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1st 8-7-2
2nd 7-1-3
3rd  4-5-9
4th 9-10-3
5th 3-4-8
6th 6-2-8
7th 1-8-6
8th 6-1-7
9th 8-10-1
10th 4-1-2
11th 6-4-5
Won The West
100th Career start
637g from Gallo Blue Chip's all time earnings mark of $4,260,159
Three BIGGEST $$ Seasons Of All Time For Older Pacers:
1-Mister Big 2008 $1,532,932
2-Won The West 2010 $1,368,088
3-Mister Big 2007 $1,310,914
NOTE: Mister Big won the Haughton BOTH years, Won The West did NOT win the Haughton in 2010
The LAST horse to be named Pacing Horse Of The Year 3 STRAIGHT times? Rambling Willie 1975-1976-1977
The ONLY Pacer to win three STRAIGHT Breeders CRowns? Jennas Beach Boy 1994-1995-1996
BOTH of those are within reach for Won The West this year
One More Laugh
Set Cane Pace record last season: 1:50.3
His sire won this race in 2003 From Post 10 McArdle
$2,271,755 Lifetime-Schnittker won the Hambo (2008) and Pace (2010)
One of two 4 Year Olds in his elimination (Razzle Dazzle)
ONLY Matts Scooter has won the Meadowlands Pace AND the William Haughton
Tim Tetrick won this in 2009 with Shark Gesture
We Will See
Lifetime mark 1:47.2 in the US Pacing Championship
Next to last crop of Western Hanover-the sire of the 2000 Haughton winner Western Ideal
Co-track record holder at 1:47.2 with Hypnotic Blue Chip for 4 Year Olds
20 YEARS since Ron Pierce has won the Haughton-1991-Prince Ebony

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