILL be better tonight and I guess I’d be shocked if he didn’t fire out of there. He’s a pure speed horse that needs to go.
9 CAPT MIDNIGHT Andy Mac had his choice and opted here over #2. Interesting call. They both raced tremendous last week, so I’m sure he had to think about it. I HATE this post for him. Horse isn’t a real early “gunner.” Tough spot. Trainer: Strong effort to win his 2020 debut in lifetime best. Andy has the confidence in him to put in play from pp9.
10 PAPI ROB HANOVER Just couldn’t quite track down #9 in his first start back, but I’m sure that was exactly what they wanted to accomplish. A good, strong finish! I guess Papi is saving up all his good posts for later on? Charges home.
9 Ninth Race Entries
Picks: 3-4-10-1
H Horse Comment
1 CENTURY FARROH He raced his eyeballs out in Big M debut with a superb try. It not for an improbable flying finish by #9, he was a winner! Gets another nice draw, with Wish stuck out in post 10. You’ll get another price if you like!
2 SHAMWOW Finished up very nicely in his division last week, but somebody in here has to be a longshot. Jordan takes over for Timmy and will just try to get lucky late and finish again. Not totally out of the question if pace wild.
3 WORKIN ONA MYSTERY The leading point-getter FINALLY gets a decent post. And, this will finally tell us if he’s ALL the way back to top form. We all know Tim will try to “get the jump” on Wish tonight. It just might work out!
4 DANCIN LOU I really don’t know what to tell you. After getting touched up at 3-5 last week, what will the price be tonight? It almost pained me to put 5-1 next to his name. Lou tends to step UP at big moments. This would be one.
5 HURRIKANE EMPEROR I feel the same way about this one, as #4. He kind of gave it up late last week, which is rather uncharacteristic of him. He’s the wild card in here, with that speed. But, will have to deal with #1,3 at some point.
6 AFLAME HANOVER Dave Miller took a good shot with him last week and made it pay off nicely. Still a longshot.
7 CAPTAIN VICTORIOUS Raced a whole lot better up at Tioga. A bit empty in round two. Needs a lot more than that.
8 BRASSY HANOVER Made quite a splash in Big M debut with that eye-catching, steamroll burst. Where did that come from? Congrats on 10-1 if you knew! I think horse likes the big-size track a lot better. But, this is REAL tough post.
9 BLLACK HOLE Like #8, where did his explosive burst come from? Wow! I thought he was pacing even faster than 25.2 home. We all know Tetrick had to take #3, so the Minister gets the call. How does he get horse into the race?
10 BETTOR’S WISH Is he in line for a similar kind of trip he suffered up at Tioga? Anything can happen when you start from the dreaded 10-hole. It’s going to take guts to pick against him, but this might be only chance. Must overcome!
10 Tenth Race Entries
Picks: 3-1-6-2
H Horse Comment
1 CHIN CHIN HALL Poor Chin Chin gave it all he had tackling the mares last week and I give him full credit! He made a race of it. And, he didn’t exactly “pack it in.” He’s very good right now. Will hope for a better journey from pole.
2 KINGS COUNTY He raced a lot better than I expected off that extremely long layoff. He’s obviously got some class, so the comeback is going well. This is still real tough spot, but he drew inside again. Just doesn’t get D Miller back.
3 GIMPANZEE The current King until dethroned! He’s looked nothing short of sensational thus far and he’s just about impossible to go against. The inside post is always a plus, and Sears can pull trigger whenever he wants. A monster!
4 WINNERUP A slick steer from Trond last time to almost pull a huge upset. He’ll be long odds again, but starts from similar post. Will probably wait for the flow and if it’s live, he has check chances again.
5 EXPLOSIVEBREAKAWAY Have to consider this guy a longshot against these. Had good trip, effort up at Tioga.
6 SOUTHWIND AVENGER That was a weird race last week, with many making moves, including this one! Nifty sure had him ready for a big one. So, what do we do now? Drew outside #3. I guess he has to blast, right? Will need a trip.
7 GOES DOWN SMOOTH Not exactly entering this one in great shape, so he stays on the longshot list.
8 PURE CHANCE She packs big speed most of the time, so that could toss a wrinkle into the early going. That was odd spot for a break. She doesn’t break! What happened? Scotty Z takes the call. Talented lass here, IF she’s right.
9 GRAND SWAN Likely the one most hurt by the post draw. But, I really like what I’ve seen from her at this very high level. Has clearly proven she belongs. Just has to go a little faster, especially from this difficult starting slot.
10 REIGN OF HONOR Also slammed by the post tonight. Overall, new barn has him going really well, but nothing short of a miracle is going to get it done from out here. Dave sticks with him, but needs a lot of luck.
11 Eleventh Race Entries
Picks: 1-4-3-6
H Horse Comment
1 DONTTELLMEAGAIN Won the Graduate on this night a couple years ago, so let’s see if Meatball can muscle up that kind of an effort. He’ll have to do it with new driver, since TT must drive his own, #2. Nice pickup for Jordan Stratton!
2 CRIMSON AND CHROME Let’s not be too hard on this guy. He was basically stuck in two no-chance spots. I would like to see some class relief at some point, but I guarantee TT will put in play a little sooner tonight. At a price?
3 ROCK THE DEVIL After that superb win here, Nifty chose to race him elsewhere for a while. Overall, the Devil is VERY good right now and that was excellent, up-for-second surge vs. Joe down south. Can he turn the tables? Yes!
