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Posted by Rachel Ryan on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 5:04 PM


The Road to the WHHC Finals Week 3

By Rusty Nash

In last week’s post we took a look at a small list of horses that caught our attention.  This week we will take a look at how they performed.  We will also look at the races from April 11th and 12th and see if anything special jumps out at us. 


Please remember for purposes of this article we are only interested in horses that might help us on Saturday April 19th. 


Later this week we will make our final post after we have had a chance to study the program.  I plan to include an update on who may be back in for us on the 19th. 


Wishing us all great racing luck this weekend! 


Horses That Raced Through April 11th and 12th  


Abrokenart Hanover – The first half was legit.  Nice mile and C-1 may be realistic with a good draw. 


Pierce – A very good closing effort but had to come from to far back. 


Scandalous Hanover – Had pace once clear 


Spectator K – Made the middle more work. 


Wicked Business – Good closing effort. 


You Bet Your Glass – Caught on the brush and crush attempt.  Should be super tight for next mile. 


Horses That Raced Through April 5th 


Alexa’s JackpotForced three wide and still picked up good ground late.   

Follow up:  Was a solid second to legit chalk in Wake Up Peter.  Would need substantial draw advantage over that one for serious consideration. 


All Munky BusinessLeft from the outside and then went first up for quite a bit in the slop.  Am willing to follow back one more time and see who and where he draws in.   

Follow up:  Is entered on the Friday card.  We will take a look at him during the WHHC reception. 


Belle BoydPut in a pretty good three quarters.   

Follow up:  Did not race back. 


DementedPut in a big first over effort from the outside.  Let’s see where he ends up this week and who is in the bike.   

Follow up:  Just sat in the back for Jimmy mittens.  Again we need to see where this one ends up. 


Dew N DoughnutsForced three wide and still picked up good ground late.  Put in a big effort at a big price, 27-1.   

Follow up:  Had the finals been last week I would have been all over this one.  Hopefully I would have split my wager both win and place.  We will lose some of our value but this may be one of the nuggets we have been looking for. 


HandsoffmycupcakeThis one is probably on everyone’s list after some big time traffic problems. 

Follow up:  Shipped to Yonkers and just sat.  A good draw may wake him up at a price. 


Kz Beach GirlWas first up with some pace.   

Follow up:  Just sat in with poor draw.  Worth seeing where this one ends up. 


OK FameWas just caught on the brush and crush, sharp.   

Follow up:  Just sat at the back with a very passive drive.  Perhaps a top catch driver would make this guy good play. 


Spender HanoverMay have tired a bit too much to play back, but let’s see where he lands.   

Follow up:  Did not race back. 


TSMLil Oprhan Andy If this last race had been on the final, I would have loaded up on this one only to be second best.  Hoping I would have played it to win and place.  Super sharp now but we lose a lot of value next time out.   

Follow up:  Spent the whole mile on the outside.  Will keep him on the list for consideration. 


Undercover StrikeResponded when asked late to go.  Kind of hoping this one sits out next week so I can play him during the NHHC reception the night before the final.   

Follow up:  Is on the Friday card.  We will take a look at him during the WHHC reception. 


Zuppa IngleseA Burke horse who performed quite well in the slop.   

Follow up:  Was a pretty good second best, but marginal to hold over to this week. 


Horses That We Are Dropping 


Nutmegs CiderExecuted a well timed effort and may be good at a price in a FM C-1.   

Follow up:  I expected better, we should drop this one. 


Pappy’s Pal – A solid winner who could go well in a B-2 if not combined with stronger.   

Follow up:  Entered at Philly, drop from our NHHC list. 


Screen The CallFrom the outside as first over for long enough to follow back.   

Follow up:  Was just caught at Freehold but is already scheduled to race back at Yonkers.  Drop from WHHC lists. 



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