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Taken Up
A horse pulled up sharply by its rider because of being in close quarters.  

Commission deducted from mutuel pools which is shared by the track, horsemen (in the form of purses) and local and state governing bodies in the form of tax.

A permanent, indelible mark on the inside of the upper lip used to identify the horse.  

Special facility for showing simulcast races.  

Ready to race.  

1) A race used to give a horse a level of fitness that cannot be obtained through morning exercises alone.  

A conformation flaw in which the front of the foot faces in and looks pigeon-toed, often causing the leg to swing outward during locomotion ("paddling").  

A conformation flaw in which the front of the foot faces out, often causing the leg to swing inward during locomotion ("winging").  

Track Bias
A racing surface that favors a particular running style or position. For example, a track bias can favor either front- runners or closers or horses running on the inside or outside.  

Track Condition
Condition of the racetrack surface. Ex: fast; good; muddy; sloppy; frozen; hard; firm; soft; yielding; heavy.  

A wager picking the first three finishers in exact order. Called a "triactor" in Canada and a "triple" in some parts of the U.S.  

Trifecta Box
A trifecta wager in which all possible combinations using a given number of horses are bet upon.  

An individual horse's race, with specific reference to the difficulty (or lack of difficulty) the horse had during competition, e.g., whether the horse was repeatedly blocked or had an unobstructed run.  

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