4 WESTERN JOE The “real” Joe stepped back up to flaunt his class at Philly. Somehow, he remains eligible for this condition Brian Sears picks up the steer, with Yannick on #5. He’ll know how to drive Joe. Best, IF he stays razor sharp.
5 TWIN B TUFFENUFF Had a much needed start off the layoff. Looks like he got shuffled a bit, and finished up well. He does have some races in the past that would make him a threat. A rare chance to get Burke/Yannick at a price.
6 THE DEVILS OWN N The other “Devil” looks pretty sharp too! And, in week that Charlie Daniels passed, why not take a hunch play and box ‘em up? I guess it’s ALL about pace and trip from this start slot. Won’t be easy, but possible.
7 AMERICAN BOY N Dropping a little bit, but I just don’t think he’s A-1 primed and ready. I’ll be watching.
8 SAYING GRACE N I guess I didn’t get the memo last week? Everybody else did. Sauntered right to the front and won like it was already in the books. Steps back up and gets bad post. I see a repeat as “unlikely.”
9 B STONEY Very intriguing newcomer to Club Med. And we all know the Cullipher Crew is heating up fast. I really do wish this guy had drawn a better post. That qualifier was very good! I’m risking that he might need one here.
12 Twelfth Race Entries
Picks: 4-10-7-8
H Horse Comment
1 MIDNIGHT LIGHTNING After the very sharp, well-meant win, he’s forced to step back UP the class ladder and he loses Dexter. So, very mixed feelings here. The post relief alone should give him a chance. Price will be a lot better.
2 ALL IT TAKES Timmy staying a little bit loyal to the barn here, opting over #7. I probably would have gone the other way, but I don’t have to make the choice. So far, both starts have been good. This IS the test for class, however.
3 YEAHNAH Hard to believe he’s already 0-9 this year, but the facts are the facts. Not too many from this barn have record like that. This does look like a much softer spot for possible wakeup call. And, you get Dave Miller now.
4 DECISION DAY Never really got rolling in that last one, which was disappointing if you bet him at 2-1! Gets additional class relief and this is almost a now-or-never spot. He’s “supposed” to beat these. No excuses accepted.
5 YACHT WEEK Bouncing up and down the class ladder all over the place. Hasn’t found a winning spot in a long time. I can see the speed he packs, so that might get him a good trip. Another chance to get Burke/Yannick at a price.
6 SPIRIT OF TRUTH Dexter opted here over #1, which surprised me a little bit. Veteran has had two starts on the comeback trail. It’s ALL about the pace and trip. IF the flow is live, he could come charging at decent value.
7 PALOMAR Had a much tougher trip when hiked up in class over at Pocono. Sodano opts to shift him back over here and I like that. Didn’t get Tim T, but A Mac will be just fine. It might be time to turn him loose and leave the gate. Trainer: Post hurts tonight, but he’s never been in better form since coming to my barn. The 5/8 isn’t his niche. Will be happy to be back at Big M.
8 ARQUE HANOVER This is the drop I’ve been waiting for. But I have my reservations about this post. I might gamble and go against one more time, but I know I’m risking. Eric A sent him last week and it worked out well. Guns out?
9 EVER AGAIN He looks like the longshot in here, from the tough post. The gods have not been kind lately.
10 ROCKIE GOT FRAMED Needless to say, he’s the key to the race! They shipped him all the way from Indiana to try the Graduate and that proved to be too tough. Now, we need some shipping money to go back home? Post 10 won’t help.
13 Thirteenth Race Entries
Picks: 9-3-2-4
H Horse Comment
1 OWN IT Love the name, but not his qualifier. Pete P has had to feed this guy for four months after claiming him early March. Oh well. He’ll get some money back soon, but maybe not just yet. Let’s see if he’s ready yet.
2 LETSCHASETHEDREAMN Destroyed me two back when I didn’t “get the memo!” Hiked up and endured tough trip, but wasn’t nearly the same horse. Needless to say, I have NO idea what to expect tonight. Joe B back on, on drop.
3 SAMS A CHAMP A Yes, he burned a little money last time, in a race he probably should have won. But, just goes to show you how post 10 can ruin anything. #7 simply stole away and got away with it. No excuses now from post 3.
4 UNLOADED N That really wasn’t a bad North American debut here. Considering he was likely over his head in that field. This is a LOT more like it. IF you wanted a longshot option, you might swing here. Better post, drop helps.
5 VASARI N One of the SIX down under invaders in this race. He qualified well, and then raced well first start back. I can see it’s a little drop for him too! But, I’m not putting him in same category with #3,9 just yet. Must prove it.
6 SUPERIOR RAVEN Tired badly in his comebacker, so I’ll take a pass on him for now. Need to see more stamina.
7 DAVIDS COMING HOME Very smart, and slick drive to upset the applecart two weeks ago. Full credit for that! But, even Andy Mac knows he “got away” with one. He opted to steer #9 tonight. I would have done the same.
8 THREE WAYS N He’s just not primed and ready for a top effort to win a race like this yet. Maybe soon?
9 LAREDO TORPEDO N Well, he’s either going to jog against these tonight, or have something go wrong. He’s beaten FAR better fields than this, but does have his “moments” that I can’t describe. You just have to guess which is coming.
10 GALACTIC GALLEON N Another Vallee horse slammed by the post gods. That, plus the step up, is just too much.